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  1. TThomo

    Advice for first 70.3

    Remember to take some time and look around ,soak it up a little you'll never do another first 70.3 again. See You Out There.
  2. That Depends Who Finishes First , Could Be Still Be Empty .
  3. Accommodation Booked , Name is on the Start List 12 Months to get Ready Oh Dear !!!!!!!
  4. TThomo

    Geelong 70.3

    I'll Be There .
  5. Well Done FP , Looking Forward to this next year ........ I think ! Better make Sure I train Real Hard
  6. All the best Mate Have a great day
  7. Well done FP , I am planning to come over to do Wales Ironman Next Year 2019 , Interested to see if you have a bike/Run course profile I could look at . Any Inside Info of next years date would be handy .
  8. TThomo

    IM Texas on now

    You Must be One Tough Cookie if You Didn't Think That Whistler Course wasn't Reasonably Hard , Look Forward To Wales If Its Sheet Loads Harder :)
  9. TThomo

    IM Texas on now

    On the List To Do In the Next Couple Of Years , How much Harder Than Whistler Can It Be ??????
  10. TThomo


    https://au.iherb.com/pr/Great-Lakes-Gelatin-Co-Beef-Hide-Gelatin-Collagen-Joint-Care-Unflavored-16-oz-454-g/52775 I don't know whether we are talking about the same Gelatin ???
  11. TThomo


    Been using it for the last couple of years , Just stir a spoonfull into water after training and have noticed a big difference in recovery and injuries for an aging body . Buy it from Iherb on line about $50 for a couple of containers ,I usally get the orange containers.
  12. I'll let you Know Sunday if it was a good Idea or not , I'm not expecting a PB on the mountains thats for sure .
  13. I think the Japanese Roll Down was after the Main Roll Down , So if they missed out they got a second chance at the Japan Roll Down.
  14. I think by memory it was $25 at Cairns ,
  15. Yes can be a problem in general I dont think its to bad , but you will never eliminate Dipshits but I think the same problem is every where.
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