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  1. Dutton is an absolute arse-wipe. I'd be delighted to see him in offshore detention for 7 or 8 years.
  2. Pretty much my whole life I've had three intermittent sources of income which required many, many hours of work. I did this to get ahead and to be independent in retirement. Now, a couple of years away from that glorious day they want to change the tax laws to rob me of planned super income as well as tax me more for the arse busting hours I do so they can pay extra to people who, in many cases, can't be arsed trying any harder. I'm happy to pay my share to give people a leg up, but I'm stuffed if I just want to pad the pockets of unionists who see it as their right to get as much as possible for doing as little as possible. Where's the incentive to work harder? Flattening tax rates minimises tax creep which actually gives people value for working harder. Why not just bludge along, never aspire to anything and then grab a handout from the government at the expense of all the other saps trying to get ahead. As for people on $250k - well they're paying 10x the tax of someone on $45k so that's a fair difference in accumulated rate. I don't know what the perfect tax system is but it should be one that encourages people to work harder, earn more and naturally pay more tax - not get it forcibly taken with tax hikes. Laws should be encouraging people to fund their own retirement instead of relying on the pension. FFS our politicians are idiots.
  3. Actually he said it again in a press conference today. I can't remember the subject though - not that it really matters.
  4. It really worries me when Bill Shorten says "We have no plans for...". Seems like careful wording to drop a bombshell after being elected. I find it very hard to trust him.
  5. A new bike would probably fix it. If not, get a new trainer as well
  6. With many thanks to Torn I hope to be trying Hokas this afternoon
  7. Just binge watched the rest - room got dusty a few times...
  8. And they're short - about 25 mins an episode.
  9. trinube

    TV Shows

    Not sure, have you had a lobotomy?
  10. trinube

    TV Shows

    You need to look harder - it's not all about the Block and Current Affair.
  11. trinube

    TV Shows

    We don't care about the people that watch it, and we don't care that you don't care. We're just making the observation we're not enamoured by the current pop-culture that seems to grip people who might otherwise be drawn to Scientology For the record I don't listen to One Direction but I'm sure you don't give a fark about that either.
  12. trinube

    TV Shows

    I don't understand the hysteria about GOT (having never watched it) when there are some brilliant shows which are food for the mind. I've just watched a new show called The Recording Studio on the ABC and it was pretty good (I have a long term interest in recording) but they have a fair emotional thread to the stories. Now watching Employable Me which is simply amazing. If you're ever feeling sorry for yourself, take a look at this and watch some real resilience.
  13. Flanman, try to get onto Mango or JenRuns and ask them to put you in touch with Jenny McGowan. She's done Busso a couple of times on her trike so must have some way of transporting it.
  14. trinube

    Fitness Devices

    OW swimming is something I do want. Not overly fussed with quick replies, music etc as I always carry my phone anyway. It's more to record the non-standard things I do. I think NFC payments is handy - never know when you might need it.
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