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  1. Ayto

    OT saving lives

    My wife made her first donation last week and didn't die!!! She has now booked for her first plasma donation.
  2. Ayto

    TV Shows

    The Casketeers on Netflix A series based on a New Zealand funeral home. A great mix of humour, cultural respect and dealing with something that is inevitable for everyone.
  3. Ayto

    Wahoo buy Sufferfest

    What a peach!!
  4. I was heavily involved in the race back then (ie it was my signature on the contract with IM as President of the Tri Club) The aim was always to get the race into the centre of town, for a variety of reasons but I will list the main 2: 1) Kialla Lakes is a residential area, and as such, residents like to do resident things, like get the paper on Sunday morning without having the estates 2 entrances closed for a "stupid bloody bike race". Whilst the community was largely supportive of the event, we also had many that were not and caused a considerable amount of grief. 2) From an economic development point of view, Council like to have people in or near the CBD so that they can spend money. Not only is this beneficial for our region / community, but this provided opportunity for Council and other stakeholders to support the event via grants, sponsorships and in-kind support. Victoria Park lake was always extremely popular for many water sports however, over time and due to the impact of the millennial drought predominately, the lake was not suitable for water sports. In 2007 significant funds were invested to re-develop the precinct and get it back to its former glory, and what you see today is a result of that investment. The event, back when it was originally an Olympic distance event was run from Victoria Park Lake, so it has really just gone back to its roots. As much as I loved our event out at Kialla Lakes, I really do prefer it at Victoria Park lake as it is a much better venue / setting for any event. We also now hold the Shepparton Running Festival at Vic Park Lake, for the same reasons (shameless plus, as I am the President of the Runners Club!!!). Entries now open!! https://sheppartonrunningfestival.com.au/ Ayto
  5. Over the last little while (weeks) you may have seen or heard of The Man Walk, which started from a couple of fellas in Kiama, and the idea went viral on social media. After the lads were then interviewed on one of the morning shows, the idea has grown legs from there and grown quickly. I reached out to the lads with the view to kick off a group locally here in Shepparton and the inaugural edition happened this morning. We had 3 blokes brave a bit of a wet morning and walked for an hour or so. Have a search around on FB to see if there is a group in your area as they are popping up everywhere, or if you are visiting Shepparton, let me know and you can join in!
  6. We we driving home from Canberra Half a few years ago. 3 of us in the car. 2 bikes on a rack on the back, and 1 Cervelo on the roof at the insistence of its owner. 5km South of Gundagai I was driving and come up behind a b double overtaking another b double. Long story short, wind shear coming off the back of the truck caught the Cervelo and ripped it off the roof. It was the most fascinating thing watching it slide along the Freeway at 110km/h. Fortunately, aforementioned Cervelo owner was also the owner / managing director of one of the biggest regional based insurance brokerages in the country. He had his bike replaced very quickly 😎 Good luck with your claim!
  7. Ayto

    Skin checks

    My wife has had something like 28 spots removed over the last 3 years, the most recent having been confirmed as melonoma. She has full checks completed every 90 days. Whoever you go and see, don;t delay and muck about. These things can change virtually overnight, and it can quickly become too late!!
  8. Super stuff!! (See what I did there....... 😎) Congrats mate. Out of curiosity, why so long for the fishing boat? Oh, and sounds like a good excuse for a new bike if you ask me.
  9. Ayto


    Not a movie as such, but a mini-series on Netflix - When They See US. Based on the Central Park 5, wrongly accused and subsequently exonerated. Highly recommend.
  10. Were was the joke????
  11. Ayto

    Android v iPhone

    Yep, but they are funny things. I trialled 3 different sets before I landed on the ones I liked best. They happen to be friends with Apple. Edit - you can actually pair them to an android, but it requires an additional piece of hardware / device worn around the neck to get them to talk. Too much hassle for mine and (apparently) the clarity isn't great. My set up will do for now.
  12. Ayto

    Android v iPhone

    Iphone user for work Android for personal. I absolutely despise the iPhone with a passion. Not user friendly or intuitive in any way, shape or form. The only, single reason I have persisted with a work iPhone is because it has the ability to bloothtooth directly to my hearing aids. This means I can take calls, listen to podcasts / music etc directly into the aids. Android does not have the ability to do so. Let me state though, this is not an issue with the Android phone as it obviously has bluetooth capability, but simply because the hearing aid manufacturer (Siemens) has partnered with Apple. About to change over my personal phone from the Galaxy 8+ to the 10+
  13. I can see both sides to this one from personal experience. When I was training and racing consistently it was both pre-kids, or when they did come along it was prior to them starting school. As a result, I was always very mindful of any training not impacting family life. Training was always done before she was out of bed. Only exception to this was long ride on Saturday I would ensure I was home by 11am at latest, so the rest of the weekend was ours. On the flip side, her regime involved the gym of an evening, so once the kids come along I looked after that side of things so she could gym. Seemed to be a balance that worked for us. I was constantly checking in with her to make sure there was no or little impact to her and she was ok with my schedule etc, always received a response in the affirmative. Didn't stop the abovementioned blind-side thought!! She literally came home from the gym one night and told me our marriage was over. As it turns out she had hooked up with a bloke from the gym, so that's that. Fast forward and I have now re-married and whilst I haven't done, or trained for a tri for a very long time, I am still riding and in recent times have started to get a bit of an interest in endurance cycling so finding I am going longer and longer, with a view to do some unsupported endurance events. Wife # 2 is very supportive of this and encourages me to do what I need to do. Only concern for her is me ending up in a ditch on the side of the road and her not knowing where I am. Not sure what can be done to overcome that.......... Moral of the story? Buggered if I know! From a mental health point of view and long term health and wellness I need to be doing something. If your wife / partner / significant other is aware of this and understand, then all good. If not, then I dunno. Every partnership is about a bit of give and take but as many others know endurance sports can result in a fair bit of selfishness, and that is often not recognised until far too late. To sum up - its all about balance. Find what works for you and your family I guess, but be receptive to change that as your family dynamic and needs change
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