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  1. steve

    Show us your Steeds!

    Litespeed Classic, on the way home from the Catalina Tri last year. It's been my main ride training and racing bike since 1999. Strap on a Thule Pack and Pedal rack, and it's a serviceable touring rig too.
  2. They cancelled, I'm sorry, postponed the Santa Cruz 70.3 60 days out, and so far they haven't offered refunds. That said, it does look like they sat on the decision. Two other tris were scheduled for the same time period (one before, one after) on more or less the same course (there aren't a lot of options in Santa Cruz). Both were cancelled weeks ago, because local officials wouldn't let them run it.
  3. If it operates like other licensed races I've worked with, m-dot staff are minimal. The old Vineman 70.3 was entirely managed locally. The week before the race, a truck would show up with all the m-dot branding stuff. I don't think there was more than one or two actual staff. Initially, they flew in a few IM-blessed contractors – head ref, announcers, timing IIRC – but over time more locals got the blessing.
  4. Challenge Almere is cancelled. Taiwan is still on the schedule for November, though. The virus is under control there and the race could easily go with just a domestic field. It would be the only Ironman that Challenge puts on this year. Might be the only one period. They're insisting that the Challenge Davos half will happen as scheduled in August. Shepparton is still listed too.
  5. steve

    105 or Ultegra

    How long do you think you'll own the bike, and how much will you ride it? Ultegra lasts longer, but if it's not your main ride or you figure you'll replace it in a few years, 105 might make sense. But if you're planning to put a lot of kms on it for a decade or two, start with Ultegra, then upgrade to Dura Ace as bits wear out. I have 100K km on my primary, 21 year old bike. I started with Ultegra and have replaced nearly everything with Dura Ace, but the Ultegra brakes and cranks are still on it. Look at the lifetime cost of ownership – that's where high end components can end up being the cheapest option.
  6. It's a typical U.S. class action suit. The lawyers will sue for hundreds of millions of dollars on behalf of tens of millions of class members, settle for $50 million, take $30 million of that for contingency fees and expenses, then send everyone a coupon good for 50 cents off their next race registration.
  7. The lawsuits are starting. https://topclassactions.com/lawsuit-settlements/lawsuit-news/coronavirus-covid-19/ironman-race-class-action-alleges-denied-covid-19-refunds/
  8. Challenge's Championship is gone for this year, too. Next event, with the inaugural Collins Cup, is scheduled for 22-23 May 2021. Qualifications and registrations rollover: https://www.challenge-family.com/news/the-championship-2020-age-group-race-has-been-cancelled-registrations-and-qualifications-move-on-to-next-year/
  9. Long course 2020 ITU worlds was cancelled (although they're spinning it differently). Scheduled worlds, including Townsville, slide a year: "During a World Triathlon Board meeting held this Thursday, the Executive Board approved the postponement of the Multisport World Championships, due to be hosted in Almere (The Netherlands) from September 4 to September 13, 2020. The event will now take place in 2021, with dates to be confirmed at a later stage. The Multisport World Championships in Townsville (Australia) will subsequently move to 2022, while Ibiza (Spain) will now host the event in 2023". https://almere.triathlon.org/2020/05/28/the-almere-multisport-world-championships-moved-to-2021/ Challenge Almere is still on, for now, although some changes are apparently in the works.
  10. Comrades is cancelled, but they're doing a virtual event with 5km, 10km, 21km, 45km and 90km options. They're giving out real finisher's medals, cost for internationals to enter is US$25. https://www.comrades.com/index.php/events/webinar-sign/race-for-comrades-legends-information
  11. Litespeed Classic turned over from 99,999 km to 0.0 km on this morning's ride. It's been my primary training and racing bike for 21 years, probably 90% or more of my riding. Got me through 33 (of 34) IMs, more than a hundred other races, a couple hundred airplane flights and a lot of touring miles. It's good for at least one more time around the clock.
  12. It'll depend on what the community lets them do. But yeah, they could run the "Ironman World Championship" branded race in October for fast, poor athletes, and bring back the "Ironman Hawaii" brand in February for slow, rich ones. Maybe move the swim and T1/T2 out of Kailua-Kona to reduce disruption. So long as the ride is still out to Hawi and the run goes through the Energy Lab and finishes on Alii Drive, it's Ironman Hawaii. They might even try something similar this year. I don't think they've chucked everything in the dumpster yet. If restrictions are loosened to the point that they could put on an event of sufficiently profitable size, I think they will. Maybe something like Ironman Revisited. Big if, though.
  13. IM Brasil was bumped again to 8 November, and they said there will be slots for "IRONMAN World Championship 2021 – Kona, Hawaii". Number of slots to be determined later. Be interesting to see if they stick to that, or if they change the slots to the February race.
  14. We're not in, say, Alabama or South Dakota. Be thankful 😀.
  15. There's no US lockdown as such. There are 50 state lockdowns (or lack thereof), all of them different, and within a lot of states, like California, counties make their own rules. Hawaii has a tough 14 quarantine in effect for arriving travellers, and there are only a few hundred a day now, compared to tens of thousands a day normally. But the state is slammed by unemployment and it'll be the same as California: once they start to open up, everybody will want to get back to work at full speed. USA Triathlon put out a vague plan for restarting races that amounts to "do whatever size events are allowed by local authorities". If Hawaii starts to open up by, say, August and there's a fair chance events with thousands of people will be permitted by October, WTC will run the race. No reason not to – it'll sell out no matter what. Maybe they call it a world championship, maybe they don't. That'll be a brand management question. If they do run a February race, that'll give them twice as many slots to sell to qualifying races, twice as many sponsorship opportunities and twice as many athletes paying registration fees and buying mdot merchandise. We'll start to see some local races in the U.S. in June, but only in states that don't have significant restrictions now. It may be July or August before we have any in California. All that is assuming there's no explosive second wave this summer.
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