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  1. goody


    Haha thanks Humdrum yes it's true the great Chloe Lane is my missus. She's not moving so well at the moment with some angry looking toes!!!
  2. goody

    IMWA Busso 2015

    I have never been able to get it right in Busso it has consistently kicked me in the balls. As a friend said to me once times are a little irrelevant its more about finish position overall/age group. I had a great day in Melb's 2012 (9.49) and finished 220th overall 2 years later had a pig of a day in NZ (10.30) and finished 160th which was the better race??? Incidentally 9.15 would have got a spot in both races. I reckon no Ironman is easy and no matter where you go if you want to go fast it's gunna be hard!!
  3. goody

    IMWA Busso 2015

    Hahaha Bored@work bagging Busso I don't think so. He'd be too scared to considering his coach is from there
  4. Geez the chick that came 2nd looks pretty hot!!!
  5. Wasn't going to get involved in this thread but im mate's with KF and there isn't anyone on this site AG wise that has achieved what he has. Back off with the comparisons he is in a league of his own. Nuff said!!
  6. goody

    IMWA Race Day Thread

    Big Fat guy in a Tuffin Up tri suit ??? Definitely sounds like Steve Anstee
  7. Happens when you buy a shit euro bike!!!!!! GO GIANT
  8. I know this chick that qualified, she's pretty motivated and she's in pretty good nick aswell!!
  9. goody

    Ironman WA

    Busso 70.3 is ITU draft legal
  10. you need to do 24 weeks
  11. I know this chick that walked half the marathon AND still won her age group by 45mins
  12. Ive got this mate Kev , one year he just won it F#@$ing all!!!!!!
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