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  1. beginnergirl

    Plastic bag ban.....

    I was in India last week and did a private tour through Dharavi Slum in Mumbai. Was eye opening to say the least. Majority of their recycling comes from McDonalds. Here is my post from Facebook: Had been wanting to go to Dharavi Slum for the past few years, but was a little torn about going with a tour group and didn’t feel confident enough to go alone. At the end of the day, people live here and I know I wouldn’t like strangers walking through my house. I found Mohammed via Facebook and knew he would be a good option given he lives within the city Dharavi has a population of around 1 million ppl living in a 1.5km sq area. Everyone in Dharavi works. It’s the biggest recycling and manufacturing hub in India and has over 5,000 businesses 15,000 single room factories and produces $700million a year in revenue. Plastic recycling, soap, bakery items, pottery, shoes (ladies), suitcases, leather, bricks, fabrics, sheets... were all items I got to see being made today. Most of the plastics come from McDonalds. I was amazed by how clean the place is on the inside. The homes are 5m sq areas with tiled floors that have a double bed and the rest of the space is used as combined kitchen and family area for the entire family. There is 24 hour electricity and the water runs for 3 hours a day. During this time, people bath, wash clothes and fill blue drums that they self serve water out of for the rest of the day. There is a communal toilet block and a big free space where there were loads of kids playing cricket. There’s also a market/shopping area. In the factory area, the men work down stairs and sleep and eat there or sleep upstairs. There’s small eateries around that provide 2 x meals a day delivered for $14US a week. Most of the workers families live in villages and they purely live in Dharavi to work as they have no (or minimal) education. I was free to take pics except in any of the factories that were making food items. I was also trying to be respectful to the people and only took pics if they offered. The locals aren’t happy with the Slumdog Movie. They say it depicted the area to be a poverty stricken, high crime area.... which they say it isn’t. There are schools, hospitals and churches (of every denomination) within the slum. I felt completely comfortable walking around and the locals were more than happy to shake hands and have a chat (Oh. And I got to go inside the local cinema. Mohammed did warn me that majority of the population of the slum was male... and he didn’t know what would be playing on the screen. Was a dark room with 40 ppl sitting on the floor and a small screen on the wall playing a sexy lady movie 😂)
  2. beginnergirl

    What bluetooth earphones are you using

    I’m using trekz titanium also. Probably the best wireless headphones I’ve owned. Garmin has recommended them as compatible with the 645music I bought. They came in the same shade of pink also 🙂 I took a few wears to get used of the cheekbone technology but they are super comfortable and don’t move at all when running. https://aftershokz.com/collections/wireless/products/trekz-titanium
  3. beginnergirl

    What's Perth or WA like to Live in general?

    I’m working in Melb Mon to Thurs and back to Perth for a 3 day weekend. I must say, the weather is magic at the moment in Perth. It’s a shock leaving Melbourne in 10-12 degree lunch time temp and arriving home to mid-high 20s.
  4. beginnergirl

    USA Shootings #2

    Not sure what happened to the previous post! Guns and Explosives. When is it going to end? https://www.9news.com.au/national/2018/05/18/23/51/santa-fe-shooting-school-in-lockdown-with-active-shooter-on-scene?ocid=Social-9NewsP
  5. beginnergirl

    Vietnam 70.3

    Well done! Hope the hip is ok!
  6. beginnergirl

    Busso Half.. and the women’s winner is?

    I didn’t even bother driving down to watch! Had already convinced myself it was going to be a duathlon. Not or sure why they don’t bring Mandurah back.. canal swim, great for the spectators.
  7. beginnergirl

    Busso Half.. and the women’s winner is?

    Liz Blatchford. What a day! 4th to 1st...
  8. beginnergirl

    Best Family Beach / Resorts in Phuket?

    Had 3 weeks in Thailand.. 8 days at the Hilton Resort at Karon Beach. Hotel was awesome... the Russians. Not so much. Most of the restaurants give you a Russian menu and seem relieved when they notice ur Aussie. I go to Bali 5-6 times a year. Much prefer it to Phuket. Had a weeks work conference in Langkawi last year also and then stayed on for a few days. Prob wouldn’t go back there either.
  9. beginnergirl

    Is Ironman Busso Doomed?

    One 2.5m shark at Smiths Beach and 3 x 2.5m sharks off Prevelly yesterday.. 22 shark sitings in 10 days...
  10. beginnergirl

    Australian Music

    I went and saw Kate Ceberano last night. Was a great concert and she was extremely entertaining. Artists like Paul Kelly, Mark Seymour, Diesel, Icehouse, John Farnham, Jimmy Barnes, Tina Arena, Pseudo Echo etc all still tour and manage to pack out venues. What is left of Australian Music once all of these people retire? Im not sure Jessica Mauboy and Shannon Noll have the iconic reputations or enough big hits to still be around in 30-40 years
  11. beginnergirl

    The Expat Thread.

    ... are you missing the cows, the red dirt and Aussie Wildlife?
  12. beginnergirl


    I found it mentally challenging when i got to the point of my longest training run... 32km for me. I got a few spasms in my quads etc which had never happened in training. But it’s a great feeling when you cross the line. Ive spectated in Boston before.. it was freezing!
  13. beginnergirl

    USA shootings and gun laws

    There’s a new series on Netflix called Flint Town. It’s based on an understaffed police station in Michigan trying to survive gun crime and drugs... It’s hard to believe a western country lives like that...
  14. beginnergirl

    Mool meetup

    ... pretty sure I just recognised Cranky walking past... Wearing a black moon boot! Hope she’s ok...
  15. beginnergirl

    High School Reunions

    I organised our 20th reunion. Did the whole thing via a Facebook group. Had it at an RSL so I didn’t need to collect $$ and it was awesome! We all ended up at a nightclub until daylight then went to a pub and drank again on the Sunday! Everyone got on great and all of the personality issues people had at school were long forgotten. I managed to invite a heap of teachers also... they got totally wasted! I hadn’t realised they were all 1st year teachers posted to a small mining town when we were in high school. They had some great stories . Im just in the midst of organising our 25th 😳