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  1. Things to do in Sydney

    Not sure I'd bother with Botany Bay. Time wise I think you'd be able to cover a lot more in the Rocks.
  2. Treadmills - what's out there

    One from Facebook, one from gumtree, how many do you need?
  3. Proud Dad moment

    Can't believe no one has said this, Seat's too high
  4. Tenby Long Course Weekend is here....

    Congratulations, big effort!
  5. Your 'hardest' race?

    Did an Olympic distance as a Tranny team with Heffalump, Will's wife (name escapes me) and I did the 10km. Did it in 43.30 and have never hurt so much in my life. Km 6-10 was intense. Unlike a Mara such as Roxii's once the race was done the pain was gone.
  6. Sharks vs Broncos

    The GF was the best atmosphere this Parra supporter living in the Shire has ever been been part of. Memory's with my son that will live with me forever.
  7. Sagan at Fault?

  8. I think Barry was the odd man BUT it'd be the same as what you said, someone swimming up the right side of the lane. Sure you'd think it's weird/odd but you wouldn't jump in their lane (the only lane being used) and swim against them.
  9. Should I take it further

  10. Caps and Visors. Come and get 'em.

    No but FP does look young and kinda girly looking.................