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  1. nealo

    Has anyone here lived in New York?

    Wow Congratulations, hope it's everything you want it to be.
  2. nealo

    New roadie options

    You'd think that's how it works......................................
  3. nealo

    Which current triathlon has the fastest descent?

    I hit 70-71km/hr coming out of Bonnie Hills returning to Port.
  4. Keep em coming, I'll post something tomorrow if work allows me some time............
  5. Just curious about those who've done stand alone Marathons, what was your first half time versus 2nd half? My only one I had a 1:50 first half and 2hr second half.
  6. nealo

    SMH Half Marathon 2018

    Good thanks Bogfrog, glad you got your stretch goal. Went out in a hope of 1:44:30 Stuffed up starting my watch tacking my jumper off at the start line I think, after starting it at the start line (I think I actually stopped it), I started it again 1-200m down the road. 1st km 9:30 WTF? That’s when I knew I’d stuffed it. Ran the whole race by feel and came away with 1:44:27 😂🤷‍♂️🤗🤓🤓
  7. nealo

    SMH Half Marathon 2018

    Yeah she's pretty bummed, I'm sure you know the feeling!
  8. nealo

    SMH Half Marathon 2018

    10 years ago this race was my first Half Marathon This time it's my first race since Ironman Aus 2015 The aim will to not do a personal worst was my first in 2018 Bitter sweet race as it was meant to be my Wife's first real Half Mara in a build up to her doing the Sydney full Marathon (and me a 10th Anniversary Marathon) later in the year. Unfortunately it's just me with my Wife getting a stress fracture in her hip forcing her out. Anyone else doing it?
  9. I guess you missed my post. Maybe you've done that many Ironman's you forget what it's like doing your first Personally the people doing their first should be lauded and the event built around THEM. 2-9 Ironmans should suck it up and do it because you love it. 10+ should also be respected and treated like the first timers and loved for their dedication.
  10. I thank the Ironman Gods that I got to experience a Mass start, the last one at Port in 2013. Wading out with the energy of the crowd beaming in, the announcements over the PA of instructions that you can't hear, the chopper over head, the nervous pee in the wetsuit, it was the best. So theoretically you can have the actual last finisher under 17hrs finish at 12:10am and a finisher cross the line at 12:30am that is over the cutoff but get most likely a bigger cheer??
  11. I went to the Rolldown my first year. I was on a such a high I wanted to see next level high even though that wasn't on my radar.
  12. Actually that's why I started this thread because there didn't seem to be any moaning. Also only 1069 finishers from what I see. Is that the lowest number ever? With over 300 first timers there are only 650 or so returning from previous years.
  13. What’s happening tonight?
  14. So no big tent carbo night? How was the town green setup?
  15. Can't say there's been any real chatter about stuff ups or the like. So what was good about this years layout? How was the "vibe"? Anything worthy of note?