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  1. I am now 300 odd episodes into The Dollop, an American history podcast performed by 2 comedians. Have done several tours of Australia and regularly get guests to their live shows, including Will Anderson frequently. Have not listened to any other podcast since I got onto these and about to start episode 302!!!
  2. Ayto


    Have just been to Singapore and had an opportunity to watch a couple of movies on the plane - not the best viewing experience but nonetheless. Amongst others I watched Black Panther. Was pretty cool and would like to watch again on a better / bigger screen. However also watched The Darkest Hour, based on Winston Churchill in WW2 and also LBJ, the story of him taking over the presidency following the assasination of JFK. Both very, very good and highly recommended.
  3. Ayto


    Without doubt mate!!
  4. Ayto


    Share a link for those of us a little slow to the party!!!
  5. Ayto

    Busso Half.. and the women’s winner is?

    We had the same sort of thing at Shepp Half one year we the first 3 male pro's turned early on the bike (about 150m, so 300m total), at a roundabout instead of the actual turning area. Leon Griffin was in the lead at the end of the first lap and simply followed the lead car, which was under strict instructions from the timing people to NOT go over the timing mat at the bike turnaround, and the other 2 followed. The 3 lads were given a 5 minute penalty when they came back into T2 but as it turns out Ollie Whistler also had a drafting penalty out on the course which the race referee worked out later and was subsequently DQ'd (he had run himself into 2nd place). Worst thing is Ollie was staying at my place under a home-stay arrangement and I had to tell him he was DQ'd and wouldn't be getting paid Just a tad awk's!!!! Ultimately it is the athletes responsibility to know the course so whilst the above scenario was unfortunate, as was what happened in Busso over the weekend, the blame cannot be deflected.
  6. Ayto

    The Mental Health thread

    In all seriousness this is great news. A bit like DD, I found out my marriage was over when it was too late, and given she had moved on and started again, there was no hope to resolve anything. You have hope!! Enjoy the break, get some guidance when you get back and good luck!
  7. Ayto

    TV Shows

    Have knocked over the first 2 seasons of The Americans over the last month or so. Good watch. Get on it
  8. Ayto

    Best Family Beach / Resorts in Phuket?

    Phuket is miles better than Bali. I wouldn't go back to Bali. Would go back to Phuket tomorrow. Have also spent time in Vietnam and wouldn't bother again (sorry KieranR) We stayed at the Centara Resort in Karon beach. It's about 10/15mins south of Patong and away from (most) of the yobbos. Right on the doorstep of the resort was heaps of shopping, great food choices and the beach was about 200m away from memory. We had a private villa in the resort with our own plunge pool, and in my view, worth the extra coin. Highly recommend.
  9. Ayto

    Loan pre approval. Really? Loan

    Do pre-approvals regularly for clients. Can confirm there are no issues with multiple requests / pre-approvals. As others have stated it often takes some time to find the right property so it is par for the course. Pre-approvals expire after 90 days. In fact, formal approvals also expire after 90 days if documents are not executed and returned. No issues and no cost with applying for a pre-approval. Tell her to get organised and get it so she knows where she stands.
  10. Ayto

    The good news thread

    My grand daughter turned 1 on Saturday. She now has her first bike 😎
  11. Ayto

    TV Shows

    True story. For Christ's sake.........how many showdowns can Rick and Negan have and one of 'em not end up dead / injured!!
  12. Ayto

    TV Shows

    All caught up. All is right in the World again.........
  13. Ayto

    The Mental Health thread

    A lot of what you say resonates with me Sam, as I have also experienced similar behaviours. There are definite triggers that can "set me off" including (mainly) stress. This could be either work induced stress, or more often, emotional induced stress, triggered by my situation with my kids. Great example was Easter weekend just past. I spent the weekend with my brothers in Canberra and spent the weekend with my nephews and nieces. This rammed home the fact that I haven't seen my own children for over a year. This triggered me and I had to work really, really, hard to stay on point. I implemented a number of strategies to deal with this trigger, including simply taking some time on my own (I retreated to our Camper trailer for a lay down and listened to some music), as well as a whole heap of other things learned along the journey. For me, "some" professional assistance has helped, albeit I find I can only get this help short term. Others may be very different, but that's my experience. I have also done heaps and heaps of Personal Development around positive mindset and the like. I have found this to be very helpful. Am I where I want to be? Not yet, but I am significantly further progressed than what I have been. Do I miss out on anything (food wise)? No. But everything is done in moderation. You have to know when to stop, and again there is heaps of strategies that can be employed to assist with this. Is there a simple answer to fix the problem? Nope. different people respond to different things and sometimes you need to keep changing it up until you find what works for you. My advice here is don;t be discouraged if something doesn't work. Look for the next thing as that might be the thing that resonates with you best. Happy to chat mate if it will help. Best of luck. Ayto
  14. Ayto

    TV Shows

    Sweet Jesus.........how have I missed this!! Got some watching to do!
  15. Ayto

    TV Shows

    Am I living under a rock and missed something???? Has the new season of TWD started? Last episode I saw was when Carl revealed his bite!!