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  1. The Mental Health thread

    Funny how things can change rapidly. I have been reading the site again for a little while. I was reading this very thread on Friday thinking, I have been in a good headspace for a long time. Then last night one of my work colleagues was killed in a motor vehicle collision on his way to work last night. It was about 500m from my house. I drove past it, spoke to the crew on scene, but at that stage we didn’t know. I only found out this morning. We weren’t particularly close, but I have known him since he was a trainee, 9 maybe 10 years. He leaves behind a wife and 2 young kids. I don’t want to go to work tomorrow, I don’t want to speak to welfare, I just want to tell them to **** off, because there is nothing they can say or do to change how I feel, or change what happened. But I have to, I am upgraded, I have to make sure my troops are okay and the other members get the support they need. Because that is what is expected of me, that’s what I expect of myself. It’s just such a waste, should never have happened, didn’t have to happen. There is no god, if a priest tried to tell me, this is all part of god’s Plan, I think I would punch him. There is no plan, life and death are sometimes seconds or centimetres apart. Rant over...
  2. The Politics Thread

    Labour adopting the old adage, never interrupt while your opponents are making fools of themselves.
  3. New Busso swim course - shark friendly

    I resemble that remark😱
  4. The Politics Thread

    Bob Hawke was a notorious womaniser, the distinction is Hazel stood by him, till after he left parliament.
  5. Hayne to NFL

    Brady played 16 games this year and was sacked 35 times and some of those hits would be big. He’s 40, you just don’t recover as well as the younger guys. And shoulders, arms and elbows can be temperamental as we age. Aaron Rogers broke his arm and that derailed the packers whole season.
  6. Hayne to NFL

    I think the Patriots made a big mistake letting him go, despite what he thinks, Brady isn’t going to play forever.
  7. New motorbike

    If practical was a consideration, we would all be riding GT550s. The Hooligan factor seems to win out most times😂😂😂
  8. New motorbike

    What about the new H2SX?
  9. Malcolm Young - RIP

    I stand corrected. I must have miss-heard the radio yesterday.
  10. New motorbike

    Although I have bought yet another Kawasaki in line 4, I am aiming for a v-twin before I hang up the helmet and I reckon the V-Strom might fit the bill.
  11. Malcolm Young - RIP

    Amazing that he was in two iconic Australian bands, The Easybeats and AC/DC
  12. New motorbike

    Mate, if you are looking for a new Vstrom 650, there is a brand new one in Albury for $10k ride away. It’s on bike sales if you are interested.
  13. New motorbike

    Damn, I wonder if I can get my money back😂
  14. New motorbike

    I’m just hoping to keep my licence...
  15. New motorbike

    Will be when I go back to pick it up next weekend😀