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  1. Mike Honcho

    Biggest Loser 2018 edition

    BMI 29,6
  2. Mike Honcho


    Had to work all 5 days so missed it. Attendance is always terrible. The T20 event last weekend in An Dab was even worse.
  3. Mike Honcho

    Heart Rate Zones

    I'm a pretty big believer in heart based training. Between Oct 06 and July 08 I did the same 17.2km run from work to home. Aimed to hold 155 or less and walk if I had to up the hills. Time came down from 1:54 to 1:16 over that period. Same route and same heart rate. I think I did it on the other side of 2 hours before that 1:54 but I can't find the session on Triathlog. All my running was done at the same heart rate no matter the distance. A word of caution though is that I found that any real increase in speed lead to a rapid increase in heart rate. I became very one dimensional in speed so if racing short stuff the possibility of sucking is high.
  4. Mike Honcho

    Biggest Loser 2018 edition

  5. Mike Honcho

    Work place politics and millennials

    Enjoy mate. The trucial states are done.
  6. Mike Honcho

    If you've done a 13 hour Ironman tell me why.

    Any able bodied male under 40 who puts in 17 months of focused training can go under 10.
  7. Mike Honcho

    Biggest Loser 2018 edition

    196cm 117.7kg
  8. Mike Honcho

    Work place politics and millennials

    I meant to ask earlier, is she local? (Assuming u r still in Bahrain)
  9. Mike Honcho

    Home Security Cameras

    I've got Guardzilla. They're pretty good. 49.99/year for 14 days of storage and 30 second clips. Only flaw is they take about 5 seconds to spool up. Have them in multiple properties and all talk to the same app. Power box is in shot for all places. Still, I'm sure if the bad guys are hatching a plan that involves cutting power we have bigger problems. Cameras are more of a deterrent than anything. Opportunity thieves will most likely avoid the hassle.
  10. Mike Honcho

    50 Ironmans in 50 days Ashley Horner

    Strava comments are harsh. But fair. Files don't add up at all. Would live to run a marathon where I'm 180bpm at 10k then drop below 120 last 5k
  11. Mike Honcho

    2018 Beer Mile World Classic

    4 ounces left? Not on my watch.
  12. Mike Honcho

    Let it go or no?

    Haha. Will look into it. He's not a mate but a passing acquaintance. There are people commenting/liking on that IMJ thread that I know roll in the same circles. He will be aware of the pic by now I'm sure.
  13. Mike Honcho

    Let it go or no?

    What is the consensus on the actual race number. Is it a 5 or 9 at the end? I can't see clearly on my phone. If 9, I actually know the guy!
  14. Mike Honcho

    Insurance for Kona WC

    Note that the bike cover of TA isn't worth shit. Airlines are obliged to cover the same amount by convention.
  15. Mike Honcho

    50 Ironmans in 50 days Ashley Horner

    Discussion is far too micro. Macro it up.