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  1. Prince


    ffs, talk about trying to draw a long bow to blame scomo for aged care deaths due to a virus. go crawl back in to your cave.
  2. Not really, it only takes one airborne droplet of sweat or spit so hence my surprise if they allow racing, considering they won't allow the protests to go ahead here in QLD due to social distancing concerns. (rightly so i might add) Any decent number of athletes in an ironman race or half marathon etc, there is just no way of social distancing. Porta Loos for a start, drink stations, bike compound.
  3. Prince


    but it is really hard to construct a building on line but you can sure sell a house through an online auction.
  4. Prince


    yep, its called minimising risk. I am sure most people on here have done risk matrixes in their travels. Chances of virus getting in to Qld is likely if borders not shut, impact is severe.
  5. are you sure the GC Running festival is on? I see they say they have a covid safe plan but has it been approved by the Qld Govt?
  6. Prince


    you be patient and keep going to the same physio as your injury is obviously very serious. How the hell would you know that these so called 'experts' have any strategy that is correct??? I don't know what you expect from our leaders? Are you trying to say the virus should be eradicated? and they have failed us? The virus is the only one controlling the messaging not the leaders.
  7. Prince


    actually i was reading that they shot a few of those who didn't wear masks back then
  8. Prince


    it took approx 2 years to pretty much get the spanish flu under control. No Vaccine. Lockdowns, mask wearing, social distancing.
  9. Prince


    No Leader in the world has a plan B and any leader or potential leader that says they do is lying. Just be patient grasshopper. No war is won in any short time.
  10. Prince


    for something that is life and death, and has the potential to put some businesses and employees out of work, I think its a cheap fine. They only have to stay at home and watch Netflix, pretty easy really.
  11. pretty sure wahoo computers will also suffice
  12. Prince


    here is something to lift everyones spirits for those who haven't seen this yet, the new Nike Commercial:
  13. Prince


    Just get snoop dog to do the COVID ads.
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