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  1. Hymie

    RWC I'm ready

    It would appear few are going to miss Chieka. I am still not sure if it was the coach or the cattle, most likely a combination of both. The only real world class player we seem to have is Pocock, and even he threw a crucial intercept pass. My biggest bug bear was the consistent handling errors and dumb decision making when we got close to the try line. Example we got within 1-2 metres of England’s and just continued to bash against their defence until we inevitably turned it over. When we finally went wide to Kafusi, the pass was appalling, he has to wait flat footed and never got going. Are poor skills, bad decision making on field and consistent handling errors down to the coach or the players? It is difficult when our yard stick isn’t just the best rugby team on the planet, but one of the best sporting teams in the world.
  2. Hymie


    Generally at least 3 sides to every story, your version, my version and what really happened. 😉
  3. Everyone is different, but I am firmly in the 2 battery camp. My daughter’s year 10 formal and I didn’t check/charge the battery beforehand. The battery went flat just as I was organising the group shot. I have shot some events where you didn’t want that to happen, so having the spare battery is peace of mind.
  4. I have a Nikon D5600 which I have been using for about 18 months. I like the fact it is relatively light weight and easy to cart around. I shoot a lot of my kid’s sport, so the DSLR is clearly superior. I don’t disagree with with the phone v DSLR for “Happy snaps” but where the phones really fall away is zoom and action shots. Unless you can zoom with your feet, the DSLR again wins hands down. As an example, this is my son playing football. I would have been 50-60m away, shooting with a 200-500 zoom lens. You just can’t get this type of shot with a phone.
  5. Hymie


    Rocketman is different, not what I expected, but I am looking at his music in a different way. Wow, mum & dad copped it big time. I nearly want to go back and watch it again before I decide what I think of it.
  6. Hymie

    Port - Race Day

    The full saying is, although Grandpa’s axe has had the handle replaced 3 times, and the head twice, it’s still Grandpa’s axe. But is it really? Same thing with IMOZ, I am fairly sure the Forster course changed several times, then the race relocated to Port and the Port course has changed several times. So it’s still IMOZ in name, but is it in reality?
  7. Hymie

    Port - Race Day

    You should be right to get one.
  8. Hymie


    Liked it, I thought Josh Brolin as Thanos was excellent, but 8/10 for me. Didn’t see the end coming.
  9. Hymie

    Port - Race Day

    It was/is Ironman Australia, not IM Forster, or IM Port Mac, yes the location and course have changed many times, hence the Grand Pa’s axe analogy applies, but it is still IMOZ. If your line of thinking is applied, then Kona isn’t the Hawaiian IM.
  10. Hymie

    Port - Race Day

    Although it’s a bit like Grandpa’s axe, it’s still the oldest and original Ironman in Australia.
  11. Kawasaki Z1000sx if you can’t tell by the picture, I am a big fan of the Kawasaki inline 4.
  12. New Arai helmet, Alpinestars gloves and a stay upright course🏍
  13. I am not as Regular poster as I once was, but Merry Christmas to you all and your families . Have a safe and happy new year. Train well, race hard!
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