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  1. No, it's not funny - and there are those that do know the truth of it pertaining to close mates and all - you besmirched an entire Triathlon club - and those that emerged from it that reached the highest peaks in the sport. Tony, as much as he is removed from the sport these days, saw it important enough to emerge from his self imposed exile to call you out - because you disrespected a sacred chapter of the sport that defined and shaped Australia on the world stage. Shame on you.
  2. Pete, the point I'm trying to make is in your post and the way you described. Duty of care and well being.
  3. I too challenged the post that accused the Cronulla Triathlon Club World champions of being less than honourable. As an eyewitness to what the fool was alluding to with regard to insidious behaviour - it seems none of that has an impact these days - opinion becomes their reality, and people are allowed to have 'alternative facts' (Conway, 2017). With regard to the 'history lesson' - we have a mental health thread that people go to for a sanctuary without judgment. I'm disappointed that permission was even allowed by the Moderators so that topic and thread could be published. I know at least one of the Mods knows him personally and should have been more circumspect and disciplined in the first instance.
  4. Well big guy who could quite easily name a few names - fire the gun and allow the people being slandered to respond, or slither away - I have been a member of a Triathlon club 30kms south of Sydney for 35 years and immersed myself in friendships and the day to day vagaries of life with a number of world champions and Kona/ITU winners - watched them live, train, eat, sleep, and win with remarkable talent - and survive relationships, financial struggles, and parenting, just like the rest of us. Would give my right nut to vouch for their work ethic and integrity.
  5. I've been following the other thread and agree with the lament that this forum is not what it used to be in terms of informed and positive content - This encapsulates it - so dunno who you are but you feel it necessary to post a generalised hearsay comment about a chance encounter with a rider whose mate was a member of a Triathlon club and 'he was very definite in his response' about drugs being rampant in a particular club? An Olympic swimmer must be on the gear? Geezuz...I've seen some cowardly posts and pot shots on here before but this takes the cake.
  6. Coach@triathlon

    Wurf watch

    VO2 Max doesnt correlate to performance. I did a treadmill test gas analysis with Welchie once. I measured at 83.7 and Welchie was 76. He could run 2 minutes faster than me over 10k. Deek was tested in the 70s too I think. Indurain was 92 from memory.
  7. watching him run for many years - my observation is that he leaks energy - not marathon efficient physiologically or bio-mechanically - even though he can run very fast over 10k - I cant see him ever riding 4.15 or less at kona and running 2.40 low.
  8. Litmus test- if it adds value to you and your loved ones it’s a good thing. If your shit starts to unravel then seek something else.
  9. Someone remind me to keep my female friends and daughters away from this idiot at the next triathlon.
  10. its a wool derivative but the added concentrated sheep's fat makes it stay on the skin for longer. best mix we could come up with
  11. a handler can re-grease at each landfall. Susie used sheep's fat and landoline.
  12. only 4 experienced pilots can take you across. Roughly 20k a day they charge. fishing vessels covered in nets with rotten fish and the stench of diesel. I was dry wretching before we left Dover harbour. Spewed the whole time. Not pleasant but epic to be immersed in emotionally. Particularly when it gets real tough. Susie got 800 metres off the coast when the tide turned and we lost 2 hours. Tide was running at 2.4 knots and she was swimming at 2.4 knots. Simple maths. She still broke the record. The hypothermia became a real problem in the end. Because all the blood had pooled to her vital organs to keep her alive her limbs and extremities suffered. Her left leg cramped and ended up becoming gangrenous. She still cant walk properly to this day.
  13. That's right. When Susie did the double England, France, England, we landed in Devon
  14. That is very very special - right up there with Everest and the 4 minute mile.
  15. Coach@triathlon

    Noosa 2019

    Tony Duffy is a mate of mine. World champion. Has had some health issues of late. 30 year anniversary for me this year of an epic road trip from Sydney to Noosa. 1989 Noosa when the pilot strike was on. Myself Rick Pallister, Andrew Royall, and John Southwell drove up. One of the most fun weeks of my life
  16. I would argue that it wasn't the rooting, or lack thereof, that separated Welchie and Allen triathletically....
  17. There is also the intimacy arousal debate that raised its head, so to speak, in 1992. Mark Allen famously abstained from any form of sexual activity 6 weeks before Ironman. Welchie was the exact opposite.
  18. People at my local gym, and some squad people keep talking about a product called 'pre-workout' - thought nothing of it but I got talking to a bloke on the stationary bike. Apparently it's some powdered shit people drink before they train. I looked at the label and it's basically whey powder with some fructose and a dose of caffeine. This bloke said he can't train without it. So I ask around and it's pervasive, the marketing brainwash commissionaires have managed to implant this new reality into gullible people's skulls. To be fair I get up and make a coffee first thing each day before I head out to train for a couple of hours. The only coffee of the day and it wakes me up but could very well be psychosomatic.
  19. I didn't realise that the prize was in lieu of a medal. That is a different thing altogether and get while you were filthy. Nothing to do with me. Apologies for my assumption and tone.
  20. add megalomaniac into that diagnosis. Jones genuinely believes he transcends all authority and his power is absolute.
  21. You really expected to receive a 'prize' because you won an age group national championship? Why?
  22. Sport shoots itself in the foot at major games with this shit. How many Olympic marathons and 50k walks have been done in the heat? Los Angeles, Beijing, Rio et al..kona gets a bit muggy too from time to time and it is never considered in terms of reducing the distance..the test event needs to be the 'test event' .maybe athletes have to slow down and survive. Change the mindset and deal with the distance in all conditions.
  23. haha Roxii! My daughter smashed the car on Sunday. Thank God she isn't hurt. Madeline Tynan sorted us out yesterday. I'm done driving with arctic gear on
  24. Thanks trinube - now we have the pool contract for 2 more years and expanding into learn to swim starting term 4 we have been mulling over going into Triathlon and multisports coaching again. I coached in the HP system previously but been observing the trends in triathlon coaching over the years. Amazed at how many coach fee paying triathletes, who swim in my squad (so the online coach only really coaches two sports if I do the swimming bit!) ask for advice about their biking and running. Some of the programs they have been prescribed are that complex, detached from the realities of human and family living - and overly analytical, that it's a wonder people can even get through one week. Maybe a back to the future model has a place.
  25. Interesting you say that Matt. The African runners seem to carry very little calf muscle - and blade runner technology was an interesting debate some years ago about propulsion, gait etc
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