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  1. TV Shows

    New Season of Wolf Creek starts on Stan tomorrow.
  2. The Movie Quote Game

    Yep, Multiplicity. Full of absolute corkers. "She touched my Pipi steve" "I'm gonna eat a dolphin". "No, you're gonna pet a dolphin". "Yeah, I'm gonna pet a dolphin" ...and in the mornin, I'm makin' waffles! I got a wallet. That guy gave it to me.
  3. The Movie Quote Game

    See how we go with this one: "Did you bring me a monkey?"
  4. The Movie Quote Game

    The Last Boy Scout. Another cracker line is where he says if he survives he will dance a jig........................and then he does!!
  5. The pool thread

    I looked at both. In the end went with the fiberglass shell option as it was an "end to end" install. Concrete quotes were for the concrete pool only, and would have needed to subbie plumbing, sparkie, fencing, etc etc and would have had to project manage the job myself. They weren't interested in doing the job from start to finish (I'd say they simply had too much on at the time). Was all too hard, so went with the simple option. Another point of difference (although minor) is that a fiberglass shell can have in-floor cleaning whilst concrete can't.

    An older movie now, but watched "Founder", based on the story of Ray Croc and McDonalds. Really interesting story, but above all that, with every movie of his I see I am a bigger fan of Michael Keaton
  7. What do you do to get away from Triathlon?

    Nice work Kieran. Coming along nicely.
  8. TV Shows

    Active Shooter: America under fire. Doco style series. 10/10. Scary stuff.
  9. Board Games

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rummikub Drops the mic...........
  10. Not sure I can take you seriously anymore with that comment and that name..............
  11. Clothing... or lack of!

    Maybe I am just old fashioned. to be honest I don't really care. My daughter (13 1/2) used to turn up from her mums dressed in stuff that would make hookers blush. I would make her get changed and wear more appropriate clothing (in my view) when she spent time with me. She was desperate to get a bikini which I was dead against. Eventually relented, but on the condition that she wore it in the pool at home and not anywhere else. Probably one of the reasons why I no longer see her to be honest, as she probably thought I was too strict, and her Mum definately thinks that. Nonetheless that's my view on things and I won't change it. Once she is 18 she can do what she wants.
  12. The pool thread

    We've had some fairly wild weather over the last 72 hours, copping about 80mm all up, albeit much less that the 150/200mm predicted. Even so, I had to dump about 5,000l out of the pool Saturday morning as it was literally overflowing, and another 1,000l or so yesterday.
  13. TV Shows

    From memory Season 7 is showing on pay TV at the moment. It could be that Foxtel has the rights to show before anyone else (same as Game of Thrones / Walking dead etc) before it is available anywhere else?????
  14. I am 6 episodes into My Dad wrote a Porno. Very good. Enjoying the chuckle.
  15. The pool thread

    We put a new pool in 2 years ago. after a considerable amount of research. Ended up going with an 11x4.5m job with in floor cleaning, approx 50,000L. In my view the in floor cleaning is a must and well worth the $6/$8k spend. (Touch wood) Only effort we really need to put in is a check early in the season, add some salt and various bits as the test advises and apart from that we barely touch it all year. We have an electric heater (split system) instead of solar heating, as we already had the house on solar and run it off that. No noticable increase in power costs. Overall very, very happy with the product. Notwithstanding that, there has been some issues: - The industry seems to be full of rogues and to an extent unregulated. We were 75% of the way through the project and discovered that the mob we were using were uninsured (or in their words self-insured). Created issues as to that point we had paid cash, however the last 25% was funded via our bank and the bank wouldn't release funds until proof of insurance was held. Cuased a catch 22 and stalled the project for nearly 8 weeks. We only resolved it by threatening to call work cover (as we had an un-fenced full pool). Work was completed and then bank was able to completed a final valuation and released funds accordingly. Was a huge headache at the time - No formal handover done so we have had to call them back on various occasions to show us how to use the system. Rather than invest the time to give us a proper demonstration they show one thing and then disappear, only coming back when we contact them again once we discover something else we didn;t know. - Further to above, we have already had to replace one pump and the other is on the way out, and system wasn't running optimally and caused damage to the pump. They tried to blame us until we reminded them of the numerous call outs we have had to get them to show us stuff. Ended up covered under warranty however I did pay a little extra to get an upgraded, better brand. My suggestion if putting one in is to do your research and then do some more. We knew a little bit about the attitude of these guys, but were best of a bad bunch. We addressed this early only, being very upfront telling them what we had found during our research, and they assured us this would be the case. Turns out that a leopard doesn't change its spots. As I said, overall very happy with the product. It really is a "set and forget set up". Apart from the annual check at the start of the season I check the filters every 3/4 weeks or so and that's about it. Barely use it enough to justify the cost, but whatever........its there if we want it. Cheers Ayto