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  1. I (unfortunately) deal with CSA. They rang me the other day. Didnt know it was them initially as call was from a private number. Convo went like this: Me: Steve speaking Them: Hello, can I speak to you for a moment M: sure, who are you and where are you calling from? T: I just need to ID you before I can tell you what the call is about M: Yeah, don't think so T: I will be able to fill you in completely once we have completed an ID check with full name, address, dob, mobile and email address. M: again, don't think so T: ok, well if you're not comfort
  2. Ayto


    Unsurprising. Hard to keep doing your job when you've been thrown under the bus!!
  3. Ayto


    What a shitshow!!
  4. Too long mate......too long.
  5. Sorry for your loss Paul. Condolences to you and yours. A fitting tribute for a remarkable woman.
  6. Done!! Great stuff Silvia. Congrats!
  7. Her speed has increased. Now doing 19.7k/hr! I'd just want the bloody thing over with too!!
  8. Ayto

    Le Tour 2020

    It was Sepp Kuss. I initially thought the thought process was send him up the road for the stage win, but when Lopez responded and Roglic couldn't it kinda backfired. Even so, would have thought the correct play would have been for Kuss to lead him out as far as he could and then let Roglic go.
  9. Ayto

    Le Tour 2020

    The comment of the stage was something like "you know when the best riders in the world are going 9km/h, you know its steep" Yeah, 24% steep 🤪
  10. Silvia has caught up to the other 2 riders and just reached Curtin Springs. Less than 100km to go!! C'mon Silvia!!!
  11. Currently at Kulgera Roadhouse (km 2125) and battling some pretty ordinary saddle sores I understand. On the move again now. Apparently some ordinary weather coming with rain and headwinds so hopfully she can push through the last 300km or so as best as possible.
  12. Ayto

    Le Tour 2020

    You actually saw the moment the light went out!
  13. Sweet, thanks @Dalai All set up for all kinds of adventures!!
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