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  1. Agreed, it beggars belief that people are still so bigoted, and hostile to minorities in society. All we can do is call it out when it crosses our path.
  2. i know mate. you're still traumatised after Nowra 2017 :)
  3. I'm out Leesy. Entered this morning and was keen. 12k of running and 30k of biking not my cup of tea
  4. One thing I didn't say is there is also the factor of 'miles on the chassie' - if you started Triathlon at 15 - then at 52 you are going to be slower. The ceiling has been reached in all disciplines and variants, distances etc. Those that have been in the sport a short amount of time - regardless of age relatively - can expect to improve with consistent training and racing.
  5. In the other thread CEM mentioned how he felt a decline in his running around the age of 45. CEM's a smart guy intellectually and kinesthetically - I can assume he has read and tried everything to stem the decline! I started getting slower again (the first epoch of decline began in the 40s but was due to increased work and decreased training time) around 47. The main discipline was running. Max heartrate and cardiac output just isn't the same so the inevitable happens. I went from low 18mins and change for 5k off the bike to 19.30s. Training was the same but just dont move across the ground as fast anymore. Biking was slighter in terms of loss of power. Due to slight losses in muscle mass and core strength. Swim similar but not such a downward slope. The mental struggle with it is also a challenge. there are no more PB's - that's a fact! I train 4 a week in each sport all year round. Longest bike is 70 mins on the trainer. 12k running and 3k in the pool. I do weights and lots of pushups very frequently. 50% of my swimming is with big paddles. One thing I did notice with running. I only ever do k efforts off the bike or on the treadie. Recently over summer I ran a track workout with a mate and his daughter. He is still very good into his mid 40s. We ran a heap of fast 200s and 300s with 30 seconds rest in between. He does that a lot and can still run like a gazelle. I suspect I need to go short and fast with running intervals. Really fires the glutes and opens up the hips. Be interested to read other people's experiences
  6. Hope to keep up the posts - rooted after a 50k ride yesterday on shitty south coast bitumen - but safe as houses. Ute drivers dont try to kill you down there. The only time i get out on the bike is down at the caravan. Ran 10k this morning as slow as a wet week and swam 3k with the kiddies after - trying to keep up. Orange club champs will be a challenge but upup Cronulla as usual. Hills and Warringah will dominate with numbers as usual. My kids have so much shit on this year - my middle girls made the All schools Australian Hockey team. Germany and Netherlands. 3 jobs will pay for that and the odd chook raffle Any tips on what to see over there in between games is welcome. I'm a WW2 buff and see myself going to any monument and concentration camp I can with a good supply of kleenex. I ride at dawn - albeit at Anytime Fitness Engadine on the spin bike chatting to the 4am 'mental health escape from the crazy family for an hour club.' So cathartic.
  7. as i observed in my small mind CN- everyone hits the ground differently. my left leg was mangled in a car crash. calves and hammies on that side always struggle. the brooks shoes took away the calf popping. hammie is till a problem but at least i can move faster than walking for 5k at least.
  8. Brooks - ran in nike since i was 18. prior to that it was dunlop kt26 because of financial restrictions
  9. I saw that mate - always interested in what people do day in day out - thanks for keeping that going - I was down in Currarong today at the caravan - we bought it late last year and has changed our lives. No devices and kids bond and laugh together. Just gold. I rode 50 oddk on the bike in prep for orange next weekend. Only time i ride on the road is down there. Shire riding is death-defying these days
  10. Really? Grey hair, 10 year old bike, and threadbare tri suit? Thanks for saying that mate
  11. After10 years of calf tears - futile exercises - and compression socks - I changed shoes - lo and behold!!! We are all different, hit the ground differently, biomechanically unique. It's all about the shoe
  12. no worries Nick. Always happy to help with swimming.
  13. Thanks mate, you too!
  14. Coach@triathlon


    Hi All, Some of you may know me from a number of years ago. I had the monikor Coach@Triathlon and Mickbillfrank but might have got banned, sanctioned, or forgot the password. I would like to contribute to the forum again and encourage some others from my period - where this site was probably in its renaissance with regard to info, congeniality, quality contributors, respect, and community. I have been doing what I always do in the sport - training, racing, coaching and, as an older atlete, raising 5 beautiful human beings. Life has been up and down with my mum and dad getting sick with cancer and other challenges with work. Triathlon and my mates have always centred me and why I choose Triathlon over heroin Although I drink far too much and blame Scott Molina as an early role model for that I'm 52 now and really shitty at how much I've slowed down. Raced Husky sprint recently and as much as I love the racing - it is still a head scramble crunching splits and making unrealistic comparisons with my 25 year old self. Just stepped off the TA Board after a wonderful 7 years and my 3 terms. I have all the confidence in the world in President Michelle Cooper and CEO Miles Stewart - I know many of you see TA as the nasty ogre in the sport - but volunteering in that space is not easy and 99% of people do it for the right reasons despite what some uninformed on here might tell you. I'm coaching swimming at Engadine pool still and advising the odd athlete here and there. Currently guiding boxer Ryan Waters (went 15 rounds with Mundine) on a program for Port 70.3 and Busso. interesting, I've noticed boxers and swimmers are the easiest people to coach. Ryan would jump off a cliff if I told him to. He has a long way to go but sure he will smash his first triathlon. Anyway, hope everyone is well - the reason I walked away from Transiitons was the trolling. It's an underbelly that this joint can sometimes do and it really only takes away from the value that an online community can provide. Hope to see some of you at Club Champs NSW next weekend. Love and kisses Mick
  15. Lou is truly special - i didn't know about her ironman induction. obviously i knew of her legend of the sport award. she still graces us with her presence and was our first all sport female champ. congrats lou. special girl
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