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  1. The Customer

    How to improve the run?

    You just need to get fitter.
  2. The Customer

    Going Vegan

    it was like they over-indulged at the Sunday all-you-can-eat vegetarian dim-sum and their bowel went into emergency evacuation mode.
  3. The Customer

    Going Vegan

    I think a vegan just took a dump in the toilets at work. I barely made it out of the toilets alive and am still dry retching at my desk over the memory of it.
  4. The Customer

    This week in Lance Armstrong

    I'd have to agree with you Roxette. The guy has no humility and is a classic sociopath. Every part of that video was another opportunity for rub everyone's face in it and demonstrate that he think's he's better than everyone else. From the way he's talking, I'd say the alcohol is catching up with him too.
  5. The Customer

    This week in Lance Armstrong

    shiiiiit, I'm impressed - an original Mark Ryden! Whodda thought.
  6. The Customer

    Recovery Pajamas - no seriously

    Guarantees that the more time you spend on it, the better you feel
  7. The Customer

    Going Vegan

    I once cleared the entire Men's Wear department at David Jones back in the day when I was a vegetarian.
  8. The Customer

    50 Ironmans in 50 days Ashley Horner

    @trashleywhorner****ery the gift that keeps on giving 😂 (**** = the f-bomb)
  9. The Customer

    Going Vegan

    As they say, the Customer is always right.
  10. The Customer


    It's simple - England needs to become independent from the UK leaving Scotland and Ireland to remain in the Union. The majority of Scots voted to remain. Everyone would be happy with this solution! The Scots could then keep their oil to themselves and wouldn't need to endure the Royals any longer. 😂
  11. The Customer

    Going Vegan

  12. The Customer

    Going Vegan

    Her farts are gonna really stink.
  13. The Customer

    Motivating Musicians- Who's yours?

    I never named this thread. Someone misinterpreted something I said on the Motivating People thread the admins made a new thread to cover the music industry. If I could change the title of this thread it would be something along the lines of 'True artists of the music industry' or 'Giants of the music industry'. As much as I'm in awe of artists such as Dylan and Waits, they often motivate to reach for a wee dram of whisky.
  14. The Customer

    Motivating Musicians- Who's yours?

    it was never my intention to name the most skilled musician ie. a person gifted in playing instruments. I guess we have different interpretations of the word 'artist'. Dylan wasn't awarded a Nobel Peace prize for his gifts in the art of harmonica.
  15. The Customer

    Motivating Musicians- Who's yours?

    This thread has officially jumped the shark