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  1. beginnergirl

    Australian Music

    I went and saw Kate Ceberano last night. Was a great concert and she was extremely entertaining. Artists like Paul Kelly, Mark Seymour, Diesel, Icehouse, John Farnham, Jimmy Barnes, Tina Arena, Pseudo Echo etc all still tour and manage to pack out venues. What is left of Australian Music once all of these people retire? Im not sure Jessica Mauboy and Shannon Noll have the iconic reputations or enough big hits to still be around in 30-40 years
  2. beginnergirl

    The Expat Thread.

    ... are you missing the cows, the red dirt and Aussie Wildlife?
  3. beginnergirl


    I found it mentally challenging when i got to the point of my longest training run... 32km for me. I got a few spasms in my quads etc which had never happened in training. But it’s a great feeling when you cross the line. Ive spectated in Boston before.. it was freezing!
  4. beginnergirl

    USA shootings and gun laws

    There’s a new series on Netflix called Flint Town. It’s based on an understaffed police station in Michigan trying to survive gun crime and drugs... It’s hard to believe a western country lives like that...
  5. beginnergirl

    Mool meetup

    ... pretty sure I just recognised Cranky walking past... Wearing a black moon boot! Hope she’s ok...
  6. beginnergirl

    High School Reunions

    I organised our 20th reunion. Did the whole thing via a Facebook group. Had it at an RSL so I didn’t need to collect $$ and it was awesome! We all ended up at a nightclub until daylight then went to a pub and drank again on the Sunday! Everyone got on great and all of the personality issues people had at school were long forgotten. I managed to invite a heap of teachers also... they got totally wasted! I hadn’t realised they were all 1st year teachers posted to a small mining town when we were in high school. They had some great stories . Im just in the midst of organising our 25th 😳
  7. beginnergirl

    Private health, who are worth a gander?

    I’ve was with BUPA for ages and swapped to NIB when I changed jobs. NIB isn’t even comparable. I am thinking of switching back to BUPA.
  8. beginnergirl

    Mool meetup

    I’m in Mooloolaba for the weekend too (spectating)... happy to catch up also if there is something planned.
  9. beginnergirl

    Tour de Cure

    I donated too! All the best .. 😊
  10. beginnergirl

    Who is in the wrong?

    .. have watched this a few times now and I’m undecided! What’s your view.......
  11. .. 600 cyclists last year received insurance payouts. ... average of 330 new insurance claims each year for cyclist hit by a car. https://thewest.com.au/lifestyle/outdoor/calls-to-end-road-hostilities-after-cost-of-payouts-to-wa-cyclists-revealed-ng-b88749051z
  12. beginnergirl

    USA shootings and gun laws

    Here is the list of choices for rental. https://www.nardisgunclub.com/range/rental-firearms/ ... and I if I was going to buy one... I would have gone the pink one for sure!
  13. beginnergirl

    USA shootings and gun laws

    Waltzed in... handed over my licence and chose a gun :-) never ever fired a gun before. I only fired 3-4 shots and didn’t do anymore. I really didn’t like it. Kind of freaked me out that I was in a room with random people who were prob like me with no prior experience, plenty of ammo and semi automatic weapons.
  14. beginnergirl

    USA shootings and gun laws

    When I was in the US I went to a shooting range outside of San Antonio to fire a few rounds 😂 Handed over my Aus drivers licence and the guy behind the counter started with the whole “you and your country and it’s gun laws”... I picked out a glock and headed off to shoot it. I really didn’t enjoy it at all. Half way through a granny came in.. she would have easily been in her late 70s, got her gun out of its case, fired a box of ammo, packed up and left 😳 I couldn’t believe the range of guns you could buy there. Was also suprised at the amount of police in there. The guy behind the counter told me the police go there to review all of the new guns on the market, study the ammo and also they do their firing practice. Was definitely an experience.
  15. beginnergirl

    Big computer monitor split screen

    We have some at my work.. curved screen also. Will find out the brand..