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  1. Rocket Salad

    Housing Bubble thread.

    Negative equity. Get used to hearing this. You will hear this a lot in 2019.
  2. Rocket Salad

    Fark! Shark attack in busselton

    I had to go to my safe space.
  3. Rocket Salad

    The Politics Thread

  4. Rocket Salad

    Housing Bubble thread.

    Other than his racist rant midway through the video I thought this guy made a lot of sense.
  5. Rocket Salad

    The Politics Thread

  6. Rocket Salad

    Housing Bubble thread.

    Peter, I honestly don't know what the number is. I'm just a dumbass working in the suburbs here in Noosa. My personal opinion about what the number is doesn't really matter. However if you really want me to give you a number here it is. 22.6% The flow on effect is what really worries me. A lot of peoples jobs could be affected by this. My job relies a lot on tourism as does lots of Queenslander I suppose.
  7. Rocket Salad

    Housing Bubble thread.

    Watch all those with dual citizenship bail out with huge debts. It will be hard chasing Chinese debt defaulters in China. Hey Peter, Is Sydney and Melbourne dropping $1000/week like the media is telling us?
  8. Rocket Salad

    Housing Bubble thread.

    The recession Australia deserves to have. https://www.xyz.net.au/recession-australia-deserves/ "Australia’s housing bubble is on the verge of going pop. The housing bubble is based on a few factors, namely an immigration Ponzi scheme, the market distortion created by the Reserve Bank manipulating interest rates, and the demise of Australia’s manufacturing economy which has resulted in a scramble for wealth generation via asset inflation."
  9. Rocket Salad

    Betoota - Noosa Tri

    Yes it does. There's about 12 offices here in Noosa alone.
  10. Rocket Salad

    How do Pro's afford it

    I think there's a lot of old money involved. Their mums and dads help them out a lot even when they get a bit older.
  11. Rocket Salad

    Live aid acts. 1.9 billion watched

    Freddy was the greatest front man of any band ever.
  12. Rocket Salad

    Trump is the President

    Nor do I.
  13. Rocket Salad

    Trump is the President

    Rog, is that why you unfriended me on FB? Don't believe the opinion polls. "Hillary will win in a landslide." - opinion polls in 2016
  14. Rocket Salad

    Trump is the President

    Take it to the Obama thread. This thread is about the GOAT US president. Wish we had a trump here in Australia.
  15. Rocket Salad

    Noosa Tri 2018

    They censored my comment on the live feed on Facebook.