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  1. plugga

    ITU Worlds - the new thread

    My splits, 21.46 1.03.27 42.35 2.12.15 17th 55-59 5th Aussie home not sure why they made us old farts go 2nd last wave ??? The wind was howling by then 😳
  2. plugga

    It's goodnight from me..............

    Thanks Mate for all your work and efforts hope to catch up at port ..... an original Ozfatter
  3. plugga

    ITU Worlds - the new thread

    Plugga OD 55m :))
  4. plugga

    Who's trying to qualify for itu worlds?

    Phew Looks like I’ll scrape in !! Currently 13th on 64 points , I decided to save a grand and not race St Kilda ,lucky I’m on old bastard and makes qualifying heaps easier , although it’s doesn’t seem fair you race in your current age group but qualify in the age group above depending on your age, gives you a huge advantage! Oh well I guess I’ll wait until tomorrow 😡
  5. plugga

    Rio Team

    I wouldn't right Ash off v Gwen in the run, when you consider the amount of work Ash does making ground up on the bike . Ash has to be a certainty ...Smash it Ash !!!
  6. plugga

    Hervey Bay 100 - Entries close 15th November

    Hi, just wondering when the medals are being posted out ? Cheers
  7. plugga

    HUUB Archimedes 3:5

    Still for sale ?
  8. plugga

    Mooloolaba river swim again

    Who cares ?? Still a 1500 mtr swim, I swam the shortened 3.8k Caloundra swim last Sunday and didn't hear too many complaints about being shortened ! Mooloolaba waves break right on a shallow beach, huge potential for spinal injuries, I'd rather a safe swim for all abilities
  9. plugga

    Bribie race three

    Yep they thought it was amusing that I won my ag in race 2 long course and then won the short course in race 3 oh well another coffee mug
  10. plugga

    Bribie race three

    Great day at Bribie !! Dumb arse entered the short course by mistake Tried to change but no luck, pity because I was doing well in the series ... My bad
  11. plugga

    Mooloolaba 2013 Roll Call

    Yep spot on Speedy !! I got a 6 minute penalty at Gundy for the same thing, they don't seem to worry about the blocking and drafting but when you come along an overtake the lot .... Safely they ping you !! I agree some big packs yesteday,
  12. plugga

    Mooloolaba 2013 Roll Call

    I saw a guy get red carded for crossing the centre line passing a pack, he still continued and see he came second in his cat, ??
  13. plugga

    A bit wet and windy at Bribie today

    Yep I think a dozen ironman races and 2 Kona trips ticks the box for real races !! I can understand Spartans frustrations as he would probably won yesterday even half fit.
  14. plugga

    A bit wet and windy at Bribie today

    Actually I think Bribie caters for the guns as well, yesterday the early waves didn't have the usual current assisted swim which gave the swimmers a bit more advantage , as the majority we all love the bike course, unfortunately for Spartan he was taken out by someone who would obviously struggle on any course or any training ride !! I decided to leave my tt rig at home and lower myself and ride a Malvern Star roadie, hmmm wonder if that's the first time a Malvern Star has podiumed ??