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  1. Here’s another way to drink coffee......
  2. nealo

    Hamilton Wheelers

    Na I waited a couple weeks before I wore that
  3. nealo

    Hamilton Wheelers

    My first Crit I remember tasting blood................my lungs hurt that bad.
  4. Here you go Surfer https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-06-08/kelly-slater-opens-up-about-sunny-garcia-suicide-attempt/11191684
  5. How do you know ours is the same? And I don't smoke!
  6. They don't "need" to ask. There are a lot of anti discrimination laws around age, race, religion, sex, yet insurance companies can charge someone more if they're male, more if they're young. Drawing a long bow my son asked the question where does it stop? Do certain races have more crashes than others? Do they claim more? Are certain occupations better drivers than others? Should occupations be asked and they get discounts?
  7. Yep there's another one, occupation. Right so why wouldn't they start asking the question? Rece? Occupation? Car colour (I think they ask this one)? There might be a period of 5 years where they ask the question to gather the data and then start quoting against this data.
  8. So out of the inquisitive mind of a 16 year old comes this question. Mainly because he's wanting to know why it's going to cost him more to insure a car he'd like to purchase. How come insurance is more expensive for being male, being young, being old, living in a Suburb out West, being male but not for your race? Why can Insurance companies ask all those questions and base their price on the answer you give but not ask you where you were born and put a risk ranking against that answer?
  9. nealo

    Bike v's car

    Hammer, or maybe a gun. https://www.9news.com.au/national/sydney-road-rage-incident-blacktown-dash-cam-video-crime-news-nsw-australia/2cee8af7-ce09-47a7-9e58-193da477edaa
  10. nealo

    Farewell Card

    Very ambiguous!
  11. Not a similar experience but I commend you on making 65 without having to take medication, a milestone I'd be happy with. Also may I suggest a username change to sixtyfiveplus
  12. Sorry but nothing. Compete in a skill sport like darts or become a world class referee or compete as you were born. I'm fine that you may not identify as what ever you were born and wish to change but when it comes to competing than sad sad too bad.
  13. nealo

    Farewell Card

    Thanks for ending our misery.
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