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  1. just remember, if you or I defrauded billions of people out of millions of dollars, we would have done jail time, and no one would have felt sorry for us.
  2. Prince


    Don’t get testy. Borders will be open soon once the trust is built up again. 😄
  3. Prince


    She says it’s unconstitutional. Doubt she could even spell the word.
  4. Prince


    It is fairly urgent for qld as we rely on tourism and that means many hundreds of jobs are on hold however I support our Premier in being cautious. Based on how NSW handled the Ruby Princess debacle it makes sense to me.
  5. Prince


    It also makes me wonder how long Covid May be lying ‘dormant’ in some people. Yesterday I even heard of a new case from the Ruby Princess which I would have thought that being so long ago was impossible. Goes to show that this virus isn’t done with yet at all and no wonder our Premier wants to keep our borders closed for now.
  6. First swim tomorrow at Albany creek. Had to book for 45 minutes. I usually struggle to last that long but will make an effort.
  7. Cheers. Thanks. I am Northside but willing to travel for the right person, I mean pool.
  8. It would generally mean we wouldn’t be able to travel for any non essential activity I would think. Hopefully our premier will lift the border closures earlier than September. Surely it will help her chances or re-election.
  9. excellent. I am at Aspley. thanks
  10. Any heated pools open in Brisbane. Private pools. not keen on going to enogera dam
  11. Qld has said border closed until at least September and maybe beyond. So that puts in doubt port Mac and western Sydney as they surely couldn’t hold them without some decent competition from qlders
  12. Does it show up in the list of blue tooth devices in your iPad settings. Normally you should just be able to choose connect I have Tarah pros and they are paired to both my Apple Watch and iPhone. I don’t ever have to reconnect. Unless possibly your iPad has too many blue tooth devices connected. Not sure if there may be a limit.
  13. Prince


    I have no doubt the Medical Examiner is being threatened to rule on a different cause of death otherwise it’s to the Gulag.
  14. Yes. In Qld they are. Spoke to some cafes today as we have several in the shopping centres. They said most customers have no issue but a few grumble bums put up a fight and have been very rude. I am not sure why the app doesn’t suffice but I don’t know what the fuss is about giving your name and address. I mean I bet most of those people have a Woolworths or Coles loyalty card. I guess if your a drug dealer you may not want to give your name and address
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