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  1. symo


    bugger Ah I am going to use the announcement date😎😎
  2. symo


    May gone in May - who would have guessed
  3. Sounds like a regular city price, although that Barra seems a bit cheap 😎😎
  4. So true, probably the best way to get a more level playing field is sorting out education. But I am not holding my breath. Mind you there are still a lot that get to start out way back behind the rest from the earliest days.
  5. Yep there is a significant interview/assessment of reasoning before they let you in. ITs also based on demand which is a bit simplistic in some cases. Mind you we had a lecturer that said 50% to pass an exam was crap as it was too low. He used the analogy of a DR only knowing half the procedure. He used to mark hard... and fail people but that was a while ago.
  6. Aren't Wanda Chinese owned, cant wait to see Trumps embargo stop all the US ironman events. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  7. Jeez you can a a full degree in Proj Mgt? Thats a lot of gannt chart viewing over 3 years πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  8. Unfortunately, occasionally yes - are you telling me he doesn't insult the intelligence of anyone he doesn't like, you may need to listen to a bit more of his radio show. Your snippets may not be giving you enough of a picture.
  9. At least they are finally picking up on this link Polling is so far behind the way society has moved. Good book on this is "Everyone Lies"
  10. Jeez have you ever listened to Alan Jones?
  11. Its an interesting one that will no doubt be poured over for some time. Best forget the old time polls next time - there are better ways to assess and it involves internet data. Even the bookies got it wrong Too much change too soon and the wrong salesman. I remember returning to this country after some years away and being stunned about how self-centered it had become and how it was drifting away from progressive thinking. The lack of understanding that if you continue to wind back taxes you will have to take out of the institutions that provide the services such as education, health... Yes we all know there are inefficiencies but no more that the large companies I have worked in and they provide the opportunity for everyone to succeed. Its all become a bit self-centered, see all the super discussions. Its not set up as a generational wealth transfer system but thats what its being used for. Ah too much to talk about, anyway onward and upward...
  12. Got two 50m outdoors ones close by (Fitzroy, Northcote). The great thing is outdoors keeps the crowds at bay although swim club at Northcote takes a few lanes. Both under $7.
  13. Going to take some cash. They seem to have spent a bit here (Melb) over the last few years to keep ours going Link
  14. symo

    Carbon Hoka's

    Bloody hell - carbon everywhere now-a-days Hoka One Carbon
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