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  1. Prince

    Rebel Wilson

    i am extremely happy as her case was just rubbish.
  2. Prince

    Live aid acts. 1.9 billion watched

    I think you would get them all coning. make it over a week if you had to. I remember watching it live all night on tv. yep I am that old. I pumped coffee into me as I didn't want to miss a thing. the reforming of heaps of bands, queen after a long break, led zeppelin, reformed, I think the who did as well, and there was madonna, hall and Oates, the cars, Phil collins. I have the dvd which is worth getting.
  3. Prince

    Holidaying with work mates

    Was it an impressive sex act ?
  4. Prince

    Holidaying with work mates

    yep, and never 'friend' them on facebook.
  5. Prince

    Holidaying with work mates

    hell no. worlds collide.
  6. Prince

    The Politics Thread

    this will make no difference, except give bill more money for welfare. actually, overseas investors are the ones that are keeping our country afloat. They are the ones with money. Labor also doesn't believe in helping small to medium sized businesses, wages are also based on market value of the position. If unemployment is low, and more small to medium businesses are encouraged to grow and start up, the dollar value of a job increases. demand and supply. there is something wrong in our country when we hardly have any industry here, except for some dairy and farming. no manufacturing, no car industry, no mining.
  7. Prince

    The Politics Thread

    On another topic. so Bill is going to increase everyones wages. thats amazing. he must have divine powers. we are not all union members Bill. Love to know his plan.
  8. Prince

    The Politics Thread

    yep, now that's a wally!
  9. Prince

    The Politics Thread

    It was just a protest vote against the dumping of their favourite Turnbull. Nothing else.
  10. Prince

    The Politics Thread

    Indeed Scomo was an excellent treasurer
  11. Prince

    The Politics Thread

    not so much Turnbull, but the libs have brought the economy into pretty fair shape, without much tax increases or spending like a drunken sailor.
  12. Prince

    The Politics Thread

    that's funny. you should do stand up.
  13. Prince

    Trannie photos

    Duathlon worlds north carolina. A long long time ago.
  14. Prince

    TV Shows

    yes, I don't know why. some of these shows like better call Saul are good but really tease the stories out.