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  1. ^^^ This. At least in my experience. I had Ruley coaching me for IMNZ2012 and this was about what I experienced going from 115kg-ish to 95kgs. He had me running 2km efforts at the track twice a week and got me holding 4.05 p/km x 8-12 efforts. For anyone that knows me, this is amazing!!! 😀
  2. Hard to choose just 5, but in no particular order: Pulp Fiction Trainspotting Convoy Grease Ace Ventura
  3. It's AP calling to tell you your worming is due.................
  4. As others have said Kieran, check in with Trannies when you can. Your contributions have been fantastic and we want more of them!
  5. ^^^ I understand this completely. As well as a considerable hit to the pay packet, I will be foregoing a significant amount of cash in deferred incentives and other taking other hits to the bank account, but sometimes there is more to life than money. Will do it a little tough for the next month or 2, but should settle after that. We are very fortunate our business is chugging along ok so it offsets some of the above. Now that my decision is made it's a completely different outlook!
  6. Some of you will know a little of my story from the Mental Health thread, but thought it was timely to post a brief update here. After some 28 years in the finance and insurance industries, I have earlier this week given notice for my current role with NAB. I have spent a good part of my adult life in various volunteering capacities, however over the last 4 years or so I have been devoting a fair amount of spare time to a local group that advocates for young people in our region by way of improving wellbeing and educational outcomes via a number of various strategies and programs. The business has grown considerably after receiving various funds from federal grants as well as philanthropic foundations. Long story short is that they approached me to see if I would consider working with them full time, and they have developed a role around my skill set and interests, so I really didn't have a choice!! I start with them at the end of the month. Looking forward to contributing on a larger scale and making a difference for these young people. Ayto
  7. Just finished Gladiator: Aaron Hernandez and Football Inc. Highly recommend.
  8. None of them are good options, especially when considering the weather front coming through
  9. Any interest in extending or re-starting for a new period??? Will need to be some more technologically advanced than me (I keep cocking the spread sheet up just entering results!)
  10. Nick is crook. Had a couple of re-starts but every time he did the dizziness and nausea would return so doubtful he will go any further. Rhino's knee blew up on about day 3 or 4. He tried to nurse it for a few more days but ended up pulling the pin and getting a mate to head out and pick him up. He has provided some great photos / video of participants as he made his way back to Melbourne. French Dragon is also technically out. Her ankle is buggered but she got a lift to Adelaide and is now looking to ride to Melbourne. Interestingly she is doing the ride in sneakers and flat pedals!!
  11. He is 10km from the CBD as we speak and has a ~600km lead at this point!!!! No one else has made it into Victoria as yet!
  12. PBP is not far out of Warnambool. He is at nearly 3.5k in 9 days........... On current pace will likely get to Geelong or better by the time he pulls up tonight
  13. Yep, following. Plantman is now at KM 1360 in a about 3.5 days!!
  14. Ripper ride this morning - 75km before work. Meant I needed a 4.30am start to get it done, but glad I did as I am away for the weekend and won't be able to take the bike. Got stood up by a couple of mates (their loss) so it was great doing the whole thing on my own and having a chance to think.
  15. Ooops. Nearly half a kilo backwards this week. Thought it was a good one too...........
  16. Ayto


    Welcome back Mick. Great to have you around again. As said previously, keep your dad jokes to FB and you will be fine......... 😂
  17. Ayto

    Tour de Cure

    Great work mate. $1.3m is a massive effort. You should all be very proud!
  18. Ayto

    Tour de Cure

    Enjoying all the photos on social media Mick! Keep safe
  19. 1.5kg down. Trending nicely.
  20. We had a massive big fella come bounding out of the trees just in front of our bunch yesterday morning. Bloke on the front didn't even see him. It was the fella at 2nd wheel who called it. Very close call as the 6 of us scattered in every direction to miss him and each other. Glad to hear you are ok mate
  21. Ayto

    Tour de Cure

    Good luck Mick!! My donation isn't a lot, but it all counts!! Great work to you and the rest of the team. Everything that you do makes a difference to someone. Super stuff. Cheers Ayto
  22. So, went out with the same bunch this morning. Still windy as buggery. Sat on for the entire loop and managed to finish with the bunch, including the sprint. No sucking of thumb as yet, but still a long way to go in the day 😮
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