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  1. I can't speak for other States or events, but having been involved in pulling together Shepp Half / 70.3 for quite some time, what I can say is that there are many, many (often conflicting) issues/ priorities that need to be considered for all stakeholders. this can be challenging at best to manage, and at worst, can cause issues for all involved. In terms of cost of putting an event on, at its peak for Shepp (circa 2012/2013) when we had in excess of 2500 athletes getting around across all of our events (sprint / half / swim / run / kids event etc), it would make your eyes water if you had a look at our budget from those days!! To the point above re traffic management, often you have little choice as to what you could/couldn't do. In our case, it depended upon whether it was a council managed road, or a Vic Roads managed road. Each had its own requirements regarding traffic management, and often via a commercial operation and at significant cost. This was generally a non-negotiable (especially for Vic Roads roads) I recall Shepp Tri Club had an economic benefit report completed during the peak years to demonstrate the value (ie actual dollars) the event brought to the region, and we used this to assist with pitches for support. The report demonstrated significant (multi-million) $$$ benefits for the region. It should be noted however this did not take into account the enormous volunteer manhours put in by the committee each year (estimated to be in excess of 1800 manhours per annum) and the significant volunteer manhours from the nearly 500 volunteers we recruited for the weekend (estimated to be circa a further 1000 manhours). I would hate to even try to put a value on those hours! I have enormous respect for the likes of Emo and others who continue to do this on a commercial basis as quite simply the only way we could continue to operate an event, at a level that we wanted for our athletes, was due to this significant commitment and input from all volunteers involved. Kudos to thos who can deliver great events and make enough to live on! In terms of more recently with the demise of Challenge Shepparton, my understanding is that following the purchase of Fairfax events by the Wanda group (Owner of Ironman), they were never going to host a rival brand being Challenge under their watch. I hear whispers of discussions around potential options for Challenge in Shepp for 2020 and beyond, but absolutely nothing set in concrete and at the moment it is only gossip. Fingers crossed. This year represents the first time in nearly 20 years that Shepparton has not hosted a long course event.
  2. Ayto

    TV Shows

    There are only so many varieties of bad guys they can pose different kinds of threats without getting repetitive. Oh, and I have been over Carol for about 4 seasons now. Shits me to tears.
  3. Did a 4 hour wind trainer session yesterday. Legs are heavy this morning, so a nice gentle walk to recover
  4. Ayto

    Hip replacement

    Good to hear all went well Roxii and you are on the mend. Appreciate the updates, but next time anything to do with Catheter's and your lad, lets just keep that to yourself. We don't need those kind of mental images
  5. Had heaps of jobs through school including working in a butchers, swimming pool and Water industry, but as the eldest of 5 boys my only intention was to take over the family farm. Mum was pretty smart and knew the writing was on the wall and sent me off to find a job, so I ended up working for one of the Big 4 banks. Left there after 21 years (and post GFC). Spend some time working in the TAFE sector before being made redundant. Managed an Insurance Brokerage for a bit before being made redundant again. Went back into Banking with another of the Big 4 before pulling the pin earlier this year. Now working for a NFP that has a focus on young people, particularly those marginalised and disadvantaged. My best role from a fullfilment point of view. Still has some frustrations as trying to effect change, and particularly system change, is difficult. It's also a new environment for me being reliant upon funding to continue to do the work that we do. Currently working on our pitch to secure funding for the end of our current agreements that finish Sept 2020. A gig on the side for some time has been event management which I have always enjoyed. Wouldn't mind having a crack at that if you could make some decent dough. What will see me out for the next couple of decades? Likely odd jobs. My wife and I are currently working towards a plan of selling up and travelling full time. Currently working through obtaining various tickets (Fork, Excavator, MC licence, RSA, White Card etc etc) so I can pick up whatever, whenever, wherever.
  6. Ayto


