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  1. Dick Smith fair go.

    Logan's run.
  2. Housing Bubble thread.

    Australian market is absurd. liquidate and take the capital to buy in distressed markets. US, Greece, Thailand.
  3. The Politics Thread

    she's the Queen of Australia too mate.
  4. Tour de France Commentary

    I reckon it's been the most watchable Tour since Armstrong dominance. I've been watching on NBC sport network and Paul and Phil have Chris VdV and Jens. It's actually been really good.
  5. Your 'hardest' race?

    the 2 hours I did on the bike yesterday in 49 degrees with 40% humidity. still shelled at 1pm next day.
  6. Cricket

    Hence the current stand off. CA want more money into grass roots. Players want the status quo.
  7. Should I take it further

    Good luck to you FB
  8. Should I take it further part 2 no wonder runners are hated

    And we're back.
  9. Should I take it further part 2 no wonder runners are hated

    It's pretty obvious with the track marking being set up for anticlockwise. Would take no more than half a lap to see one assuming you didn't start on the main straight where it is immediately obvious.
  10. Should I take it further

    I guessing had you just attached the rope to the vacant machine it would all gave been fine. I'd just forget it.
  11. Arm angle on TT bike

    Yeah. Front looks good but 165 and drop that seat a touch. Probably another cm or two.
  12. Arm angle on TT bike

    Straight down elbows on pads for max comfort over max distance. Something else might be more aero but until you can hold it for the entire duration it matters not.
  13. TV Shows

    Line of Duty. Brit cop drama on Netflix. Outstanding.
  14. I've never noticed this before

  15. I've never noticed this before