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  1. Dean Mercer

    Heart attacks can happen to anyone, fit or not. I'm pretty sure if the newspaper reported the heart attack deaths of all "unfit" 47 years olds it would easily eclipse the occasional "Dean Mercer" type. gw
  2. Winterfish

    Finished! Just snuck it in with a 4.2k this morning to take it to 103.2k for the 50 days. This included 1 1/2 weeks off to let a shoulder niggle subside, so happy with that. Brings it to 380.8k for the year so far now. gw
  3. Winterfish

    The worst are those that are standing at the wall and push off just as you arrive, multiple times. I could understand maybe the first time, but even then I have a quick check of people and paces while getting ready to jump in so I don't do that. Some others are just going to swim continuously and never stop whether or not you're catching and passing them multiple times. Most though will make way at an end, as do I when someone faster is catching up. gw 4.2k this morning, hopefully back to a "normal" week now, shoulder willing, i.e. 4.2k M, 3.2k T, 4.4k W, 0k T, 4.2k F, 3.2k S, 0k S.
  4. Winterfish

    Well, back in the pool after 11 days off due to shoulder issues. 3.2km fairly easy. Shoulder feels OK so far. Normally have been swimming Mon,Tue,Wed,Fri,Sat but was planning just MWF this week back to ease the shoulder in. Then remembered I'm having a few bits cut out Wed arvo (bcc's) and doc always says no swimming until stitches out. Never did follow that advice and never had any real probs. Only issue was doing a 10k ows the day after once. Was in a "fresh" water body (Champion Lakes, Perth) and had a slight infection in the calf, nothing nasty but left a more obvious scar than normal. Pretty sure there's enough chlorine in pools to not cause probs, same with nice clean salt water in the ocean. gw
  5. Winterfish

    OK, after issues with the "good" shoulder in mon mornings (cut short) session, it felt good by that evening so still did tues morning session as planned and all good with the world .Then wed mornings sess I had to stop at 3.5k (planned 4.4k) this time due to pain in the "dodgy" shoulder . No signs or pain before the swim but felt it from the first stroke. Why? Can only think mon, tues I was favouring the not so good "good" shoulder and loading up what was the goodish bad shoulder. Kept pushing through but eventually stopped. Still quite painful later that morning doing nothing, but by the evening (after voltaren gel, voltaren tab, advil tabs) it felt much better. Still did the evening weights session without too many issues. Still not confident it's OK to swim, so I'm forcing myself (and I mean FORCING) to have at least a week off. Stubbornly continuing training with something dodgy (swimming or running) is a past hallmark of mine, so I'm trying to learn! Obsesssive/compulsive, who me? I'll play it by ear after a week and try and force myself to s-l-o-w-l-y work back into it. Could make it hard to get to the 100k, but hey, first world problems. Cheers. gw
  6. Winterfish

    Hmmmm, note to self. Do NOT clip hedges (above shoulder height) for an hour. Next morning (today) had to cut short a planned 4.2k session to 2.7k due to shoulder pain. Not really muscular either, more jointish? tendonish? ligamentish? Will see how it goes at tomorrow morning's swim. gw
  7. More swimming numptiness (sorry!)

    Definitely getting rid of major flaws should be the major objective IMHO, and in such a way that you can keep them at bay long term. gw
  8. Winterfish

    I'm in for 100k. Cheating a bit (lot?) as I've never done a tri. I like to swim and run which is why I visit this forum. The content seems to mirror the relative distances of each discipline in an IM. gw
  9. More swimming numptiness (sorry!)

    FP, after this mornings swim there's another "gross/large" "error" by us numpties that I meant to mention, leg kick. You will also notice that most of the fasties have a small amplitude kick with minimal knee bend, the slowies quite often have a large amplitude kick and a knee bend that makes it look like they're riding a bike! This creates massive drag. Don't worry too much about 2-beat, 4-beat, 6-beat, etc. Just let your legs do what they want BUT with a small amplitude kick and minimal knee bend. gw
  10. More swimming numptiness (sorry!)

    Have a look at the other lanes while swimming (so you're seeing underwater) and note the body positions of the fast, medium and extremely slow swimmers. One of the main things you will notice is body position. Almost without exception the fasties are horizontal and the slowies angled anywhere up to 45 degrees! Although there are a number of reasons for this a major one I see is hand/arm entry very flat, or even angling upwards. This just sets you up for pushing straight down on the water which just pushes the front up and legs down in a vicious feedback loop. Try entering/spearing your hand/arm angling downwards in front of you. This helps bring your rear end up and helps sets you up to pull straight back rather than down. This should help get your body more horizontal and decrease the drag considerably. Don't worry about fancy high elbow pull, us numpties struggle with the coordination and flexibilty to do that properly and effectively. For us reducing drag trumps pulling harder. gw
  11. Rottnest Channel Swim

    I reckon there's always a few underprepared zed, both in terms of lack of volume, and lack of ows in "dodgy" conditions. I know a few friends doing the Port to Pub (Leighton Beach to Rottnest) in just under a fortnight. Two in particular who are doing solos (one doing the 25km option!) are doing lots of ows, and not just in the calm mornings, but some afternoons when the sea breeze is in. Pretty important to get some exposure to that I think. gw
  12. Rottnest Channel Swim

    Meant to mention that there were 41 DNF's, I'm guessing a combo of didn't make cutoff times and/or hypothermia. We've had a mild summer this year and the water off Perth has been a degree or 2 colder than "normal". gw
  13. Rottnest Channel Swim

    Yep, apparently the conditions were worse than they "looked", including current and sloppy chop. Wife was on board a support boat for a solo in the 2nd wave, i.e. after the gold cap "Champions of the Channel" first wave. A QLD'er, friend of another banana bender we met on a SwimTrek in Greece 2015. The guy on SwimTrek came over and did it last year in 5:12 (58 yrs old) so his mates aim was to beat that. He smashed it! Was first in the second wave of solos and passed so many gold cap COTC swimmers that he placed 7th overall in a time of 4:56. I'm sure his mate Michael will claim age adjusted victory as he's only 34. Apparently he trains/trained with Trent Grimsey (who also swam and did 5:22). Wish I'd taken up the offer to go on board the "mother ship". Would have been interesting having a chat with these guys. Another friend was one a couple of guides for a blind swimmer who completed it in 8:22 Saw footage of someone doing the crossing butterfly! Anyway, wifey came home very impressed, great swimmer, nice guy, good looking, neurosurgeon. I could be in trouble. gw P.S. Jarrod Poort won it in 4:12
  14. Rottnest Channel Swim

    http://www.westernangler.com.au/forum/index http://fishwrecked.com/forum http://w11.zetaboards.com/Westfish/index/
  15. Rottnest Channel Swim

    MackaEvo2 It may also be worth looking on facebook for WA Masters Swimming Clubs and posing the boat question. The list of clubs is here: http://mswa.asn.au/Clubs/Club-Contacts I assume most have a facebook presence. gw