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  1. Slacker

    nick kyriois

    re: Mac also didnt have a go at his opponents,
  2. I'm In, running with 12 year old son. We're off from Blue group
  3. Slacker

    nick kyriois

    Don't forget Lleyton started out as a twat too. That "C'mon" shout he used all the time actually started as "C'mon Balboa" becuase he got off on the Rocky movies. Also agree that Dawn Fraser is way out of line if she is quoted correctly.
  4. When I got a pair of tights for winter running 2 years ago I asked the kids which looked more embarassing. It was unanimous. I now run with shorts over the top....
  5. Slacker


    Scienceworks and the Planetarium then down to Williamstown for ice cream after http://museumvictoria.com.au/scienceworks/ http://museumvictoria.com.au/planetarium/
  6. Slacker

    2014 goals

    1. Geelong half marathon in April under 95 mins. 2. Compete in 1st season of AV cross country and have fun. 3. Beat last years 1st up time at Shep 70.3 and push down towards 5hrs. 4. Consistently train for bike leg......
  7. look for a pump that says "HP" high pressure on the description not "HV" high volume if you want to get the tyre to 100psi+ + 1 for Lezyne and I also have co2 just for races
  8. if only there was a picture of whoever decided to knick my bike computer after T2. The kids have a video of me running into T2 with it still on the bike and then when I go to collect the bike it's gone..... May karma catch up with you in your next race a$$hole
  9. back when I used to do squad it was always odd when you ran into someone from the squad away from the pool. The conversation usually started with "I didn't recognise you at first with your clothes on"
  10. 25 metre pool - 18 strokes when cruising, 16 if I try and stretch out and glide, 19-20 if going faster
  11. Try Leo Russell's in Preston (Asics only and cash only and lowest prices). Very old school store where you'll get fitted properly too.
  12. Shep will be my 1st HIM - plan is to finish
  13. The one that goes for me only attacks when you aren't looking at him so I'll be giving this a go on the weekend.
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