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  1. Thanks everyone. We do look for more participation on Ten Q's, which we got here. I have computer and connectivity issues until around 12 December. Will be back then.
  2. Crank it out. Well know but worth a review and a think back to the year of occurence.
  3. BONUS QUESTIONS. 1. Who were the first Kona winners Male/Female? (easy one to begin with). 2. What was the "The Crawl?" What year and who were the athletes involved? 3. At least 2 other very well known female triathletes also performrmed "Crawls" at Kona. Who were they and what years? One might not have been a "Crawl" but it was a collapse while leading.
  4. TEN QUESTIONS. 1. In our chats we skipped the part about your first event. When was that? How was the training and how did it go? 2. As you have told me you work with a coach. Someone who might be well known I guess, in a small circle. Who is she? Talk about that and correlate that to some of the results you have achieved up to now. 3. Now you have achieved some notable results. Pick out one as a career highlight? Was that you best finish? If not also talk about you highest placing, win or podium? 4. Jo-lene. You are highly ranked and placed in AG 35-39 racing in Australi
  5. She's already a legend this lady. She's agreed to be here this morning and probably have the questions answered by Monday. Jo-Lene (not the Dolly Parton song), has been a good athlete since way back in school. Like a lot of top level triathletes she did well in other sports earlier. She's highly competitive. And from her results she's a classic overachiever. Because I don't actually know Jo-lene I'm working blindly except for scanning the material she sent me. So I am sure Cranky would answer any other questions if submitted below. Intro Questions. 1. Jo-lene. Submit a brief pe
  6. Runner on 3rd one out. Maddon goes with the bunt....noooooo. 6-6 going to B 9th.
  7. There's a curse involved.The Curse of Billy the Goat. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Curse_of_the_Billy_Goat As the Cubs now blow a 3 run lead with 2 outs in the 8th. 6-6 and momentum with the Indians.
  8. Cubs all the way back. Need 4 more outs for the historic win.
  9. Kluber is pitching Game 4 or 3 days rest. Decisive move. Cubs counter with Lackey who is pulled early due to ineffectiveness. Indians will win the series.
  10. Cubs took Game 2 in Cleveland negating most of the advantage. Series stands 1-1. Game 3. Played at historic Wrigley Field where ivy grows on the outfield walls and there are rules in place to cover that. A scoreless game going into the 5th inning. Indians threatening to score but can't get the run across. Cubs only one hit in the game.
  11. Maddon inserted Schwarber as the DH. Benching Heyward who has been underperforming all year. Schwarber had not played at all in the regular season after ACL Surgery. He doubled once in 4 AB's but also struck out with the bases loaded. Francona used Miller his go to guy in the 7th. Cubs almost got to him but he got out of it and also pitched the 8th. Francona won the managerial battle. It's similar to the NBA now as Cleveland has the home win. But Cubbies could pull that back with a win in Game 2. Arrieta vs Trevor Bauer gives the Cubs the edge but Arrieta has not been so effective
  12. The Indians get the home advantage and will open with Corey Kluber. An extremely tough sinkerball pitcher with pinpoint control. If he wins Game 1 the advantage shifts strongly to the Indians. Cubs have a choice maybe Arrieta. But lefty Jon Lester is a major factor maybe in Game 2. The Cubs have the hitting to back up their good pitching. I'm sticking with them but with no confidence.
  13. Nice topic. Jackie Robinson broke the colour bar in 1947. But certain clubs notably the Red Sox held out until the 60's. Red Auerbach brought in Bill Russell to play with the Celtics in '55-56. but later on Russell poured out bitter memories about the way he was treated in Boston. A hero on the court and just another black American off court. The Cubs had Ernie Banks in 1953 and they have always had a good cross section of black/white/latino players. As in the NBA most of the fans attending games are white and they might see it differently.
  14. Cubs got to Kershaw who did not have his best stuff. Cubs have 3 legitimate ace pitchers lined up. I think they will go with a 3 man rotation. Indians will open with Kluber. He has a devasting sinker when he's on. And he could appear 3 times in the series. I have sentiment with both clubs. Slightly more with the Cubs. It cant be predicted. Cubs in 6 games. But if it goes 7....Indians.
  15. Had the guys up over 4 amazing days here at home. And 2 nights out which Gina does not know about. Not the details. Good food, wine, singing songs, and something called a GRO. For those who have been to the Philippines they would probably know.
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