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  1. trinube


    Aussie's are firing up - although Hazelwood just went off with a hammy strain. Stark and Cummings bowling unplayable grenades.
  2. trinube

    OT saving lives

    well done Crankster!
  3. Great stuff. Keep it up and you'll cure yourself of diabetes.
  4. trinube

    Busso 2019

    Some memories if anyone has a VHS player...
  5. Our local council closed the outdoor pool due to smoke...
  6. trinube

    Busso 2019

    Nah, different race. This was 2008 -
  7. trinube

    Busso 2019

    When I first got into the sport there was a one-off, olympic distance "Sydney Water Cronulla triathlon". I volunteered and sat out the back of the sandhills on the far turnaround. It was one race I really would like to have tried. Pretty sure it was Emo who ran it. On the day the swell was a fairly solid 4-6 ft IIRC and the swim was out of Wanda - it was a glorious morning. I think the ride was loops of Kurnell and then the run was the sandhills. Maybe it was too hard - I reckon a lot of people had never swam in surf before and the sandhills was challenging on a warm day. I know a lot of Trannies did it and Dan Mac. Crowie, a surf swim champ and a runner (Mottram? maybe) did the team event.
  8. I went for a walk about 6 this morning. It's genuinely terrible right now. Even with light exercise you can taste the smoke and my voice has this croaky sort of tone since the smoke started. This afternoon was far, far worse. I was at Homebush and it was unbelievable - never seen or smelt anything like it. I think it's a reasonable excuse to have a rest week and just sleep in and take it easy. Exercise will still be there next week.
  9. trinube

    OT saving lives

    Nice work folks.
  10. trinube

    Busso 2019

    Immaculate timing though.
  11. trinube

    Busso 2019

    Probably had lots left over from previous cancelled swims
  12. trinube


    Was good - enjoyed it. Young bloke LOVED it.
  13. Bummer Skel. Do what Flanman says - take your mind off it I know it's probably not relevant for you but Parkside posted a blog item about knee arthroscopies a few days back - might be worth a read for others with knee issues - http://parksidesportsphysio.com.au/a-look-inside-knee-arthroscopy/
  14. New feature for the lounge room?
  15. Yep, good luck to you - it sounds sensational! And I have every intention of doing the same. Probably the big advantage we have now - as I turn 61 - is we have a pile of cash so can afford to keep the house and just slum about for a few years. Xmas next year is when the formal resignation will go in.
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