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  1. Townsville Triathlon

    You will also get the local fisherman burley up for bull sharks off the pier and point. They don't care about swimmer safety. it's not there problem...
  2. Townsville Triathlon

    I swim in there sans wetsuits all year during non stinger season. 4m croc spotted 2 weeks ago...
  3. the 2017/18 financial year cost of pool swimming

    I am fitness passport through my government job. $21.00 A fortnight unlimited entry.
  4. Peter Sagan shaved his head

    A Cavendish payback?. Discuss...
  5. Peter Sagan shaved his head

    Peter Sagan shaved his head to the shock off his team and fans. Always the rebel..
  6. Ninja Warrior

    I think John Mergler from 22 Ironmans and some halfs in a 100 days should do this as He loves getting His shirt off
  7. Tour de France Commentary

    I was correct it was Him after his 7th at Ironman Cairns, he is racing Ironman France in Nice shortly. He was in the area..
  8. Tour de France Commentary

    What ever happened to Anthony "The Tan man" Tan for His expert opinions?
  9. Tour de France Commentary

    was that Ex pro cyclist and now pro triathlete Cam Wurf doing a gig for SBS?
  10. Tour de France Commentary

    I liked it the other night when Matt was stirring Robbie about His dislike and unfriendly relationship with Stuart O'Grady. Robbie warned him to stop otherwise I can easily reach over and bop you. Matt stopped..
  11. Tour de France Commentary

    I was going to start a separate thread about this. Skoda you have fcuken broken me with this ad. I am psychologically damaged now. I am looking at buying a new car in about 18 months. It can't be a Skoda now...
  12. Tour de France Commentary

    Funny comments by Matt and Robbie about the medical doctor who looks like Leo Sayer last night. Awesome fro...?
  13. What training did you do today?

    I bet you still looked hot.
  14. Tour de France Commentary

    I really miss Phil and Paul calling riders like Greg Van Avermaet a beast of a rider on a beast of a climb.
  15. Fastest way to ship to Germany?

    Buy a Canyon from the expo. Every one has new equipment. Every year. Must be a European thing?