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  1. Dick Smith fair go.

  2. Dick Smith fair go.

    https://www.dicksmithfairgo.com.au/ See the 1 min youtube video. Is he right?
  3. Is this the new form of terror

    Here is the feel good facebook pic doing the rounds to make it all better. Anyone know what the hash tag is yet?
  4. Is this the new form of terror

    Such a horrible attack. What religion do these people represent? Just curious.
  5. TV Shows

    Have you seen it yet? I just finished. 10 days till the next one
  6. TV Shows

    The next GoT episode has been leaked.
  7. It's about time Ironman

    Got a bit of a feeling she don't do them anymore.
  8. ATEC Expo Cancelled

    All that was around was Staminade and glucose tablets.
  9. It's about time Ironman

    Sorry ironman. Too little too late. You lost me.
  10. ATEC Expo Cancelled

  11. Uber v Cabbies

    Cabs have failed me many times over the years. They can eat shit.
  12. Help me pick a multi-tool

    I'm going to lever it back on.
  13. Quadruple channel crossing

    She's on the today show now. Effing Rock star!!
  14. Frodo validates

    Is there a list of what pro's have validated?
  15. Zipp disc question

    Looks like a standard 900.