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  1. Really? We must be looking at different media 😋
  2. How's this for an age gap? It appears as though the 74-year-old groom managed to consummate the marriage as his young bride said: “It was a crazy wedding night, that’s all I’m going to say. “Milojko’s back hurt, but he managed it well.” Milijana said: “We have sex almost every day, I don’t see what is strange with that. But since Mikan had his heart operation, I have to go easy on him in bed. https://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/relationships/marriage/grandad-74-marries-his-cheating-wife-21-in-agedefying-wedding/news-story/d75216273f8cdc85b38d954827dbe85b
  3. A2K

    Magpies ?

    Even brown snakes aren't immune from magpies.
  4. I've read elsewhere that endurance trail runners smoke/consume weed during long runs. And this article is along the same lines. The new guidelines mean athletes can smoke marijuana during training, with the amount required to would trigger positive result only found if they smoked during the day of competition. A WADA spokesman said the reason it is not allowed on competition days is because of its perceived performance enhancement properties. https://www.news.com.au/technology/science/human-body/endurance-athletes-are-proving-smoking-weed-can-actually-help-with-athletic-performance/news-story/81cebc9d05ca6e43da5764f5dfb2c425
  5. Or know anyone who's made friends with salad?
  6. The fact that the hurricane was going to affect Alabama. I'm not being smart I just don't know what he would have to gain from that lie? What's the point?
  7. I expect to see some pics of you touring around on one of those big ol town bikes.
  8. I might have missed it but what would be his motivation for lying about that?
  9. Gold Coast average water temperature at that time of year a toasty 23 degrees.
  10. I wonder if the Goldie is less sharky? I'm definitely interested but the date next year doesn't suit me so I hope it goes well and is on again the following year.
  11. The course spans the length of the Gold Coast, from Coolangatta Beach in the South, to the iconic cityscape of Surfers Paradise in the North (21.5km). https://worldseriesswims.com.au/swim-the-gold-coast/
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