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  1. Bit like Abdullah winning the TransAm recently by ~ 600 Miles!!! Meredith is going great!
  2. Yep, following with interest. These guys are awesome and I am in awe of how the leaders push themselves. Jesse is a freak!
  3. Ayto

    Hip replacement

    I'm tipping top of the leg / bottom of the trunk general location............😉
  4. Ayto

    How to stop need to poo

    I have found that since I stopped running a few years ago, I no longer have this issue!! 🤣
  5. Ayto

    TV Shows

    Catch up son, catch up!!! 🤣🤣🤣
  6. Goughy, sorry to hear of the troubles for you and yours. I can't offer any practical advice and hopefully the professional sector can assist in the immediate future. In the meantime, not sure if this is of any interest, but perhaps visit https://www.smilingmind.com.au/ and maybe download the app for Kyan to have a go at. You never know, it might be his thing! Otherwise, it might be useful for the rest of the family!! Good luck.
  7. Ayto

    OT saving lives

    My wife made her first donation last week and didn't die!!! She has now booked for her first plasma donation.
  8. Ayto

    TV Shows

    The Casketeers on Netflix A series based on a New Zealand funeral home. A great mix of humour, cultural respect and dealing with something that is inevitable for everyone.
  9. Ayto

    Wahoo buy Sufferfest

    What a peach!!
  10. I was heavily involved in the race back then (ie it was my signature on the contract with IM as President of the Tri Club) The aim was always to get the race into the centre of town, for a variety of reasons but I will list the main 2: 1) Kialla Lakes is a residential area, and as such, residents like to do resident things, like get the paper on Sunday morning without having the estates 2 entrances closed for a "stupid bloody bike race". Whilst the community was largely supportive of the event, we also had many that were not and caused a considerable amount of grief. 2) From an economic development point of view, Council like to have people in or near the CBD so that they can spend money. Not only is this beneficial for our region / community, but this provided opportunity for Council and other stakeholders to support the event via grants, sponsorships and in-kind support. Victoria Park lake was always extremely popular for many water sports however, over time and due to the impact of the millennial drought predominately, the lake was not suitable for water sports. In 2007 significant funds were invested to re-develop the precinct and get it back to its former glory, and what you see today is a result of that investment. The event, back when it was originally an Olympic distance event was run from Victoria Park Lake, so it has really just gone back to its roots. As much as I loved our event out at Kialla Lakes, I really do prefer it at Victoria Park lake as it is a much better venue / setting for any event. We also now hold the Shepparton Running Festival at Vic Park Lake, for the same reasons (shameless plus, as I am the President of the Runners Club!!!). Entries now open!! https://sheppartonrunningfestival.com.au/ Ayto
  11. Over the last little while (weeks) you may have seen or heard of The Man Walk, which started from a couple of fellas in Kiama, and the idea went viral on social media. After the lads were then interviewed on one of the morning shows, the idea has grown legs from there and grown quickly. I reached out to the lads with the view to kick off a group locally here in Shepparton and the inaugural edition happened this morning. We had 3 blokes brave a bit of a wet morning and walked for an hour or so. Have a search around on FB to see if there is a group in your area as they are popping up everywhere, or if you are visiting Shepparton, let me know and you can join in!
  12. We we driving home from Canberra Half a few years ago. 3 of us in the car. 2 bikes on a rack on the back, and 1 Cervelo on the roof at the insistence of its owner. 5km South of Gundagai I was driving and come up behind a b double overtaking another b double. Long story short, wind shear coming off the back of the truck caught the Cervelo and ripped it off the roof. It was the most fascinating thing watching it slide along the Freeway at 110km/h. Fortunately, aforementioned Cervelo owner was also the owner / managing director of one of the biggest regional based insurance brokerages in the country. He had his bike replaced very quickly 😎 Good luck with your claim!
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