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  1. trinube


    No it wasn't correct - there was a ban. As mentioned above it was reported on the weekend there would be a 7 day total fire ban. There was alway going to be a total ban for the rest of the week - you may not have been aware but in that case you shouldn't have been so quick to tee off on me. FFS - yes you are having a go and it's not the first time this thread. You said "And there is no fire ban currently for Sydney" when there was. You might not like it, but that's a direct quote from you. I'm not telling you anything - just pointing out what you said was wrong. Maybe you and Peter can sit around and hold hands dissing me. He seems to be the specialist on doctored information and wrongfully accusing others. Life's too short for this sh!t. #15
  2. trinube


    You fool. Just because you think you're right doesn't make it so. There was the wrong information about the total fire ban, the deceitful suggestion I doctored a graphic, and the wrong assertion that I said they'd be cancelled. I'm yet to see anything you've been right on. Give yourself an uppercut. Congrats number 14.
  3. trinube


    You can't get anything right can you? I'm not saying they'll be cancelled - in fact in my last post I said they wouldn't. Stop lying and bull-sh!tting to try and look like you're right - it's getting tiresome and you're not fooling anyone.
  4. trinube


    So now you're publicly accusing me of deception? Here, try the link for yourself and you can apologise for that as well. https://www.rfs.nsw.gov.au/fire-information/fdr-and-tobans Interesting we have people in Victoria and Queensland who think they know more about what's happening in Sydney than the people that live there. Ironic they'd be using the media for their information. Perhaps if they listened to the 'media spin' properly - instead of having their heads up their arses - they'd have heard reporting on the weekend of a 7 day TFB for NSW. As for people's enjoyment, why don't we just make drink driving legal for NYE as well - wouldn't want to have millions of people not enjoying themselves. Seriously, you sound like an impatient 10 year old waiting for the next roman candle to be lit. They can run them next year, sometimes people have to make big boy decisions even if some people might not like it. The real issue is the politicians are spineless and don't have the balls to make the decisions they should. There's thousands of men and women out there risking their lives fighting fires and you're worrying about a bunch of piss-heads who want to watch some giant sparklers. People have died, thousands of homes lost, tens of thousands of people affected and billions of dollars up in smoke and you choose to spit in the eye of the people trying to protect those still in danger. You're all class.
  5. trinube


    Hey Peter, go **** yourself. Feel free to write an apology for the no fire ban comment.
  6. trinube


    So you think it's fine for a government to contravene its own fire ban? It's nonsensical. As someone who works in the media I don't give a shit what they think. I certainly don't need Murdoch or Nine to 'spin' the bleeding obvious.
  7. trinube


    There probably are contracts, but if there was a smart government (now there's an oxymoron) there would be insurance or caveats to cover these sorts of circumstances.
  8. trinube


    Did you see the reports which had Sydney as the worst air quality in the world for the past few weeks?. I don't care one way or the other about the regular fireworks but to run them on a 33-42° day with predicted smoke haze and dust storms in the afternoon AND a state wide total fire ban just seems dumb. Even if it was perfectly safe and environmentally friendly I'd have to question the sensitivity of running them while over a thousand homes have been lost and there are still thousands of people out there fighting hundreds of fires. Maybe the people of the world will view us more favourably if they see us giving the money to the victims rather than blowing a bunch of shit up. Seriously, 20 minutes after the NYE fireworks the world has forgotten about us and will be watching all the other capitals. I don't even think the fireworks are that great - they jumped the shark years ago.
  9. trinube

    Festive 500

    So how's that coming along??
  10. https://www.spanx.com - you're welcome
  11. So Roxii, any update on the recovery? I see you did shark island the other day so things must be improving.
  12. trinube


    Fair difference in the class of the bowling.
  13. Hey Martin, the offer is always open to come up to Sydney and spend a few days at our place. My young bloke is right into climbing and I seem to recall you used to climb. More than happy to host you and get you back on the walls. If there's anything we can do, just holler.
  14. Use an established platform. Writing the basics of a database driven site is not rocket science BUT the security required - especially for ecommerce - is not trivial. The last thing he would want to do is 'build it himself' only to find it gets hacked. By all means fiddle around and learn how things are done, but when it comes to taking peoples money or credit card info you want to be using a proven site. Doesn't have to be Wordpress (although we use it at work). SquareSpace, Wix and a million others would do what he wants but he'll be paying fees. There's a reason it's not free.
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