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  1. The Customer

    Custom tri suit recommendations

    I can vouch for sub4. Must comfortable cycling kit I've ever owned. They did 25 sets for means sent a free Tri suit to try. Very comfortable and fast service.
  2. The Customer

    Maccas Prince designs a short course for record

    The BH course is as accurate as any other I've raced. squabbling over 1.5km on the bike course is really here nor there in IM racing. Each year they've been changing the course layout in BH to make it faster than previous. The swim is in a man-made bay sheltered on all sides. On the bike they took out a couple of sharp U-turns this year and made the run 3 loops on the flattest piece of hotmix in town - perfectly straight, no steps, twists or undulations at all. Only problem with that was the run course was on the main thoroughfare right through Manama. Caused traffic chaos across the top of the island yesterday. The run used to be out of the Grand Prix track and down into a wildlife park which had lots of twist and turns and a usually a raging headwind on the return to the GP finish line. Transition layout was faster and more direct than previous years. Two years ago, I measured 600m run in T1 including negotiating ramps, steps, tiled pool decks etc around the hotel gardens. It's all changed now with a custom made transition area. They chanced upon perfect conditions yesterday - last year the wind was gale-force - this year was perfect. Everyone I know (and there were dozens) raced at least 20 mins faster than last year and are boasting about how much they've improved (LARGE LOL). Temperature yesterday was only 22 degrees on the bike and topped 26 on the run - can't complain about that when you train through a summer of 45 degrees every day. Highly likely that those people will never improve on their PB 😂 and I pity the ones who are racing Nice WC next year as BH has zero hills to train on. Bit like the Bahrainis that struggled around the Chattanooga WC course in 2017 - they were about 2 hours slower in Chatt than they were yesterday. The only part of the bike course in BH that has any slight undulations is the GPrix track section. Don't be surprised if they take that bit out next year to make the bike course even faster. All around the race venue.....
  3. The Customer

    Maccas Prince designs a short course for record

    You're just spewin' that you weren't there to set a PB like everyone else. That course makes Busso seem hilly.
  4. The Customer

    Coaches are amusing

    I just like the pretty colours
  5. The Customer

    Coaches are amusing

    Having been in the situation of trying to coach a squad whilst also trying to fit your own training in, I can say that if I had attempted to follow the personal training plan of an external coach, I would not have had the time to fit it into the day. What I had to do was write an overall plan for the whole squad with the core sessions done as a group. I made adjustments in volume, intensity and frequency to suit the individual. With the shorter sessions, such as swim and turbo, I was on deck and usually did my private session directly before the group session. I did my long rides with the group. Outside of the active training sessions I was at my desk or sleeping due to the early 5am starts (in order to get my swim in before my group came in to swim) and the late nights (would be leaving evening turbo and run session at 10pm to go home for dinner). If you're just writing programmes for people and emailing them out, then yeah, I would seriously consider having an external coach just to take the emotional stress out of writing your own programme too as you tend to put yourself last when you feel responsible for providing programmes for others.
  6. The Customer

    Coaches are amusing

    Looks like the 'blessed one' has a Trisutto coach now. A coach being coached while coaching doesn't give you much faith in her own coaching ability. And nothing stopping her on-selling her coach's training plans. Edit to say, I also see the 'blessed one' tip-toing around in Wyn Republic kit. I was gonna get some but now I'm not so sure 😖
  7. The Customer

    Can carfrea win kona again?

    Nicola Spirig - on track to having her 3rd child and aiming to race the 2020 Olympics. Wouldn't surprise me if she gets her 3rd Olympic medal. Clearly loves life.
  8. The Customer

    Coaches are amusing

    Crimminal group or adulterous group or club group?
  9. The Customer

    Coaches are amusing

  10. The Customer

    Can carfrea win kona again?

    Congrats to Sarah Crowley for a great win! You know... the Aussie that won 😬
  11. The Customer

    Busso 2018

    It's true what they say: Anthing is possible.
  12. The Customer

    Busso 2018

    Sammy, sammy, sammy...
  13. The Customer

    Busso 2018

    Final instructions to FFF from TC: Stop liking my insta posts and get yourself to the start line!!!!!!
  14. The Customer

    I love Lionel Sanders but he's weird

    LOL - That's what she wants you to think 😉
  15. The Customer

    I love Lionel Sanders but he's weird

    or, Lucy Charles pretended to be stoked to finish 2nd again 😁