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  1. So when you got back from your run at around midnight, were 6am (or earlier) starts with the little guys a problem?
  2. That beats cracking the shits at your training and avoiding “special cuddles” as a consequence...
  3. Sort of like a discussion of what paying a fair share of tax is, I suspect views on what are appropriate contributions at home vary (eg most of us probably know some families where the division of paying the bills, looking after kids, making meals etc is straight out of the 1950s)
  4. To clarify, what I had in mind was attitude to carving out time for training (I assume that most people spend more time training than racing).
  5. So some recent comments in other threads got me thinking that the elephant in the room in many discussions on here is the attitude of your spouse towards your triathlon past-time. For example, some race reports praise how encouraging the writer’s spouse and family have been. While as a father of 3 under 10s with a working spouse, the attitude to triathlon in my home might best be described as tolerated (eg if I came home one day and declared it was time to put my bike, wetsuit and runners on gumtree, I expect the announcement would be warmly received). What’s your spouse or family’s attitude to your training, have you attempted to shift the dial and how did that go, etc?
  6. I thought I saw some media reporting that the CFMEU was supporting LNP candidates in some Qld electorates impacted by coal mining policies...
  7. trilobite

    The 1% stuff

    I nominate you to advocate on behalf of some (former?) athletes, whose spouse (and often family) think that carving out some time (let’s say just 10 hours per week) to pursue some triathlons is selfish when there’s an infant in the house. I assume you are, of course, familiar with the fact that equating 10 hours of triathlon training with 10 hours of a more traditional use of that time (eg longer work hours or watching footy) will not be accepted as an appropriate comparison?
  8. What employer wouldn’t love an impending ATO review of their employment tax obligations???
  9. Hey William - Reckon Annastacia has sorted out her position on that Adani thing?
  10. trilobite

    The 1% stuff

    Unless you are blessed with an infant who begins sleeping through the night early and / or have a very accommodating spouse, the idea of getting 6 hours straight will begin to look tantalising. I suspect there are some athletes that may not realise how much of a “competitive advantage” the preparedness of their spouse (and perhaps extended family) to look after their little person(s) is...
  11. trilobite

    The 1% stuff

    When people talk / write about break-through performances (eg dropping x:xx time for an IM finish), they often refer to the 1% things they did in between. Putting to the side a debate on whether the underlying commitment the 1% things represent might have more to do with the improvement than the 1% things themselves, are there any you want to share?
  12. You’re close to spot on with the 170-175 threshold, assuming average HR for a park run is a good indicator of that.
  13. Perhaps they could even implement a system that facilitates transferring entries over a calendar year (which I have previously been advised in writing is the case)???
  14. So Challenge are officially cactus in Australia?
  15. I can’t help but wonder how Tarantino chose to have Jules in Pulp Fiction quote another passage from Ezekiel, instead of this gem 🤔
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