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  1. The Politics Thread

    It is incredibly frustrating to see both sides of politics stumbling around now over something as critical in our country as bloody electricity. Both sides have dropped the ball over something which should have been planned for at least 10 years ago. Global Warming isn't new you fools. If you both (both parties) had a plan 10 years ago, you would have made the main power companies phase this in and we wouldn't be faced with extreme pricing and both sides stumbling around trying to play catchup. no Mr TURNCOAT, 50 cents aint gunna cut it with no real idea where we are going and you Mr Shortpants, don't criticise unless you at least have a bloody plan. Your both disgraces and neither of you are leaders. Get out of my Country please.
  2. TV Shows

    really enjoyed Mindhunter on Netflix.
  3. The Politics Thread

    no no no. Its not anything to do with Charisma or lack of. People don't like Shortpants as he is not believable. People won't listen to him. Turnbull is no better.
  4. Busso 70.3

    Can anyone tell me if i need to pack a wetsuit for the Busso 70.3 in December as i would prefer not to.
  5. USA shootings and gun laws

    there is a great doco series that has just started on Stan about various shootings in the US.
  6. Vale Tom Petty

    he still sounded great only a few days ago.
  7. Vale Tom Petty

    i wish he would make up his mind.
  8. Vale Tom Petty

    oops, sorry, Tom.
  9. Vale Tom Petty

    In more sad news another Legend leaves us. Dam 66 is way too early.
  10. Household Budget

    I hav create a height spreadsheet Listimg all disposables and bills I don't buy a lot but by Vostok of groceries which I budged for $300 per fortnight between me an d my cat has exploded, it is now more lie 450. So the cat I expect it ordering cats scaping things such as moisturisers,mouwashes. Scented pottie. I don't know yet but I will have to have a meeting regarding this.
  11. Dayboro hill

    Thanks ex u think it will be a good extra ride and run and then with a fwy of thiose under my built will try for my cootha during he week which isn't to far ffrom where I work and they have showers.
  12. Dayboro hill

    I want to do some hill repeats so crust wondering g if theism fairly safe and magpie free i jus want park th car at the backers and ride out and back a few ti e and then x co it to a ten km rrun. A advice appreciated
  13. The Politics Thread

    It will be interesting to see how turncoat deflects the media scrutiny once he has failed his own test of 30 failed news polls. By rights he must resign at this time
  14. You are misguided and confused. Religion is a free choice and you are confusing radical religion with mainstream. My point is that I respect devout Catholics on this views of marriage. I may.not agree with them but they have held these views longer than you or I were on this planet and have rarely strayed So calling them homophobic simply because they own to excecise their free view in the vote means you have the brain of the size of a pea Their views on marriage are simply different as to what you believe ie no divorced couples Neither is this ‘enforced ‘ on society If you don’t agree with them go get married somewhere else
  15. yep, I saw this freak on tv being interviewed, he said he would do it again, and someone just happened to put a "yes" sticker on his shirt,. he is a real class act......