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  1. Mike Honcho


    May be lost in the chat.
  2. He's amazing. If he got his shiz together he'd be world number one for a very long time. He's the Mundenie of tennis. So talented but an ass.
  3. Never trust a man that doesn't drink.
  4. Just pushing to front page again to remind some of the scam.
  5. First time like 97 or so? Second 90 or 91?
  6. 2+ keg loss this week but last week was up on what I really weighed as I'd just got off a plane and always weigh up a bit. 106.7 down from 122.5 in August. Would love to be sub 100 by the end of this installment but weekly average disagrees.
  7. Come on brother. Make a game of it!
  8. For that freshness burst
  9. I'm reading this while pooping.
  10. Dayum. Down nearly 3kg on the scale today since Sunday. I'm guessing mostly glycogen n fluid after the silly season break. 10 kilos away from first IM weight! It won't stick I'm sure come Monday.
  11. Hi. I can't access columns B, C or D either. Could some kind soul amend for me please? 110.3kg 196cm. Thx
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