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  1. Prince

    Tracing a cheque

    cheque? as rare as a bex these days....
  2. Prince

    Healthy eating habits

    i often get a subway salad, as for me buying all the salad is a pain in the arse, pretty good value as well. i am not so sure there bread rolls are healthy.
  3. Prince

    Healthy eating habits

    but there are still some much healthier options than KFC and McDonalds out there in take away land if its for the purpose of being 'easier', hence why i think addiction to fats and salt has something to do with it.
  4. Prince

    Healthy eating habits

    Fast food addiction is a real thing.
  5. Prince

    Healthy eating habits

    wow Barry!. 2 or 3 times a week is really bad, and it must really concern you to post. unfortunately you can't nag her as that won't work, as it appears its an addiction, and nagging has an opposite effect. You have to find out why she wants this food. IS it the taste? is it because its easy, i.e no mess? is it because you don't like it? IS it because that what she has always done in the past? i.e habit? maybe once you can figure this out, you can work out a plan to change the behaviour. you have to 100% at least get her down to once a week, a Friday night 'treat night' as my mum used to call it.
  6. Prince

    The Politics Thread

    Thats easy. Barry Hall described something graphic in detail and to an audience where kids would have made up a good portion of the audience, where Bert used nothing more than innuendo, which there wouldn't be many comics who dont use this as part of their act.
  7. Prince

    The Politics Thread

    a warning yes, sacked, no. lets not get carried away with all this political correctness rubbish. He tried to make a good point but chose incorrect words and now as i said Hanson young is making so much more of what this is. I picture so many people these days with a notebook in their pocket, ready to pull it out and make a report as soon as anyone steps out of place. How quickly was Bert Newton jumped on the other night? How quickly were those Alexander pyjamas withdrawn from sale the other day? we have become such a poor paranoid and nanny society and its so easy for the poor downtrodden to reach for the victim card.... anyway i digress...bad day when England wins the soccer...
  8. Prince

    The Politics Thread

    hanson young plays the victim very well and will milk it until its dry. She loves getting sympathy and i am sick of her thrashing this in the media. If she was really offended, a normal human being would just go through the legal process and shut the f***k up.
  9. Prince


    If there was one of these in each game, i would consider watching this shite sport.
  10. Prince


    😁 no chance
  11. Prince

    The Politics Thread

    He had to flip flop on this and when he actually said it, i don't think he really thought it through. Many would now wonder if he will flip flop again on this policy if elected. At the moment, the two party preferred is so in favour of Labor, a drovers dog could beat Turnbull, but as long as shortlips is there, there is still a big chance for a third term Liberal government. Expect the election to be called for October though.
  12. Prince


    we need to purchase a good striker it would seem. The good ones don't seem to miss.
  13. Prince


    we really should be embarrassed we didn't progress. Sorry, for the amount we spend on this team, not even winning a game is piss poor.
  14. Prince

    Carpool Karaoke with Paul McCartney

    saw the man himself in concert last year. crossed that one off my bucket list.
  15. Prince

    Royal Baby

    I am also worried about lawman now, lol.