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  1. gluteus

    Xterra back again,again ...

    Good to see Xterra back. I will be in for the East Gippsland race. A good way to start off the season. I fear that the 3hr drive from Melbourne might keep a few away, but I hope the series is a success. Would have loved a race back at Anglesea or even at Lysterfield Lake.
  2. gluteus

    motatapu 2015

    Hey Flashman. It is a beast of a course. Spectacular doesn't do it justice. I had a really tough day out but got to the finish line. Only just. I would recommend this race to anyone. I already have March 4 2017 locked in. I will post a race report soon. Gluteus.
  3. I have done the Vila, lifou, noumea loop twice in the past 18 months with princess cruises. It is a great trip. Lifou is definitely the pick of the ports, absolutely beautiful. I am not sure on your wife's mobility issues but Lifou may be tricky for her. It is a port where the ship anchors out to sea and you catch a tender boat to shore which may be tricky for your wife, also access to the beach is a bit rocky and maybe a little tricky As well. Snorkelling is the go on Lifou, most people go to the Marine Park to do this (1-2 km walk / $15 entry) but we found the best snorkelling to be on the edge of the reef off the main beach (from the jetty, swim back towards the ship to the reef drop off - about 200m, swim with turtles etc - easy access and free). Vila is really an eye opener. We did a trip to the waterfall the first time - fantastic but no good for your wife, 2nd time we grabbed a cab and did some driving around to different spots which was fun. Apparently Duty Free is good in Vila. Noumea is ok, we caught the bus that does the circuit of land marks - you can by an all day ticket $20 and just get on and off. We went to the beach and aquarium. My tip - avoid the buffet. The dining rooms are open Breakfast, lunch, and dinner where you can order surprisingly good food off the menu and not pay a cent more. Why people go to the buffet I do not comprehend. They are busy, people everywhere and a gastro risk. pm me if you need more advice.
  4. gluteus

    The tide is high

    Cordrazine were a Melbourne band. Hamish the lead singer had a hypnotic voice. He didn't like performinging live though (severe anxiety I think). They released 2 albums 10+ years apart. Their cover of raindrops keep falling on head on the Hal David and bert Bacharach tribute album was pure genius.
  5. gluteus

    A new magazine from someone we know.

    I picked up a copy this morning. I'm really impressed. Certainly hits the mark for me. Although it was a bit hard to find on the newsagent shelf (the magazine title is a bit understated on the background and doesn't really stand out) it was well worth the cover price. Consumer Feedback - Liked - Variety of articles , photography Disliked - Fumes from the printing,
  6. gluteus

    motatapu 2015

    March 5th 2016....Six Months exactly today... My entry is in... my relationship with hills has begun.... Pumped.
  7. gluteus

    Good shoe shop or podiatrist

    Neil Ryan is the guy you're thinking of at Runners World CEM. A Melbourne Institution.
  8. gluteus

    $450 Floor Pump

    $450? you got fooled by that US pricing. RRP here in oz is $549. Still have my original Silca pump bought circa 1995.
  9. gluteus

    Treadmill Servicing

    I have used total gym care twice. Service 1 - Removed a tennis ball that had become jammed in the roller mechanism (unknown to us). Cost of call out about $80 Service 2 - Replaced cracked running deck on Treadmill. Total cost about $400. I have been happy with them both times. Cheers.
  10. gluteus

    Q for the physios - daughter's knee injury

    I would go to the GP and get a referral for an MRI - Medicare rebates can now be given with GP referral for knee MRI of < 16 y.o. if an x-ray has previously been done. Most likely injury is probably a simple inflamed bursae or fat pad. But given history of previous trauma and the nature of this injury an MRI is justified to rule out serious injury.
  11. gluteus

    $240 million dividend for WTC owners

    I'm not sure they even have that. Don't the licence the m dot from someone else? Mistral I think.
  12. I suspect Froome's inuries from stage 4 were worse than reported. He looked like he was steering with one hand last night. I think Plan B was well and truly in play yesterday with Porte as a co-leader.
  13. gluteus

    Greg Welch inducted into the Ironman hall of fame

    Wasn't Welchy already inducted into the Ironman HOF in 2004?
  14. gluteus

    how hard are off road tri bike courses

    I did the Anglesea race earlier this year. I'm a complete mtb novice. I got my ass handed to me on a platter by the course. Fell off three times. But I loved it. Like any poor tradesman i blamed my tools so went out and bought a new bike. It was the only solution really. I will be going back next march for redemption.
  15. gluteus

    Foot pressure when running

    Sounds like a Morton's Neuroma to me. If your pod didn't consider this get a new podiatrist.