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  1. steve

    Collins Cup

    Appearance money instead of prizes, artificial competition format, big TV production budget. I've seen this show before: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Superstars_(American_TV_program) If they want a big name, guaranteed TV ratings draw, the 1975 champ is looking for work.
  2. Hooksie's carbo load challenge at Taupo, pre-Jane – weigh in, eat, weigh again, prizes for male and female with the biggest gain. Inaugural year meltdowns - Wanaka and Port Elizabeth were wild, but Busselton was in a league all by itself. Solarberg at Roth - climb through a tunnel of people and sound that would be over the top even at the TdF. Wanaka - volunteer escort runners along the outlet track, and after dark (began after the race director found a certain back of the packer climbing out of bushes and back onto the road after missing a turn :-). Ballarat - kids cooking hot dogs on the baking hot asphalt at the bike turnaround. Penticton - pensioners serenading runners returning on the long, dark, lonely course. Florianopolis - compulsory dancing through the run aid stations. Lanzarote - Club La Santa is a triathlon party house for the week. Korea - scuba divers underneath you, acting as course marshals. Taiwan (Challenge) - swimmers with noodles and lifebelts. Klagenfurt - beer kegs at the aid stations.
  3. I have a carbon fork on my Litespeed that's 21 years old and has nearly 100K km on it. Some of those klicks were pretty rough. Just did a race followed by an extended bike tour with it. No worries.
  4. steve

    New 70.3 in Oceania

    If it's like Challenge (or at least the first one), it really isn't close to St. Kilda – it was an 8km ride down. Maybe won't bother people so much.
  5. Genuine Dave Scott signature Ironman Centurion. I have tube socks to match.
  6. Wanaka (it's a half now), then King Island Imperial 20. That's on the same day as IMNZ, so it's off the table this year. Looking at doing IM Brasil again, at the end of May. It would be my first mdot in 14 years. There are fewer and fewer independent IMs, and almost nothing between December and March. Israman would be fun, but it's not in the cards for me this year. Might try Almere again – went this year and ended up sick on race morning. Or maybe Challenge Anhui.
  7. Just got this from USAT. No sponsor left behind...
  8. Ironman has its own rules, officials and officiating policy at US races, including Hawaii. It's a mash up of ITU and USAT rules and policy. FWIW, I've reffed Kona (albeit back in the day) and other WTC races, including head ref at the old Vineman 70.3. Officials are expected to document an infraction with a description of what happened, and three identifying data points, including race number, which is mandatory, and then it's usually gender (if it's obvious, which it isn't always), bike description (color at least, usually brand too) and/or kit. Mismatched identifiers, e.g. wrong bike, should be automatic grounds for overturning a penalty. Usually, race photos are used to determined if there's a mismatch, at least at major races. Mistakes happen – sometimes numbers get transposed when written down or transferred to reports. I had that happen to me once at a USAT race, and had it overturned. Not without taking a ton of crap for it from my fellow officials 😀. Best thing to do is to jump on it right away. The finish line isn't always the best place to do it, but the head ref should be at the awards ceremony for exactly that purpose.
  9. Another go at it: https://www.bostonglobe.com/sports/2019/10/10/could-see-first-sub-hour-marathon-this-weekend/XPP66wYAcGTviDpUZ6QpLL/story.html
  10. Yeah, kidney damage is a real risk. I don't take ibuprofen after an event until I've been peeing clear for a few hours. Paracetamol isn't completely safe either – liver damage is a possibility, although that usually requires high doses and/or alcohol consumption.
  11. FWIW, they used to hand out paracetamol at aid stations at IMNZ. Don't know if they still do. They'd mark your hand for every pill they gave you, so you wouldn't go over the limit, which was something like 4 or 6 200mg pills. It's also common to see painkillers at aid stations in ultraruns, at least in California.
  12. Learn something new every day. It makes sense to ban it during competition, just like alcohol, if only from a safety standpoint. But if it puts the pain somewhere else and doesn't inhibit athletic performance, then yeah, it's a performance enhancer.
  13. Weed enhances a lot of things, but not performance.
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