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  1. Trannies will always be here. If Will can't continue with the site, I'll take it in financially. Roxii will be admin. And Fatpom as well. I'm not involved but this site can't die. Anyone who wants to take the site discussion future off line, msg me. On a grander scale, Willie, msg me your ph no. I'll give you a call. Nothing to do with the site but to talk to make sure you are ok.
  2. 5-0. Got a speeding ticket half way through training and had to wait 3 years. 6 months later got my now job. Been there 25 years in April.
  3. In. Pretty much maintained since the end of the last one. Looking for double digits.
  4. Went back to OZ for the first time in 7 years last week. OMG it's EXPENSIVE. How the deuce do people get by?
  5. I'm no expert by any means compared to coach@ but as a later life swimmer who sucked, bilateral breathing cut enormous times off for me. Dropping shoulders and scissor kicks were solved instantly with balanced breathing. I went from a 1:20 IM to a 59.
  6. Pornhub has an app too. Would guess the hits on that are high.
  7. Keep in mind the next two balls were wickets. Reverse the strike and the outcome may have been different. I'm just glad India didn't win the thing.
  8. UTorrent and Terrarium/clones are reason enough to use android. I've got an android tv box with a bunch of streaming apps and have them all on my phoneas well. We cancelled cable TV purely because there isn't a movie, song or TV show we can't access on them. IPTV for live stuff. Can't get any of the apps we use on Apple.
  9. HR people the world around are all the same. You'd think it was their money.
  10. Mike Honcho


    May be lost in the chat.
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