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  1. Bill Murray. Carnoustie Golf Course. Close the thread.
  2. If it's in Comic Sans it must be true.
  3. I prefer to weight for lifts. 🙄 I did 160 storeys once in Dubai.
  4. You could take some KOMs going up on the poma.
  5. There's a couple of gems on Netflix at the moment: The Geen Mile - based on a Stephen King novella, screenplay and director Frank Darabont (same team that did Shawshank Redemption Oh Brother, Where art Thou? - Cracking Coen Brothers film with George Clooney at his comic best.
  6. I must go on holiday soon.
  7. Sturgeon speaking off the cuff is brilliant. If only all pollies were this direct.
  8. Were they taking selfies for instagram before eating their dinner?
  9. Did he make you feel like dancing?
  10. Watched the 3rd season of Jack Whitehall - Travels with my Father last night - they visit the USA. Haven't laughed so much in years.
  11. 'Athlete A' is a very sobering doco on Netflix about the astonishingly widespread abuse and cover-ups by USA Gymnastics regarding the treatment of their female athletes - many of them Olympic medalists from Rio and recent events. They touched on the Romanian regime that made Nadia Comaneci into the super athlete that she was. A very worthy watch.
  12. Careful there Tyno, the USA manufacturing industries rely on the 13th amendment for their cheap labour.
  13. The UK Independent is not my news source of choice 😂
  14. The Welsh miners of the Tonypandy 1910 uprising and the Irish set upon by the Black and Tans in 1919 might disagree with you. Three million died in the Bengal famine during WWII which Churchill caused after he diverted food which was bound for India and introduced unjust policies. It's widely documented that he had very strong white supremacist views. He said Indians were 'beastly' and Africans were 'child-like'.
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