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  1. Plantar fasciitis

    I find rolling a golf ball under the foot helps significantly also
  2. Plantar fasciitis

    This. Have picked up a case of this myself in October and have been treating ever since via Podiatrist. Has taken a long time to see any improvement but the last 3 weeks has been the best it has been following a fairly intensive shockwave therapy program. Currently on a 3 week break to "give it some time" and then will go back and review with the podiatrist. In the meantime, lots of stretching and exercises to strengthen everything up. Mine has come about following seeing a skin specialist who removed a small spot from the side of my heel. During the healing process I walked with a limp for approximately 3 weeks. This created abnormal load / use which resulted in the faciitis. I am walking every day and I can see it improving, but every morning getting out of bed and putting the feet on the floor can be challenging. Good luck with it
  3. Vietnam - worth going?

    That was my experience also. Probably didn't help that we were in Hanoi for the 60th Anniversary of liberation and the population of the city practically doubled due to those enjoying the celebrations...............however it also brought out all the con-men and outright crooks hahahaha
  4. Vietnam - worth going?

    Might be the only stick in the mud here - Did virtually the same itinerary as you have planned, and to be honest, did not enjoy a single moment in Vietnam. My wife, however, loved it and would love to return. We have done a fair bit of travel and it is the only place I can say that I didn't enjoy and wouldn't want to go back. Some of the sights and the history of the place is amazing, but in general, didn't enjoy. As an aside, it is also the only place I have ever travelled and had any kind of moment where I felt unsafe (following an incident in Hanoi with a local at the markets). Anyways, just a single point of view and lots of others have had very different experiences, including my wife, so I probably haven't helped one bit!!! hahaha Ayto
  5. Utes / Pickups

    I'm 12 months in the Colorado Cotteneyes. I regularly tow our Camper Trailer (2.2t) and loaded up with drawers / fridge etc and I get better mileage with all that than you do in the Kluger!!! Averaged less than 12l/100 for our most recent trip to Eildon & Healesville which has a few hills etc as you know. Sans Camper Trailer I am regularly getting <8L per hundred as a mix of highway and around town. Can't speak for anything else. Good luck
  6. What do you do to get away from Triathlon?

    Awesome photos (and memories) mate. Very jealous!!
  7. What do you do to get away from Triathlon?

    Nah, Collie, I've got a forward Fold CT that has an ATM of 2200kg. Ball weight is circa 250kg so whilst ok at the moment, when we load up for our extended trips, its likely to be at or over GVM. The GVM upgrade over and above a lift is only about $1500/$1800 so a small price to ensure you stay legal.
  8. What do you do to get away from Triathlon?

    Yeah, nice. Good looking bullbar and cost is reasonable, especially in comparison to the ARB / TJM offerings. I was originally going to go for an MCC bar as I can get it locally for a similar price as yours above, however have now decided to go with Ironman I think. I am getting a GVM upgrade done shortly which will be done in Melbourne. Mob doing that job are distributors for Ironman products so will just get the lot done there I think. Your project is coming up a treat mate. Well done.
  9. What do you do to get away from Triathlon?

    Which Bullbar have you decided on Kieran?
  10. The Mental Health thread

    Don't apologise Goughy. The intention of my post was not to make you feel bad in any way, shape or form. More to take it as an opportunity to perhaps think about the situation with a different mindset and perspective. Yes, its pretty crappy at the moment, and yes you are frustrated and not quite sure what the next steps are..............but, plenty of positives to be taken from all of this as well. You are smarter than you think and you will work through this. I have seen you (via this forum and social media) reach out when you need to and that takes a great deal of strength. I see you post coming from a position of frustration only. And that's ok. This crap is frustrating and its ok to vent here. Thats whats so great about this thread. Let me be clear - there was absolutely no offense taken from your post and I certainly didn't perceive it as selfish in any way. Keep at it!!
  11. The Mental Health thread

    Hey Goughy, I'm sorry to hear of the above as it sounds like a shit time for everyone involved. I don't for one minute claim to understand what it is like for you and your family at present, so please take this for what it is and how it is intended - simply a different perspective. As I head towards nearly a full year since I have seen or spoken to my children (and this being the second time this has occurred - the first lasting nearly 2 years), I would give absolutely anything to swap and be in your position. As shit as the current situation may be, you ARE in your children's lives, you DO have the ability to impact and influence them, and you DO have the ability to tell them every single day that you love them. And maybe it is simply the last point that is the most important. I don't know the answers to the issues you describe above, but mate, just be there. Tell them you love them, give them a hug and maybe the shit will sort itself out. Maybe it won't, but at least they will feel the love. I hope you can all work through this soon. Good luck Ayto
  12. Trump is the President

    Trump's State of the Union Address is currently underway. Can't wait to see the key points that come out of that. Literally as he stepped to the podium the White House announced it was reversing Obama's decision to close Guantanamo Bay. Scary that this guys name is on the same list as Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt, Kennedy, Obama et al.
  13. NZ IM Accomodation

    I've been over a few times, both for IM and at other times of the year and have always found and booked private residence accomodation via here. Properties I have stayed at have generally been managed by a local real estate agent (Harcourts from memory). Can recommend. Cheers Ayto
  14. To ice or not to ice

    Bush Chooks!!!
  15. Artial Fibrillation: anyone? Mental side?

    Can't help with the AF issue Steno, but as an aside great to hear from you. Good luck with the recovery / management of the condition