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  1. I'll summarise: - Reeboks are the bomb. - You don't need to train for an ultra coz anyone can do it.
  2. Super League have certainly diluted the standard since their first year. Remember the time when it was only the top men in the World, hand-picked to race and they couldn't justify a women's division because all the top women were off having babies? LOL Now, I see club level folk getting the opportunity to race in they qualifying series blah blah blah
  3. Yeah but she doesn't live in Saudi to train all year round. I really don't think her life is that tough if she is on her second Kona berth at 26,000 USD a pop (if what Peter says is true). She also enters lots of 70.3s including World Champs as XC category so can't imagine the costs that add up there. Ironman are certainly good at conning people out of their dollars. Can only imagine what IM have made out of this one athlete - hundreds of thousands at a guess if she's just completed her 16th full IM plus dozens of 70.3s. PS. Everyone does it tough in Saudi - not just the women. I think the 'driving' issue is a very tired argument. Would my life really be that tough if my family employed my own driver to take me everywhere?
  4. There's some useful info in this video...
  5. Any one know the history of this category and why it was introduced? What do you need to do to qualify for this category? Do you just register and open the wallet for the full VIP Ironman package or do you need some sort of fancy job title? Is it just a case of those with the money will probably get a spot as long as they finish a race? I see that at Mt Tremblant a female in the 45-49 category did a 13.25 (38th in AG) and got her second Kona spot in the XC category. The winner of 45-49 did 10.00 flat.
  6. The Customer

    Nice 70.3

    It's always subjective 😉
  7. The Customer

    Nice 70.3

    Drove thru Nice this morning - it's a hell hole 😂 (If you love being surrounded by billionaires in baking hot weather sipping terrible robusta coffee shots then you'll love it. Me... not so much.) The Matisse museum is very good though. I also recommend a visit to Matisse's Rosary Chapel just up the road a bit in Vence. If you're cycling around the Cote d'Azure the traffic is horrendous. I got out North into Les Alpes Maritimes about an hour drive North of Nice - cycling was superb.
  8. So many people forget to turn off their device after training, get in the car and drive off taking lots of KOMs. It's good to know how to cut that car bit off the session.
  9. Thought he controlled himself quite well.... Until...,
  10. As for London, it's not for me. Grey city, grey people. Racial tension. Tired and I find it boring unfortunately (compared to the beauty of European capitals).
  11. I haven't travelled extensively in USA. Just NYC, LA, Colorado, Tennessee, Hawaii. I really enjoyed it all. Colorado and Chattanooga were really wholesome, friendly places. Everything is amplified. The supermarkets and health food stores are massive. Packaging of food is sublime. Clothing and adventure stores are staggering in choice, quality and price. Food is plentiful and generous. The National parks are truly great. I know the threat of guns is present but had many encounters with very friendly and caring people, including one black lady who waited for me to fill and pay for petrol at 4am outside Atlanta to make sure I got going safely. Didn't feel necessary but I appreciated her kindness. For design and can-do attitude, USA is great. The politics sucks.
  12. Why do you assume she hates men? I can't recall her ever saying it. Do you just assume it because she wears suits and is powerful?
  13. I just don't trust any news sources these days, Bazz. And, I reckon the apartment I'm staying in near Bourg d'Oisans is full of 'contamination' but I reckon I'll survive. As is the Scottish Uni I work in. Apparently, some staff members don't wash their hands after a piss, plus, I've seen 'remnants' in the loos! Must be Sturgeon's fault!
  14. I don't see it. She seems very normal compared to other pollies.
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