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  1. New race- I have just entered with my wife as support crew. The course looks great and the entry was very reasonable . 2 Nights 5 star lodge accommodation, all meals & race entry approx. $420 per person !! Race limit 120 people www.lesothoultratrail.com We have always wanted to visit South Africa- so any tips (besides the obvious start training ) greatly appreciated http://maliba-lodge.com/
  2. Easy call..... Increase the swim to 7.8 k,150 K bike ride and 42.2 K run home.(200 k total or 120 Mi ) Should decrease drafting on Bike and allow for a similar finish time as now. On a side note it would probably also decrease the number of people entering by at least 25 %
  3. OK Bernie - so if Trev didn't last the full 10 years- does that mean you don't have to pay him longservice leave entitlement...or was that what the red wine was all about
  4. Thanks Trev....awesome job & greatly appreciated. Welcome back QB- I didn't realise you had ever left : Pinkboy-- Good luck for the weekend !!!!!!
  5. I agree RS- I was devestated when I connected the dots a few hours ago ( Yes a Legend )- I so hope this ultimately proves to be incorrect !
  6. There is a fantastic vegetarian restaurant on the Gold Coast- Tian Ran (asian style ) that does amazing substitutes for fish,calamri,chicken etc. Not sure where the food is sourced from. Most of the large Supermarkets like Cole and Woolies now have a reasonable number of frozen Vegetarian 'meat & fish products ".....may be drop into the supermarket and check the ingredients
  7. More swim footage.......there appears to be more than a few people that cut the course.
  8. We had a great time last night spending over 5 hours at the finish line with the TDC group cheering finishers home !! A huge congrats to everyone out there racing yesterday and all the volunteers. Its is great seeing so many smiles of the people running down that last 50 meters in the finish chute. Saw a dozen or so trannie hats and it was great to see OTTER cruise home. A link below to the swim start video on you-tube.....good luck trying to spot your self
  9. Yeah Sunny we just Ratie at around the 19 K mark- he looked good !!!
  10. mmmmmmmm........OK I will put that suggestions away Now back to the race
  11. I don't disagree softy....As I said like many others I was really disappointed to hear the swim course cut back.....but at I said' maybe ' let people only do a 1 lap option- and then put an astericks next to their name & results (and also onto their race number as they go through transitions ).......Just an idea only.
  12. I was at the swim start this morning and like many people was sorry to hear that the swim course distance was cut back. Yes I have no doubt it was a little on the rough side but I thought that was the whole idea that IM was challenging- Many be they should look at offering options in future where people can elect to do just the 1 lap or the full distance. I did see at least 1 of the pro's cut the swim course in a big way and possible a few others (though apprarently they are blaming a lead paddler- though i couldnt see any paddler in close proximity. Also saw a few others rescued (I thought the safety team appeared to be doing a great job ) and a few that couldnt cope with the currents.
  13. With a 2 laper - it will be interesting to see if they change the pro start time- with a 15 min start and a 2 laper- they will more than likely have to swim through at least half the field on their 2 nd lap
  14. I realise most of the competitors are at the IM dinner tonight - But my wife and I are looking at heading to frankston for a swim tomorrow mid morning and we were wondering if anyone knows if the buoys for the full swim course are out yet ?? THANKS MoM
  15. I have got to drop my wife off at the swim start anyway. Reallly looking forward to seeing the start- I have done 5 IM's but never had a chance to watch the start as a spectator.
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