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  1. gosh, I am a bit over "The Project" thinking they can dictate the moral highground. Scratch beneath the surface and you may find they are not so squeaky clean.
  2. not quite my first but I think it was my second. saw the man himself at Festival Hall Brissy some years later with Sharon O'neill supporting.
  3. So, are you saying, if there was a terrorist attack by a muslim in new zealand, then all bets are off and we have a right to say muslims are not welcome in New Zealand?
  4. there is still time. vinyl is making a comeback. Nothing like playing your album whilst you read all the lyrics and background of the record.
  5. Here was mine. I was only 13 so not sure where i got the money from and I also suspect i may have purchased for the Album Cover....
  6. Labor wish to increase the minimum wage for starters.
  7. I don't think you can blame the media as these days we live in a 24hrs news cycle and we demand to know immediately what is going on.
  8. yep, he is lucky the cops didn't shoot him.
  9. sounds like an unfair dismissal to me if they are laying off permanent staff for a contractor, even in the case of a redundancy.
  10. no, their classification should be casual. casuals are for the busy times when more staff are needed. So, they will always need some casuals .you're not meant to keep changing the hours for part time, nor the roster. don't forget, if they feel they have been constructively dismissed, they may have claim to an unfair dismissal.
  11. it is simply smart business sense to convert casual employment to ppt if the hours are consistently high and constant. In the hotel industry I changed about 15 casuals to ppt.It was a restructure. if they didn't want to change, bad luck. it was adios. The thing is heaps of businesses work casuals when they should be part time and some part timers as casuals. part time hours should be consistent and with a consistent roster and casuals hours should generally vary from week to week. It is essentially a breach if this is not occurring.
  12. yes, It is cyclical. There is evidence to suggest that retailers are struggling as people know there is an election coming and won't spend. Depends what you believe. I don't know why wages in general are not growing even when it has been some decent economic growth in the past, possibly due to the downturn in mining industry having a flow on effect. I hate to say it but we may need to adopt some of Trumps trade tariff policies to encourage new industries to start and to grow.
  13. true, but i do know retail are very much struggling. We manage a few shopping centres and see almost a closure every couple of months or so at the moment, though we do what we can to assist them through lease incentives.We also have heaps of them trying to close their doors early particularly on thursday nights and sundays, and we have to breach them for this. The majors are still doing well though. Hopefully penalty rates for sundays are reinstated though.
  14. true, even though we are talking about the mimumim wage, there is usually a cascading effect on the rest of the wages in an organisation and possibly an industry, especially if it is 6%. I am all for a moderate increase though. We have just completed our reviews and i sit down with the director to decide on increases of 2%, 4% and 6% taking into account the benchmarking i do as well as on performance. I do tell my director though, he does not have to increase wages each year and anyone getting above cpi which is 1.9% in Qld should be pretty thankful.
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