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  1. I’ve just changed pedals to clip in on one side and platform on the other. I’ll usually ride clipped in on steeper climbs and use the platforms on downhill/technical stuff.
  2. Port 2012 for me. That was my Eleventh. I’ve thought about coming back to do do the twelfth so I could qualify for a legacy spot but the thought of having to do at least another 3 or more after that to get it has turned me off.
  3. I can’t help you, I tripped last year and dislocated my shoulder when I hit the deck.
  4. I have had both knees done by Geoff Workman. His surgery is Lingard St. Merewether near Lingard Hospital. I ruptured a quadriceps tendon in one about 6 years ago and my ACL in the other 3 years ago. Have not had an issue with either. Back running, riding etc with no issues.
  5. I'll do some digging and see what I find out.
  6. He's not racing anymore, rides around on his Indian motorbike. Still has his bike shop at East Maitland though.
  7. Peach

    Celebrity Watch

    Nicole Kidman. I was a shop assistant whilst at uni and she came in. Pre Tom days but still famous. She is absolutely stunning! She has the most extraordinary skin. Very tall. Just exquisite.
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