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  1. yeah, I know the feeling. I had a stent a few years ago and am on a low dosage of beta blocker. I dont know if it is a side effect, but sometimes my legs get abnormally tired. I still manage to do long runs and uptempo and 400's though.Heart rate is very difficult to get up over 145
  2. not sure how 'fit' some of those persons that had passed away in triathlons were though. I have doubts
  3. just been reading more into this over the past few weeks. zone 2, which is 65-75% of your ftp, should be 80% of your rides, with 'ball tearer' or zone 4 interval type ride once a week. This is more base training though. A second up tempo ride can be added later.
  4. Prince


    thank god he is offering great advice for single guys though.
  5. Prince


    he lost me when he said use sugar cubes instead of gels. his videos are dribble
  6. I saw a few people on utube also accusing him of sexual misconduct. dont know if its true though. his videos are just dribble though. He said recently that everyone should take sugar cubes instead of gels. I am pretty sure thats rubbish.
  7. Prince


    Sorry. Really bad day yesterday Apologies to all on the forum
  8. Prince


    the comment of "cuts to school funding', pensions etc is as lefty as it gets Ex.
  9. not meaning to hijack this thread, but yeah. I had never heard of this guy until a week ago. His videos are just dribble.
  10. I watched a few Utube vids of that Durianrider dude. He brags about having a girlfriend in her 20’s and says it’s because how fit and lean he is. He is in his 40’s. my conclusion is that he is creepy
  11. Prince


    its not me. both "Alex Simmons" and "mike Del" drop dumb lefty statements on here as they can't debate in the proper forum. They are just using this forum to hide. weak as piss.
  12. Prince


    wrong again dipsh*t. all of your comments in the past few posts have been political. hence why I counted to ten then deleted my response. you have zip credibility after your comments on how the firefighters payments are a scam and how mainstream and international media are picking up on it. still waiting for you to justify that bulls**t. I repeat go to the politics forum. .
  13. Prince


    Don’t post your political statements here. Do it on the politics forum please. Didn’t you get the memo ??
  14. I do 800's and 1kms speed sets Tuesday and tempo being 8km at just below 10km pace on Thursdays
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