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  1. beginnergirl

    What training did you do today...

    This happened to me too! The next day I found the u-turn button! Wish I had of found it earlier 🤣
  2. beginnergirl

    The Batchelor

    It surprises me how the girls get so disappointed... seriously .. what do they expect? Their personal life gets exposed, they have a 19/20 chance of getting their heart broken... yet they carry on like the world has ended.... What happened to old school dating?
  3. beginnergirl

    The Batchelor

    .... I’m still laughing at that line too 😂🤣
  4. beginnergirl

    Happy Birthday Big Boy

    Happy Birthday!
  5. beginnergirl

    The Batchelor

    Well.... it’s all drama on social media today! Rumour has it the Honey Badger has left the country!
  6. beginnergirl

    Dating online

    Fish n chips on the beach watching the sunset, a bottle of bubbles... No cooking needed 😉
  7. beginnergirl

    The Photo Thread

    I took these in Kings Park....
  8. beginnergirl

    Pretty Disappointing

    Since tearing my Achilles last year I’ve added a few extra Kgs too.. which isn’t ideal when ur only 5 foot tall! I’ve pretty much been traveling every week for a year for work and living in hotels. I’ve entered Geelong 70.3 purely to shed some Kgs for summer... I’ve also found this since turning 40 its harder to keep a consistent weight without any real exercise and healthy eating.
  9. beginnergirl

    Online Assesment - Job

    I’ve worked at BHP previously and have had to do an online 100 question aptitude assessment... it’s probably the same sort of thing. Was general questions to assess decision making skills and ethics etc.
  10. beginnergirl

    Geelong 70.3

    Even I have entered 🙂
  11. beginnergirl

    TV Shows

    Safe Harbour on SBS on demand is good so far. Think it aired at the start of the year. https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/amp.smh.com.au/entertainment/tv-and-radio/compelling-new-sbs-refugee-drama-pointedly-asks-what-would-you-do-20180226-h0won0.html
  12. beginnergirl

    TV Shows

    I thought it was a bit slow in places too.. but overall I enjoyed it.
  13. beginnergirl

    TV Shows

    Mayan MC... .. the next series on from Sons of Anarchy. Ep1 has just aired.
  14. beginnergirl

    Sickness in the Workplace

    6019..... close!
  15. beginnergirl

    Skin checks

    ....I had some spots frozen off last week! GP did it in the clinic. I do go to a mole clinic every year and get checked... these ones on my hands just appeared from nowhere!