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  1. Hoka one one (teach me)

    I understand Cliftons and Bondis are Hokas neutral road trainer offering - what’s the difference between them?
  2. Mool meetup

    Was the endura, ASICS and Subaru sponsorship up for renewal and not continued?
  3. New Zealand is officially better than Australia

    No CGT in New Zealand either. And top personal tax rate of 33%.
  4. The Triathlon Jihadi

    In conjunction with a trucker hat advertising beer 🍺
  5. The Triathlon Jihadi

    Get a mullet instead
  6. PJ out for 2018

    Does Maffetone recommend a cross fit-style approach???
  7. PJ out for 2018

    Aren’t you a fan of Dr Maffetone?
  8. Lazer Tardiz helmet visor???

    Pete Jacobs was using a tardiz when he crossed the line first at Kona.
  9. Guilty by association?

    Is the grounding in ethics you’re referring to the Ato Boldon fiasco (ie texts talking about getting “[insert skin colour] money” to fund his trip to Australia, while she was a senator)?
  10. Who's hi-jacked Bored@'s Account?

    Anthing is possible
  11. Geelong 70.3

    Challenge may at least have a consistent approach to assisting athletes suffering unforeseen problems. I’m not sure about the systems of other race organisers to accommodate carrying credits forward, but IM apparently can’t even keep a consistent line on what their systems can / can’t do...
  12. Geelong 70.3

    Now I’m seriously peeved that the IM Asia Pac CEO thought having a ruptured ACL with medial and lateral meniscus tears was less worthy of granting a transfer to than overseas work travel. Even more so when the fact you got a transfer implies his response to me that his organisation didn’t have the systems to allow it was untrue. I hope there’s some other explanation to explain that...
  13. Geelong 70.3

    So the moral of the story is that, unless you’re AP, don’t waste your time asking for a transfer. After all, you can’t expect an organisation valued at over US$600m to have the systems to facilitate that...
  14. Geelong 70.3

    I beg to differ - initially I was referred to the standard T&Cs by someone at the front-line. Then I decided to email Geoff Meyer, who made the Ballarat offer (either not familiar with what knee reconstruction recovery times are like or neglecting to mention I would also be eligible to use a mobility scooter). For completeness, this was around the time he was interviewed by roxii and made the comments about rewarding loyalty.
  15. Geelong 70.3

    IM Asia Pac don’t do transfers for illness - when I had to pull out of Noosa with a ruptured ACL and torn meniscus, apparently carrying a credit forward to the following year was too hard. So I was offered a place at Ballarat 1/2 IM. Perhaps they thought I was going to do the run on a mobility scooter?