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  1. gregorywannabe

    Rotto swim canned - shark...

    And as for the Port to Pub swim I knew a few friends in different teams and the consensus was pretty much "Yay!" when it was cancelled. Another friend swam the 25km solo last year in 8:14:04 (@19:45 per km pace). This year when she was pulled out after 3hrs:40min she had done 8.5km (@25:53 per km pace) which would translate to a finish time of 10:47:04 at that same pace, i.e. about 30% slower than the year before! I think she was disappointed and happy at the same time!
  2. gregorywannabe

    Rotto swim canned - shark...

    Yep, we were all wondering on the day where Daphne was. After we finished the swim we found out she had escaped!
  3. gregorywannabe

    Rotto swim canned - shark...

    He's on the solo start list for Port to Pub this Saturday. I'm heading down to the start to send off a couple of friends. I'll make sure to check he doesn't have flippers.
  4. gregorywannabe

    Rotto swim canned - shark...

    http://www.watoday.com.au/wa-news/its-under-the-boat-its-under-the-boat-rotto-swimmer-tells-of-moment-he-spotted-great-white-shark-20180226-h0woc1.html So the swimmer that spotted the shark (it swam underneath him!) and whose team notified officials was able to finish his solo because by the time officials made the call he had swum far enough to be outside the 1km exclusion zone! No wonder people were pissed that they got pulled out. On another note he's a nutter, swam butterfly the whole way in 7hrs 20min. gw
  5. Ahhh, that explains Trump then.
  6. gregorywannabe

    New Busso swim course - shark friendly

    Ummm, it was the Busselton Jetty Swim 2 weekends ago and 1707 solo swimmers (and 194 duos/teams of 4) swam around the Jetty no problems, myself included (and no wetsuits - well OK a couple maybe). This swim has been going since 1996 with no problems. The local Masters group train for ows by swimming around the jetty every week. Total shark attacks = 0. Total shark sightings = ? This year 47 under 15's, ~30 over 70's and 1 in the 80-84 age group = toughen up IMWA buttercups gw
  7. gregorywannabe

    Open Water Swimming

    Hey BG, you could try swimming down at Coogee Beach. Not quite near Scarborough I know. But it's a great spot for beginners. 1.5km between Coogee Jetty and Woodman Pt Jetty, with the local SLSC 1/2 way between. You can swim parallel to the shore as shallow or as deep as you want. Generally no swell to speak of and mostly flat calm with an offshore breeze. And when it is choppy, like last Saturday you can still be close to shore if you want. Makes a big difference time-wise - took me 7 mins longer into the chop from Coogee to Woodman Pt than it did coming back the other way! Good for sighting practice as well to avoid head on collisions! Lots of swimmers down there training for Rotto (with paddlers). I'm part of a group of ~20 that meet at the Coogee end each Sat at 8:00am. Some walk up and swim back, some walk 1/2 way and swim back, some swim both ways (3k) and those in serious training will do 4 (6k) or 6 (9k) if they're doing Rotto. Best of all a nice cafe for bacon and eggs aftewards. The past 2 weeks a newish ows swimmer (training for Busselton Jetty Swim) has brought her hubby and teenage kids along and they head about 50m offshore and dive for a feed of blue manna crabs. gw
  8. gregorywannabe

    Dean Mercer

    Heart attacks can happen to anyone, fit or not. I'm pretty sure if the newspaper reported the heart attack deaths of all "unfit" 47 years olds it would easily eclipse the occasional "Dean Mercer" type. gw
  9. gregorywannabe


    Finished! Just snuck it in with a 4.2k this morning to take it to 103.2k for the 50 days. This included 1 1/2 weeks off to let a shoulder niggle subside, so happy with that. Brings it to 380.8k for the year so far now. gw
  10. gregorywannabe


    The worst are those that are standing at the wall and push off just as you arrive, multiple times. I could understand maybe the first time, but even then I have a quick check of people and paces while getting ready to jump in so I don't do that. Some others are just going to swim continuously and never stop whether or not you're catching and passing them multiple times. Most though will make way at an end, as do I when someone faster is catching up. gw 4.2k this morning, hopefully back to a "normal" week now, shoulder willing, i.e. 4.2k M, 3.2k T, 4.4k W, 0k T, 4.2k F, 3.2k S, 0k S.
  11. gregorywannabe


    Well, back in the pool after 11 days off due to shoulder issues. 3.2km fairly easy. Shoulder feels OK so far. Normally have been swimming Mon,Tue,Wed,Fri,Sat but was planning just MWF this week back to ease the shoulder in. Then remembered I'm having a few bits cut out Wed arvo (bcc's) and doc always says no swimming until stitches out. Never did follow that advice and never had any real probs. Only issue was doing a 10k ows the day after once. Was in a "fresh" water body (Champion Lakes, Perth) and had a slight infection in the calf, nothing nasty but left a more obvious scar than normal. Pretty sure there's enough chlorine in pools to not cause probs, same with nice clean salt water in the ocean. gw
  12. gregorywannabe


    OK, after issues with the "good" shoulder in mon mornings (cut short) session, it felt good by that evening so still did tues morning session as planned and all good with the world .Then wed mornings sess I had to stop at 3.5k (planned 4.4k) this time due to pain in the "dodgy" shoulder . No signs or pain before the swim but felt it from the first stroke. Why? Can only think mon, tues I was favouring the not so good "good" shoulder and loading up what was the goodish bad shoulder. Kept pushing through but eventually stopped. Still quite painful later that morning doing nothing, but by the evening (after voltaren gel, voltaren tab, advil tabs) it felt much better. Still did the evening weights session without too many issues. Still not confident it's OK to swim, so I'm forcing myself (and I mean FORCING) to have at least a week off. Stubbornly continuing training with something dodgy (swimming or running) is a past hallmark of mine, so I'm trying to learn! Obsesssive/compulsive, who me? I'll play it by ear after a week and try and force myself to s-l-o-w-l-y work back into it. Could make it hard to get to the 100k, but hey, first world problems. Cheers. gw
  13. gregorywannabe


    Hmmmm, note to self. Do NOT clip hedges (above shoulder height) for an hour. Next morning (today) had to cut short a planned 4.2k session to 2.7k due to shoulder pain. Not really muscular either, more jointish? tendonish? ligamentish? Will see how it goes at tomorrow morning's swim. gw
  14. gregorywannabe

    More swimming numptiness (sorry!)

    Definitely getting rid of major flaws should be the major objective IMHO, and in such a way that you can keep them at bay long term. gw
  15. gregorywannabe


    I'm in for 100k. Cheating a bit (lot?) as I've never done a tri. I like to swim and run which is why I visit this forum. The content seems to mirror the relative distances of each discipline in an IM. gw