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  1. Prince

    The Politics Thread

    As one of the commentators said yesterday, the libs seem to take their right foot out of their mouths and then replace it with their left foots.... for gods sake, just throw Shortpantz the keys to the lodge now and we can all go home and i can go straight to the grieving stage...
  2. Prince

    Motivating Musicians- Who's yours?

    you really shouldn't hold back FP.
  3. Prince


    It must tell the public and hopefully both of those tools as to why we 6 others ranked lower than them that won their first rounds, with each of them humble and gracious and who have endeared themselves to the crowd. We don't need to see either them anymore
  4. Prince


    Exactly. I think the advert even makes me believe that 99% of men out there don't do the 'right thing', and correspondingly, many women are starting to believe this percentage. Most of us are decent and most of us would call out any of our friends or even strangers if they witnessed inappropriate behaviour. Play the advert in a different country please where there is a far greater problem.
  5. Prince


    i think we are bombarded enough with these messages. right now it sucks being a guy in this world.
  6. Prince

    The Politics Thread

    yeah....pity it has taken only 10 years to pay back....
  7. Prince

    I’m a celebrity au. Wtf? Tomic?

    gosh, it seems channel ten really is struggling with their budget based on this lot. I normally don't mind Lambie, but by about half an hour last night, i just wanted to punch her.
  8. Prince

    Trump is the President

  9. i was advised by my doctor, as i have a stent, that a low or high heart rate is not relevant to a heart attack. A heart attack is usually due to a blockage in an artery, so this has no effect on a heart rate. blood pressure yes.
  10. Heart rate itself wont mean anything re a stroke or heart attack. apple watch has an ECG feature which has only just been released in the USA but not in Australia as yet. I would say the delay is to ensure it is 'approved' in some way. From what i have read, it is only a guide, however, it may have some benefits.
  11. Prince


    we were a coin toss away from winning the match I think.
  12. Prince

    The Politics Thread

  13. Prince

    The Politics Thread

    or the Rudd handouts during the GFC...
  14. Prince

    The Politics Thread

    It will be interesting to see what the libs do with the surplus. They could really splash out to tempt voters. I predict big tax cuts, strategic dollars to infrastructure, (particularly in Qld), more for pensioners..... . etc. It won't get them in, but we can all enjoy watching this surplus disappear into the never never over the next three years.
  15. Prince

    The Politics Thread

    yep, I think it will teach them a lesson. they may have to even keep scomo for the term as opposition