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  1. Ayto


    Canberra Half Ironman 2007 - got a heap of rain on the Saturday night and we walked to transition in the pouring rain. I already knew I would need to change my front tyre and I got a sliver of glass in it on a reccy ride the day before but didnt have time to change before transition closed. New tyre and tube and we weer good to go! Back then the Canberra half course was 93km. By KM 90 I was on my 5th puncture and had spent so much time waiting on the side of the road for a service vehicle that I gave up and walked back to T2. I concur!
  2. Ayto


    I like your style Roxii
  3. Ayto


    Waiting to hear back from them as we speak. They are deemed an essential service given their specialisation, so we might be able to arrange for them to meet me at the Northern end of the Mitchell shire (ie end of the restricted area). Wait and see what they say I guess.
  4. Ayto


    Supposed to pick up my ute tomorrow. Did some research on the DHHS website, which says only 4 reasons to enter the restricted area: Shopping for food and supplies Medical care and caregiving Exercise and recreation Study and work – if you can’t do it from home Even if you loosely said it was under the "shopping for food and supplies" criteria it is all very grey. I rang the hotline to explain my situation, and that it was dropped down there prior to the lockdown, and they weren't much help. Essentially, if you get pulled over, it is at the discretion of the police officer as to whether it is deemed "essential" travel or not. Unless anything changes I would say I will be driving abovementioned Picanto for the next 6 weeks or so.
  5. Ayto


    Thanks Blew, really appreciate the offer. Will see what happens. No real stress if I don't have it for a little while. We can manage well enough where we are so no need to move around a Lot. I guess the point of my post was more about how quickly all of this is moving. Thanks again
  6. Ayto


    I've dropped my ute down to a place in Melbourne this morning. Suburb is not a current "hotspot"and business is deemed "essential services. Cant get this type of specialised work done in the Goulburn valley, hence the need to get it to Melbourne. Between dropping it down there and arriving home, it now appears that the suburb in question may potentially be next in line as the hotspots continue to grow. Have been told that I will have to wait and see if I can pick the ute up on Friday as was the original plan. Ute is obviously used to tow our van, which we live in full time. We were about to move location in the next week or so as my wife has picked up work in a neighbouring town so now looks like we are staying put - I'm not sure the Kia Picanto courtesy car will have enough killerwasps to do the job!
  7. Ayto


    Just watched this again on the weekend. Quality
  8. You are bang on re the transmission cooler - I paid $550 for mine (Colorado). Did a full van service before we moved into it fulltime - $800 😲
  9. Ayto


    A couple that have been living in the same caravan park as us here in NE Vic have filled in their application and printed off their window notification and are leaving for Qld tomorrow morning. Good luck, as I think they will be sitting it out in Northern NSW somewhere.
  10. Ayto

    TV Shows

    Just watched a series on Netflix called The Woods Polish mini series (6 episodes) dubbed into English. Was pretty good. Kept the mystery until the final episode
  11. Unfortunately Shepparton Running festival has been cancelled. I put a number of viable options to the committee in lieu of a full scale race, however they weren't prepared to take the risk.
  12. Background Briefing is very good. Have been binging on this for the last little while.
  13. Gotcha. I saw this when it was announced but thought there must have been formal date announced for Victoria when I saw your comment. If all goes to plan, we MIGHT see Step 3 in place by mid to late July at best Cheers
  14. Hey Blew, Can you let me know where you found the 100 limit you refer to above. I have checked the DHHS website , specifically Here and it states a maximum of 10 people outdoors for sport and recreation etc. Cheers Ayto
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