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  1. Kona race day thread

    It would be a brave TO.
  2. Kona race day thread

    Lange is really unleashing now.
  3. Ironman WC Stream time AEST

    Good to see him leading out on the Queen K
  4. Pick the Kona male winner & top aussie 2017

    In no particular order....... Frodeno Hoffman Sanders Berkel
  5. Vale Hugh Hefner

  6. Bike Paint Job - Carbon Frame

    Ange will be fine. It's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission.
  7. varying cost of Ironman Races

    Found it as a bookmark when I was throwing out some stuff.
  8. Bike Paint Job - Carbon Frame

    Sounds like you need a new bike.
  9. varying cost of Ironman Races

    $85 seems fair.
  10. Tea

    Coffee! Actually quite partial to Rooibos. (yeah, I know it's got no caffeine).
  11. Hawaii Ironman betting

    Did you get him at $26? Still a good bet at $17.
  12. Ryf on turbo

    Geez, Rox don't ruin a thread with logic!
  13. Croeso i Ironman Cymru

    15:44:50 Well done.
  14. That's because he's full of shit.
  15. Les McDonald Dies

    http://www.triathlon.org/news/article/itu_honorary_president_les_mcdonald_dies_at_84_years_of_age Fair to say the bloke had a reasonable impact on the sport.