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  1. Has he done anything to his weight/training to help him out in the mountains? Dont bother - looked it all up
  2. symo

    Israel Folau

    Not sure IF's lot agree on that - given what they think of the rest of them.
  3. symo

    Israel Folau

    Its a church of 30 people!!!! They seem to have bounced around a few. Interesting the control his father has exerted from way back.
  4. symo

    Israel Folau

    Exactly Monkie - what is this obsession with what other people are up to?? Not just the god bothering christians but the rest of them as well.
  5. symo

    Ironman Frankfurt

    Bloody hell that looked pretty painful!!!
  6. They are all off with the mono-skiers
  7. symo

    Israel Folau

    Ah the old boss - didn't do much good at the bank either
  8. symo


    Brings a whole new rationale for going for a snorkel!!
  9. symo


    Be there next week Did you arrive by boat??? the-new-drug-highway-pacific-islands-at-centre-of-cocaine-trafficking-boom
  10. symo

    Israel Folau

    IF should head off off to the US. He'd be more successful and suited. BBC
  11. Anyone here donate to cancer cure charity - I figured my little $50 wont make a difference so I stopped. Thats the kind of logic that helps us all advance - not
  12. symo

    Israel Folau

    Not sure we have found a cure for cancer yet
  13. symo

    Fake news advances

    its moving fast and in multiple directions link
  14. symo

    Power Leg. WTF?

    Got a mate with a knee replacement - will send this on to him 😂😂😂😂
  15. Ah that to obvious a wind up 😎
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