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  1. Hawaii Missile alert

    It is that way in Jails...
  2. Truce

    He might have to man up and head to Lanzarote like all the other Euro pros. Reminds me I must head back there some time...
  3. Sebi visits a pom :P

    You would still win the swim against Her
  4. Cycling kits. What's yours and why

    How about the new Bioracer Star wars kit?. awesome stuff from Wiggle..
  5. hong kong - stuff to do

    Go to the Temple st night markets for heaps of fake goods..
  6. Cricket

    I am still hung over from going to the Boxing day test.. Warner out 99 and then no ball discuss.it was awesome to be at the G for that
  7. Gold Coast 1989

    I am riding next to Fernanda Keller..
  8. BMC TMR01 frame set

  9. Gold Coast 1989

    I am in it as a 17 year old
  10. Xmas Eve Swim

    Next time I am down Brisbane way. I will look you up and join you in a effort. Can have a few beers down the Valley afterwards. Don't worry about your Wife. I will have a word to her and get you a hall pass. Enjoy Xmas - Chuckie M
  11. Xmas Eve Swim

    Do it after lunch you skirt. You live in QLD and scared of the heat. Pathetic..
  12. Kona 2017 NBC Highlights

    Hey Burgs leading the swim and to bike turnaround. and also Lionel grunting on the run. He really hurts himself....
  13. Kona 2017 NBC Highlights

    I was able to save it with clip convertor.. Thanks. It will be taken down soon..
  14. The Last Jedi

    Spoiler alert -Mark Hamill is awesome
  15. The Last Jedi

    I saw the Last Jedi at midnight screening and again this morning at 9.30 am. (life long fan) I liked it. What are your thoughts?. Don't want to spoil it for the uninitiated