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  1. The Triathlon Jihadi

    Yeah, but the sluggos won him the race.
  2. 9 weeks till Ironman Australia

    Back in this year after a year off. Not setting the world on fire, but if i can make the start line, barring disaster I'll make the finishline.
  3. No Shimano Support at Port?

    He's like the mail. He never stops. We've got about 23 racing so he will be flat out as the Godfather and moral conscience of MTC that weekend.
  4. No Shimano Support at Port?

    I’ve been reliably informed that Shimano will not be at Port Mac this year. Which will be a shame as they do a bloody good job. Does anyone know if there is another crew stepping into the void? I’ve been lucky that I’ve only needed them once in all my outings when I popped three spokes mid race on my rear wheel and they lent me a spare. Looks like there could be a spike in mechanical DNF’s this year.
  5. Vietnam - worth going?

    Jess went there about 12 months ago. Raves about it. Hoi An was her favourite.
  6. How do I approach my manager

    Hey mate, A large part of my work is developing and maintaining schedules in P6. - Be-careful what you wish for ! An invaluable resource that I have found is a book by a guy called Paul Harris called "Planning & Control Using Oracle Primavera P6" It is a work through resource that takes you from Opening the Software through to the basic elements of developing and maintaining a fully resourced schedule. It doesn't tell you how to schedule but will give you an insight into the many nuances of the software, of which there are many! I think you can pick it up for around $110-120 but you do need access to a copy of the software. (I may have a need to have an off-site back up of my installation files ) https://www.eh.com.au/P6V16PPM.html this is the link to the PPM version which I use, but there is also an EPPM version. I assume Mono's would be likely to have the EPPM. To echo Rory's comments above, you'll want a thick skin and be prepared to rework, rework, rework. A plan rarely survives contact with the enemy, even with their input. Good luck with it.
  7. No Purchase required* * Does not include $800+ entry fee
  8. Kona race day thread

    It would be a brave TO.
  9. Kona race day thread

    Lange is really unleashing now.
  10. Ironman WC Stream time AEST

    Good to see him leading out on the Queen K
  11. In no particular order....... Frodeno Hoffman Sanders Berkel
  12. Vale Hugh Hefner

  13. Bike Paint Job - Carbon Frame

    Ange will be fine. It's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission.
  14. varying cost of Ironman Races

    Found it as a bookmark when I was throwing out some stuff.
  15. Bike Paint Job - Carbon Frame

    Sounds like you need a new bike.