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  1. Whilst attired in active-wear
  2. Is there a budgie smuggler option?
  3. I thought aerobic threshold and lactate threshold would be more useful to know than max HR for identifying HR ranges to train at for Olympic and longer tris?
  4. On the basis that my HR was relatively stable for the race I took the average figures above from (eg didn’t start the run higher, then trail off walking the last 5km), I (perhaps mistakenly) thought it should be a fair proxy for some threshold? In which case it might be a more accurate place to work training zones off than a MAF 180, less age 🤔
  5. HR is from a Garmin chest strap. What I had in mind was that, assuming an average HR from a 1/2 IM is indicative of, say, aerobic threshold, what % of that would you suggest doing most training kms.
  6. I’m interested in some ideas on working out appropriate training heart rate... So for some data to work with: The MAF formula would have me training to a 140bpm cap. My last 1/2 IM average HRs were 167 on the bike and 174 on the run. What do you think?
  7. trilobite

    Dairy free diet?

    Not to mention how good a washed rind goes with a Barossa Shiraz...
  8. trilobite

    Dairy free diet?

    My piccolo tastes sublime on full cream compared to soy, almond, etc
  9. Bored@‘s mate was out there
  10. You mean Ryf, Atkinson, etc endorse a product that is not good for you?
  11. Has you old friend been to Kona?
  12. Unless, for example, your 8 year old came into your bedroom at 4:30am (ie 1/2 an hour after you left and, depending on the mood, possibly / likely connected with you leaving the house) and woke your spouse up. Then your 6 year old wakes up at 5:30am and wakes your 4 year old in the course of doing so. So when you arrive home at 8:xx your spouse is not kindly disposed to your triathlon past-time. But it seems no-one on here has kids that do this or have very accommodating spouse or cash to burn on hired help...
  13. Anyone on this forum with little guys that typically wake up (sometimes well) before 6am?
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