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  1. nealo

    Alan Jones

    Wiki for you 4 December 2005[edit] Just after 3 pm on Sunday, 4 December 2005, police were called to North Cronulla Beach following a report of an assault on two off-duty surf lifesavers by four members of a group of eight Middle Eastern men.[3][6] A verbal exchange had taken place after three lifesavers approached a group of four young Lebanese men on Cronulla Beach with both groups accusing the other of staring at them. One of the Lebanese men reportedly responded to the accusations, "I'm allowed to; now **** off and leave our beach", to which a lifesaver responded, "I come down here out of my own spare time to save you ****s from drowning". [7] The verbal exchange escalated with one Lebanese youth attempting to defuse the situation. Another then threw a punch, missing, prompting a pushing match that escalated into a fight. One of the lifesavers was badly hurt after falling and striking his head.[3] One of the lifesavers later informed police that the four were part of a group of eight Lebanese that had been on the beach most of the day and that there had been no problems with their prior behaviour. Despite media reports to the contrary, no Middle Eastern men converged on the area and there were no more than the original eight present.[7][8] Media reporting[edit] “ What kind of grubs? Well I'll tell you what kind of grubs this lot were. This lot were Middle Eastern grubs. ” — Alan Jones, 5 December 2005, on 2GB radio[9] One media report stated that there was already tension between the community and Lebanese youths before this event and people, particularly women, claimed to have been harassed, almost daily, by "groups of young Lebanese men" attempting to "pick them up" and describing the women as being "Aussie sluts".[10] The events were reported widely across the Sydney media, particularly on talkback radio.[11] When a listener, Berta, commented to Alan Jones of Sydney's 2GB Radio that she had heard "really derogatory remarks" aimed at Middle Eastern people, Jones interrupted stating "We don't have Anglo-Saxon kids out there raping women in Western Sydney".[11] Jones also broadcast and endorsed one listener's suggestion that bikie gangs be brought down to Cronulla railway station to deal with "Lebanese thugs" and that the event be televised, arguing that despite their reputation bikie gangs do "a lot of good things". By Thursday, Jones had stirred significant discussion, and stated "I'm the person that's led this charge here. Nobody wanted to know about North Cronulla, now it's gathered to this."[12] After the riots Jones was found to have breached the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) Code of Conduct section 1.3(a), as his comments were "likely to encourage violence or brutality and to vilify people of Lebanese and Middle-Eastern backgrounds on the basis of ethnicity".[12] In December 2009 the NSW Administrative Decisions Tribunal found Jones and radio station 2GB guilty of vilifying Lebanese Muslims in earlier 'Cronulla Riot' broadcasts. A fine of $10,000 was imposed.[13][14] Police were concerned about the repercussions of these events. Later investigations revealed that over 270,000 individual text messages were transmitted inciting a racially motivated confrontation at North Cronulla Beach the following Saturday.[3]
  2. Holy shit, 16:37? i just scared off my training partner telling him your palmares and your time.
  3. You don't know me if you think that............. Financially no can do.
  4. All of us will be going to East coast 2 months after that so I doubt I can do.
  5. nealo

    Alan Jones

    FFS not every f*cking thread has to be a left and right you f*cking morons. Argue your points without using those words, I bet you can't.
  6. I'm not foreign to the trails it's just been a long time having done 6ft in 09 and 10. I've been running often on the trails, it's 1.5km from my place to the Royal National Park. I've hit Honeyman Stairs (1km of stairs) at about 18km and then proceeded to trip over 300m later on tired legs. Lifting the lazy tired legs is one thing I'm getting better at. While it's no Blue Mountains I am pretty lucky to live where I am with the National Park and the Pipe Line (one run had 765m climbing in 23km). That void between 50km and 100km is the big unknown to me. Kicking it off down at Wingello a week Saturday with the 24km. My heart wanted to do the 50km but a friend wasn't up to it so wanted to do the 24km with him.
  7. I guess I'm lucky it's not till May next year. Unlucky that entry opens in 5 weeks. The plan is to train up for Australian Alpine Ascent 50km in Feb and continue through for the UTA.
  8. I've been enjoying those free weekends since May 2015, maybe enjoying them a little too much. Time to focus some energy towards something.
  9. So I'm thinking of doing a 100km Ultra, will definitely be doing a 50km. Pretty sure I'm right to get through training for a 50 but the 100, I have my doubts. How long (time) or how far (distance) are suggested for the long runs? Or is it about doing more? As in still doing the long run but the other runs during the week still have to be of considerable distance?
  10. Congratulations, I hope you enjoyed it. So this "trail", where is it? I can only see rocks
  11. nealo

    All things NRL

    Tough crowd are NRL supporters. Cam Smith - First player in the NRL to reach 400 games. Not the first player to play 400 first grade games, not the first player to play 400 games in Super League, Premier League or some other game. On top of that they were all for the same club. Some kind of achievement in my eyes. Oh and including rep games he's well over 500. The NRL acknowledged James Graham's 400th First Grade game but it doesn't get the same hullabaloo as they weren't all in the same comp (The NRL for those playing at home). I think the Refs do a pretty dam good job for the amount of scrutiny they get. There are the rules, the rules as Referees see them, the rules as players see them, the rules as coaches see them, the rules as supporters see them, the rules as the NRL see them, the rules as their boss sees them, it goes on. We can't even agree on the Sharks last try after we've all watched it 1000 times! (My personal point of view? TRY. How can it be a knock on when it deflects backwards?) Not everyone's team is going to win all the time, we have to stop looking to blame someone, something, all the time.
  12. Starts a thread on what would you pay for coaching service. Nek-minute Coach@triathlon dot com
  13. nealo

    All things NRL

    I see Maguire up to his old tricks last night. Facing 4 weeks
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