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  1. I did mention that in the Cairns thread. He ran past in sluggos. I yelled out with beer in hand only 99 more ironmans to go John. He told me to get fcuked😀
  2. Did John Mergler race in sluggos?😀
  3. Must be a quick 4k course😀😀
  4. There is a rumor going around that I can't substantiate That John Hill from The Fast gear tent actually smiled!. I believe this to be a total fabrication. 😀
  5. I will do a easy swim today. I forgoes a 20k ride. Pros and cons of safety in the wet. I am sore from moving furniture during my taper period. I am getting my place rebuilt on Monday from the February floods. It's been a very hard period in my life. I just worked around it. Remember to say hi to my Dad at the swim exit. My family threw his ashes in the sea in 2005 at Palm cove. He will be there protecting you and supporting the whole day. 😀
  6. Suns out guns out😀
  7. I am 2140 for the 70.3. Was told I am a bronze athlete. I prefer brass😀
  8. You can only buy that at Forster😕
  9. I think it should have been a two way tie, both had there pros and cons. I just watched it last night, bloody shift work gets in the way of everything. The Lego rep from Denmark could certainly play with my Dunlop. smoking hot😄 looking forward to season 2
  10. Kale did Dorathy the dinosaur at a epic scale last night .Goodbye😉
  11. I loved his Delorean build 😄
  12. The Lego movie 2 was viewing for me last night. I can't get enough. I want to go pro like Kale😀
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