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  1. Prince

    Magpies ?

    I have a really nice magpie near me at Marchant Park at Aspley. It will only give 2 quick 'how do you do's' to cyclists along the bike path and even then it is within 10 metres of its nest and doesnt touch their heads. It doesn't touch runners.
  2. shouldn't they include a free bike fit when you buy the bike?
  3. I have both. I actually prefer to use my garmin 920 for swimming, as i don't belong to a squad, and i plan my workouts and follow them on the garmin. I don't find the apple watch very accurate in determining swimming mileage. But if its just a general swim and you don't mind if its a few hundred metres out at the end of your workout, it does the job. Running, i use the apple watch if its just a long run. If its intervals, i use the garmin, and just use the apple watch for music.
  4. i might be wrong, it happens a lot lately. So don't take my word for it.
  5. franking credits is income and thus reduces the amount of retirees on the pension. Cant see why that is not a good thing.
  6. Prince


    it was such a let down the fifth test. I will never understand why they chose not to bat first. what on earth were they thinking?
  7. Yep, and i also don't give a drunk homeless person $20 so they can buy more alcohol.
  8. yes, there is evidence. I have worked for two job networks and it is an identified barrier, particularly for long term unemployed. They should be able to do what they want. Your taxes aren't supporting them.
  9. because taking drugs is a major barrier to gaining employment.
  10. yep, I think I need a new team...
  11. it is only a matter of time where both sides will reduce the spending on some of these subsidies. Its inevitable. cut these stupid family tax benefits would be a start.
  12. maybe if they were not on drugs, they may have a job and they wouldn't be poor. whilst I don't really agree with it, it is a very popular scheme.
  13. Prince


    yep, and I hope Warner likes pressure. It is kinda like watching a car crash, I don't want to watch but I have to...
  14. thanks, yes, probably expecting the heat. Will do plenty of lunchtime runs i think.
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