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  1. I don't mind Sylvia either...
  2. He's an idiot. I don't mind Alison Langdon though. Still won't watch the show.
  3. A shame. I reckon kids (and my young bloke is a similar age) take to things which are a bit different. They get bored easily - as I'm sure you know.
  4. I'm not a gym person, can't stand the though of going somewhere to lift weights. I do, however, go rock climbing 3 or 4 times a week. If there's a climbing gym nearby try him at that, he might find it more fun and interesting than wresting with iron bars.
  5. It's what you take for cold muscles because stretching is too risky...
  6. You're not married are you...
  7. All the best -H-, hope it's a great meet up.
  8. Good to know, about to strike this here as well.
  9. trinube

    And so endeth...

    Would loved for you to see it Gim, reckon you would have enjoyed it.
  10. trinube

    And so endeth...

    I'm not sure if I'm missing a sub-text here but I saw nothing wrong with what Jabbs posted. Whilst long, it was a good read. The bigger issue is there are a few dickheads around the place who insist on bringing everything/everyone down. This is why my block list is in its teens...
  11. trinube

    And so endeth...

    ...the history lesson. A shame, it was a decent read.
  12. geez this place has gone off... no wonder people bail
  13. But did they have scones? So far Roxii's ahead!
  14. Hey Katz, forget the time limit of a BL. Pick one bad food and STRICTLY eliminate it for a week. One week. Once you do that, do it for another week. Once you've kicked it, pick another bad food and do the same. Whilst trying to get to a particular weight by a particular date is an admirable attempt, it's not a race. Eliminate the bad stuff one by one and stick to it. Once you get your weight heading in the right direction you can have the occasional indulgence of those bad foods. Total abstinence is almost impossible to sustain. You have to be able to kick back and enjoy yourself sometimes and if that means eating a couple of Mint Magnums well so be it - as long as you're not doing it every week.
  15. I'm not participating this time around because my 'blowouts' are only a couple of kilos. I have however been using it as some personal motivation to sharpen up the diet. 2 weeks ago I was 82.4 which is the heaviest I've been in 5 years. My strategy was simple - no hot chips and no chocolate. Everything else remained pretty much the same. This morning I was 80.1. Forget counting calories; there's an easier, sure fire way to lost weight... ... don't eat bad shit
  16. Early swim, touch footy, rock climbing, mow lawns, long walk - I'm buggered...
  17. Agreed, just binge watched the entire series. Certainly requires a very special temperament to do what they did. His girlfriend (quite hot) reminds me of the wife from Curb your Enthusiasm. How crazy that his brother's wife was the senator who got shot? Great show.
  18. trinube

    TriMel Uberman

    And well done M-Dot too
  19. trinube

    TriMel Uberman

    Can't believe almost a week later there's been no love on here for Trannie Tri-Mel who became the first woman to complete Uberman. Stupid long distances 33k swim, 600K+ bike and 200k+ run. Mel's such a lovely and cool chick who's into these crazy distance races. Took nearly 139 hours but crossed the line as first woman and only fifth person to complete. Nice radio interview here - https://www.abc.net.au/radio/melbourne/programs/mornings/melbourne-nurse-becomes-first-woman-to-complete-895km-uberman/11622686?fbclid=IwAR26u2MmYZUPYtf3cuuF0gDpUpVbX9a47Z3ASDACZjMUDeYMfFKUuFoSeJI Well done Mel - you are officially awesome.
  20. Silly me, I giggled when I saw 'Butt-ler" instead of butler...
  21. Pull your head in. Nothing Roxii has said would indicate he's doing anything other than what he needs to do and has been told to do. Some people are more dedicated to their own recoveries than others. Some people need less pain meds. Some people like to be pro-active whilst still following instructions to the letter. If I was a medical professional this is exactly the sort of person I'd want to be treating.
  22. trinube

    TV Shows

    I stumbled onto this yesterday. Started in 1958 (the year I was born) and was the reason I took up diving in my late teens. Sea Hunt - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaAG4zHUg5kghySVftjeipw/search?query=sea+hunt There were 155 episodes in total and I have no idea how many are here but I've spent way too many hours today reliving my childhood. Makes we want to go diving tomorrow.
  23. Singles - depending on how long you're there you'll blow that in tips.
  24. You should, Japanese style toilets are awesome. At least yours have English labels - it's much more a lottery in Japanese.
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