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  1. A2K

    Training and travel

    And go easy at the hotel buffet breakfast every morning.
  2. A2K

    How do the age groups work.

    I think Hervey Bay 100 55-59 winner was faster than 50-54. I'd say there's less depth though as you age up.
  3. A2K

    Spammed again.

    I'm interested but all my money is tied up with a Nigerian prince atm.
  4. A2K

    The Politics Thread

    Stop the rivers!!
  5. A2K

    There are some sick people out there:

    Hey! As a Queenslander AND a Kent I resemble that remark.
  6. A2K


    Swans work up quite an appetite after surfing
  7. A2K


    I was riding recently with a young female friend on nice wide shoulder so not interfering with traffic in any way. A bogan driving in the opposite direction yelled out f@$k off loser c$@ts.
  8. A2K

    Betoota - Noosa Tri

    Yeah was more a comment to those who say it's hard to remove. All you need is one of those rectangular pads you can use for cleaning that is sponge on one side and green plasticy abrasive surface on the other. That and some water and soap and you can remove them in a couple of minutes.
  9. A2K

    Betoota - Noosa Tri

    Seriously it's not that hard to get it off.
  10. A2K


    I'm not sure I like what you're implying there Tyno 😁 Anyway next time will be different. If you get my drift.
  11. A2K


    Wow! Ok you win. That's an eclectic mix of animals you've been bitten by.
  12. A2K


    Some clever person on FB I'm sure you know her 😀
  13. A2K


    Ok maybe slight exaggeration but today I was ducked. As in chased by a duck when running (yeah that in itself is shocking) opposite the Regatta Hotel in Brisbane. And it occurred to me that over the past 10 years or so that I've been training in and around Brisbane I've been attacked or at least chased by many many animals. In the air I've been attacked by magpies, butcher birds and Indian Minors. I'm not talking about being buzzed by them but actually attacked and been injured. Now today a duck chased me. I've also had a kookaburra fly straight into the side of my car once. In the water I've been stung by jellyfish. But I know others have been attacked by sharks at Straddie. And now I'm told there's an angry catfish at Enoggera dam that's attacking anyone who swims near it. And signs have just gone up at some bayside beaches warning of stonefish. I've also heard iirukanji have been spotted in south-east Qld waters recently. On land I've been chased by dogs and nearly run over red bellied black snakes, brown snakes and pythons. And of course nearly been killed when cycling on the road by angry bogans. Have I forgotten any? Also this might be a good time to welcome any international visitors to our wonderful country 😋
  14. A2K

    Noosa 2019

    Did something similar at Gundy a few years ago when I had a running injury. It was one of the years the swim was in the dam. I swam for one team then got a lift in someone's car to the bike back in town. Then rode for a different team. And got second place men's team from memory.
  15. A2K

    The Politics Thread

    I look forward to watching him shake hands with his opponent after losing the next election.