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  1. nealo

    Boston Marathon

    Good luck, sounds um, well, um challenging.
  2. nealo

    OT saving lives

    I feel guilty, I had time to spare today. Monday it is.
  3. nealo


    This has been great reading, I'm intending to do a Mara this year with it being 10 years since I did my first (and only) stand alone mara. Have a ball RBR and good luck.
  4. nealo

    Should Peter d0pe to win his bet with AP?

    Is that a double chin?
  5. nealo

    IvP will he make a comeback ?

    I think you would smash me in just about everything. *except maybe beer.
  6. nealo

    IvP will he make a comeback ?

    Like I said, you can't win.
  7. nealo

    IvP will he make a comeback ?

    You can't win. You're first across the line and all you've done is beat your grandpa. You're second across the line and you've lost to your grandpa.
  8. nealo

    My Fitness PAL

    The more you use it the better it gets. Make your own "recipes" as well for home cooked meals. *I don't use it currently
  9. nealo

    What exercise did you do today

    Ha ha I was the same about a month ago. I was replacing an area about 8m x 8m of lawn. I dug it all up by hand, pick, shovel and steel rake, took me days but boy did I burn some calories Could have just hired a Dingo and be done in a couple of hours but that would have been sitting (or standing) and not burning cals.
  10. nealo

    What exercise did you do today

    Exercise, training or physical activity? hmmmm Maybe yours comes under physical activity Ex? https://www.huffingtonpost.com/mark-rippetoe/exercising-training_b_4597039.html
  11. I said to my Wife Roxi has Osteoarthritis in the hip and her response before I said another word was, hip replacement hey. Sorry to hear.
  12. nealo

    What exercise did you do today

    6km jog this afternoon, my 3 years of exercise may be turning in to training very shortly
  13. nealo

    What exercise did you do today

    This is me since Ironman 2015...................... Anyway yesterday was a 60 minute Outdoor XT doing various sprints, squats push ups etc.
  14. nealo

    80/20 Running

    Thank you, this is exactly what I needed to give my Wife to read.
  15. nealo

    Marathon times

    Sooooo many factors in all of this. First off the article talks of a change between 2000 and 2016, then all of a sudden we're talking about the 80's. Talking of the 80's what happened here? Melbourne 1987 77 people went under 2:40 1991 24 people went under 2:40 That certainly wasn't due to garmins......................... Are we slowing down? As a country? I think we may very well be but there are a hell of a lot more of us running, albeit slower, which is much better than participation numbers declining.