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  1. "You youngsters could do well to listen to Uncle Trinube, his weekly consistent routine is very sensible and has him in very good nick for his age and orthopaedic history!!" - Parkside

  2. Training Location

  3. Training Location

    I learned to swim in that pool 50 years ago. To this day it is still my favourite pool and I swim every time I'm near it - last time was 7 days ago even though it was freezing. Strong sentimental attachment that will never cease.
  4. What do you do to get away from Triathlon?

    Very nice. That's a lovely landscape.
  5. Yoga, Pilates and stretching

    Don't forget to check the calendar mate, it's not kind to any of us. The older we get, the more maintenance we need.
  6. Yoga, Pilates and stretching

    So it changed your life for the better?
  7. Is there a decent beach or lake for a long swim

    Exactly. The typical bloke doing the Gong ride probably sits in groups of 30 rolling around the smoothest, flattest roads they can find and then tell their work mates about their epic ride on the weekend. Disclosure that I haven't ridden more than 50k in about 5 years
  8. Yoga, Pilates and stretching

    Sorry TC have to disagree with this. I agree they won't necessarily make you go faster, but I've seen significant improvements in physical capabilities and strength since doing yoga - ymmv
  9. Yoga, Pilates and stretching

    Might also be worth checking this thread:
  10. Yoga, Pilates and stretching

    It will probably help anyone and will particularly help if you don't stretch etc. I do yoga. It's very good for core strength and balance. Depending on the class it can be way harder than people think. Some classes are easy and others I almost need to be carried out. I went to one really brutal class last week where my arms and legs were convulsing under the strain - was awesome! After 18 months I did a physical screening with a physio and they seemed surprised with my scores - I think I did well on the core stability and flexibility tests. But really you've answered it yourself, you have the time so why not give it a crack? Nothing to lose and potentially some decent improvement to gain.
  11. 5 Ironman in 5 continents by the age of 50

    Giving back to the sport
  12. The Politics Thread

    She may be, but she's still good looking.
  13. 5 Ironman in 5 continents by the age of 50

    If you follow the link in his avatar it seems to be fine - https://swimbikerunblogger.com Offer him a few tips AP rather than casting dispersions.
  14. 40% off Everything Running Warehouse

    Don't forget your PIN...
  15. iPhone X

    This is pretty much me. As a long time Apple whore (and registered developer) I used to be keen on their new stuff but the phones just don't interest me anymore. I had a 6S and I ended up dumping it for a 5SE (even though I can have whatever I want through our work plan). I just like the size of the 5 series better and can't see me ever going back to a bigger one. Actually looked at a Sony Experia (?) Compact the other day, they look nice and about the same size.