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  1. The Politics Thread

    she said it was to point out issues with security and then threw in the oppression statement. I mean this last week the focus has been on the citizen debate, conspiracy theories, a postal meaningless plebiscite,, shorpants indiscretions as a Union leader and now this. nothing that really matters to those who pay these idiots their salaries.
  2. Garmin 735 training effect

    possibly your heart rate zone settings. did you set them yourself or did you use their formula. ?
  3. The Politics Thread

    I almost asked a lady at the bus stop a few months ago about why she wears it and feels but couldn't get her attention.
  4. The Politics Thread

    Hanson just rocked up to the Senate in a Burqua. it didn't go down well. but I was happy I couldn't see her face,
  5. just out of interest, can a transgender marry legally? even if the vote gets up?
  6. Wage Increases

    I made all employees self rate themselves, then got their manager to rate them, then got their second level manager to rate them, then I ha to rate them. This was all the idea of the director and I completed this in June. so far nothing back from the director and now employees are coming to me asking whats going on. dam I hate my job sometimes.
  7. Trump is the President

    so, if there was some type of war, are Korea any good, or if China join with them we may be all f....ked?. am I correct?
  8. Heart Issues

    No. Strangely. Not worried at all. I am keeping heart rate at around 120 so nothing hard yet. Tested it up to 128 for a while I was getting some symptoms before the op at 125 heart rate. I have read a lot. So technically I should get fitter now my artery is wide open.
  9. Heart Issues

    Hi Just an update which may help some of you who have to experience anything similar. I was set to go in initially about 5 weeks sgo. It wasn't until he hospital rang me and said it looks like your private health insurance doesn't cover you. Anyway, yep, they were right, I thought i had the top cover and the only thing it didn't cover was any cardiac. So the cardiologist got me into he pubs system really quickly. Iw as lucky. That was scheduled for 4 weeks ago. My sister came to pick me up and take me in and just as she arrived the hospital rang and cancelled me as their were no beds. They rescheduled me for two weeks later. this time i made it in. I had to sit in a waiting room until 10.00am till 4,00pm though. but i was okay and wasn't complaining as i had me music with me and laptop. (though hospitals don't have wifi). So it went pretty quick. i had my wrist shaved and went straight in to the theatre. They give you a valium so you are awake for the whole procedure. I had an artery 80% blocked so got a stent. Another artery was 50% blocked but they don't stent those. change in lifestyle can fix this. Had to stay overnight which was hell, as you don't get sleep as so much is going on around you, and they come and wake you up and do blood pressure and pulse every hour or so. the food was pretty bad so really did touch it either. Got home, had a few days off then returned to work. after two weeks, had a small gym session which went okay. treadmill about 15 mins, no issue. most excitng thing was i had my first run yesterday. just a half hour. kept heart rate low. My heart rate has never been lower. Will build up to an hour tomorrow just at a really low heart rate. totally zero symptoms. I transferred my sunshine coast 70.3 to bussselton in december so will be fine by then. I had entered sunny coast half marathon and half tempted to run/walk it. just for training, as no one refunds money on those events. There would be hundreds of people out there though walking around with blockages so at least by exercising at a high rate, i found out.
  10. and it got trump elected, so I think thats why the media is trying to keep quiet. If shorten isn't careful it will work against him, then he will look like a twit if he then tries to bring it in (assuming he wins the unloseable election) if the no vote gets up. hence why I say it is just the biggest political football of the century. to really think short pants or tuntncoat care about gays or asylum seekers for that matter well I just saw a pig flying across my backyard farting rainbows.
  11. nup, money trumps any values.
  12. interesting how labor say they are the LGBTQI representatives now. I wonder how the average labourer in the CFMEU feels about this.
  13. Uber v Cabbies

    we have had uber at brissy airport for a while. I save at least $15 to $20 each time. I am sure uber will put up their prices one day, and thus open the door to another competitor, I love capitalism.
  14. I believe everyone has the right to get married and suffer like the rest of us, and I will never buy a pinarello.
  15. dont care anymore. both sides have screwed up the whole thing, and made it about political point scoring. I blame short pants and Turnbull. As soon as their lips start moving people know they couldn't care less about anyone,. I won't be voting by the postal thing even though I agree.