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  1. nealo

    Iron deficiency

    Thanks all. Will also try worming myself
  2. nealo

    Iron deficiency

    Holy thread revival Batman! Haven't been around a lot lately, hope everyone's well. Just thought I'd chuck this in here as it seems appropriate. First up, yes I'm booked in for blood checks. I've got the Australian Alpine Ascent 50km in just over 2 weeks. Obviously I'm not a numpty having done a few Ironmans and 10 or so Marathons. I know what it's like to get tired from training and reaching your fitness limits. Day to day I'm feeling ok, not "you beauty I'm on top of the world" but not "I can't drag myself out of bed". Most runs that aren't my long runs are ok although every now and then I say to myself "self, ever since you've got back in to trail running you want to walk every hill or walk if it becomes slightly hard, you've changed man". Long runs are all done on trail and I do walk 95% of hills but always around the 3hr mark it's like game over. I can barely walk a hill, migraines on the last 2 runs. I don't believe its energy, I've been experimenting with varying amounts from 150-300 cals an hour and no real change. Probably feel best around 200-250. (Using Tailwind) Dehydration was a big consideration as I did a 3hr 50m run and consumed 3.4litres and was still down 2.1kg (weighed immediately before and after run). But I'm not sure I'm able to physically drink much more than that. I found this in regards to Iron deficiency and it seems to fit Athletes may experience the following symptoms as a result of iron deficiency, particularly with anemia: weakness, general fatigue/exhaustion, decreased exercise performance, increased heart rate and shortness of breath during exercise, headaches, and dizziness. Anyone experienced anything similar?
  3. Before the beer mile there was the 6ft beer bet. CR was a huge help with 6ft and the one Fat Ass I did. It was a great community.
  4. These fires aren't doing my solar generation too much good!
  5. I haven't read here for weeks and **** me, with that other thread of @willie 's locked I hope he's ok. There are some real pieces of work going after a person when they're down. Love to all.
  6. Probably via a conversation? That's normally how I find out.
  7. He's back now, not sure if it was a holiday with the Bob Graham thrown in or the other way round.
  8. I think Brick just had a failed attempt recently and he's no Ultra numpty.
  9. PM Sent (hover cursor over user name and a few options come up)
  10. That's like watching a SNL skit.
  11. 2 U2 tickets for Sat 23rd in Sydney Category One which were approx $370 per ticket. PM me if you're interested in making an offer.
  12. I reckon back then way more likely. Testing for banned substances only ever follows after they work out the positive effects of substances. EPO would have been the drug I reckon. yeah in fact in Triathlon I reckon it was rife.
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