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  1. Love it or list it AU. Watching the most recent episode. Some guy who used to play NRL for St George. Budget 1.7 million??!?! In the Shire? With the poo plants and aircraft noise? Oh dear. Is that what Australia has become? Edit. As it evolves we are now at 2.1 million. For a duplex??? Or a McMansion Lol. Just lol.
  2. About half past midnight tonight east oz time.
  3. Bro/gal. Haha etc but I think we're kind of done with the persona on this thread. I am literally packing up our place to send the wife and two kids elsewhere. Not because we are without income but because i'm not certain our current residency arrangements will be conducive to health or education in the near term. Haha. Love satirical accounts but lay off this one.
  4. Scrolled down through a few pages. What is a shit show is that unskilled labour gets paid far too much in OZ. Hate me all you want but this is why shit costs so much compared to everywhere else. Have at it.
  5. Its good. Shame it's a weekly release. Need to binge.
  6. My Grandfather. Spoke about the ME, never once a word about Kokoda.
  7. In the UAE we've been on complete lock down for 3 weeks. No movement out of your house unless you are essential services going to and from work. You could apply for a permit to go to the grocery store or pharmacy once every three days. Today, they started relaxing the rules and you can go outside to exercise for up to two hours but only in your area of residence. Daily infection rates are around 6% increase but they are doing enormous amounts of testing.
  8. I. Binged Tiger King with Court and a bottle of whisky. Amazing TV but, **** that bitch Carole Baskin.
  9. Birx. Wow. An impressive woman. Just turned off the White House Address and she was excellent.
  10. My Federal agency SMSd me at midnight and informed me I have to present at 4pm tomorrow for compulsory testing. They have been taking it very seriously since mid March. Masks, gloves, skeleton crews. They even kicked everyone out of the facility yesterday to disinfect. We have drones flying up and down streets as well as airport fire trucks spraying the whole city. Our curve is pointing the right was over the last week with percentage infection imcreases of 26 26 23 19 20 18 14 13 Watching ScoMo's shit show in comparison makes me embarrassed to be Australian.
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