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  1. Thanks for linking to my article @AlexHolbrook I'm glad you enjoyed it & that it prompted you to reconsider your approach to your training. MountainMan, isn't that just a matter of semantics? I agree that it isn't "strength training" within the technically meaning of the term. But when I write articles like that, I (have to) think about who the audience is. And I believe the average age group triathlete isn't necessarily going to understand the difference between technical training terms. So I use terms that (I believe) they recognise, understand and would use themselves. And I've heard many more triathletes use the phrase "strength training" than use words like "conditioning"
  2. Thanks for sharing my content Fitness Buddy but please attribute it properly in the future. Jen Brown SpartaPT
  3. Jen_runs

    TDF12 - Stage 3

    I hate it when @TrevS declares that a stage has a 10/10 rating on a night when I was going to bed early. What's another late night?
  4. I'm half way through this at the moment & loving it, especially his honesty & openness. Hope you've put it on your wish list from Santa!
  5. Love that my head is in your favourite photo
  6. Another scoop to end the week: * the old Port "Half Ironman" is now 99% likely to be back on in November this year * same old bike course will be used - ie, down to Cathie & back x 2 * because it's being run by the local organising committee and not WTC it won't be a 70.3/Half Ironman branded race
  7. Jen_runs

    Team Pis IM

    I won't/can't comment on the training aspect. But I don't think it's the training alone. Don't underestimate the psychological aspects. When I think of PIS, that old saying about how you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most amount of time with comes to mind. If that is true, then it is no wonder Team PIS has had the success it has. This group is, for the most part, a pretty tight bunch. They push each other hard physically & even harder mentally (via the sledging that goes on). Success breeds success.
  8. I've never had a scoop before TGL so if you wait for me to have another one, you could be waiting a very long time That I don't know. I don't even know if the local organising committee is looking at doing the "half ironman-distance" race (or whatever it gets called) in November this year or next.
  9. You didn't hear it from me but - - the IM & 70.3 will be on different weekends next year; - it is unlikely that entries for the 70.3 will open next Wednesday - only for the full IM; - the 70.3 will be run by the local organising committee so it probably won't have IM branding & is likely to be in November - there is likely to be about 1700 spots at the IM; and - teams are likely to be permitted in the Half IM again too Over & out
  10. The protour results aren't up. How did Lisa Marangon go Coach@?
  11. Anyone know who won the Pro Tour? The results don't seem to be available....
  12. Jen_runs

    Biggest Loser

    63kgs for me. Still sick. Still not exercising. Hopefully I can get back into it this week...
  13. Jen_runs

    Biggest Loser

    I'm back up too - now 63.3kgs. Stoopid cold - I have been sick for a week now & so no training for about 10 days now
  14. 62.9kg for me, down 1.1kg since the start. Only 2.9kg to go
  15. I'm in and will probably give Master Tortoise a run for his money for the BOP award given I will be walking far more than I run
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