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  1. I've been tested 4 times this year. Shall I upload? Won every event.
  2. Mike Honcho


    Hey, let's shout out the the fireis. Most are part timers. Hats off.
  3. Almere. Actual wind turbines, flat, hotmix and no torture of citizens.
  4. Mike Honcho


    It's a shit show. Good mate in Bathurst. They are cut off. How that has happened is beyond me.
  5. Wow. Have no horse in any race but in both the US and UK the political system voted them both in. In both cases in land slides. In both cases it was the non vocal majority* ( voting system based) It's quite obvious that the left is loud but not relevant to the collective.
  6. Right,? The unlosable election. I think a number of a minority need to grasp that not everyone agrees with them. Whilsti think D Trump is a shit head, his country is crushing it. OZ is doing quite well with a "right' govt. Let's see where the UK (well really England) lands. (Side note. I think this the perfect time to cut Scotland and NI loose. Discussion on request. New thread)
  7. Blah blah. US an UK elections have both demonstrated that the vocal left is vastly in the minority. Two of the three voting super powers have shown that they have no time for the left.
  8. Wtf exile beach! I'm done with boost juice Lady.
  9. No spoilers plz. Just watched ep 10 with the reverse tribal council. Ok. I take it back. These cats are playing.
  10. Sounds like time for a new bike.
  11. Two points of order. First, the guy on Australian Amazing Race is doing his best not to copy the Phil.. The Survivor guy is trying to be a carbon copy of Jeff. On the subject of seasons, I'm up to 8 of the Aussie version and whilst entertaining, it's 25 years behind the aamerican version with respect to strategy. Island of the idols was all wtf from vote one. This Aussie season has been very predictable.
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