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  1. I'm confused........................am I voting for SSM or Pineapple on Pizza???? Or perhaps the bigger question - Is it the Pizza or the pineapple who is the Bigot??? This makes my head hurt.
  2. The Mental Health thread

    Keep at it mate. Love yourself first. The rest all falls into place..........
  3. We don't need any of this crazy talk around here.....................
  4. Wage Increases

    I got 4% last year (November) and then found out it was because I was previously being paid under the relevant "tier" for my role. Since then (Feb) this year my role has changed significantly and I have taken on significantly greater responsibility that has previously not been part of my role.....................pay has stayed the same. Not expecting anything this year. Quite simply, the additional responsibilities above have taken my focus away from "core" duties and, as a result, I've not hit all KPI's.
  5. Proud Dad moment

    Mine are a little older than yours Ian, but earlier this year when I took them to New Zealand, we hired mountain bikes at Turangi and I took the family out along the trails of the Tongariro river. Dead-set, we were less than a kilometre into the ride and my little bloke (10) screams around a corner, hits a small bank and spears off the track on the opposite side and lands upside down in a massive patch of Blackberry bushes. We finally manage to extract him and get him up onto the track and he has scratches / welts / blood everywhere and he mutters 3 words................."that was cool". Couldn't have loved him anymore at that point!!! hahahaha
  6. Tour de France Commentary

    Greg Lemond says cylicts no longer know how to race After watching the stage last night and seeing Froome and Aru both run off the road after misjudging a corner, and then watching the rest of the peleton sit up and wait for them to catch up.................I have to agree with him. Quickly losing interest in all things TDF.
  7. Facebook, I dont like it!

    Gotta be in the running for post of the year. Quality.........
  8. The Mental Health thread

    Sorry to hear the situation for you and yours Flannie and I have nothing to offer except my best wishes and some thoughts from a similar experience. I lost my best mate a bit over 2 years ago unexpectedly. He was only 54 but fit and healthy. My wife and I spent many nights sitting beside him as he was on life support before the family were advised and ultimately decided to turn it all off. He went within minutes of the machine being turned off. It took a significant amount of adjustment once he was gone, and I still sometimes message him via Facebook when I need to talk to him. Whilst I still miss him, and it hurts that he is gone, as Monkie says above, time does heal. Whilst it is early days for you guys stay strong and support each other as best you can. I really do feel for you in this case, as 28 is far too young to be lost. All the best Ayto
  9. Your 'hardest' race?

    All races are hard, especially when one is not a natural, gifted runner however my hardest race by far was one that was more mental than physical. 70.3 Geelong 2010. Less than 12 months earlier my marriage had broken down and ended, I spent 8 months of that time living in the family home whilst my former wife continued her new relationship with her new fella. The first 3 months of that period was spent recuperating from a shoulder re-co, the period thereafter with depression and the whole time hating my job and my life. 15kg later and on zero training I decided I was going to do the race to a) complete the race 3 years in a row (aim was to do 10!) and b ) show my kids that you can do anything you set your mind to. I had only moved out of the family home 8 weeks or so earlier, still hadn't found a space of my own as was house sitting for various friends, and just felt lost. Did the race with a photo of my kids taped the the stem of my bike and couldn't look at it without breaking into tears. Carried the same photo for the entire run and the tears continued. Crossed the line in 6.47 tired and emotional and was just mentally wiped.
  10. TV Shows

    Bit slow but finally got around to watching Season 1 of True Detective. Have really enjoyed it and now looking forward to Season 2 - this is despite having 2 lead characters that are both experts in mumbling........
  11. Tour de France Commentary

    Unfortunate for Richie. Looked bad and turns out its a fractured collar bone and pelvis. That's also the tour over for me. Richie was probably the only one with a chance to get over Froome. How insane was Bardet's descent????
  12. IMNZ 2018

    Have been over 3 times now and have booked through this mob each time Harcourts Holiday Homes Never had an issue with them. Just be sure to book (and pay) for linen, otherwise no sheets or towels for you. Only about $6 p/p from memory for the linen. Cheers Ayto
  13. The Mental Health thread

    Sorry to hear Dave. Crappy position to be in especially after so long working to deliver to such a high standard. No doubt the next opportunity to will come along soon and will be focus moving forward. In the meantime, stay confident and continue to be true to yourself. That means significantly more than work crap.
  14. End of the financial year today

    Do Accountants really party???? Not sure about them, but Bankers (ie, me) will be! This year has been a crap one........
  15. Given your enthusiasm for shooting your mouth off Ruley, no wonder you are such a natural!!!