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  1. Dukeyboy

    Garmin 935. Wow

    I'm still using my 305! It seems they've finally released a watch with similar gps / pace accuracy.
  2. Dukeyboy

    Garmin 935. Wow

    rebel website has it showinh as available in some stores?
  3. Dukeyboy

    Garmin 935. Wow

    Anyone got their hands on one of these yet?
  4. Dukeyboy

    Cant find a Tri Suit..

    Yesterday I busted a zip on my old suit with 1 week till Mooloolaba. It seems all shops in the Brisbane / GC area are out of M or L sizes. Anyone know where I can get a suit within the next week. Would probably be L, maybe M size. Alternatively does anyone have an old one they want to offload? Cheers
  5. Dukeyboy

    Garmin for dummies (which one to get)

    Hmmm just looking now and the 735xt is a good looking watch. If someone tells me the instant pace / tracking is accurate enough to split consistantly as per my last race as below I'm in!! https://www.strava.com/activities/65249797
  6. Dukeyboy

    Garmin for dummies (which one to get)

    Goughy how is the instant pace? I am still holding onto my old FR305 as newer watches seem to have taken a backwards step in this area.
  7. Dukeyboy

    Garmin for dummies (which one to get)

    297 page thread on accuracy issues on the garmin forums. https://forums.garmin.com/showthread.php?315439-GPS-Accuracy
  8. Dukeyboy

    Garmin for dummies (which one to get)

    I'd steer clear of the f3 given the gps accuracy issues and their inability to fix it.
  9. Dukeyboy

    Hawaii IM Live Coverage

    i didnt sign up for anything...
  10. Dukeyboy

    Biggest Loser Spring 2016 Edition

    A bit of a dud week for me down 0.2kg to 90.9 Not surprising really since I didnt change anything. Now my holidays are over surely this next week will be full of glory.
  11. Dukeyboy

    Who is Australia's best/successful Olympian?

    I think the number of potential competitors worldwide has to factor. Winning a track event would be immeasurably more difficult than a pool event...right?
  12. Dukeyboy

    Biggest Loser Spring 2016 Edition

    How does the gut measure work. Roundest point?
  13. Dukeyboy

    Biggest Loser Spring 2016 Edition

    185cm 91.1kg Goal ?sub 80 Diet plan is basically to eat less and stop when full. Will cut out sugar, bread and processed crap so this probably qualifies as paleo(ish). Will be mainly running during this time - hopefully increasing km as I get less fat
  14. Dukeyboy

    Hierarchy of weight loss

    Ok. Height 185cm Weight 91.1kg My celeb diet approach? I'm planning to eat less food.. If someone wants to make an official next biggest loser thread I will post on it, otherwise planning on updating weekly on this thread.