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  1. 157 day swim - he made it
  2. symo

    Hey roxii. Can you review the new fly6?

    Anyone got a Hero 7 1440p?
  3. symo

    Sun Exposure - Melanoma

    Thanks Flanman - just got one of these ordered - Ocean & Earth Men's Indo Surf Hat. Figure the bucket rim will cover enough but if not will look at that. Had a quick look and most of the BB cap styles have a big area at the back that is not covered, but that one looks good. If I am out in 2M+ I will be using it to wave for help :0
  4. symo

    Sun Exposure - Melanoma

    Timely - hope all goes well - anyone got any good ideas as for peaked (?) hats to wear in the surf. Can use a swim cap when swimming but when out on a board it gets tricky
  5. symo

    Great photo

    The real concern is the pack of lions chasing the giraffe - just out of shot
  6. symo

    Kona Countdown Ironman doing good. VIDEO

    Thanks Peter That's a good video/story. Not overly sensational in that usual US way.
  7. symo

    Transitions - What do you want?

    Don't let that hold you back - it doesn't anyone else. Community and events are the go Gear advice - although there are a lot of these around already I suppose. Still good to have it all in one place, even as a link added - that catch up bit is good as well - with a "good" search capability. The problem with popular sites with a lot of traffic is things get lost. Not sure how much time you can spend updating features of the site - adding in new capabilities etc as assume that's limited by your host
  8. symo

    Time to toughen the kids up

    tom gregory
  9. symo

    Let's talk Kona 2018

    Frodeno out with stress fracture - bummer ok ignore that - warrants its own thread
  10. symo

    IM Wales: yma dwi eto

    Brilliant - at least you didn't have to lead the singing and then race link
  11. symo

    IM Wales: yma dwi eto

    That's one hell of an achievement - well done
  12. symo

    IM Wales: yma dwi eto

    Best luck Ian -- that shot looks like the Wales I remember - balmy summers day.
  13. symo

    70.3 World Championships in South Africa

    no issue on FB. Bit ropey to start for 5 mins but has been spot on since - no freeze (ADSL2)
  14. symo

    The Politics Thread

    Interesting read that looked at the issues around the supposed "unelectable" Trump and how people came to think that way and were found to be wrong. "Everybody Lies" . Used all the google search data to identify what people where really thinking and doing. Fascinating new look at analytics and polls.
  15. symo

    The Politics Thread

    This is all going well then.....