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  1. Before the beer mile there was the 6ft beer bet. CR was a huge help with 6ft and the one Fat Ass I did. It was a great community.
  2. These fires aren't doing my solar generation too much good!
  3. I haven't read here for weeks and **** me, with that other thread of @willie 's locked I hope he's ok. There are some real pieces of work going after a person when they're down. Love to all.
  4. Probably via a conversation? That's normally how I find out.
  5. He's back now, not sure if it was a holiday with the Bob Graham thrown in or the other way round.
  6. I think Brick just had a failed attempt recently and he's no Ultra numpty.
  7. PM Sent (hover cursor over user name and a few options come up)
  8. That's like watching a SNL skit.
  9. 2 U2 tickets for Sat 23rd in Sydney Category One which were approx $370 per ticket. PM me if you're interested in making an offer.
  10. I reckon back then way more likely. Testing for banned substances only ever follows after they work out the positive effects of substances. EPO would have been the drug I reckon. yeah in fact in Triathlon I reckon it was rife.
  11. I forgot my public service announcement. A month or two back I needed some gels and really love the Huma gels. Couldn't find them anywhere so @willie personally dropped them off going out of his way when going down the coast to a park run. Thanks @willie
  12. Haven't updated for a couple of weeks Still fighting on, down 0.5 from a couple of weeks ago.
  13. This our Molly, the 3rd child I would never give my Wife. I swear she is cat in a dogs body.
  14. nealo

    TriMel Uberman

    Maybe no one from this site knew she was doing it An absolute outstanding achievement, congratulations Mel. (And support crew )
  15. nealo

    Hip replacement

    Wow oldave showing his true colours again. Good to hear things aren't too bad Roxii and you're doing your best. I'm glad you don't have to rely on the internet for advice.
  16. Yep I’m not “allowed” and then if I was allowed I’d have to fill out a JSEA and obtain a Cold Work Clearance and a Hot Work Clearance with the appropriate standby man. Not really worth it sorry 😐
  17. nealo


    Let me just say your "not serious" "online persona" has ruined what I thought I knew of you offline.
  18. nealo

    Hip replacement

    Hey @roxii how’s it coming along?
  19. Just getting caught up on all this now, thanks for the banter and updates.
  20. No. But now you’ve opened a big can of worms 😂
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