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  1. Ayto


    Great to hear from you Jabbs. Hope all is going well!
  2. Ayto

    Transitions - What do you want?

    It's just the vibe of the thing.....................................
  3. Ayto

    It's goodnight from me..............

    Nice work Roxii. Stellar stuff!!
  4. Roxii - Hope this is ok to post here - sing out if not. Hi all, I am seeking your support for a cause very close to my heart. I have been selected to take part in a charity bike ride for the Herbalife Nutrition Foundation in early 2019, riding from Torquay, Victoria to Adelaide, South Australia, a journey of 840km. The aim of the ride is to raise $150,000.00 which will be used to support selected Australian based charity partners of the foundation, however I need your help by way of cash donations and / or goods in kind as I will be looking to run a raffle or the like in the near future. Click on the Go fund Me link below for full details of the various Australian Charities this cause supports. Emo is already behind the cause with a voucher to the tune of $250 to be used towards entry at any of his events (Excluding Husky LCW Oct 18), so thanks so much to Emo and his team!! Anything you can spare would be well received and much appreciated. Information about the foundation can be found at https://www.herbalifenutritionfoundation.org/ Donations can be made via the following GoFundMe link, or if you want to make sure every cent of you donation goes to this worthy cause, I can provide bank account details to an account I have set up specifically for this cause. https://www.gofundme.com/steve039s-hff-charity-ride&rcid=r01-153596369407-2d442ca165af4761&pc=ot_co_campmgmt_w I would appreciate if you could share with your peers. Thanks in advance. Your support is appreciated. Regards Steve
  5. Tend to agree with what others have said mate - it all seems to stem from what is basically a FIFO job. Fix that and a lot of the other issues / concerns will resolve themselves. With a little one on the way, you will want to do whatever you can to be closer to home full time. Don't have the answers for you unfortunately, and when used to a certain lifestyle based on income, it is often hard to adjust but..............life!! 😏 Good luck and congratulations!!
  6. Ayto

    The Bandit Passed Away

    Hooper was one of his best.
  7. Ayto

    Kimberly Travel Blog

    Wow. Not much more to say!!!
  8. Ayto

    Kimberly Travel Blog

    Hope you and your Dad have a great time Kieran. Looking forward to some awesome photos!
  9. Ayto

    To beard or not to beard

    I resemble that remark...........
  10. Ayto

    To beard or not to beard

    Why the hell would you not??? Disclaimer - have had a beard of varying lengths and styles for the better part of the last decade.
  11. Ayto

    TV Shows

    Absolute rubbish, but by the same token can't turn away from it, "Gigolo's" on STAN. Follows a group of 5 gigolo's around Las Vegas and the antics they get up to. R18+ so not for the kiddies......
  12. Ayto

    The Mental Health thread

    Sorry to hear the news Roxii. Whilst I have never met Yurtie, his contributions here were always well received. Thoughts are with him, his family and friends.
  13. Ayto

    The good news thread

    My aim is to hide any online purchases from my wife.........
  14. Ayto

    Tracing a cheque

    Spot on. The banks all have a formal process around receiving complaints and their requirements under the same. Get it formalised and then let it run it's course. Note - just be aware of the (potential) time frames involved. I've seen traces take up to 6 weeks to get a response from the other bank you might be dealing with. Be patient!
  15. Ayto

    Tracing a cheque

    Keep pushing the bank. That's their job to chase this sort of stuff up and resolve one way or another. I have literally today just written off a small sum of money (<$500) that was paid into the wrong account and subsequently was withdrawn and gone in a matter of milliseconds. Not my clients fault, and it was not the depositors fault as they were paying in in good faith, they just advised the incorrect details. From my point of view, we would waste more time / money chasing it up than what it's worth so I have simply written it off.