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  1. trinube

    Zoggs Gel Warning

  2. trinube


    They're going well...
  3. trinube

    OT saving lives

    Re-occurance of a pulmonary embolism (first was 6 years ago). It means a life time of Warfarin.
  4. trinube

    OT saving lives

    Sadly, it would appear I am now out permanently.
  5. trinube

    Gold bike.... WTF?

    It's a Giant
  6. trinube

    Why can't we all just get along???

    I think it's fair to say Trannies brings out both the best and worst in people. Sadly sometimes more the latter than the former.
  7. trinube

    OT saving lives

    I don't post much here any more but when this thread gets bumped I'll occasionally read the entire thing from start to finish. My original post still raises a tear when I think of the old man and how much I missed really knowing him in adult life with his long illness and death. I'm just immensely proud of everyone here who donates and particularly those who started (or resumed) after reading about Dad. What you guys do - especially you legends who have dozens if not hundreds of donations - is incredibly generous and reading Slunnie and Shuffla's posts really brings home the point of just how special you all are. Every one of you has my heartfelt thanks. Please keep it up. 💪
  8. trinube

    OT saving lives

    Whole blood for the Blues today - we'll eventually beat those stinking Queenslanders,
  9. trinube

    Any benefit from strength work/lifting

    So is there any benefit to doing reps of less than 70%? Logically there would seem to be some benefit, perhaps just not with an emphasis on 'strength'. I do lots of repetitions of lower weights (reps of between 15-20 before failure) and seem to have toned up OK for an old bloke. I feel way stronger than I did when training for triathlon.
  10. trinube

    Liverpool FC on top of the EPL Ladder

    If my grandmother played in goal it would have been 1-1.
  11. trinube

    Has anyone here lived in New York?

    My brother in law and his wife are living there now - have been for about 18 months. Their plan is to stay a couple of years then settle back here. They're good people and could answer anything you need to know. I can hook you up with them once you get there although several times a year they come back for work and we have breakfast after the B&B swim.
  12. trinube

    The Mental Health thread

    Hugs to Skel, -H- and Dalai; all really lovely people who I'm glad to have met over the years.
  13. trinube

    The Mental Health thread

    I hate crass commercialism at the best of times but I more so hate being constantly reminded of what I've lost.
  14. trinube

    The Mental Health thread

    I'm sure I'm not the only one but I find Mother's Day increasingly painful.