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  1. There’s a site for every genre you can imagine, plus perhaps a few you haven’t imagined. No doubt the producers will pounce on good talent when they see it...
  2. No wonder PJ can’t figure out whether or not to eat meat pies at Walloon any more...
  3. Just don’t ask about the issue they had with the ACCC around proving their claims...
  4. Are you thinking about addressing the issue due to injury or just because? That is, if you are not getting run injuries and can hold an ok pace (eg can you do 5km in 20 min), then what’s the issue?
  5. trilobite


    Try exhaling on your foot strike on the non-stitch side.
  6. I have raised this before, but since it’s on topic... A few years back I contacted IM Asia Pac to pull out of Noosa after seriously injuring my knee in an accident (ruptured anterior cruciate ligament, medial and lateral meniscus tears, requiring reconstruction be surgery). Notwithstanding I’ve done a few of their races (eg now entering in legends category), the best offer I got was a transfer to Ballarat 70.3 a few months later (presumably on the basis I would undergo a miracle recovery or race in the wheelchair category). This was under the auspices that the systems used by IM Asia Pac didn’t allow a credit to carry forward over a year (not sure how this fits with being able to enter Noosa over a year early with the “MooNoo” promotion?). And I was emailed this after referring the issue to then CEO Geoff Meyer (who had recently been interviewed by Roxii for this site and spoken about rewarding loyal customers). It was a disappointing episode.
  7. And did Tim Tufuga go vegan?
  8. Your insight has been sorely missed - the first conundrum I have is whether PJ needs to get on the meat pies again?
  9. Varondah has been quiet for a while 🤔
  10. trilobite

    Improved race times

    In case you missed it, she is the 2019 Australian Open women’s doubles champion...
  11. trilobite

    Improved race times

    Ana Ivanovic has the same number of Grand Slam singles titles and finals, not to mention never making it to the 2nd week in Grand Slam doubles (compared to 3 championships for Sam). Presumably she was nonetheless mentally superior?
  12. trilobite

    Improved race times

    I agree with that 110%. Will strength on race day can guarantee you a spot in the med tent, not on the podium.
  13. trilobite

    Improved race times

    Is the climb up Mt Coot-tha at 4am in the rain?
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