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  1. Mostly skim over the threads with titles that grab my attention...too busy at work to read them properly and then there's been way too much posted by the time I get home to catch up properly! I don't feel I have much of use to contribute so prefer to take away the good stuff from those with more experience I know of quite a few lurkers from a couple of the running forums that feel too intimidated to post here - will be interesting to see which ones come out of hiding to reply to this thread
  2. Sekhmet

    Newbie swim question

    Hi Nat Last July I couldn't swim at all so signed up for adult classes. Now I can swim 1500m in one session (albeit very slowly). I'm seeing quite rapid improvements in endurance and speed which is very encouraging, the key for me has been to do three sessions a week consistently. I'm not sure that I am brave enough to post how long it used to take me when I first managed 1000m in a 50m pool but I'll just say that I have almost halved my time (yep, it is possible to be that slow - I still get over taken by breast-strokers in the slow lane but my time will come *insert evil laugh here*) I also concentrate a lot on my technique - at this stage in my training, the better the technique, the easier it becomes and I am far more efficient without having to "thrash" myself I wouldn't be confident enough to join a squad yet (I reckon even flippers wouldn't have me up to speed!) but am considering stroke correction/advanced adult lessons just to make sure that I don't slip into bad habits while I am building my base. The novelty of being able to swim 50m laps without dying has sort of overcome the novelty of drills and I know for me this is not necessarily a good thing! So to answer your question - for me it is both practice and technique, a combination of the two can't help but make for good improvements. Add a bit of patience in that mix too, it's not going to happen overnight but the longer you stick at it you can't help but get better I'll let the real swimmers give their advice now...
  3. I was reading this story on the SMH website at lunch time - I nearly spat my food all over the keyboard!
  4. Sekhmet

    Girly Saddles

    It looks like the other half has found one while in Melbourne this week so I'll be getting it sooner than I thought... I reckon he just doesn't want me making excuses not to ride this week
  5. Sekhmet

    Girly Saddles

    Well, lots of votes for the Laaaaaaady, so I guess the majority rules I look forward to a much more comfortable ride! Thanks again
  6. Sekhmet

    Girly Saddles

    Thanks Cupcake - just had a look at their website and I likey the look of them.... I started to get all excited about the choice in colours and then figured there wasn't that much choice once I go for a saddle that matches the bike and see what they actually have in stock How have you found the service from ProBikeKit? I'm going to have to get a new saddle ASAP as I can't put up with this one any longer
  7. Sekhmet

    Girly Saddles

    I've given up on my saddle - I'm never going to harden up enough to get used to it and after only managing 30 mins on the trainer because the discomfort became too much to bear, I have resigned myself to the fact that I need to get a more suitable saddle I think that four months of persevering with it has been more than enough - even if only managing two rides a week I realise that one size does not necessarily fit all, but do any of the ladeez have suggestions for a good place to start (brand, style, etc)? Anything that I need to keep in mind when looking for one?
  8. Sekhmet


    Wonderful photos Pam, it sounds like you had a wonderful day - congratulations! I remember meeting you at the Bankstown Hidden half last year, you certainly lived up to your Transitions handle Looks like far less talking and more racing was done today though! Looking forward to many more race reports in the future
  9. Sekhmet

    Bike Fear

    I finally made it to CP this morning - a little later than I would have liked but fortunately not too busy due to the charming weather. A nice place to ride with minimal traffic - only the odd idiot swerving out in front of me on their bikes or dawdling in a zig zag fashion in the bike lane. I'm learning which are the ones to watch out for though! I finally managed to unclip on the right to the outside - not sure what I was doing wrong before but by keeping my leg out straight and just twisting my foot with lots of pressure on the ball of it, it came out nice and easy with no scary jerking movements. I think I must have been trying to twist my entire lower leg or something bizarre before that! The only issue I then had was that it was the opposite leg to usual and I was leaning to the wrong side...lucky for me I remained upright Clearly a few drills are what I need to do: clip/unclip drinking while riding (currently having to stop the bike to do this) riding single handed (get the wobbles big time at the moment) Any other suggestions? Thanks for the offer Tiswim - from looking at your site I see you coach Total Immersion, I may need to pick your brain for some swimming tips I picked up a Spinervals DVD yesterday (aero base builder), so hopefully even if I only get to CP a few times a week I can start spending some more time in the saddle
  10. Hell yeah! Donnie Darko Fargo Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Withnail and I Pan's Labyrinth The Wall Love Serenade ...and pretty much anything by Tim Burton Agree with loads already posted - Tarantino (but no one has mentioned Kill Bill yet??), Ferris Bueller, Star Wars, Shaun of the Dead, Bad Boy Bubby (haven't seen that in a looooooong time!) I reckon my list could get far too long if I thought about it
  11. So this is my safe alternative to riding on the roads? Cripes...
  12. Repossessing someone's roof, too funny
  13. Great, now I have "Watch out Beadle's about..." stuck in my head I used to love that show, especially when he'd get attacked by irate members of the public Yooouuuu'd better watch out 'cos Beadle's about
  14. Sekhmet

    Bike Fear

    Sadly T-bird, I had a rough night and woke with a splitting headache so didn't even make it to the office, let alone out for a ride this morning (non alcohol related) Yep, that'd be the ones. Are some just easier to use than others? My better half has been known to frantically yell "FEEEEEEEET!!!!!" at me when we've got up to traffic lights and I've been rather optimistically hoping they'd just change before I had to stop (fall off). Good point about the gears too, I'm rather guilty of grinding away in too high a gear at the moment (have ordered a cadence sensor for my Garmin so hoping to work on rectifying that soon). This has caused a few tense moments when trying to get going again when the lights turn green Not so sure I want to leave the temple now Thanks for the link Kal, now to see how many things I've been doing wrong. Ah, I mean, work on becoming a more considerate and safe rider...
  15. Sekhmet

    Bike Fear

    I was using the two words interchangeably - they're not the same thing? My fear about switching back to the platform pedals in the short term is that I will find it all too hard to go back. I don't want to be a cop out as I have noticed a huge benefit in having them (I especially like the way I can "pull" up the pedals instead of just pushing them around)
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