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  1. The Customer

    I'm not fit enough (Bullshit)

    Maybe some people simply have high standards and enjoy winning. Maybe some people love training just as much as racing. Maybe it's more enjoyable to simply cruise out on your bike rather than pack all your kit and bother with the hassles of a 1hr race. Maybe these people can't stand the politics that hand around local tri club races. 😂
  2. The Customer

    Need to get in touch with Latch

    Anyone know if Latch is still around? tried to PM him but says messages can't be delivered. Cheers TC
  3. The Customer

    I'm not fit enough (Bullshit)

    You can pick the guys with high testosterone from their muscular / mesomorph build, hair loss on head but heavy beard etc. They're the ones that don't know what 'easy' means - riding 60km at punishing pace in training but they tend to die an ugly death during Iron distance racing.
  4. The Customer

    I'm not fit enough (Bullshit)

    If you're a high testosterone kind of athlete (in particular), a sprint distance race of an hour or so is gonna raise your blood lactate levels off the chart. That's going to hang around in your muscles and impact on your recovery and training sessions for the next week or even more. Low testosterone people can't hurt themselves so much - they are the ones who seem to be able to go all day but you'll always get them in a sprint finish LOL. It's really import for naturally powerful, high testosterone people to take their long, slow endurance training sessions seriously to build an aerobic engine that will support their natural speed.
  5. The Customer

    Yeppoon half ironman shocking photos

    What happened in Yeppoon, stays in Yeppoon.
  6. The Customer

    I'm not fit enough (Bullshit)

    Strongly disagree with racing to get fit. Really depends on what kind of athlete you are. Even a sprint dist can knock you around, particularly if you're a high testosterone, muscular kind of athlete. Maybe these people have the bigger picture in mind and need to use their weekends for significant aerobic sessions. In my case, if I race a full season of sprint distance, I get slower and slower and slower. By the time I get to my long distance 'A' race at the end of the season, I'm knackered.
  7. The Customer

    Yeppoon half ironman shocking photos

    Correction: The Grinch never wore your sluggos.
  8. The Customer

    Yeppoon half ironman shocking photos

    ewwwwww You'd think they'd find a dictionary in all those bloody antique shops that every second show is based around.
  9. The Customer

    Yeppoon half ironman shocking photos

    This is a shame as I really enjoyed travelling up to Yeppoon for that race on several occasions. What I also find appalling is the low standard of spelling, grammar and punctuation in the media these days. There are six obvious errors in the above two captions. I watch a bit of BBC TV these days, which I assumed would be of high standard, but they can't even get their glyphs and capitalisation right in simple captions.
  10. The Customer

    Coach or not

    You need to keep yourself busy with meaningful projects. You either have too much time on your hands, hence, your frequent fishing expeditions OR you're suffering from 'Grass is Always Greener...' syndrome. There's a third possibility - that you find the Shaikh incredibly attractive and have developed an obsession. I sympathise. He is indeed a handsome fellow.
  11. The Customer

    How do Pro's afford it

    Gonna call BS on these figures 😂
  12. The Customer

    How do Pro's afford it

    The majority would struggle to make ends meet. I've had a German Olympian / top Iron distance athlete ask to sleep on my floor as well as one of Australia's best Iron distance athletes also ask to sleep on my floor. Both flying to races on cheapest flights available. I've also seen Macca sitting in economy on the flight back to Aus in the days when he was allowed to travel to Kona LOL.
  13. The Customer

    Pump and run

    Her finish time was 6.12 for the Half IM. What is the World coming to?
  14. The Customer

    Jonathan Cantwell

    Jonathan sold me my Teschner Aerowave. Always got the feeling he would rather be riding than selling. This is very sad news.
  15. The Customer

    Challenge Shepparton 11/11/18

    If you get into a good drafting pack again, you might come close 😂