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  1. To put the tax cuts that made it through the senate last week into perspective, the top marginal tax rate for much of the 1970s was 65%.
  2. trilobite

    Israel Folau

    Is Izzy’s case really that different to this lady’s? https://pacelawyers.com/implications-of-comcare-v-banerji/ To save you some reading time, it’s about a department of immigration and border protection employee dismissed for making anonymous tweets (on her personal phone and mostly out of work hours) that were critical of her employer. By comparison, Izzy was not anonymous in making posts that he knew were not consistent with his employer’s view. And being much better paid, he arguably should have known better...
  3. trilobite


    Rumour has it that Dustin Brown is a leading pants man on tour.
  4. trilobite


    Much “better” racquet breakers out there than nick. When asked about playing Marat Safin in his next round match, Goran Ivanesevic once offered that “he breaks his racquets like a man”.
  5. trilobite


    Boris Becker used to fly his own stringer to tournaments, instead of using the tournament stringing service...
  6. trilobite


    I thought Mark Philippousis’ stint on “Age of Love” (having the perplexing task of vying for the affections of kittens and cougars) was for love, rather than money...
  7. trilobite


    The three-time Wimbledon champion’s argument that his appointment by the Central African Republic as a sporting, cultural and humanitarian attache to the European Union meant he could not be subjected to legal proceedings was at least novel...
  8. trilobite


    To loosely quote Andy Roddick (who set the benchmark for press conferences), tennis professionals are in the entertainment business. Arguably that makes the Nick Kyrgios recognising a reporter at his post Nadal match press conference from the pub the night before a positive. If the benchmark for entertainment was purely how much effort a player appeared to put in, Anna Kournikova would be unheard of and David Ferrer would have his own line of Nike apparel. To close out with a quote from Russell Crowe, “Are you not entertained?”.
  9. trilobite


    Wimbledon prize money for a first round exit is £45,000 (ie ~AUD80,500 today). Admittedly that’s more than many people make in a year for only 2 or 3 sets worth of pay (depending on your gender, but that’s an argument for another day). But let’s not forget that you don’t get to be one of the 128 players in the singles main draw just by writing a nice letter to the All England Club (ie excluding wildcard entrants (without which Goran wouldn’t have had the opportunity to beat Pat Rafter for the trophy), you need the ranking or to have won some qualifying rounds). Like it or not, Tomic’s ranking was good enough to get him in.
  10. trilobite

    Team IM

    Challenge used to do a team for the “IM distance” race in Cairns. However, I think we have established that Challenge is cactus in Australia (and, for that matter, I’m struggling to think of anyone else running a race over that distance in Qld and northern NSW).
  11. Depends on how much of a show you like to put on for the spectators? It would be hard to accuse you not looking excited to be there...
  12. Just be careful not to pick up someone’s viagra...
  13. Hopefully the capital they raise will facilitate an IT upgrade that means they can transfer entries?
  14. Just looked it up - apparently the 2018 event was canned due to lack of entries
  15. Wasn’t there a long course on Kangaroo Is?
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