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  1. cplegh

    STUFF to sell

    Just remembered I have a set of SRM cranks, 172.5 length. Someone can have them for $1000.
  2. cplegh

    STUFF to sell

    Thanks Commesso, at least someone realises the value of the gear I have!! Happy to sell stuff, but not unless the price is in some way reasonable!!!
  3. cplegh

    STUFF to sell

    Hey dudes, I am not putting together a list, as to be perfectly frank, I don't have the time! If you want something, let me know and I will give a price on it. If you don't want anything, no worries! Calling me is best, or email: cplegh@aol.com The 'chambers' I have are actually altitude tents, not hyperbaric chambers. They are travel tents and I am selling them for $5000, which is half of retail cost. I don't have 10 discs! The one I have left is a Zipp ZedTech with ceramic bearings and will sell it for $2750 or best offer before I leave. Thanks, Chris
  4. cplegh

    STUFF to sell

    Toby and Sink, yes I have wheels and handlebars. Best to call and chat. Freak and aimz It's too hard to make a list if you want something specific, let me know and I will see what I have. Thanks all!
  5. cplegh

    GEAR for sale

    I am rebuilding my house and it is time to clear out the bike room. Anyone in need of anything triathlon: bikes, wheels, wetsuits, handlebars, forks etc etc etc PLEASE give me a call on 0419.544.403 or 9842.9614. Make me an offer, it all has to go! Thanks, Chris
  6. cplegh

    STUFF to sell

    I am rebuilding my house and looking to get rid of everything. I have a ridiculous amount of 'stuff' all things triathlon. Bikes, wheels, handlebars, wetsuits, etc, etc, etc! All for sale on a first come, first serve, best offer basis. Anyone needing anything let me know and make me an offer. 0409.898.609 or 03.9842.9614. I am only in the country for another 2 weeks.
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