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  1. Looking for Training Wheels

    How about these? http://www.wiggle.com.au/shimano-rs10-clincher-wheelset/?lang=au&curr=AUD&dest=27&sku=5360467747&utm_source=google&utm_term=PLA&utm_campaign=AU+-+PLA+-+Returning+User+-+Generic+-+Components+-+Priority&utm_medium=base&utm_content=mkwid|sju4aaI7t_dc|pcrid|71612155092|pkw||pmt||prd|5360467747au&dest=27&curr=AUD
  2. Is this the new form of terror

    I was in the Queen St mall in Brisbane today and there are now bollards there.
  3. My first new TT thread

    I need a LOT of things. Some talent would be good. At least I'll look the part.
  4. My first new TT thread

    Note to self. Buy pedals. And training wheels.
  5. My first new TT thread

    I know you've all been waiting with baited breath for the big reveal. This is it. So watch out old dudes this thing practically rides itself. First time I've bought a bike with Di2 and first time as a powermeter user. Felt IA 2 Di2 Ultegra Inc Powermeter 2017
  6. 2018 AG Worlds How Fast

    Confirmed. It's on the website now, sprint is DL. Boom!
  7. The Politics Thread

    Tony Abbott went to an all boys school. He clearly has latent homosexual tendencies and is just lashing out.
  8. Ironman in Victoria

    It sure as hell doesn't go towards the Ironman website or race tracking software!
  9. 2018 AG Worlds How Fast

    Thoughts no doing both the sprint and OD?
  10. Go home Ironman, you're drunk

    Is the email coming from the Active system that we pay so much to?
  11. Superleague Triathlon LIVE

    That's outrageous. #10MenToMilan.
  12. New full Ironman in Philippines Subic Bay

    Where in the Philippines? I hope it's not Davao. Cebu would be good.
  13. My first new TT thread

    It says Tange IS22AE-SCT integrated. But i could be a dumbhead and looking in the wrong place.
  14. My first new TT thread

    Was it easy enough to put together? And the integrated headset fiddly for packinhg/unpacking? I'm liking the look of this bike so it's definitely in the running.
  15. My first new TT thread

    Now you're just showing off What do you reckon about the wheels that come with the 4 grand Canyon, are they comparable to Caden ones that cost $1,600?