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  1. I have come around to Ricky. I love how he just calls bullshit out and doesn't give a f@#k.
  2. I had jobs all the way through High School and paid board accordingly. Given we were off the land, as I was away from the farm working, my younger brother had extra responsibilities / chores to make up for me not doing so. As a result, my parents thought it was fair and reasonable to pay for his board as well 😧 Not that I am bitter about it or anything..................
  3. In reality nothing. The next step is that the matter will go before the senate in January to decide if his is guilty of the charges in the Articles of Impeachment. The chances of this are unlikely considering the Republicans hold a majority in the senate. The vote will require a 2/3 majority so unless there is a a whole heap of republicans who chose to go against Trump, he will stay in office. The only small glimmer of hope I see is that possibly some may see this as a sinking ship and choose to jump????? At best, it might sway the public enough to not vote him in for a second term.
  4. It's all become real now that its in the backyard. Christmas break is getting the house sale ready and then will be listed once we are back from charity bike ride late January.
  5. Ayto

    OT saving lives

    I was in Sydney a couple of weeks ago and simply changed my regular appointment to the Nepean centre. Easy peasy! Good on you for arranging something whilst you are away!
  6. Ayto

    Peloton Ad

    I got my wife a rechargeable vacuum cleaner for Valentines days a few years ago Her friends all thought I was an asshole It's what she wanted.............and it just happened to be Valentines day.
  7. Ayto

    TV Shows

    "The Movies that made us" on Netflix. A behind the scenes look at the making of iconic movies. First 2 episodes have been Dirty dancing and Home alone. Looking forward to next episode - Ghostbusters. Get on it.
  8. Morning all, I have again been fortunate to be selected to take part in a charity bike ride, leaving from Torquay on 11 January and arriving in Adelaide Thursday 16th Jan, a journey of some 850km. I have attached the thread below from last year for reference. Effectively, it's the same gig, same cause, and same goal - raise some funds to help the kids! Only difference is my fundraising page, which can be found here. Any donations would be greatly appreciated. Any suggestions on how not to die would also be welcome. I have also attached Strava details from last years ride to give an idea of the route. Thanks all Ayto
  9. Ayto

    OT saving lives

    From memory Haemoglobin need to be >125 for Plasma
  10. Ayto

    Busso 19

    Good stuff mate. Sorry your day didn't go as planned but kudos for gutsing it out!
  11. Ayto

    TV Shows

    Haven't read back through the thread, so apologies if previously mentioned but am now a season into Designated Survivor. Despite more crisis happening in the first 60 days of his presidency than Obama did in 2 full terms, I have got to say I am hooked.
  12. Ayto


    Agreed. An obvious one would be Heath ledger too surely
  13. Ayto

    OT saving lives

    Taken a bit to get to the first plasma donation as Bel had to get the all clear from a couple of melanoma removals, but we are both booked in for a date night Thursday night. Hope they have the sosso rolls on order and ready to go.
  14. Ayto

    Busso 2019 - Beer Mile!

    Sweet Jesus..........
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