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  1. Just wondering if anyone has a 165mm 10 speed crankset lying around they're willing to part with? Much appreciated!
  2. minimuts

    Avanti TT bikes

    I have a Chrono TT team And i think its pretty good. They are the same frames as FOCUS use on their TT bikes.
  3. yeah it is. this is like my beast. but a different colour though!
  4. The Plates on the Lambo look like they are Arabic or something. Would still prefer the Mercedes Mclaren MP4-12C
  5. minimuts


    Thanks Guys. He has Just lost a huge amount of cash and doesnt want it to happen again.
  6. minimuts


    A friend is looking at buying this bike Cervelo S1 2009. i have never really heard of this site before but do you think they are legit? Thanks Minimuts
  7. if not already obvious run on the hard sand down by the water due to it being more compact.
  8. just quote previous post and add your word onto the end of thiers inside their quote.
  9. set up a structured programe with 1 or so of each disipline each week, but have them at different venues and different styles. A social outing or something like that is also good for building of their social aspects.
  10. minimuts

    Ride with Lance

    saw him 2day with police and team car following. he was riding down Anzac Highway and you could not drive past because of the network cars and people slowing down for a look.
  11. Bike - Avanti Chrono team Lid - Limar Speed Deamon Hat - New Balance Sunnies - Adidas ones with vent thingies Shoes(bike) - lake Shoes(racing) - Brooks T5 racer Shoes(running) - Nike Voomero Clothing - 2 piece clothing (too many to mention) Towel - Speedo Australia Gold on green Wettie in the post
  12. minimuts

    Buying online

    +1 classic! croc hunter, have you only ever raced the croc once? and it was in your chosen sport, so if it was his chosen sport and he "destroyed" you would you expect him to brag about it even though it happened 9 years ago? i don't want or need to know who you are but your comments and appearence on this topic seem to make me think that you are some how connected to MJ or M1 cycles in one form or another. Lance did Tri's do you think you could beat him in a road race or eat him for breakfast?
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