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  1. A2K

    Best AG IM coaches - QLD or Online

    East Coast Cycos or Red Dog in Brisbane.
  2. A2K

    Winterfish 2018

    BTW did 7.8k last week including 3.8 yesterday. Longest swim and biggest week in 3 years I think.
  3. A2K

    Winterfish 2018

    Haven't heard of that bar, is it out Samford way?
  4. A2K

    Royal Wedding

    I wonder if the woman on the left gets beard rash?
  5. A2K

    The Politics Thread

    Probably true but geez he didn't strike me as a future leader of our country. I imagine a Prime Minister or aspiring Prime Minister should have some charisma and presence for want of a better word.
  6. A2K

    The Politics Thread

    I met John Howard once. At the time my mother worked for him in his electoral office and she hosted a bit of a do at our house and he came along. I was fairly young, maybe late teens, and he did NOT impress me one little bit.
  7. A2K

    As a mid life cyclist

    My $8,000 TT bike is worth about ten times more than my old beat up Falcon station wagon
  8. A2K

    As a mid life cyclist

    Generates more power than the moon landing πŸ˜‚
  9. Am I missing something? The thread title refers to Geoff Huegill but this is about his wife?
  10. A2K

    Hervey Bay Ultra355

    AP will be all over this πŸ˜€ Saw this post on FB. Who’s up for something a little more β€˜Ultra’ here in Hervey Bay??
  11. A2K

    Ironman AUS - Trannie Order of Merit.

    Or go to IM Texas
  12. Got an email today regarding Cairns and I only skimmed it but I think it said the Pasta Party is back! I assume they're talking about pasta the food and not some new political party πŸ˜ƒ
  13. A2K

    Ultraman 2018. Right here, right now.

    My swim at the inaugural UMOZ 3 years ago.....back when Ultraman was hard πŸ˜‹
  14. A2K

    Ultraman 2018. Right here, right now.

    Has something changed or has that been the case the last 3 years? If I'm not mistaken the Ultraman founders were on board and on site when I did it 3 years ago. I met an American bloke called Curtis who shared some of the Ultraman history and I thought it was he and his wife who owned the brand?
  15. A2K

    Ultraman 2018. Right here, right now.

    That explains the ridiculously fast swim times.