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  1. Prince


    watched Swingin Safari last night. Good for a laugh and great nostalgia if you remember having a dry clad pool in the backyard, having a fat labrador,, cracker night, wearing ice cream containers on your head to warn off the magpies, evil knieval, sunken lounge rooms...
  2. Prince

    Hello Fresh.....

    better off using coles or woolworths one line. They have recipes which list the ingredients, then you just click and order the ingredients. i save a fortune doing my orders on line than aimlessly going from aisle to aisle.
  3. Prince

    fuel prices

    Now ya talking Parkside.
  4. Prince

    The Politics Thread

    Just call it a rolled gold hunch
  5. Prince

    fuel prices

    I am so pissed off with fuel prices at the moment. it is now $1.60 in Brisbane, and it was $1.39 yesterday in most places. the fuel companies are really giving us the finger. a few years ago we were promised the ACCC would keep them honest but they have done nothing and said nothing.
  6. Prince

    The Politics Thread

    maybe you weren't in his demographic.
  7. Prince

    The Politics Thread

    thank god labor has moved on from this twaddle, and moved with the real world. it is only the unions now who espouse this crock of shite and even half of the labor caucus would love to distance themselves from unions. if by some chance Shorten gets in he will struggle keeping his faceless men in check. he has already sold out.
  8. Prince

    The Politics Thread

    sounds like a doctrine of a welfare state
  9. Prince

    The Politics Thread

    not in my world..apparently it was the recession we had to have....unemployment at an all time high...
  10. Prince

    The Politics Thread

    I think you need to widen your reading away from union newsletters. More than happy to steer you in the right direction, as it sounds like you need help. Howard is still the go to man for the party, and is very well respected. There was only one other PM that had held a longer term in office. Let me do the sums for you. That means that the majority of Australians voted him in for 3 terms straight. He lost his own seat in the end simply because he stayed too long and Maxine Mckew had a 'celebrity' factor. Hawke passing the baton to Keating was no legacy. Actually he didn't pass it did he. Keating knifed him. Keating single handily and put International relations back 30 years and screwed our economy. I still remember interest rates at 17%. He was also responsible for one of the worst defeats for labor and unlike Howard, you will notice these days plays no part in election campaigns and lives in obscurity. he was an okay treasurer but hardly PM material. It was all about his pitiful narcissism about why Hawke wouldn't give him the baton. It became a laughing stock how those two hated each other, pretty similar of the Rudd/Gillard era. I don't know what a bex is but am about to have and enjoy my good lie down now I have enlightened you.
  11. Prince

    Royal Wedding

    maybe there will be a punch up.
  12. Prince

    Royal Wedding

    can't wait
  13. Prince

    The Politics Thread

    ...and fixing up the poor economic management left from the departing labor government.
  14. Prince

    The Politics Thread

    hung on to power too long? do you forget how Hawke wouldn't abdicate? As for mr banana republic. there is a major difference in a minority party building up hatred, than one in government. Keating did more damage to the economy than any party had done in a decade. Howard is still recognised today, no matter what pathetic name calling you rattle off, as one of the most decisive and influential leaders of our time. you just have to get over it.
  15. Prince

    The Politics Thread

    you contradict yourself. if people wanted change why did he serve over 11 yrs? I laugh when a leader has died or near death like all the praise Whitlam got when he died. Wasn't he sacked? and then all this sentimentality over Hawke recently. why? that were both disgraceful leaders who made poor decisions for our country. no great legacy there I'm afraid.