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  1. Theres always more 😎😎😎
  2. Was hoping they would announce a tracker that worked. Ironman (Chinese) and Facebook - its going to be a battle to see who can steal more of your private data.
  3. symo

    Cardinal Pell

    Bloody hell you may want to do a bit of reading before posting this. Maybe a bit less victim blaming!!
  4. symo

    Awesome Sports doco

    Caught that presentation bit by a fluke - he looks a bit like a deer in headlights link
  5. symo

    Wireless headphones

    How secure are the Trekz - is it reliant on the bit that hooks over the ears to hold them on as they don't seem adjustable in any way?
  6. symo


    A F*** up in so many ways its impossible to describe, and long running as well. Like a mad soap opera but with consequences. Its a bit like the young ones driving off the "Cliff"
  7. symo

    Awesome Sports doco

    Check out "Valley Uprising" - saw it on Netflix - fascinating history of climbing in the valley
  8. Nothing wrong with this - used it a few times - no sure where keys are but has a combo lock. Been in shed hidden under dust so clearing out. Pickup Melbourne
  9. Now got a Wahoo so out of the shed it goes. Got spare bits as well. $150 pickup - Northcote
  10. Just got the Kickr unit from Willie - great service as expected. Will have a look at Grandtours as its still Beta and free
  11. Good to see ScoMo now has to deal with what the rest of us have to - running projects with not enough resources, and tight deadlines with a miracle required to get the resultπŸ˜€πŸ˜€
  12. symo

    Sun Exposure - Melanoma

    Thanks Flanman - just got one of these ordered - Ocean & Earth Men's Indo Surf Hat. Figure the bucket rim will cover enough but if not will look at that. Had a quick look and most of the BB cap styles have a big area at the back that is not covered, but that one looks good. If I am out in 2M+ I will be using it to wave for help :0
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