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  1. I think the last thing those that are in the crisis and who may have lost their houses would be any discussion on the causes of the fire. it is simply unhelpful. Agree that the discussion has to come in the coming weeks but needs to involve more than the pollies. Large scale change doesn't come from politicians. Formidable Change comes from a strong social movement, and as bad as this crisis is, it may have convinced greater numbers that Houston..we have a problem....
  2. regardless what actions the current government or the next one does re: climate change, it will only be criticised for not doing enough. There will continue to be bushfires of epic proportions and long term droughts for years and years to come. Many of the current commentators and protesters think that Morrison can wave a magic wand and throw billions at the crisis and fix all this. As for the scientists, well all I see is that they are smart with the initial causation but dumb in terms of real world ways of fixing the problem. I also don't think the responsibility is just for government.
  3. I think i did notice you can rack the day of the race. Is that still the case, and is that an advantage?
  4. I sure hope the race isn't affected by any bushfires as isn't it in a bushfire area?
  5. heck, if you haven't had a full day off all year, you need an uppercut. Especially as you have a race in two weeks. I am guilty of not often having a day off either but I will have an unscheduled day off, mainly because of mental fatigue. You will not lose any fitness, and you will gain motivation and mental rest.
  6. thanks all for the advice. getting the lbs to. look at it. the chief mechanic was away today but will. let me know based on all of the above.
  7. I have a set of zipps (606), however they were for my 10 speed cervelo. (hub is 10 speed, no spacer) so, the new cervelo's are now 11 speed. Can I: 1. Upgrade the hub to a 11 speed some way, is that a big cost? 2. if I can't upgrade, and assuming I will run a di12 on the new bike, can I still use these wheels in some way? 3. am I stuffed? snd have to sell these wheels?
  8. seeing Albo on the project, I am. not sure he is what is needed at the Labor Party at the moment. I like the guy but I get the feeling they need a really strong assertive leader.
  9. Does any one have any tips for this race? i have obviously never done it and don't even know where penrith is, however, i am sure i will find it.
  10. 'Drought Proofing' by way of infrastructure is a long term solution which i doubt will satisfy those in serious trouble. No mater what any government is doing it won't be considered enough. I think its time for some of the big supermarket conglomerates to really come to the party. They have been screwing the farmers for the past 20 years.
  11. I am in. First race in 8 years, as can't count Cairns in 2017 as had rear deralieur broken with a few kms into the bike. very nervous and excited.
  12. Prince is not here at the moment. Feel free to leave him a message...
  13. i think you are both still struggling with the fact the Libs have a majority government..... poor saps... In the definition that i am aware isa majority government = Mandate = Elected by the majority=mandate on policies taken to the election. But hey, your welcome to prove me wrong. So far i can't see that you have.
  14. sigh sigh....yes, exactly, and the electorate has indicated why they want a particular party to govern based not the policies presented. essence of politics and democracy my friend...
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