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  1. Funny how when I’ve brought up “time management” type topics before , so many of the crew who like to talk about “wanting it more”, discipline, etc (particularly those with small children and significant work commitments) conveniently neglect to mention a supportive spouse... No use setting your alarm for 4am and heading out the door (or wherever you keep indoor training stuff) if your spouse complains it wakes them, your 2 year old is waking up regularly through the night, your 5 year old always wakes at 5am leaving your spouse to consistently do the morning shift, etc...
  2. If you are driving an old car... Simultaneously drop into 2nd and pull on the handbrake 😉
  3. You might need to send AP a PM on this one...
  4. What about my woman or person who chooses not to identify as a binary gender?
  5. I used two different surgeons in Qld for successful ACL grafts and meniscus repair / trim. Getting IM Asia Pacific to accommodate an entry transfer required as a result of the injury is a different matter...
  6. Or have you already got your training needs covered with these guys?
  7. Is that because you are already committed to doing repeats of Mt Coot-the then (preferably in the rain)?
  8. Your tennis playing client could benefit from working with a coach on some stroke correction...
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