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    What training did you do today...

    First run (well, run/walk to be specific) in I dont know how long. I love running but am not built for it, and only seem to pick up injuries from it, but love it nonetheless. Looking to build on this and fit in a couple of half's over the year.
  2. Ayto

    Biggest Loser - January 2019 Reboot

    Sorry for the late entry as only just home from Adelaide. Couple of kilos down since last weigh in so heading in right direction
  3. Ayto

    The good news thread

    I am trying to get through about 3 weeks work today so I can head off on leave tonight, before heading off to Torquay tomorrow morning in readiness for our charity ride from Torquay to Adelaide. Now that its here, I am beyond excited and can't wait to get started. I am probably underdone for what is upcoming, but I have 3.5k kilometres in the legs since October-ish, and to be fair, I haven't done that much on the bike since the ill-fated IM attempt at IMNZ 2012. Will be logging my rides on strava for anyone interested. (Profile name is pretty boring - Steve Ayton) so follow along if it floats your boat. It's not too late to donate if that's your thing also. Original thread below with link to all the info of what we are doing and why, and a spot to donate as well!! http://forums.transitions.org.au/topic/73788-seeking-donations-support/?tab=comments#comment-1297930 Hopefully see you all at the other end!! Wonder what this means on the biggest loser thread??? Cheers Ayto
  4. Ayto

    The Mental Health thread

    I was in a job for 22 years, the last 2 wishing and hoping for a redundancy package. In the end, I couldn't hold out any longer and resigned to go to another job. 3 years later, I was the proud owner of 2 separate redundancies. Unfortunately, with no real tenor in either role they were next to nothing. Redundancies are not nice, particularly if you have been "institutionalised" and don;t know anything outside your of your current workplace, however as said previously, they can also be a good thing. My first redundancy was a god send as I wasn't enjoying the role however I would have stuck it out due to various financial commitments. Whilst it wasn't easy to manage until I fund my next job, it worked out best as I picked up a role for significantly more cash and enjoyed it more. Easy to say but look at them as an opportunity for something new
  5. Ayto

    What training did you do today...

    Yep, 31 at 5am when I got up, heading for 46 today. Into work early to enjoy the awesome air conditioning and aim to knock off early and head to the pool (my pool, not the lap pool hahaha)
  6. Ayto

    Tour de Cure

    I missed this FM. Is there a link to a recording or something online??? Cheers Ayto
  7. Ayto

    What training did you do today...

    I seem to be getting up earlier and earlier these days, so went a little longer than normal on the bike for a 50km loop and was still at work by 7am! 😮 Only 9 days out from our charity ride (Torquay to Adelaide) so technically I am in taper 😛
  8. Ayto

    WTB boys 24inch MTB

    Yep, going to waste sitting in the shed. Will have to have a garage sale and offload a heap of this stuff as we have about 6 bikes just taking up room!!
  9. Ayto

    Injuries how many & the worse.

    Can't answer the question re break after Ironman really. I did IMNZ 2012 (which was cut to a half IM) and haven't raced since, so I guess my break is coming up to 7 years hahahaha I really only started racing in 2006-ish and last race was as above. In terms of injuries etc: Crash off bike resulted in grade 4 displacement to AC, buggered rotator cuff and a tear in the Labrum (sp?). Resulted in shoulder re-co and have a piece of hamstring in my shoulder holding it all together Crash off bike and cracked my elbow. No surgery but long recovery and still bugs me today Ongoing issue with lower right leg. Shins (is that the Soleus muscle?) in particular with extreme tightness and soreness. Thought it was compartment syndrome but issue occur all the time not just running. Never been able to diagnose it properly. More recently, plantar fasciitis in left foot. Have had it now on and off since Sept / Oct 17 and have had numerous treatments including all the normal taping, ultrasound and cortisone, but specialist is now suggesting Platelet Replacement therapy. All in all, not a bad run. Probably more a sign of getting old and fat more than anything About to embark on a charity bike ride in 10 days time (Torquay to Adelaide) so hopefully can hold it all together and show some of this kids how to tough it out 😬
  10. Ayto

    WTB boys 24inch MTB

    Hey Joelb, I've got a decent one (Jamis) that I got for my young bloke and was only ridden half a dozen times. But, I'm in North East Vic so probably not feasible to send Ayto
  11. Ayto

    What training did you do today...

