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  1. I only have one thing to offer - please stop caller her 'the wife'. 😫
  2. What would the odds be that Bored@ toes the line at Kona before AP qualifies again?
  3. Get on Dazz's Garmin Connect account Open the file up in top right corner is a little cog click on cog and save the file as TCX It should download into your computer Now go to your Garmin Connect account and import the TCX file. It will now appear in your activies. Then go and upload the same TCX file into your Strava account using the '+' symbol top right to 'upload file'. Cheers
  4. Watch the women's age group times get a little slower :-)
  5. has AP qualified for Kona yet this year?
  6. so while we're at it, why do women get charged more for a haircut? When I say more - way more. Like double. Even when they're sitting in the chair for the same amount of time as the guy in the next chair.
  7. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-48505300 NFI
  8. he's a bit weird, isn't he?
  9. Until the day a trans-man has a successful career in elite level rugby, trans women taking titles off women shouldn't be considered a fair contest. What I'm saying is, a trans-man would be crushed in a full contact sport against men - the body just wouldn't be up to withstanding the clashes. It's clear the trans-man would be disadvantaged in size and strength. If you can understand that, then you must agree that trans-women would have an advantage in speed, size and strength in a competition against women.
  10. My auntie has a teaspoon of gelatin everyday. At 98, she has the most lovely fingernails.
  11. Yes but why take a National Championship off a deserving woman who did all the work without the testosterone? No one is saying transgender can't play sport. There are plenty participation events to enter eg. age group Ironman 😁
  12. I've taken a few KOMs on bits of road that were about to be ripped up and diverted in new directions with a new road. I will own those old KOMs for all eternity. I am immortal.
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