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  1. Rocket Salad

    Darrell Eastlake Passes away

    The soundtrack of aussie sport. Billy Birmingham being Eastlake in the 12th man is one of the funniest things I've ever heard.
  2. Rocket Salad

    Latest update, Emoticons galore

    World Champion
  3. Rocket Salad

    Latest update, Emoticons galore

    : not working for me this
  4. Rocket Salad

    Ironman South Africa

    On a giant.
  5. Rocket Salad


    Go Dellow. I like the way he races.
  6. Rocket Salad

    TV Shows

    Fear the walking dead s4e1 is out now.
  7. Rocket Salad

    Drugs in triathlon 1 in 7. Really?

    I wouldn't think it's as high as 1 in 7. Taking drugs has all but been normalised these days. 10 years ago if someone was caught there was outrage. Now you would be lucky if only half a dozen on here are pissed off. A reflection of society perhaps?
  8. Rocket Salad

    Commonwealth games chat.

    Ballsy run by Caster on the 800m.
  9. Rocket Salad

    I'm thinking of buys this house.

    Was this one.
  10. Rocket Salad

    Lets talk Kask Aero Helmets

    Mohammed, Buddha or Tony Robbins?
  11. Rocket Salad

    Referencing - APA style (any experts)

    Anyone else come in here thinking it was about American Pale Ale beer?
  12. Rocket Salad

    Lets talk Kask Aero Helmets

    The only brand more uncool than Giant is Scott.
  13. Rocket Salad

    Hair Loss

    Hair or brains. You can't have both.
  14. Such is the attention span of the average viewer out there I'm surprised it's not as long as a enticer / BRW race.
  15. Rocket Salad

    Beth McKenzie IM Cairns

    That convo won't end well.