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  1. I've had 3 PMs in two days over missing Kickrs and money owed. I'm way past believing a single word you've said in the last 4mths. You still haven't said which race you went 1.31 at. Or why you got your mates to PM me when you could have done that yourself? You're trying poor, people are owed refunds and meantime youve oversra supporting athletes and now you're in the US? Clearly there is something very wrong with your business when people pay you for stuff then don't get product or a refund and 'eventually" doesn't cut it. You're either involved in the business or you aren't. Either way, running away and refusing to contact people isnt how to deal with it. You can delete my account. I'm done.
  2. This bit is about the only thing I’m willing to believe. You ****ed people over. This was YOUR community and you didn’t even have the balls to tell people NOT to use your business. It would have been so easy just to do that. We all have to deal with shit and yet somehow manage to do it without fleecing our ‘friends’.
  3. It’s a shame it’s come to this but totally understand. All the best Rog.
  4. Willie, why don’t you actually answer some of this stuff instead of hiding behind the thread delete button?
  5. It’s like a whole new world for me. To be honest, I’m pretty selfish and was very concerned about how of ‘my time’ she would take away, especially at my age. Now I just don’t care and enjoy doing anything active with her.
  6. She runs well in spite of her coach not because of him. 😀
  7. Context for the other thread. Queenstown HM. https://www.sportsplits.com/races/15741
  8. Cheers mate, it’s a steep learning curve for all of us 😁
  9. Did ParkRun with Imogen, she slammed in 33.12 PB 👏
  10. Yep and I saw Cobra's post, even if nobody else did.
  11. Watching with interest. I’m not sure how anyone goes from having a debilitating injury that they can’t run for the rest of their life, to lining doing a 1.31 HM two months later. No matter what the result, something stinks about this back story.
  12. Sorry to quote my own post but this is coming up in 9 days. Training going well, currently sat on 60km since Sunday with a modest run planned tomorrow then taper. As for the race, if my maths is right, 7hrs at 6.30 pace gets me 64km. My goal is to top 60km. I'm thinking of running 6.35s for the first 3.5_4hrs and see how I feel after that. What do you think? There is one aid station on the 7km loop but I think I will wear my hydration vest.
  13. Had a work dinner and hotel stay last night. Up early now, drive home then run 18kms. Then we are off to Somerset for the weekend as Flipper has an inset day so no school.
  14. Interesting piece on DCR re some Zwift job postings. https://www.dcrainmaker.com/2019/11/positions-building-indoor.html
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