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  1. Annie haug had one around her head. I've placed my order for 10 of them.
  2. Giving myself a score of 33% plus a bonus point for almost getting Haug right. Gonna place my bet for 2020 1. Ryf Daylight 2. Haug 3. Crowley
  3. The top age group women seem to be freaky fast these days. Really makes you wonder.
  4. Dave was efficient, not pretty. As soon as I saw AB prance through T2 on his toes I knew he wouldn't be holding it by the time he got to Palani climb. If he wants to do well at Kona he has to get his shuffle on and forget about air-time.
  5. Is it really necessary to prove how sick you are by posting a pic of your snot?
  6. I'm friends with Annie and Sarah - genuinely nice people. I like seeing them do well. Nothing to do with Lucy.
  7. Annie's all business at those aid stations.
  8. Love to know happened to Ryf this time. She looked very good leading in to this race.
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