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  1. It would seem a lack of funding from GCCC. A reply on their Facebook page: "First year we had $5,000 funding Henry and this year offered $8,000. This is $27,000 less than Luke Harrop Tri was receiving 2014 and $392k less than 2015." It appears that USM/WTC are getting the biggest slice of the pie.
  2. As per Rog's post, you seem to have some sort of issue with Phil? That's how it comes across from this and your past post on him/FOTB. Being that it's not ITU season, perhaps that's why the ITU coverage has dropped off. It was quite good during the season....but you don't visit the site often so probably wouldn't have known A quick visit to FOTB on the mobile site gives links the following articles: The Warm Up Feature Race - 70.3 Western Sydney Tri Town - Busselton The Crank Jan Frodeno ends 2014 season Leon Griffin's Argon 18 E-118 Challenge opens a conversation Finding the right triathlon coach - Part 1 Ironman Western Australia attracts 60 pros Rachel Joyce - pure balance Belinda Grangers Ceepo Katana Swim Training - Five way to get your mojo back Michael Raelert - back and firing Ben Allan - The complete racer The Crank Does tri really need celebrity athletes? Pro reactions Challenge Shepparton The Weekend Wrap *updated Amberger and Luxford dominate Challenge Shepparton Feature Race - Challenge Shepparton etc plus some articles on Mandurah, Noosa and Challenge Foster as well. Seems like a fair spread of races and athletes to me. With 2 or 3 reporters, there's only so much they can cover and who really wants to read about a Gatorade race?
  3. $3.50. I think it was $3 last season (pool closes over winter)
  4. noelski

    Man down

    No good Andrew. Hope it all heals well.
  5. Hopefully with the new rules, we'll see a few more attempts like this, and from current riders. I can't wait to see what Wiggins and Cancellara can do, and I'm sure there will be some other surprise packets out there that this event really suits.
  6. noelski

    WD-40 Bike

    I got some of the degreaser & dry lube to try. I couldn't get any of the wash. I watched their video on the website on how to wash your bike with their products. Basically they hose the bike first, drop the degreaser on the chain & associated areas, spray the wash on then scrub it then wash off. I had to do the TT bike after Challenge GC, it was filthy (it was cleaned pre race). Normal degreaser doesn't work as well when sprayed onto wet chains so I dripped the degreaser on dry & scrubbed it in. It didn't seem to work well when I washed it off. I then put it on the wet chain & it worked wonders. I don't know whether it just worked better on the second coat or does work better on a wet chain as they recommend. I'll post an update when I next clean the roadie on how it goes on a wet chain. I haven't riden with the dry lube yet so I'll post a report on that when I do.
  7. Fair points and pretty much the way society is these days. Far from getting caught up in the emotion of it, I just thought it would have been good for IM to show a bit empathy to the greater IM 'Family'. You can do that without admitting liability or naming names.
  8. Yeah and meanwhile you tweet & update Facebook about how good a race you are putting/have put on....
  9. Gotta love the internet hysteria & people jumping to conclusions. Jono Coulter from Vanderkitten (rival team) tweeted a couple of different photos of the kit showing how it's a gold colour, not skin. He said it's never been an issue in previous races & it's just a bad picture. Check out his timeline for pics and also comments on how it's affecting the riders involved with people telling them to leave the team! https://twitter.com/jonocoulter/status/511375818673491968
  10. From what I can see there is no mention of it by IM Asia Pacific on Facebook or Twitter. Thought they may have at least offered some condolences to family & friends.
  11. Saw a pic of the sprint finish. Good to see some close racing.
  12. noelski

    Hervey Bay 100

    I stayed at White Crest for last years race. If I was returning, I would stay there again. It's not new and it could be said that's its a bit dated but everything was clean and I've paid more for worse!! The pool was very welcome post race as well. It's about a km from transition near the bike turn and on the run course. There is a traditional ice cream shop just down on the next corner, a good Italian restaurant a few blocks down the road (we ate there twice) and the cafes etc opposite transition. All pretty much within walking distance.
  13. Good choice Roxii. Lachie presents himself well and I look forward to watching him develop in the sport.
  14. I had the exact same thoughts the first time I ordered & the parcel wasn't sent from Aust.!
  15. Goughy, I believe when it was set up they said it was an Australian company but their warehouse is in Asia somewhere (obviously Taipei if that's where it's shipping from).
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