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  1. His ex-girlfriend has busted him for taking KOMs on an ebike... piece of filth! 😫
  2. What about health insurance? If you can afford it, you should buy health insurance. If you can't afford it, you need to trust in the public health system. I feel there needs to be a middle ground during times of natural disaster. Whilst having house insurance would make the path to recovery easier, those who don't have it should be treated with benevolence - not fully compensated, but taken care of in some way.
  3. I loved it! Amazing idea for a story.
  4. And dropping bombs on countries and their citizens outside of times of war is also a crime. Trump has proven he is no different to any other terrorist dictator and should be punished for his crimes of murder and terrorism .
  5. The Customer


    yeah, then you can have the place to yourself and you and IJ can get some quiet time together.
  6. I made the mistake of clicking on a
  7. The Customer


    Well said. I really regret coming on here these days. Was hoping to learn a little about what's going on in my home State from people who are living up in the rural areas, such as IP. Instead it's more Conservative a-holes finding a ways to pontificate. When are people going to finally get rid of these arrogant, upper class politicians and put the greater community first.
  8. The Customer


    Do you vote Liberal by any chance?
  9. BBCs Dracula is exceptional. If you're a fan of League of Gentlemen and Inside No. 9 you'll get plently of ah-ha moments. Be prepared for a wild ride.
  10. Bake off with the Derry Girls was a hoot. If only all Bake offs were this authentic.
  11. I thought it was none of our business, but since you asked.... They spent a week holidaying in Europe together. Since then, the relationship seems to have cooled off. Not together anymore. He probably got worn out sight seeing.
  12. Work less and spend more time on Transitions.
  13. Where did I say kids should wait until after uni before having access to 'their' money? If the uni student is able to keep part time jobs through their degree, they can spend it however they need to. In my case, I spent my income on my rent, food, uni fees and course materials. My holidays were camping, not Bali. More, you need to learn to edit before you rip people apart. A sure fire way for you to get riled up and mount your high horse is for me to make a simple statement on any thread - here. This time, your rant showed huge insensitivity to Goughy.
  14. Who's making money out of their kids?
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