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  1. What gets on my quince....

    Reminds me of this exchange
  2. World Age Group team 2018

    Any TA race up to June 30th next year you'll be in 65-69 that inlcudes HOTW. After 1st July you'll age up to 70-74. Any Ironman or 70.3 you race next year from 1st January you'll be in 70-74. If you wanna qualify for the Worlds on the Goldie you'll race the qualifiers in 65-69 but your time will be slotted into the 70-74 results for points. Then you'd race in 70-74 at the Worlds in September.
  3. What gets on my quince....

    Upselling. Seems I can't go buy lunch somewhere in the city these days without being asked if I want a drink or a bottle of water for $1. If I want a freaking drink I'll ask for it. The other day when I bought petrol at the servo and I was paying I was asked if I wanted to buy some Mentos. Did these people all go to business school recently and get advised to try and upsell? Maybe it works but I'll go so far as to avoid these places after they do it to me.
  4. Imwa race day. Swim cancelled

    There's more risk you'll get hit by a car on course but they never cancel the bike leg.
  5. The Hollywood Abuse Scandals

    Not Hollywood but.... Don Burke the gardening bloke
  6. Ultraman WC

    Up to 8th after the bike. I predict 4th or 5th by the end of day 3.
  7. The Politics Thread

    Now that would make me chuckle if the Dominos dude positioned himself between some the political placard waving nutters. Vote 1 Dominos.
  8. QTS SEQ series 2017/18

    I think we got our wires crossed. I was referring to the Goldie draft legal worlds.
  9. QTS SEQ series 2017/18

    Looks like they've managed to secure a single out and back course for that race so just one U turn to navigate. Also just to be clear I do appreciate the effort people like yourself put into running these races and your willingness to be open and discuss it on here is also much appreciated.
  10. QTS SEQ series 2017/18

    Agreed but lucky it stayed dry. If it's wet i reckon you'd see a lot of people coming off especially at that off camber roundabout at the end of each lap.
  11. The Politics Thread

    Has anyone ever changed their vote because some nutters were jumping around on the side of the road waving placards with a politician's name on it? No didn't think so. Seriously what do these people think is gonna happen?
  12. 20yrs since Michael Hutchence passed

    I reckon a LOT of people who saw them in Holland don't remember it.
  13. QTS SEQ series 2017/18

    So perfect if you'd just gotten your hands on a new bike
  14. The Politics Thread

    Why did Campbell Newman lose? Small man syndrome. Just tied 2 threads together. Seriously he spent his whole time picking fights with people. Doctors, lawyers, public servants. Good ridance i said.
  15. QTS - Race 3 - Kawana

    900 metres.