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  1. Spent the arvo in the yard mowing and pruning then did a tip run. About fifteen minutes after I got home realised I'd left a bin at the tip. Swore, then raced back out and found the bin then returned to town smiling. Turning into my street around the corner from the pool and heard screaming/yelling from the pool. Looked across to see a lady running to the stand and grab a phone from her bag. Screams didn't sound normal, neither did actions of the lady so did a u turn to see another lady running out of the pool grounds with a young toddler limp in her arms. Pull up and check bub who was lifeless and not breathing/non responsive. With the assistance of the lifeguard started basic compressions/breaths and cleared airway of food. Did this about four times until the Defib was hooked up and came back with No shock required - thank god. Another couple of quick breaths and saw the chest fill and bub started gurgling and then crying. Took bub straight next door (about 200m) to the hospital and by the time we walked through the door the Ambos had pulled up and bub was crying like a newborn! Apparently Mum only went to the loo for a short time and left bub with other family members to watch. I suppose the moral is to always watch the kids at the pool. Also, resus was by no means text book stuff just basic compressions/breaths etc but in the end an example that any first aid is better than nothing at all and can sometimes be effective. Later on went for a short ride around town to chill out and de-stress and got me thinking about luck, fate or coincidence?
  2. Thanks again to everyone again, deal has been done, cheers!
  3. Thanks for the responses Milney & Trek, I'm considering an offer on another bike at the moment, will update this thread accordingly, hopefully tommorrow. In the middle of moving house at the moment................
  4. Thanks Milney, is it one of the alloy Aletta models or carbon frame, had one other offer already so keeping the options open, thanks again.
  5. I've got about $1000 - $1500 spare at the moment and thinking of "upgrading" my bike. Currently have an old steel frame town bike with old 9spd 105 and a 12 yr old OCR 3 with a mix of 8spd sora/tiagra, pro lite como wheels and a quill stem adapter. Looking to get back into some half distance races in the next 12 months and not sure if I should get another road bike or try and source a Tri bike. Can swap the groupsets over on my current frames to have a 9 spd training bike and buy a TT bike or pick up a roadie for the money I have. Does anybody have anything they are thinking of offloading in the near future. Thought I would ask here as well as look at the usual ebay/bike exchange and online stores. I appreciate the budget doesn't allow for anything too flash. Ride about a 56cm road bike, 180cm tall, 95 kg. Don't do group rides or anything like that due to location just ride for fitness and training at the moment. Live in north west NSW. Cheers Shane
  6. smiddo

    Bike training options

    If you mean new bikes I have been looking at Polygon bikes recently as a "cheap" training bike - havent purchased yet, waiting till tax time but they are running out 2011 bikes at the moment. They have an alloy Sora bike for about $600 and a full 105, full carbon fork, Ksyrium Equipe wheels for a grand - but might be a bit much just for a trainer. I'd be interested in any feedback from Polygon owners. Disclaimer: no affiliation - just been searching lots lately. There is always Reid bikes.....................
  7. Allright next question then and apologies for the hijack but sort of relevant: I have a Motorola Defy because at the time it was advertised as being very "tough" for everday use. However I have never been happy with the phone - freezes and the "motoblur" software is a pain. So I have been toying with going over the the dark side and getting an Iphone. Is it worthwhile waiting till the end of the year for the Iphone5 - don't want to lock into a contract/phone now and have the new fancy all singing, all dancing Iphone come out in a few months time...........
  8. Don't get me started on snakes - with the flooding twice here in the last four months they have been everywhere. I have seen plenty when running and riding. Christmas day my neighbour had one in his back patio that decided to hide in the back of a fridge - that was interesting. Had one a few weeks ago in my back verandah - red belly - he hid between the concrete and fence and dissapeared - two days later appeared in the neighbours front yard a bit dopey as I had buried the sucker under the concrete but he still managed to get out. Came across the following vid when searching Wee Waa on you tube a few weeks back:
  9. smiddo


    NSW Police tasers are fitted with a tasercam that record audio and video and a second cartridge can be secured on the base of the taser cam. Yes, It is possible to cover the camera with the fingers inadvertently when drawing the taser from the holster however it is reinforced during training to ensure the fingers do not cover the camera.
  10. Work for the same mob as TUV. I have leased a vehicle through Maxxia for the last five years, all the lease and running costs are paid from the pre tax dollars however there is a need to pay a post tax amount as well to negate any yearly fringe benefit tax so don't forget to factor that into the equation. I work in the bush and have done in excess of 25k each year, have loved the convenience ie no worries about finding fuel money, tyre replacement, servicing costs, rego etc as it is all in your "kitty" when the need arises, just get in a drive. However I do still feel that it is a big chunk out of your pay for the benefit of a new or now not so newer vehicle. Like anything do the sums and way up the pros and cons, for me and the k's I have done it has been beneficial. I think there are cheaper mobs than Maxxia about and have noticed there are other companies advertising in the union mag, just not sure if they are approved for the NSW cops but will have to find out as my lease is due to finish shortly.
  11. mgilla, check out the chart at the bottom of the page for thread differences http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bottom_bracket
  12. smiddo

    Hell of the West

    I'm at Wee Waa and just heard the latest road report on ABC radio - Newell is obviously still cut between Moree- Narrabri - Boggabilla and will be for at least a few days. Gwydir Hwy between Moree - Warialda (therefore Inverell) is cut and they also said the Bruxner hwy between Yetman - Boggabilla (Gundy) is also closed. So not sure if there is anyway to Gundy via NSW from the south at all. I am meant to be travelling to Brisbane on Sat but will just stay safely behind the levee and have to wait.........To all those travelling stay safe and take care.
  13. smiddo

    Hell of the West

    For those travelling from the south the Newell is cut in a couple of places between Narrabri and Moree along with a few spots between Moree/Boggabilla. There is about 1.5m of water through the little shop/servo at Edgeroi just north of Narrabri. Roads between Moree/Inverell also closed in places. I'll post an update tommorrow.
  14. smiddo

    Training Logs

    I sometimes use a length of the elastic compression type bandage you can get from the chemist. Pull it onto the arm, whack the phone on and roll the other end of the bandage over the phone, sort of need three hands to get it done but it works OK.
  15. Ordered a couple of bottle cages from them, four weeks later no delivery, flicked off an email and within 12 hrs had a reply and within four days had the order delivered. Obviously issues with the original order but the customer support and resolution to the order was brilliant. I'd give them a go again. There is a sizeable thread on the BNA forum if you want to have a look over there.
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