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  1. For those of us in NSW, it's worth actually reading the NSW rules: http://www.rms.nsw.gov.au/roads/bicycles/safety-rules/road-rules-for-bicycle-riders.html For example, did you know you can legally do a hook turn at any intersection? I didn't realise that was legal (though I've still done it in the past) Also, the bell rule: The "similar warning device" is interesting. Would it allow you to argue that your voice meets that standard?
  2. Quitting Foxtel? Yep, I will miss full-HD cycling on Eurosport , but it's not worth $64/mth to me when I can subscribe to Eurosport UK for $10/mth. Not even sure I will quit yet. Am going to have "the chat" with them as it's too expensive, so I may stay if they're prepared to offer a better deal. But if I'm going to quit, I want to know what the costs/issues associated w/ the alternatives are
  3. Throwing it open to the wisdom of Trannies... Thinking of ditching Foxtel, however, have no idea of what the 'free-to-air' landscape is like at the moment as it's been quite some time since I last didn't have Foxtel. Main thing I use Foxtel for is Eurosport, and I can replace that w/ streamed over VPN, although the picture isn't as good as full-HD TV. The better half loves Lifestyle channel, but can live without it. Rest of our TV is just free-to-air and we have movies covered w/ Apple TV/iTunes. So I know about Netflix etc. and e.g: Eurosport Player via VPN, but mo
  4. C'mon Sharks fans, show your support!! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Piss-in-your-mouth-for-Todd-Carney/503551699746779?ref=stream
  5. Smiffy, you're sadly confused as usual. In 2007, Murdoch's support was written as an editorial a few days before the election (read Daily Tele here). It's a rational argument that weighs up the pros and cons of the candidates and makes a decision. That's perfectly normal journalism. It's also printed two days before the election. What is happening this time is a constant barrage of negative front page articles, across all his major papers across the whole country, starting as soon as the election was announced. That's propaganda. And yes, I'd still think it was ****ed regardless of
  6. You're conflating a Nobel Peace prize with a Nobel for Ecomonics? Seriously? We've covered this a few times in this thread, but I'll make it simple for you... DFAT summary if Aus Economy Note that value of exports dropped 2.5% of GDP between '08 and '09. You don't need a Nobel to realise that selling less stuff is not a boost to the economy.
  7. An industry wholly dependent on Govt. handouts and tax rorts...
  8. Was listening to this Ockham's Razor episode from a few months back discussing the poor state of our heavy rail network along the East coast and the case for investing in some modernisation and increased capacity. Not as 'sexy' as bullet trains mind you.
  9. How can the "1.5% levy" be used to pay for the increased spending when it effectively won't exist? i.e: the net effect of reducing the corporate tax rate to by 1.5% and then reapplying a 1.5% levy only on big companies will be a reduction in tax take. Ergo it can't be used to offset increased spending. Maybe I'm missing something?
  10. You'll be happy to note that ICAC's taking a look at the LIBS in NSW too over some potentially dodgy dealings w/ Sydney Water contracts.
  11. You're being generous there Andrew. Try the '50s & McCarthy
  12. What's going on with your budget over there? Didn't WA gouge the Feds by increasing mining royalties knowing the companies could offset the increase under the mining tax, or was it just talked about? How is is that the budget is buggered in the midst of a massive boom? Is it just that the increase doesn't compensate for the influx of people or something else?
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