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  1. I’ve just changed pedals to clip in on one side and platform on the other. I’ll usually ride clipped in on steeper climbs and use the platforms on downhill/technical stuff.
  2. Port 2012 for me. That was my Eleventh. I’ve thought about coming back to do do the twelfth so I could qualify for a legacy spot but the thought of having to do at least another 3 or more after that to get it has turned me off.
  3. I can’t help you, I tripped last year and dislocated my shoulder when I hit the deck.
  4. I have had both knees done by Geoff Workman. His surgery is Lingard St. Merewether near Lingard Hospital. I ruptured a quadriceps tendon in one about 6 years ago and my ACL in the other 3 years ago. Have not had an issue with either. Back running, riding etc with no issues.
  5. I'll do some digging and see what I find out.
  6. He's not racing anymore, rides around on his Indian motorbike. Still has his bike shop at East Maitland though.
  7. Spoke to the relo's in Port and said they've been getting heavy rain. Plan on going to watch, they reckon I'd be mad to go up.
  8. I remember the 09 race well, couldn't see your hand in front of your face in the swim. Probably not a bad thing, couldn't see what you were going to run into/swallow next. From memory there was serious consideration given of cancelling the swim due to water quality/debris.
  9. A few times in the early 2000's. Added bonus was getting called over the finish by Mike Reilly. I believe he's back this year, they should've got Karen out of retirement for the 30th.
  10. Legh and Reid duel was 1998. That was the first year I went and watched. Standing near the finish line when they had the sprint finish.
  11. I had an episode the day before the I M at Port Macquarie in 2007. I was 46 at the time and had Been doing LC races for 9 years. I was sitting down about lunch time when my heart felt like it skipped a beat but then didn't go back into rhythm and was fluttering. I thought it would come good but when it was still the same at 10.30pm, I went to hospital at my wife's insistence. They checked my heart rate which was 180bpm. The next thing I know I was rushed into emergency and surrounded by doctors and a cardiologist. Over the next few hours they attempted to get my heart back in rhythm which included giving me a couple of doses of some drug that stopped my heart for a few seconds. That was the worst feeling and one I hope never to have to repeat. I was eventually give some drug which actually worked and was released about 9.30am. I had to visit a cardiologist and underwent scans, he thought I may have had athletes heart but was not the case. Pretty sure he said I had suffered some form of tachycardia which is caused by the electrical impulse around the heart being disrupted. From what James said may have been atrial flutter. The cardiologist said he was sure I would have another episode soon and could only be fixed by searing a section of the heart to stop the electrical impulse going out of whack. Anyway that was 7 years ago and touch wood hasn't recurred.
  12. Peach

    Is this you?

    There was a story about a week or so a go on I think ACA about cyclists exceeding the 30 kph limit in Centennial Park.
  13. I did the 15th, 20th and 25th anniversary races. Can't remember there being anything special done for them other than maybe had something on the competitor shirt and medal. You don't get a competitor shirt anymore so maybe just the medal.
  14. I am qualified to answer this question from both sides of the fence, that is I've done 11 ironman races, 6 at Forster and 5 at Port with finishes both under and over the magical 13 hour mark. I did my first when I was 40 and my last last year at 53. My race times have been a best of 12.01 and a worst of 13.40. The first 5 at Forster were all under 13 hours with my last race over 13, the reason for that being I caught up to a mate I trained with who was having a bad day and was going to pull out so I ran/walked the second half of the marathon with him. Since the race has been at Port I haven't be enable to get under 12 hours with a best of 13.06. I put this down to a number of reasons, the first couple of years at Port I reckon the course was probably 30 mins slower than Forster for me. Secondly, I still put in a reasonable amount of training but not as much as in my earlier years. This also partly due to having 2 kids that needed more of my time. Thirdly, I am getting older and unfortunately slower. Every race I did I believed if I had as good a day as I could I would break 13 hours but it just didn't work out. I'm certainly not to disappointed, I finished every ironman I started and that was always my main goal. I entered the race because it got me fit and I enjoyed the challenge and I think that is why the majority of people do ironman. Not everyone has the genetics, time, commitment or desire to do a fast race time but will turn up and get what they get. As the T shirt says, "it's not about the finish time, it's about the finish line".
  15. Miners, On what you have said, I would think there is enough for a charge of Menacing Driving, perhaps intimidation as well.
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