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  1. And no FP ... I am a natural
  2. Ok - got 7 days with partner and the 8yo boy in Hawaii on the back of a Canada trip. Good things in Oahu - can get a car? Places to stay - under 400aus pn approx? Trip to Big Island possible so may split 4 to 3 days across islands - how easy to drive from Kona to Volcanos? May just keep to Oahu as dont want to bust our butts travelling too much at the end of the trip Good spots to stay?
  3. Thanks all - had to adjust some dates so only now got 7 days which I reckon we can fill on Ohau relaxing and doing the sites with day trip over to Kona to see a volcano. Being after the Canada drive I don't aim to move too much (the whinge factor may be too much to bear) as we can always go back and hit up the other islands.
  4. Yes got excited and forgot the sandbox. If I promise to run 50m down Alli drive can I count it as training and leave it here?
  5. Leg shaving....

    I remember the first time I swam after leg shave - weird feeling. Also it makes the regular massage easy. Just shave is enough, takes a minute or 2 max.
  6. Kev and Sid out of Kona

    Jeez - KF could drag a dead elephant around that course....and still go under 13hr
  7. No thats not a race - it just a group of mates out for a bunch ride??? Surely
  8. UCI Worlds start tomorrow

    Gee Garfoot stopped pedalling a way out from the line.
  9. Croeso i Ironman Cymru

    on now - dont rush to the site for any video though . . .
  10. Norseman

    http://my6.raceresult.com/68133/#1_C5A46C results
  11. 41.50 per ftnight at the Fitzroy (Melb) outdoor with gym membership and probably a few classes included. Thats for us dignified 50+ so a bit like a senior citz card Heated and outdoor 50m
  12. Finally - about bloody time. This is the next thing that needs to go - if I wanted a bloody cooking show..
  13. Reminds me of the Main Yarra Trail - try that one against the flow in peak hour - lots of DH's and twisty corners they will overtake on.
  14. Ironman SriLanka so it seems

    Thats a shocking photo when you look at the detail given what they could have used - nothing that would inspire me to go within cooee. Mate stayed there a few years back somewhere flash (?). Two bodies where dumped on the beach the day he left.
  15. Ultraman - Go IP

    Trout (Travis) Wayth | M 46 | Mowologist |
  16. Thanks for posting that - I did wonder what had happened with that. A bad enough situation for all involved without those Fwits at the HS carrying on.
  17. Challenge Melbourne HOW??

    Oh that slip lane - they do that in the gatorades - that involved getting my Moto B driver to go up there fast and I just yelled keep left a lot as the fast guys came though. Shut my eyes a few times in horror
  18. Challenge Melbourne HOW??

    HA - hey those short courses are brutal :)) Officiated at the bike leg the last wet and miserable Challenge Melb. Gawd that was miserable. Had to lend one bloke my phone to call his mum - near hypothermia!
  19. Challenge Melbourne HOW??

    HA - I haven't done a race in years - it would be nice to have the option to pull out of one though. And own a disk Someone from WSTC posted on FB
  20. Challenge Melbourne HOW??

    Shit weather forecast - have they banned disks - FB post said they had
  21. Arthritis

    yes of course dh
  22. Arthritis

    See your Dr - Dad has really bad arthritis in his knuckles/hands but the Dr recommended a certain drug - literally cured it in a couple of weeks - no further issues. Depends on the type of arthritis though.
  23. I will be the Kona champion in 2017

    You need to shoot your PR man first - no avatar!!
  24. Weird - behind paywall if you use the link but when I search "Cape Woolamai rip herald sun" it comes up as accessible??
  25. found this online - the video is down a bit link