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  1. I do agree with wait they have concluded that a summit needs to be considered with all premiers and both federal leaders and consider policies based on a bipartisan approach. Neither Parties policies are suitable to me in doing something in the whole energy sector and any plan for the future that is sensible and not going to negatively affect everyone
  2. But the motor vehicle industry couldn’t sell their vehicles.
  3. I guess we are lucky Bill and his team didn’t get in then.
  4. But public hospitals are free I thought
  5. I think as there is a growing gap between the have's and the have not's, and the have nots tend to blame the government more for some reason.
  6. Its the indirect effect about always hitting the banks and the multi nationals. Pretty much everyone in this forum would have these shares in their super, and everyone wants a good performing superfund as do direct shareholders. Hitting them with taxes too often and eventually I think something will give. Their profits will go down, which effects their share price and yada yada.
  7. and in a surprise move, Palashez, said she was sick of all the delays with Adani and wants to get it approved asap. I was so incensed with this rubbish I had to pull over and rang ABC talk back radio
  8. Alot of people didn't know Morrison was hitting the phones every night, talking directly to voters. After the lib robo calls, people were asked to stay on the line to talk to the PM. He then answered questions from voters. Pretty good in my books.
  9. I would think Albo is the man. The biggest looming problem for them will be deciding who they are. If they stay with their emissions target and environmental policy, they will keep losing their blue collar base. Everyone in Qld North knew why shortpantz wouldn't commit to supporting Adani.Trying to play both sides is an impossibility. When they do their analysis, labor will realise their policies were ok in some States, but highly on the nose in other states. They played an each way bet but the 100-1 horse came home.
  10. Prince

    TV Shows

    oh Sheeeeet! he was pushed out of a castle.? what? bloody spoiler.
  11. Bowen is officially in. Wonder when he will drop the current labor policies.
  12. I wouldn't sack someone for posting such a thing, if they say something bad about the company i would. Our present policy states this, but it would be a minefield if we sack people for their facebook posts. if your in a certain other profession, i.e teachers, it may be different. Also, nothing wrong with having certain beliefs, its when you share them,, you may have an issue, you are also responsible for what you get back.
  13. I am going until 90, hopefully bunnings will still be around...
  14. well trial of the month maybe. But i would think it would interest a "top lawyer" the publicity will be huge. It has so many implications. He could ask for a lot couldn't he AJ, Andrew? any other lawyers?
  15. Chinese Sam wanted Wong. He may be out of touch. He must still be in the Jungle.
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