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  1. The good news thread

    Great to hear mate, you've worked hard for all this
  2. New Bike :)

    Took it for a 45km spin today in wet and muddy conditions, the ride included a climb up Cheddar Gorge and a very steep twist descent. Overall the bike felt great. A few rattles here and there from the guards but mostly easily fixed with a bit of fettling. I had read reviews of this bike where people complained the front was overly harsh. I don't think it it is but the rear end is so smooth I think anything at the front end is amplified. Bike came with 44cm alloy bars and my pref is for 42, so after winter I may throw some carbon FSA compact bars on there when they are on sale. I bedded the brakes in as per instructed and found they worked better and better the longer the ride went. I was fairly impressed with the brakes but not blown away compared to my rim set ups. Having said that, I was listening for rattles and foibles and generally getting to know the bike, so next time out I might push harder and see what the fuss is about. No rubbing or squealing though. The 28mm Schwalbe tires are the largest I've ever ridden. It's weird looking down and seeing such a wide tyre. They roll ok, are comfy but I did feel their heftiness up Cheddar Gorge. The guards worked well and the bike has minimal crap on it after the ride. Summary: Happy with the bike and its versatility. I would not pick it as my 'A' bike but it fits the bill as a jack of all trades nicely.
  3. road bike disc brakes compatibility

    Pretty good question. I just went through the same thing. It seems like most are heading towards 12mm through axles front and rear and flat mount calipers. There does seem to be various adaptors to fit other sizes but not sure how optimal they are. My new bike has the Focus RAT axles closer system ( high speed quarter turn affair) but any disc wheel with a 12mm axle width should fit. Another consideration is whether the wheel is bolt on rotor or center lock but that only makes a difference for changing rotors on an existing wheel. I think! I'm very new to this stuff myself.
  4. What training did you do today?

    40 min easy run.
  5. New Bike :)

    I will always roll with Campag where I can and any bike I build will have it. The two most recent deals have had smokin deals on the built versions though. I really like the 2011 11sp stuff but have to admit that the 2015 11sp Chorus isn't quite as sweet. Next group for the Bianchi will be Record probably. Anyway, the Focus lives! No ride yet, that will be tomorrow unless Storm Brian has other ideas. I'm not sure how we're meant to be worried about anything called Brian. 'Functional' is the word that springs to mind
  6. What is a person who eats all 3 major foods called

    So it's like being an atheist?
  7. New Bike :)

    Yeah, the come with the bike, shop should have fitted them. I'm picking it up in a couple of hours. I saved the the mud flaps from my old temp guards, so may be able to MacGuyver them on there. Reckon I could have gone faster on this than the P3 this year.
  8. New Bike :)

    Well seeing as how Mrs FP came with me to the shop.......
  9. New Bike :)

    My Opera Ti has finally given up the ghost after 12 years of abuse, so I was after a replacement frame to hang the old Campag 11sp Chorus on to. Long story short, I scrapped that idea and decided to look for a bike that I could keep at my Mum's house for when I'm in Somerset to save the hassles of taking one from home. needed to be strong enough for winter and nice enough for summer, a real 'do it all' bike, with mudguard fittings if possible. Also decided to try disc brakes for the first time. Really wanted a Cervelo C series but the price was nut justifiable for the relatively small amount this bike will be ridden. Was convinced I'd get a 2018 Cannondale Synapse 105 (look away now IP ) but after visiting the shop and weighing up options and a fit, I went with a heavily discounted 2017 Focus Paralane 105. On paper it has a better spec than the cannondale and was £350 cheaper with better wheels and a carbon post. It is very, err black though ! Pick it up tomorrow. I've gone from riding nothing but Campag for 25years to buying two Shimano equipped bikes in less than 8mths. Bored@ will not be pleased http://road.cc/content/tech-news/192665-new-focus-paralane-endurance-geometry-disc-brakes-35mm-tyres-and-choice
  10. What training did you do today?

    That'd just make her soft
  11. What training did you do today?

    Three days of this
  12. What training did you do today?

    30 min easy run along the rugged nth Devon coast. Man, running next to the sea is good for your soul.
  13. Long Course Weekend - Jervis Bay LCW

    thats gonna be cosy for the LCW swimmers when the others come flying through.
  14. Hurricane Ophelia

    Lovely sunny day today but the surf is mush. The locals look friendly at least
  15. Hurricane Ophelia

    We are fine thanks. Drove from Winchester to Somerset yesterday and we are heading to Devon in an hour or so ( about 3 hrs away). The sky yesterday went really dark but very 'orange' at the same time. Cars had their lights on full in the middle of the afternoon and it was very very windy but got off really lightly compared to Ireland and Scotland. I'll post some pics of the sea when we get there. I was hoping to get Flipper on a board but if the sea is as rough as yesterday, she'd be half way to Ireland after about 10mins