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  1. 25% off at 776BC https://www.776bc.com.au/ This is a small Melbourne company who make simply the best training apparel I've ever come across. They are my client and I do graphic design for them. They support a lot of events that would have been cancelled 😥 They've never discounted their gear this heavily before so take advantage. I can highly recommend their carbon compression tights - they will last for years. https://www.776bc.com.au/default/mens-elite-carbon-fibre-compression-tights https://www.776bc.com.au/default/women-s-compression-tights-w2014
  2. She was Russian. There's a bit more on it here: https://www.themoscowtimes.com/2020/03/26/russias-orthodox-church-sticks-to-its-traditions-despite-coronavirus-threat-a69745
  3. With Ramadan coming up in April I'm really concerned about folk in the Middle East having the will power to stay at home. The whole month of Ramadan is night after night of parties and visits to relatives. It's such an old tradition, that I can't see how they will stop people leaving their homes. Last night on the news I saw a Christian doctor being interviewed. She said that people shouldn't stop going to church because the virus can't be passed on in the house of the Lord 🙄
  4. and to think we chuckled when we saw the Chinese boarding people up inside their homes 😩
  5. https://news.sky.com/story/coronavirus-police-may-only-deal-with-serious-crime-in-case-of-mass-covid-19-outbreak-11948456
  6. Very timely as always: https://www.trisutto.com/en/teams/trisutto/blog/overcoming-demotivation?fbclid=IwAR3g5xCUjMf1VSQ9cPvxKUUT-QtqCQGbe28__vYE7JuO6TuGe9Gxoy2fXHw
  7. I lived in China for a few years and I was vegetarian at that time. I got more bouts of gastro than I've ever had in my life and put it down to lower standards of hygiene in the kitchens. If you walk behind the restaurants you'll see cooks preparing food out in the laneways literally crouched down on the ground with rats and cockroaches scurrying about. Worst food poisoning I had was from mushroom soup bought from a Delifrance cafe. Fascinating country. Terrible government.
  8. You're not really seeing the big picture, More. We should all be looking to change our consumer habits during this time for the benefit of the entire planet. The mass production of mainstream meats has caused more death and disease across the planet than the people in China who eat bat meat. As far as your comment that you have no issue with Japanese eating whale and dolphin meat - very shocking thing to admit to. Anyone else agree that it's ok to eat whales and dolphins?
  9. Never stop making a ham of yourself, Roxette
  10. So you can't answer my question regarding pork? Awkward.
  11. Our entire Marketing team are refusing to turn on their cameras during online meetings
  12. I asked you about pork. Pork is scientifically proven to carry more worms and parasites than other meats and yet it's widely consumed across Australia and other caucasian cultures. The parasites that humans consume through pork can cause blindness, brain damage, death etc. Perhaps the Muslims had it right all along. Seems that COVID19 has given people an excuse to judge other races. I really don't see how eating beef, chicken, pork, fish is any different to eating any other kind of animal.
  13. What's your stance on pork, more?
  14. We don't need your common sense around these parts, Alex
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