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  1. symo

    Nice 70.3

    liked the car coming the other way around the bends at the Motor bike😱😱
  2. symo

    Nice 70.3

    jeez apparently the gap is supposed to be 12m, there's some variations in judgement
  3. symo

    Nice 70.3

    mens pros are off
  4. Better halfs' cousin just swam Loch Ness!!! Gold Coast a doddle! Warm and no monsters!
  5. symo


    I did love that crazy bulging eyes got to keep going stare even if its killing me
  6. ooh err missus. But is it the best
  7. symo

    Hip replacement

    Good luck - can you get it any other colours?
  8. If you are selling your primary residence then no issue. If you move to the investment and then sell it later then the 4 rental years are counted towards capital gain when you sell that one (ratio against the years you lived in it as a primary resi). Be aware of what you can claim against the investment. Lots try and claim all sorts of repairs as deductions for the year but it has to be like for like, no upgrades allowed. Have a chat to a Fin Advisor you know - lots on the internet to point you in the right direction on the rules.
  9. symo


    looked to be good weather this year
  10. I trashed mine on a water slide Replaced at Rebel instantly.
  11. Nice post Coach - boy (9) has just started his last "pre squad" level lessons and what you say makes sense. Being old and crap I tend to one side as never really had much in the way of lessons early on, but can be bi-lateral if I feel the urge. He is bi-lateral due to the lessons but has asked about this.
  12. Bloody hell..https://www.theage.com.au/world/europe/kidnapped-triathlete-escapes-captor-by-complimenting-his-orchids-20190731-p52ccm.html
  13. Yep $3m US - mind you they had 40 million people up for it. Unreal numbers.
  14. https://www.valthorens.com/en/webcam/livecam-station https://www.valthorens.com/en/webcam You can rotate them for a better view
  15. Heavy rain and a thunderstorm; storms can bring flooding downpours, large hail and damaging winds from the weather site
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