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  1. Ayto

    The Mental Health thread

    Sorry to hear the news Roxii. Whilst I have never met Yurtie, his contributions here were always well received. Thoughts are with him, his family and friends.
  2. Ayto

    The good news thread

    My aim is to hide any online purchases from my wife.........
  3. Ayto

    Tracing a cheque

    Spot on. The banks all have a formal process around receiving complaints and their requirements under the same. Get it formalised and then let it run it's course. Note - just be aware of the (potential) time frames involved. I've seen traces take up to 6 weeks to get a response from the other bank you might be dealing with. Be patient!
  4. Ayto

    Tracing a cheque

    Keep pushing the bank. That's their job to chase this sort of stuff up and resolve one way or another. I have literally today just written off a small sum of money (<$500) that was paid into the wrong account and subsequently was withdrawn and gone in a matter of milliseconds. Not my clients fault, and it was not the depositors fault as they were paying in in good faith, they just advised the incorrect details. From my point of view, we would waste more time / money chasing it up than what it's worth so I have simply written it off.
  5. Ayto


    By Dashcam, did you mean something like this????
  6. Ayto

    enduring power of attorney

    Do you need it explained? In this current World of compliance and arse covering - yep. Do I agree - not really. Same scenario if you come and get a loan from me this days and require a guarantee from directors etc - I will send you to a Solicitor to have the document explained prior to signing so that you understand exactly what you are signing. The deal wont progress without it. I have seen Solicitor costs range from $150 to $1500 for this service. They have you over a barrel so can charge what they want. $330 in my experience sounds about right. Sorry.
  7. Ayto

    Carpool Karaoke with Paul McCartney

    Kim Jong-Un???? 😉
  8. Ayto

    New road bike disc or not

    Thanks for the response. I have found, value for money and spec wise, they stack up exceptionally well against anything else I can find. My budget is not going to extend fully to Di2, Disc brakes and carbon wheels, so will landing more on a mid point option of rim brake, mechanical ultegra and the bling wheels. Having said that, can always see if I can convince the Minister of Finance to re-visit the budget 😉
  9. Ayto

    New road bike disc or not

    Would love some feedback on your experience with Canyon MHVH. Haven't made up my mind which model as yet, but currently flip flopping the pros and cons between the Ultimate, Endurance and Aeroad models. Would love to hear how you went about sourcing, sizing, purchase etc etc. My understanding is that there are no local distributors so it is all done online? Thanks in advance Ayto
  10. Have got tickets to The Dollop live show in Melbourne late October. Can't wait!!!
  11. Ayto

    TV Shows

    I am only up to episode 3 so don;t say a bloody word yet!!! 😁
  12. Ayto

    Wearing cycling gloves

    What Flannie said. All of Bel's have been relatively harmless looking including the most recent one resulting in the scar above. The change was not visible to the naked eye, however was detected as every 90 days she has all spots photographed and then compared to previous photos. As I said, don't be blase about this. They can kill.........and quickly.
  13. Ayto

    Wearing cycling gloves

    My wife had this one taken off her hand last week and is now #22 in about 2 years. She has quarterly checks and 90 days ago the Doc said "all clear". This visit he said "its coming out". Thats how quickly they can change. Regular checks people. Don't be blase about it!!
  14. Ayto

    TV Shows

    Have now only got the final episode of the entire series to go. Have absolutely loved it from the first episode, as has the better half, which is saying something!! Am also now a couple of episodes into Season 2 of WestWorld. Also loving this series.
  15. Ayto

    What the F is going on here?

    That thing is a disgrace.