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  1. I am in jail now Unit 2 as you speak..
  2. Far esplanade turn around on the run heading towards the airport..(mangroves) They often go for a wander after dark.😀
  3. they hate Etap front mechs. difficult to get right..😣
  4. in place by Cairns?😁
  5. Thanks for telling me that .I was working yesterday. it has thrown a big spanner in the works. I had planned to sell up and leave shortly after. the race date is now May 28th 2022. Will it work with Port mac before and Ironman Cairns usually 2nd week in June?. it's unofficially stinger season here at the moment The Masters swim club have kept the nets in longer as they feel unsafe ….😯
  6. It's great for a race Downsey kicked off some 10 years ago.😀
  7. The 100 and 50 fully sold out. Felt I was entering Noosa. Typing a 100MPH🤔🙄
  8. I am in for my 6th HB100. it sold out in less than a day. I am using for this to help to get the world's in Townsville in 2021. Anyone else throw there hat in the ring?
  9. Very sad, Stay safe 😨
  10. Ross river with fresh water crocs for me . 2-3 times a week. still kind of Stinger season here at the moment...😁
  11. Does he make 10 grand USD a month from Youtube and have over a million in the bank?
  12. It was a bit sad the UfO didn't rise last night. Looking forward to the final tonight. I hope the hot Lego chick from Denmark is on?
  13. Surfers Paradise tri club?. I did train under one of there coaches Brett Sutton for a winter in 1991..😂
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