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  1. My new bike

    What a purl-er.....
  2. Household Budget

    Didn't have a choice but to set a very strict budget following separation and eventually divorce. Since then, the habit has continued. I was left with an extraordinary amount of debt post separation / divorce mainly due to legal costs so took us a long time to get that paid off, which simply wouldn't have happened without a solid budget behind it. These days I have passed it over to my wife who is much better at managing these things than me. Included in the budget is my "allowance". For the last 4 years I have lived on $100.00 per fortnight, and a couple of week ago have reduced this to $80.00 per fortnight. This allowance allows me to buy coffee, occasional lunch and anything else I want that is not included in the general family living expenses budget. Reason for this is simple...........if I have dough it burns a hole in my pocket and I couldn't even tell you what it goes on. Works for us, but doesn't stop me whinging about my paltry allowance
  3. Australian Survivor

    He just wants to be a real boy...........
  4. Australian Survivor

    Haven't watched the show for years but have found this season awesome. Last night was a classic!!
  5. The Mental Health thread

    Thoughts are with you and hope Mr T is back up and about soon
  6. Gallbladder

    Both a brother and my old man have had them removed. Brother was key hole but old man was old school open up. No issues post surgery from what I know. No real changes to diet however relief was immediate for both of them Best of luck
  7. Croeso i Ironman Cymru

    Good luck mate!
  8. Help required - Commercial Leases

    What Tortoise said ^^^ Few dollars spent up front might save you 10 fold (or more) down the track
  9. The good news thread

    We have this one visiting with us for the next 10 days or so. How on Earth can you not feel good looking at that smile???
  10. I'm confused........................am I voting for SSM or Pineapple on Pizza???? Or perhaps the bigger question - Is it the Pizza or the pineapple who is the Bigot??? This makes my head hurt.
  11. The Mental Health thread

    Keep at it mate. Love yourself first. The rest all falls into place..........
  12. We don't need any of this crazy talk around here.....................
  13. Wage Increases

    I got 4% last year (November) and then found out it was because I was previously being paid under the relevant "tier" for my role. Since then (Feb) this year my role has changed significantly and I have taken on significantly greater responsibility that has previously not been part of my role.....................pay has stayed the same. Not expecting anything this year. Quite simply, the additional responsibilities above have taken my focus away from "core" duties and, as a result, I've not hit all KPI's.
  14. Proud Dad moment

    Mine are a little older than yours Ian, but earlier this year when I took them to New Zealand, we hired mountain bikes at Turangi and I took the family out along the trails of the Tongariro river. Dead-set, we were less than a kilometre into the ride and my little bloke (10) screams around a corner, hits a small bank and spears off the track on the opposite side and lands upside down in a massive patch of Blackberry bushes. We finally manage to extract him and get him up onto the track and he has scratches / welts / blood everywhere and he mutters 3 words................."that was cool". Couldn't have loved him anymore at that point!!! hahahaha
  15. Tour de France Commentary

    Greg Lemond says cylicts no longer know how to race After watching the stage last night and seeing Froome and Aru both run off the road after misjudging a corner, and then watching the rest of the peleton sit up and wait for them to catch up.................I have to agree with him. Quickly losing interest in all things TDF.