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  1. trilobite

    Chainless Bike

    Maybe be less maintenance than a conventional chain?
  2. trilobite

    50 Ironmans in 50 days Ashley Horner

    So I thought it might be insightful to see how her online content suggests she would fuel her 50 in 50. At the risk of sounding like a disciple of durianrider, I would have thought fruit was preferable to protein shakes?
  3. trilobite

    Froomey banned from tour

    Does Denis enjoy hanging out with you watching le tour?
  4. trilobite

    Top money earners mid year.

    For anyone who can be arsed reading, the following link (a us tax court decision involving the treatment of some of Sergio Garcia’s contracts) gives a decent picture of what things look like for what some might call a well paid athlete: https://www.ustaxcourt.gov/InOpHistoric/GarciaDiv.TC.WPD.pdf
  5. trilobite

    Top money earners mid year.

    Or one of these guys lining up some endorsement contracts...
  6. trilobite

    Challenge Roth

    If I had six kids plus a new born I’d be just about prepared to do my long runs barefoot on broken glass just to get some solitude out of the house!
  7. trilobite

    Training solo

    Since IM is 90% mental and this guy didn’t fall for Jedi mind tricks, I can only surmise he was a good athlete...
  8. trilobite

    Training solo

    Maybe see if Chewie can help
  9. trilobite

    Karl Stefanovic backs us

    The argument re cyclists paying registration is disingenuous, as the bulk of government charges (or however else you might like to label them) directly borne by road users are in the form of excise and GST on fuel (see details below), rather than registration. Which then begs the question of whether this is an appropriate way to charge someone driving an XD falcon V8 compared with a Tesla model S, before you bring bikes into the mix...
  10. trilobite

    Active fees

    Since the IM brand and associated IP are presumably owned somewhere offshore (ie subject to lower tax rates than in Australia), it would be interesting to know what intragroup fees are charged to use that branding and IP in Australia and the margin that is left as subject to tax here.
  11. trilobite

    Ironman IVs

    In fairness to WTC, the medical team in cairns gave me a few bags of saline a couple of years ago. Apparently not being able to get vertical without vomiting after finding a place clear of the finish chute looked sufficiently serious.
  12. trilobite

    What do I need to do - 70.3 worlds 2020

    Anything you can share from your recent catch up with the Don?
  13. trilobite

    I Believe

    With all the conflicting views on what to eat (ie the meat and water diet thread, high fat low carb thread and intermittent fasting thread to name but a few), optimising diet can get a bit confusing. What approach do you suggest for athletes you coach?
  14. trilobite

    I Believe

  15. trilobite

    Active fees

    Does misinformation regarding the basis for the transfer policy fall under the “report a scam” link?