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  1. Suncorp Platinum cover
  2. Try giving the guys at gripsport a ring excellent at bike repairs
  3. jetsnawg

    New TRi-Bars

    Looking for some new tribars and not sure what to get been looking at the following has anyone used them before and what are they like adjustability wise I'm Looking at 3T Brezza Team Oval A901 Any comment would be helpfull
  4. If cadel was in a strong team like Astana he wouldn't be able to keep up to his team mates
  5. jetsnawg


    Pro-race crono carbon tri bars very light & good price From probikekit.com
  6. jetsnawg

    Severe hip pain

    It's me .Tyson said to say hi
  7. jetsnawg

    Severe hip pain

    Come and see your neighbour and we'll have a strong drink. That should ease the pain, may also help you sleep. I know all about having a sore hip
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