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  1. Singles - depending on how long you're there you'll blow that in tips.
  2. You should, Japanese style toilets are awesome. At least yours have English labels - it's much more a lottery in Japanese.
  3. trinube


    How is the big fella?
  4. Swimming around the jetty is awesome, I'm lucky enough to have done it both directions. For the record, I preferred the clockwise direction and managed to survive without being eaten.
  5. Do what Keiran's doing. It probably won't help your total cholesterol but it should fix the good/bad ratio and reduce your triglycerides and blood sugar. HFLC is gradually being recognised as the best preventative treatment for diabetes.
  6. trinube

    All things NRL

    ScoMo running the drinks and kicking tee for the PM's X111 - the people's PM
  7. I read a bit of a side note to Trump's executive orders yesterday which also highlights the insidious nature of software subscriptions. Apparently POTUSA made an Exec. Order for US companies not to trade with Venezuela so Adobe will dutifully switch off the authority servers for all Adobe subscription software in Venezuela on October 28, instantly rendering their software useless. https://www.theverge.com/2019/10/7/20904030/adobe-venezuela-photoshop-behance-us-sanctions There appears to be some debate about people who have already paid and the governments edict is not to offer credits or refunds... I'm curious to see if Apple and MS do the same as I'm sure they both have the ability to nuke their OSs remotely. I really hate subscription software...
  8. Oh yeah, I've had two and was fortunate to have them put in while I was under. I can't stand the thought of having it done while awake, yewwww!
  9. Good stuff mate. I deliberately didn't mention the catheter removal when we chatted yesterday - not the most pleasant experience in the world...
  10. Are you specifically looking for a travel tripod or just something solid for occasional use? I have a couple of old Manfrottos here but they're definitely not travel gear. If you specifically want something for travel I have a Mefoto (https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/926387-REG/benro_a0350q0k_0_series_travel_tripod_kit.html) which you're welcome to borrow if it suits.
  11. Oh yeah it's rubbish. How amazing to believe people can be happy without the newest bike and entering triathlons. If you're judging happiness by your next race and your current bike you have a pretty shallow life.
  12. Nope. Some of the happiest people I've ever met have had the least money. Virtually all of them value family over everything else. Maybe it's because they don't live in rich, white, capitalistic cultures who value things over people.
  13. Unless you're a pro, family first, triathlon second. If you're a pro, family first, triathlon second. Ask yourself a serious question - what's more important to you? Your family or somewhat seriously doing triathlon? Triathlon's a hobby, treat it like one.
  14. I have a few GoPros and an Osmo 2 gimbal. If you don't need the 'action' part (waterproof etc) then I'd seriously consider a DJI pocket. A bit more expensive but has a built in gimbal and is a size you can easily carry (meaning far more likely to actually use it). The Osmo is great but I'd much rather have a Pocket - in fact I'm just waiting for the Pocket 2 and then I'll jump
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