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    Who is Betty Ford anyway?
  1. gersh

    Madrid ITU

    No Atkinson on mens start list as well...Does this mean we will lose the 3rd spot?
  2. gersh

    TDF11 - Stage 19

    Remember Cadel has the advantage of already doing the exact TT in the lead up at the Dauphine
  3. Anyone know of any good online clothes shops? Like wiggle...?
  4. Just saw this news: Courtney Atkinson confirmed his status as Australia's top male triathlete with a dominating performance at this morning's Noosa Triathlon. Atkinson recovered from a crash in the cycle leg to clinch the title in 1hour 47minutes and three seconds, ahead of James Seear and Josh Amberger. Teenager Emma Jackson overtook favourite Annabel Luxford in the run to claim the women's title in 2hours one minute and two seconds. Anybody else have any info?
  5. gersh

    2009 Hawaii Ironman

    Can't you leave again? This thread isn't about you..
  6. Any idea of this sale is still on? Definitely interested in Apex at $320
  7. would swimming noodles be hard enough to work properly?
  8. Hi, These are clinchers right? What year did you buy them? How much use? Could you put some photos up? Thanks
  9. gersh

    What breakfast?

    Sort of on the same topic, but what do people rate as the best liquid substitute shakes? Up and Go's? Any other good ones out there?
  10. gersh

    IM Germany

    Far out not good news for Macca. Going to be hard work for him to catch up with the pack containing Llanos x 2, Sultan, Bozzone, Hecht and Raelert
  11. gersh

    Dextro ITU Washington

    Did Simon Whitfield not win one of the lifetime fitness triathlon's last year? Beating Greg Bennett and Andy Potts?
  12. gersh

    LIVE: Japan Ironman

    Not good for Kieran Doe, might be wrong but he hasn't figured or even finished in an ironman for a while. Not counting the Asian long distance champs.
  13. gersh

    Crowie wins again

    Lieto must be getting pissed off. 2nd time that has happened after Hawaii 70.3. Must be riding seriously fast if he is outsplitted Crowie by that much.
  14. Can anyone find a torrent from the 1st round? The high quality version? Would it be possible for someone to tape the video and torrent it?
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