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  1. Give Townes Van Zandt a try, 'Live at the Old Quarter' being a good place to start.
  2. noknees

    Zwift Roll Call

    Higher levels unlock different routes. You need to be level 10 to ride Mayan Jungle & Level 12 to ride Alpe Du Zwift. (unless they're part of a Zwift Challenge).
  3. noknees

    Zwift Roll Call

    Yeah, I'd be keen. Chris Ernst Level 29
  4. 100.9 Only up 0.2 on last BL final weight. Start a new work contract tomorrow. It will take some discipline not to fall in to old habits. Would love to see 8X.X when this round is over but will take anything south of 95
  5. Thanks! I'll weigh in on 8th when I get home.
  6. noknees

    Steffen’s P5X

    Dan Empfield once said that if you throw a set of race wheels on a P2 you're ready to win Kona. So I took his advice and missed the win by about 5 hours.
  7. noknees

    Cardinal Pell

  8. noknees

    Port 2019

    I'm there. Wringing the last drops out of my rooted knee.
  9. The email is a bit misleading. It is 40 slots available to entries for every Full Ironman worldwide, not just the 4 Oceania races. The odds wouldn't be much better than the old lottery. Plus you can enter the draw by sending a postcard.
  10. S-Town Cocaine & Rhinestones Dr Death Your Favourite Band Sucks Dirty John Enjoyed them all.
  11. Thanks, I had read that. Starting to think at 52 with 23 Seasons and 16 IM's behind me it might be time to let go.
  12. Has anyone on here returned to Triathlon after a full knee replacement?
  13. I reckon Bennett could probably top that list.
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