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  1. USA shootings and gun laws

    But the guns were based on muskets and ballbearings.....
  2. USA shootings and gun laws

    Ironjimbo, on a serious note, just what was meant behind the 2nd amendment of "the right to bear arms" ? why was it ever adopted?
  3. USA shootings and gun laws

    I can't see how the police will know who the active shooter is when a whole army of teachers are running around with guns in the school as well. Just so f....n stupid.
  4. Trump is the President

    yeah he was pretty good. Someone saw him walking on the footpath and we all cheered when we saw him. He tried to ignore us, then just started laughing and then waved and came to the bus. There are a lot of celebrities in New York, but everyone just lets them be. On the same trip, i was walking near central park and had my head down and crashed into Pavarotti as he exited an apartment building. He said Scussi. Maybe someone should start a thread on 'brushes with celebrities'.
  5. Trump is the President

    Steven Tyler jumped on our contiki tour bus in NY. Gave a quick hello, and jumped off.
  6. The Politics Thread

    He hasn’t done anything though, except resurrect a policy from 20 years ago or was there something else ?
  7. USA shootings and gun laws

    They seem to be paranoid that the government or authorities are going to turn against them hence why they need to protect themselves. it is just a very sad culture and unfortunately every time one of these mass shootings happen, gun sales increase. So i will guarantee that their will be more mass shootings and gun deaths in years to come. The only very faint hope is the next generation.
  8. Private health, who are worth a gander?

    I split my hospital and my extra cover with two companies as it worked out better. I am going to drop my extras soon as you do pay for things you don’t use. Dental is really the only thing I use.
  9. The Politics Thread

    bj has definitely lost the plot. today he had a go at the media for being intrusive, saying its no one else business. one day after telling us the baby may not be his.
  10. The Politics Thread

    The thing is whilst i just wish all sides of politics would just move on, Doug Cameron was hinting that their was some impropriety of the selection of a female staff member into Cash's office. Their have been rumours surrounding this staff member and a minister around, hence why 9this particular staff member) had come out in the press this morning. Cameron knew exactly what he was doing, and also knows Cash has a disposition to 'crack' under pressure. It was out of line what Cash said back but Cameron is no better. Labor need to be very careful not to try to take any moral high ground as they have proven from the citizenship debacle they will end up with poo on their faces.
  11. The Politics Thread

    so who is Bill bonking?
  12. Mental Health Excuse

    he does sound like he does have a psychological condition,perhaps low self esteem, or something else, for going to such lengths as an amateur to cheat. but it wouldn't classify as any serious medical condition. He shouldn't be given any sort of pass for what he has done. even most of those who murder don't get a pass when they claim poor 'mental health'.
  13. Who is in the wrong?

    luckily it wasn't a motorcycle. pedestrian would be dead.
  14. Who is in the wrong?

    oh darn. case reopened.
  15. Who is in the wrong?

    pedestrian broke the law by not crossing at lights. cyclist obeyed traffic laws. case closed.