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  1. I have the Garmin 645 music. It now has the Spotify app on it. Also holds 500 songs. No more having to carry my phone. I pair it with the trex titanium Bluetooth headphones. Trex Titanium is Jawbone technology so sits on the join of ur ears/cheek so you can still hear ambient noise around you. Im loving Spotify. I signed up to the 0.99c for 3 months deal.
  2. On another note.... who is organising the Trannie catch-up in Geelong? Coffee or the after party....
  3. .... it’s so cheap in India to hire your own driver and the internal flights are super cheap too. If your planning on doing the cities,... just arrive in Delhi, get a driver to do the day trip to the Taj and then book local tours when u get there. English is spoken widely. Book a nice hotel (Taj Group) and get their travel desk to book trips with local companies.
  4. beginnergirl

    Zwift Run

    https://www.theathletesfoot.com.au/myfit-pod.html I use this too with my iPad. Generally only use it when I’m travelling for work with the treadmill in the hotel gym.
  5. Funnily enough I picked up my phone at the traffic lights to change songs on Apple Music I had streaming through Bluetooth. Motorbike cop tapped on my windscreen. Either way.... I’m well aware of the rules and happily paid the fine.
  6. I also did the same thing... gave up IT and did PT/ Massage for 2 years... was bored and didn’t enjoy having to work odd hours and weekends . I also looked for contracts with immediate starts and made sure I could start ASAP. After the 1st contract, no-one ever questioned my 2 year “career break”...
  7. @hey_burgs is my other favourite..... his insta stories! Even I’m now taking an interest in eucalypts and Australian native flora! https://instagram.com/josh_amberger?utm_source=ig_profile_share&igshid=14w49gd7s9jv0
  8. Someone on here recommended Caro from the Block a few months ago in a similar thread ..... she’s friggin hilarious! https://instagram.com/caroandkingi?utm_source=ig_profile_share&igshid=1o4ofepdcszb9
  9. Been in Tokyo for nearly a week and thought I’d pop in to the Harry Hedgehog Cafe for a look 😂 30 minutes with unlimited pats of 2 assigned hedgehogs! They were sooooo cute. Kind of random .... 😊 Surely others have done other wierd touristy things!
  10. I got a formal warning for this when I worked at BHP... walking stairs with a hot drink. I also got one in Townsville for crossing the rd outside the office without using the pedestrian lights 50m up the road!...... Townsville! If wasnt like it was a thriving metropolis!
  11. https://www.9news.com.au/2018/11/26/03/32/emma-kent-sentenced-for-distracted-driving-causing-death?ocid=Social-9NewsP I got caught checking my phone at the start of the year at traffic lights... fined $800 and 4 demerit points. Was enough of a deterrent for me! Now that Zwift has become so popular, are people using it because it’s convenient, because there are too many ****heads on the roads or other reasons?
  12. ... my first week was planned that way with me to find out a. How my Achilles would hold up and to b. Establish a baseline... I had no idea where my fitness was at. This weeks training isn’t the same volume and it’s included lots of rest.
  13. I have previously been one of these people that needs to “get fit” before I start proper training or join a squad. Having not got into any sort of regular exercise for the past 18 months, I just completed week one of HIM training (coached) and was completely shocked that I got through 12.5 hours of exercise! I also didn’t think I could ride for 2.5 hours (even though it was slow!) Its definitely changed my way of thinking and to have more confidence in myself .
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