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  1. yes, I think also the nature of the claim has a few annoyed. It is a week by week basis as well. A review by the doctor each week, then a another mri etc, so we can't fill it. he said he is so incapacitated he can only sit at home in pain every day so my offer to take him a laptop to do some admin fell on deaf ears. It is also stressful on his assistant who witnessed it and drove him to the doctors (his own personal GP). stressful time for all.
  2. thanks for your input. very insightful.
  3. this guy was on his final warning just a week before the 'incident' on a Monday morning. He also has been in the process of painting his house, but I will give him benefit of the doubt, but I will tell work cover I don't accept the claim as I still don't believe it fits the definition of a workplace injury. plus and even if it gets accepted, we aren't paying for his back surgery if he has to have it.
  4. I do believe there is a chance he may be injured. medical results will tell. I don't believe it is work cover though. at least I don't think it is
  5. I try and keep an open mind about people and do see the good in them but I work with an employee who is putting in a workcover claim as he said he injured himself to total incapacity for the past four weeks. He said he strained his groin when he got up for his office chair and then after two weeks at home he said they think it’s his hip after the mri. Now he says they think it’s his back and will get another mri. He was on his final warning a week before the incident as well. I am pretty sure his work was not a contributing factor so hoping it won’t be accepted but you never know Am I gullible !
  6. Prince

    Challenge Roth 2019

    its on facebook live, but I am not sure if I can handle 8hrs of these two commentators
  7. I don’t have a partner to a answer to just the voice of reason and I already have some credit card debt but if it was the deal of the century I would find a way. Old bike is serviced regularly and I think I will make do and do my first half Ironman in many years before investing I guess.
  8. Yes. Your right. I should’ve looked closer as they have two adds running
  9. Well. I actually put a deposit on an s works a about a month ago but changed my mind the day before I was going to pick it up. Thankfully I got my deposit back as I decided I didn’t need it as I would rather train harder so bought a new fridge and bed instead. But my bike is so old now so showing up to a race with it may embarrassing.
  10. Hi everyone i was looking to buy a new bike even though I can’t quite afford it but my LBS has a ceevello p3 2018 ultegra r8000 model with d12 and is also throwing in either Sunny’s or helmet or shoes and pedals for $3900. To me it seems pretty good and I have a old p3c 2008 model so it’s old Should I get this even if I have to credit card some it ?
  11. Prince


    I gave a 100% but only for an hour or two. should I give some money back to my employer?
  12. Prince


    i guess some of us on here might be guilty of just sticking at their occupation just for the money.... and there also might be one or two of us who tank regularly at our jobs. not that i defend tooltomic
  13. Prince

    Israel Folau

    i don't take much credence from anyone on Q&A sorry. Also, even though it is an unfair dismissal case, it will still have ramifications for freedom of speech and religious freedom, particularly if he wins.
  14. Prince

    Israel Folau

    No. He is always entitled to also go civil.
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