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  1. nealo


    Huh? 30% of returning nationals can reject getting covid testing but they can enforce no alcohol?
  2. I'd prefer you didn't call or label anyone anything. People don't have to be put in a box or constrained to one way of thinking.
  3. There we go with "the left" again.
  4. So how do you tell when he’s serious and when he’s not? Is he ever serious? Should he wear a pink tie when he’s being sarcastic? Or as the leader of the free world should or try a little harder, at being serious?
  5. I was referring to Trump, try not to make about you or the left or whatever other bullshit spin you want to put on it.
  6. And every other person who has half an ounce of care about people in this world.
  7. Oh shit our Covid rates are going up - slow down the testing!
  8. But Houso's is ok because its only making fun of poor whities.
  9. I'd be going with this https://www.rebelsport.com.au/p/garmin-fenix-5-gps-heart-rate-watch-slate-grey-black-532412.html#q=fenix&lang=en_AU&start=5
  10. I certainly hope the looters who shot the ex-police chief weren't black. That wouldn't really fit their narrative.
  11. Remove team radios. Double the teams with half the number of riders. Bring it back to the individual.
  12. nealo

    All things NRL

    Thoughts on the artificial crowd noise? I thought it was done really well.
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