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  1. noknees

    50 Ironmans in 50 days Ashley Horner

    Or 50 Ironmen in 50 days?
  2. noknees

    Cardinal Pell

    Wilson resigns. But still not a single word of remorse.
  3. noknees

    Tour de France Tipping Competition

    I'd swap out Fairplay for Clem Buetnell
  4. noknees

    2018 Hall of Fame Inductees.

    Moss & Allen
  5. noknees

    Cardinal Pell

    This one was close to home. I'm glad they got him.
  6. noknees

    Hornet vs Crawford

    Horn holding a title is like Trump being President. I'm still not sure how he got there and I'm amazed he still is.
  7. noknees

    TRI NSW Interclub Comp

    The HITS is a great concept. It's even sweeter now that the trophy is back with its rightful owners! 😁
  8. noknees

    Port 2018 - Who’s racing?

    Stick around on Monday!
  9. noknees

    IM Texas on now

    Stolen from FB.
  10. noknees

    IM Texas on now

    He doesn't have a sister called Mia by any chance?
  11. noknees

    Port 2018 - Who’s racing?

    Full  Race no.  Trannie name Name AG  19106 IronmanFoz Andrew Foster M50 - 54 558 The New Guy Nick Hall  M35 - 39   245 Blobby Stephen White M50 - 54  14266 Dave T David Thornton M55 -59 1048 Rory-dognz Richard Houghton M50 - 54 286 Badger77 Staff Hurlston M50-54 694 Trickle Sean Dench M40-44 296 Tall Paul Paul Marshall M45 - 49 12332 noknees Chris Ernst M50 - 54 70.3 Race no. Trannie name Name AG 2929 Flanman Michael Flanagan 55.59 (Bronze Wanker 😎) 2533 Wombattri Andrew Ritter M40-44 (Silver wanker) 2983 Goodcatch Kevin Dixon M60-64  Rooting on the Sideline (i.e. watching) Roxii  iFoz (I'll be out there chalking up the run course)  RunBrettRun (will be in T1 change tent till 10am)
  12. noknees

    What to do with swim caps?

    Glue them together and make a Gymp Suit.
  13. noknees

    Is Ironman Busso Doomed?

    Farked if I know where you'd run an IM at Newy.
  14. noknees

    Kona Legacy Slot Experience, What's Yours?

    Congrats & enjoy. I got my crack at it in 2016. Would go again tomorrow if I got the chance.
  15. noknees

    9 weeks till Ironman Australia

    Christ, this AP bashing is getting secondhand.