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  1. Hymie

    Sky about to pull the pin

    Team News.com.au?
  2. Hymie

    Busso 2018

    Go do the caves, they are awesome!
  3. Hymie

    Busso 2018

    Me too🤗
  4. Hymie

    Paul Sherwen R.I.P

    I think most of us would have been introduced to cycle racing and the TdF by Phil and Paul, a very sad day indeed. Vale
  5. Hymie


    You forgot Le Mans🏎
  6. Hymie


    And Spain have sacked their manager. He signed with Real Madrid, they announced it, he didn’t tell the Spanish FA, so they sacked him.
  7. Hymie

    Paris Roubaix 2018 Gunna be awesome to watch

    Weather conditions? Is it wet? Please. Please Please be wet🌧⛈🌧
  8. Hymie

    Weird cop moment

    I could tell you, but then I would be forced to kill you.😎
  9. Hymie

    DC Rainmaker in Perth

    The law is a very broad area of knowledge, hence various areas of specialty, Highway patrol, detectives, sexual offences etc. General duties have to have a broad working knowledge of most areas of criminal and traffic law. Sometimes they make a mistake, it happens, at least officers acknowledged their mistake and apologised.
  10. Hymie

    DC Rainmaker in Perth

    Let me guess, the conversation went something like... HWP Officer, “Are you blind?” Roxii, “Blind? I hit you didn’t I?” An oldie but a goody 😆
  11. Hymie

    Triple J. What happened?

    I’ve been listening a bit with my 17 year old son when we are in the car together. I have to admit the R & B, hip hop etc do not float my boat.
  12. Hymie


    Happy to admit, I have not seen a single episode😁
  13. Hymie

    TV Shows

    And their pit stops went downhill from there😁
  14. Hymie

    Clive Palmer rebuilding the Titanic

    I thought you were talking about his political career.
  15. Hymie

    Ok so who shutdown the main forum?

    Looks like Roxii fixed it good😂😂😂