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  1. A2K

    Cats - How can I get them out of my yard?

    You could build a wall and get your neighbour to pay for it.
  2. A2K


    To the people who argue that these things aren't directed at all men, only the ''bad'' ones here's some examples for you. Clementine Ford - ''Men of Australia, it's time to pick your side'', also Clementine Ford ''Kill all men'' Dan Andrews - ''Women don't need to change, men do'' Sarah Hanson-Young ''Men cannot control themselves'', ''it is not women's faults that men behave like morons and pigs''
  3. A2K


    Yesterday I bought some razors. Normally I buy Gillette but this time I bought Schick. That'll show em. As to why men are offended by it I think it's because it's not just one instance. It comes on the back of other campaigns directed at men for example the Govt one telling boys to respect females. But we NEVER see anyone, Govt or private sector put out an ad campaign targeted at females lecturing them to 'do better''. And it comes on the back of so many stories in the media that focus on male perpetrators whilst ignoring the many female perpetrators. Usually followed by some politicians telling men to not rape women. We had a recent example where ex PM John Howard broke up a fight and was lauded for it but turns out it was the female at fault. And then Kevin Rudd Tweets to 'respect' women. And on it goes. I for one have had a gutful of it. Going on what we're constantly told when it comes to domestic violence men are always the perpetrators and women are always the victims. It's wrong and it's harmful to our society. Most family violence is two way. Watch this if you dare.
  4. A2K

    I’m a celebrity au. Wtf? Tomic?

    International man of mystery.
  5. A2K

    I’m a celebrity au. Wtf? Tomic?

    Agreed. I just wandered what's the difference between a model and an international model. If it's because he's worked overseas then I'm gonna start referring to myself as an international IT manager.
  6. A2K

    I’m a celebrity au. Wtf? Tomic?

  7. A2K

    Trump is the President

    I don't think your Super balance is something to stress about on a daily basis. What goes down must go up. Just be patient and it will not only return to where it was but will go even higher.
  8. A2K

    Karl Stefenovic

    Firstly yes I don't necessarily disagree with her point but if other women are writing stories and including women's ages then that would be a good place to start. And secondly yes point taken. I'm off to the beach. So long suckers.
  9. A2K

    Karl Stefenovic

    Saw a newspaper article advertising the ages of the women and it was written by.........a woman.
  10. A2K

    Trump is the President

    I read they're about to get a pay rise.
  11. A2K

    Biggest Loser - January 2019 Reboot

    I found this interesting. Small changes can add up. https://mymodernmet.com/paula-norris-spot-the-difference/
  12. A2K

    Webjet Tours

    In Bangalore they have IT parks where literally 10,000+ people work in multiple office buildings night and day. And there are lots of them. And in Pune Infosys have there own one that looks like a University campus. And guarded by a machine gun nest.
  13. A2K

    Cardinal Pell

    He'll be well "looked after" in prison.
  14. A2K

    Wierd and Wacky Tourist attractions’

    I ordered a hedgehog at a Cafe once but I didn't quite pronounce it right. 😊
  15. A2K

    Busso 2018

    Maybe someone riding along side on a MTB then they lost their balance...