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  1. nealo

    Busso 2018

    @willie I thought you were racing competing.
  2. nealo

    Biggest Loser 2018 edition

    A week where my kids have been away, mine and my Wife's birthdays, lots of alcohol and we leave for the USA next Wednesday. I'll start again next year
  3. nealo

    Busso 2018

    What the hell, Busso is THIS Sunday!
  4. nealo

    Western Sydney 70.3

  5. nealo

    OT saving lives

    Just got turned away because they were too busy. Appointment booked for tomorrow.
  6. nealo

    I love Lionel Sanders but he's weird

    Most tracks don't like you running on lanes 1 & 2.
  7. nealo

    Biggest Loser 2018 edition

    Missed last week. 90.9kg
  8. nealo

    Long Course Weekend - Who's in?

    April 5th -7th Confirmed
  9. nealo

    Wahoo Tickr reconnecting not new pairing

    Thanks FFF, tried that. Same result.
  10. I replaced my Garmin HRM with a Wahoo Tickr August last year. It recently stopped working so I replaced the battery. It worked. Once. I replaced the battery again (I bought a 2 pack). It worked. Once. It will work every time I remove the battery. Anyone else had something like this? Where it's like it goes to sleep and won't wake to reconnect? I've email Wahoo.
  11. nealo

    No medals for teams :-(

    That would be a real let down.
  12. nealo

    No medals for teams :-(

    Doing a team triathlon is a bit like drinking non-alcoholic beer.
  13. nealo

    A message to race directors

    The only people who care about presentations are those receiving something (which is fine, they deserve their medal or trophy). 5% of the field? I agree with B@W, put your time and energy in to things that effect 95% of the field
  14. nealo

    The Mental Health thread

    Yep I wrote that while battling a migraine at work where I'm the only one in of 4 and trying to sort through 2 accident claims in 24hrs for my 18 year old daughter. But yeah give me 3 weeks and I'll be in the USA spending money I don't have
  15. nealo

    The Mental Health thread

    Man I've got things good. Life's not easy and I wish everyone the best. Great stuff clappers and BigRig lets hope that closing that door leads to the next door being a good one.