    40km loop on the bike this morning. Was 26 degrees when I started at 5.15am and 28 degrees when I finished at 6.30ish. Currently 42 degrees and climbing towards a top of 44. Forecast is for 46 tomorrow 😬
  12. Ayto

    Biggest Loser - January 2019 Reboot

    2.2kg for me this week, without really trying to be truthful. This included a mammoth feed on Saturday night at our favourite restaurant (Cuban).
  13. Ayto

    Vertigo (strokes)

    Don't be stubborn Goughy and listen to what the medical experts are saying on this one. Thoughts are with you and yours.
  14. As the title says, what's everyone listening to? Anything worthy non-tri related? Thanks in advance Ayto
  15. Ayto

    Biggest Loser - January 2019 Reboot

    Sorry team, fat fingers trying to enter details on my phone, as like others it is blocked at work, and I have cocked up the spread sheet. My bad. Can someone have a look and fix up for me (also cocked up the formula for dazzamuzza immediately above me). Soz!! Can you load my details in please - 178cm and 114.6kg Over the last biggest loser prior to Christmas I went down but have ended up back where we started........... Thanks in advance
  16. Ayto

    Running Songs Recommendations

    Neon Essentials is a great album that was my go to for Half Mara races for quite some time. Even though its dated now I still like to throw it on sometimes. 2 volumes and can't remember which is which, but the one with the opening track "Lisztomania" is the pick of them for mine. Having said all of that Podcasts are the go for me at the moment and I would rarely listen to much music these days if a good podcast is available. cheers Ayto
  17. Ayto

    Garmin 935 $399 at rebel - good value?

    On sale at Rebel until 15/1. if none in store, ask them to get one in. Mine took 48 hours to arrive.
  18. Ayto

    Utes / Pickups

    Also have a hard canopy on my ute. Made sure I got mine with lift up windows (not sliding) for better access. Only issue for mine is the limitations with loading. I have drawers and a fridge permanently in there. Fridge lid only just opens and there is obviously only limited space left for loading anything else up, but this is outweighed by security etc. Mine does leak a little dust through seal on rear window, however one of my jobs over the Christmas period will be installing a strip of rubber to stop this. Only other issue for mine is I should have gone for the reinforced canopy. I'm sure there is a weight limit for the roof but I've not really checked and i doubt it would be overly much to be honest. As an aside, just did a 2000km trip to SA and back the other weekend, and fully loaded up with drawers, fridge and bits and pieces averaged 9.0 l/100km for the trip. Happy with that.
  19. Listened to all episodes (17 in total I think ) over 2 days in the car to SA & back. I can;t believe some of the fundamental mistakes made since she disappeared. Police, DPP, dept of Education. Will be interesting to see what comes from the group of former students who are starting to gain momentum / voice around the actions of teachers way back then.
  20. Ayto

    The pool thread

    Bit of an update from me as well. As alluded to above, the second pump was indeed on its way out. After numerous calls to supplier, he finally asked us to leave gate unlocked so he could call around one Saturday morning "for a look". We arrived home later that day to find the whole thing replaced with another pump. All good, except when the invoice arrived several weeks later for $560. I rang him to discuss the work completed and why it was done without advising us prior nor advising us of approx cost before works were completed. A bit of argy bargy and we settled on $400 and 30 days to pay. To be honest, I could have paid the full amount on time but it just grinds my gears when shit like this is done without discussion. We now have the gears for the infloor system have failed (second time for these as well) and, again despite numerous requests, he has yet to turn up and either "have a look" or replace the bloody things. The replacement is very, very simple as the replacement unit simply drops into place except they are jammed in there and I don't want to force anything for fear of damaging anything else. Overall, the pool is pretty easy and looks after itself. If the follow up service was up to scratch any of these issues could be dealt with in a simply and timely manner, however our experience is that there is no service so these issues tend to blow out over time causing frustration and angst.............and the subsequent argy bargy. Still happy with it and glad we went to the trouble of installing, but the service piece just leaves a bit of a sour taste cheers Ayto
  21. Ayto

    WTB - Carbon wheelset

    Hey Guys, Looking to see if anyone has a wheelset laying around they are thinking of off-loading. Looking for 50/60mm deep if possible. Intend to use as a full time wheel set and leave on the bike. Will be used predominately for the upcoming charity ride I am doing in Feb. Ideally would like to be able to do something around the 5 hungee mark, but probably dreaming. Can maybe stretch to $700 if needed. Anyone got anything out there? Thanks in advance Ayto
  22. Ayto

    What training did you do today...

    Thought as much.................
  23. Ayto

    What training did you do today...

    Have been doing all (most) of my riding on the windtrainer, predominately as I am sick and tired of getting "elbow buzzes" when I am out on the road on my own. I generally will only hit the road if I know I am with at least 4 or 5 others. I guess this is what a couple of stacks does as I am now quite gun shy this time around. Anyways, yesterday was a double session day with a ~35km (1hr 15ish) recovery session AM, followed by a hard ~45km (90mins) interval session PM. Sad thing is, apart from the ultra sore gooch, I am starting to look forward to each session on the windtrainer. Is there something wrong with me?
  24. Ayto

    Biggest Loser 2018 edition

    Have pulled my head in after being out of routine with travelling and workload. Small steps and steady downward progression at least
  25. Ayto

    Garmin 935 $399 at rebel - good value?

    Phark!!!! Picked mine up yesterday @$399. Can't complain, its still a bargain!