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  1. trinube

    Skin checks

    That's a good advertisement for a broad-brimmed hat Flanman.
  2. trinube

    Israel Folau

    Would certainly be a punishment...
  3. oops, my apologies, although I suppose you could fill them with gelatin
  4. trinube

    Garmin VO2max

    Polite, yes, let's go with that.
  5. trinube

    Garmin VO2max

    It doesn't surprise me you have good results - your race results clearly put you at elite level. What does surprise me is the difference between tested and measured. If anything I thought the device results might have been a bit inflated to make people feel good I suppose the other explanation for the different figures is you dug really deep during the lab test - knowing that you were being tested. Great results either way.
  6. I haven't read the past few pages but I have a gist of the discussion. Context: I work in the media (newspapers). I have met (literally) hundreds of journos from council hacks to the Canberra bubble. I was the Secretary and a Director of the largest community newspaper association in Australia. There are some absolute morons in the profession who think their sh!t don't stink and seem to have fallen to the back of the line when brains were handed out. There's a good proportion of young upstarts who don't hold the old school values of journalism and would sell their grandmothers grave plot to climb one rung up the ladder. They pump out trivial bile thinking they've just broken the next watergate. My opinion of 'new' journalism isn't high. However, a free press is essential. It's critical the voices of the unheard are heard. History is punctuated by stories so extraordinary they were hard to believe at the time but were brought to prominence by people who may well have been risking their lives to reveal them. There needs to be protection for credible journos doing their jobs, and the ability to kick the arse of the idiots who believe a press pass is a license to print anything. Just as importantly, security of undercover operatives needs to be of paramount importance when their lives are at risk. There's no perfect answer, but both sides have valid arguments.
  7. Congrats. I know I'm not far behind but I'm waiting for my Year 10 son to decide what he's doing next before I pull the trigger. Stay busy, worst mistake people make in retirement is to take it too easy. My dad did that and lost all the value in really living - it was sad.
  8. trinube


    I have a lot of people blocked and it just makes the place more pleasant. I don't block without careful consideration, you need to say or do something stupid or nasty, but there's no shortage of people doing that
  9. I've had a couple of great non-race based catch ups with folks in Melbourne (even though I'm Sydney based). Foxy, Muz, Ayto, Antisport, -H-, Peter, MDot, TriMel, MXWalker, Simone, Hyphen, Humdrum etc. Always good to get together and shoot the breeze. After Coach@'s Trannie swim session a few years ago we had a nice night at the Tradies as well. Rog, Nealo, Trinewb, Sunnygirl and a bunch more. It was one of the things I suggested when Willie took over and wanted to know what people wanted from Trannies. I've always enjoyed the social side of the sport
  10. Yep, I've been saying that for years. The horse has well and truly bolted and there's so many guns it would be almost impossible to wind it back. They're where they are because the politicians have been spineless in standing up to the NRA. They can however, still implement laws to make carrying guns illegal and to severely restrict the sale of ammunition. It's not going to stop the 'preppers' with 20,000 rounds but it would be better than doing nothing.
  11. same as religion and politics...
  12. If you're worried about how to take it you can always get capsules: https://www.gelatinhealth.com.au/buy-gelatin/gelatincaps-250
  13. Interesting video, stupid country, idiot leaders
  14. trinube

    Bike v's car

    Looks like a fit dog! Also looks like great trails. Where is this?
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