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  1. So froome is a drug cheat

  2. How did shane kelly ride this?

    That saddle - ouch
  3. What gets on my quince....

    Checkout etiquette! You go to the supermarket anticipating that money will exchange hands once the final item is scanned. So why the look of surprise followed by fumbling around in your handbag, searching for that elusive wallet only to discover both your credit cards are maxed out, and, as you are not carrying enough cash, completing the transaction will require a trip out to the car park to collect some more cash from your husband!!! My god. In fact, many times when you pick a checkout with the least number of people in it, one inconsiderate sod will make sure it moves slower than the other checkouts with more people in them. bonus gripe... Traffic trouble. When stuck in slow moving traffic, doesn't matter which lane you move into, that lane will immediately start move slower than the other lanes.
  4. TV Shows

    When they make 'George Michael - the Movie', they should cast Dan Mac as George.
  5. What gets on my quince....

    The sooner you get off the escalator, the sooner you can put down those heavy bags.
  6. What gets on my quince....

    There is a woman here who regularly goes looking for sponsors and media attention for her astounding athletic talents. She tells them she came first in an Ironman. What she actually means is she entered a sprint distance triathlon as the cyclist in the women's team division and they were the only women's team that entered. She also boasts of 3 international tours. 1) the Spinneys Dubai 92km cycling challenge 2) a 50km gran fondo in the Dolomites 3) Hired a bike in Phuket once.
  7. What gets on my quince....

    People who stand still on escalators blocking the path of those who like to walk on escalators.
  8. Clothing... or lack of!

    It's a friggin' Kardashian!!! The anti-Christ herself.
  9. The Politics Thread

    There goes my trip to Jerusalem for Christmas. Thanks Mango-man http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/middle-east/jerusalem-donald-trump-israel-capital-palestinian-authority-manuel-hassassian-netanyahu-a8094336.html
  10. Things which are just wrong with the world today

    True, unless your eyelids get so saggy that you can't see anymore.
  11. Things which are just wrong with the world today

    Plastic surgery for perfectly normal young people.
  12. The Hollywood Abuse Scandals

    Love that it has 'Copyright' warning up top left
  13. What gets on my quince....

    People who are always late. I'm living in the 'lateness' capital of the World. Bahraini people boast about their inability to be on time like a badge of pride and can only see the funny side of it. In the past 10 days, I've had 5 appointments scheduled. In every single case, the other person was between 50mins and 1hr 15mins late - That's 5hours of my life that I've spent waiting for the other person to arrive - half a days work lost just waiting. You're thinking, how can I let that happen? Sequence generally unfolds like this... Me, "Let's meet tomorrow at 10am." "Great!" 9am, I call. "Hi, you still on for 10am?" "Sure! I'll be there." (if Allah allows) 9.55am I arrive at location. 10.15am I text. "Are you close?" Reply, "OMW" (Translation: just thinking about leaving the office) 10.45am I get a text, "Can you send me the PIN again?" (Translation: Didn't bother looking at it yesterday. I have no idea where we are supposed to meet) Sigh. "Sure. How close are you now?" 10.55am, "5mins away" (Translation: will take 5mins as long as no other human being decides to use the roads today as I'll be able to get the Dodge Charger up to 140kph no worries.) Me, "are you sure? I have to leave soon." "Inshallah." (Translation: If Allah allows) 11.05am Get a text. "Can't find it. Where is it?" (Translation: I'll stall her. Let her think I'm lost in black void that opened up unexpectedly) Me, "Just follow the PIN that I sent" 11.10am. "I'm here. Can't see you." (Translation: Because she is obviously hiding, my lateness is her fault) Me, "I'm inside." "Inside where?" Me, "The cafe where the Pin is." "I can't find a carpark." (Translation: Well, it's a plausible excuse. She will believe it) Me, "There are about 20 spaces right outside." "I must be in the wrong place" (Translation: Dang! Busted. Make an excuse.) Me, "I will walk out onto the road and wave so you can see me." I walk down the road waving madly like an inflatable used car mascot. I see Palsy turning in off the highway at last. He parks. Sits in car for 10mins checking instagram and whatsapp We finally sit. Palsy, "You seem agitated? Everything ok?" (Translation: Expats are soooo impatient)
  14. What gets on my quince....

    FP's recent sarcastic responses to me. Cuts like a knife
  15. What gets on my quince....

    No, no, no. It's "You got this." Gets on my quince as much as "Math" and "I could care less." What they're trying to say is "I couldn't care less."