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  1. Probably via a conversation? That's normally how I find out.
  2. He's back now, not sure if it was a holiday with the Bob Graham thrown in or the other way round.
  3. I think Brick just had a failed attempt recently and he's no Ultra numpty.
  4. PM Sent (hover cursor over user name and a few options come up)
  5. That's like watching a SNL skit.
  6. 2 U2 tickets for Sat 23rd in Sydney Category One which were approx $370 per ticket. PM me if you're interested in making an offer.
  7. I reckon back then way more likely. Testing for banned substances only ever follows after they work out the positive effects of substances. EPO would have been the drug I reckon. yeah in fact in Triathlon I reckon it was rife.
  8. I forgot my public service announcement. A month or two back I needed some gels and really love the Huma gels. Couldn't find them anywhere so @willie personally dropped them off going out of his way when going down the coast to a park run. Thanks @willie
  9. Haven't updated for a couple of weeks Still fighting on, down 0.5 from a couple of weeks ago.
  10. This our Molly, the 3rd child I would never give my Wife. I swear she is cat in a dogs body.
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