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  1. That sheep's eyes are following me around the room 😳
  2. I was there for a cycling holiday exactly 1 year ago. It's even more beautiful than ever and the quality of cafés and town assets have improved greatly. Business is obviously thriving there.
  3. On occasion I've just posted stuff back. I've found it relatively cheap to just buy a 10kg international box from a post office, fill it with stuff you won't need again and just post it back. 2 x 10kg will make a big difference to what you end up hauling around after your Canada leg of the journey.
  4. Ironically, one of the reasons that Bright has such amazing restaurants, cafés, walking paths, sports, wineries etc is tourism. A large part of the that is the summer cyclists. Can't eat your cake and have it too. 😉
  5. I eat celery. I don't have polio. Therefore, celery works!
  6. Celery juice cures everything
  7. how about 'hand crafted' 😂
  8. I'm asleep once my head touches the pillow and usually wake up 9hrs later 😂
  9. Phew. I finished it all a couple of weeks ago - compelling stuff!
  10. I did my fastest 5km, half mara and IM at 40. However I didn't start endurance sport until after 30. I also had my fastest Half IM at 40 but matched it at 49 within 20 seconds. But something happened at 50 for sure. Aching knees and a general 'blah' feeling. Bit hard to judge as I've gone from living in the flattest place on Earth with slick roads (doing 30kph for easy rides) to the hilliest place I've ever lived with chunky roads (doing 20kph for easy rides).
  11. Go trans next year and win the women's race too
  12. I'm fairly confident that I could win the Barkley Marathons. 😁
  13. Watched this last night too. Great movie and achievement but Honnold's Free Solo is unfathomable. I wonder if the guys in Dawn Wall wake up with a jolt in the middle of the night with that horrible falling sensation. I would be haunted for the rest of my life if I did anything like that.
  14. You still doing the enticer event after all these years?
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