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  1. Just got back from rock climbing - won a couple of North Face t-shirts in a raffle for World Rock Climbing Day. Sweet!
  2. Haha, all good, I can see you As I get old I find I suffer fools less and I make a conscious choice to remove as much negativity and confrontation from my interactions, whether online or in person. It's far easier to walk away (or block) people who you think have a detrimental vibe. The alternative to blocking is not to visit at all (which I have done a few times) but I value the contributions of some and have some good mates on here. You only have to look at the mental health thread and see how many people suffer from issues but expose themselves to the wrong influences every day. I heard a report this morning that mental health issues have increased 65% in the last 10 years. I find that interesting given the iPhone was released in 2007 (widely adopted in 2009) which roughly coincided with Facebook's popularity explosion. Coincidence? People commit suicide because of trolls but everyone has the option to not listen to them.
  3. No, it's because they annoy me. I'm happy to have civil discussions, but I find the entire social media experience far more enjoyable when I remove all the negative tossers My take is this, if you're getting angry or frustrated on social media you need to modify what you're exposing yourself to.
  4. Rubbish. We've discussed this old wive's tale before. Netball is high on the list for twisted ankles, hand and finger strains but especially ACL knee injuries. I just read a report about Yoga injuries and they recorded only 118 injuries in 7 years. Netball ranks at 14 injuries per 1000 hours played. Do the maths. I'm yet to go to a yoga class where anyone has been injured.
  5. The previous page ended up at 34 for me - you're an amateur!
  6. I have 27 blocked posts on this page alone!!!
  7. For me, there are literally more posts on this thread hidden than there are seen - you should give it a shot!
  8. trinube


    Disagree, it clearly hit the ground first and he knew it.
  9. trinube


    Seems English sportsmanship took another blow with Root claiming a half volley as a catch. How the video umpire gave out is astonishing.
  10. trinube

    All things NRL

    nah, should have been called back - knock on - but I'll read it tomorrow as a try
  11. trinube

    All things NRL

    You got the rub of the green from the bunker Even Wade Graham admitted he knocked on - good on him, at least he's honest Bludger of a game though...
  12. trinube

    All things NRL

    Greg 'it's all about me' Hartley. Thank goodness we don't have any more Hollywood's, imagine having to cop that as well as how bad the decisions are. I'm going to show my young bloke some of this - he doesn't know what toe-poking is...
  13. Jones is a complete and utter flog. </end thread>
  14. trinube

    All things NRL

    Cam would have picked it out. The NRL is a farce.
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