    thought I would share my experience if it can help others. Apologies for the long post. Life long poor sleeper here, anecdotally averaging 5-6 hours a night for most of my adult life. Last 18 months or so has been particularly bad with it probably averaging closer to 4 hours a night. Subsequently got a referral from my GP to a sleep specialist and a multitude of tests completed, including getting wired up with a monitor and sleeping at home, as well as tests in a clinical setting, sleeping in their facility overnight, and again being regularly tested throughout the next day with regular naps every 2 hours. This final test also records video and sound so they monitor everything to get a holistic view So what did all of this reveal? Diagnosis is Periodic Limb Movement Disorder (PLMD) or restless legs. I knew this as my family have referred to this for years as "cranky legs". In my case, this condition see's me wake anything from 40 - 60 times per hour, so even if I sleep for 10 or 12 hours, I am not waking refreshed as I am not getting that deep sleep that you need. Combined with the above I have also been diagnosed with Idiopathic Hypersomina in which you are excessively sleepy during the day. is this a result of the PLMD? Probably, but idiopathic means that the cause is not clear, so it could as a result of, or it could be something completely different. The IP is causing me more issues as it makes driving extremely difficult. AS soon as i get behind the wheel for anything longer than a quick trip down the street I am likely to nod off. The IP diagnosis is interesting for me, as sufferers are generally very, very difficult to wake up however this is not the case for me. Probably because I sleep very lightly because of the PLMD I wake very easily. Treatment is limited for both and the go to for sleep specialists is drugs, predominately Neurotonin, which is predominately an anticonvulsant, so it is used for all sorts of things such as epilepsy treatment. it is not a great thing to be ingesting as the side affects can be pretty ordinary - everything from impacts to the liver, to memory loss to depression and anxiety. I started on the prescription for 2 weeks and as I increased the dosage to the prescribed limit, I found that I was not able to remember anything more and more. This culminated in a ride earlier this year in which I awoke, got ready, left home at 4.30am and did a loop, met some mates at 5.30 and was home by about 7.15am - I don't remember a thing until I showered, dressed had breakfast and was driving to work. I immediately contacted the sleep specialist and advised I was stopping the medication and have since tried a natural solution. Anything and everything including taking melatonin prior to bed, limiting screen time after dinner, bugger all caffeine, and all of the relevant meditation / mindfullness exercises to help. The other main thing that I have been doing is making sure I am doing some kind of exercise every single day, either a walk, bike (road or trainer) or even just a short 10/15min strength workout. So what have we learnt from all of this? Nothing new really. It's not about how much sleep you get, it the quality. Am I sleeping any better? Mostly. I find I am back up to my average of 5/6 hours a night and my wife reports that the Restless legs have settled down as she no longer feels I run a marathon every night. Is it consistently good. Nope, and today is a great example as I sit here at work at 3pm and all i want to do is go to bed. I felt I slept ok last night, but clearly not the case. Sleep can be a really complex thing. My suggestion is that if this is a chronic problem for you seek help from a specialist to make sure there are no physical issues (sleep apnea etc) and then go from there. My experience with the medication was ordinary and i wouldn't recommend, but others have reported very different result from them. Whatever you do, good luck. Getting through life tired all the time sucks. At least now I have a legitimate (confirmed diagnosis) as to why my wife calls me a grumpy bastard!! Cheers Ayto
  7. Not a review, but one of the funniest things I have ever read. I think it has had a run on Trannies before, but well worthy of another go: https://singletrackworld.com/2009/02/the-picolax-thread-returns/
  8. Disappointing anti-climax, but great call nonetheless. Well done to Jesse. Awesome athlete.
  9. Bit like Abdullah winning the TransAm recently by ~ 600 Miles!!! Meredith is going great!
  10. Yep, following with interest. These guys are awesome and I am in awe of how the leaders push themselves. Jesse is a freak!
  11. Ayto

    Hip replacement

    I'm tipping top of the leg / bottom of the trunk general location............😉
  12. Ayto

    How to stop need to poo

    I have found that since I stopped running a few years ago, I no longer have this issue!! 🤣
  13. Ayto

    TV Shows

    Catch up son, catch up!!! 🤣🤣🤣
  14. Goughy, sorry to hear of the troubles for you and yours. I can't offer any practical advice and hopefully the professional sector can assist in the immediate future. In the meantime, not sure if this is of any interest, but perhaps visit https://www.smilingmind.com.au/ and maybe download the app for Kyan to have a go at. You never know, it might be his thing! Otherwise, it might be useful for the rest of the family!! Good luck.
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