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  1. Hi, I have a Torpedo7 Bike Box for sale, it's currently on ebay - unfortunately I don't know how to get the link into this post, however if you goto ebay and type in Torpedo7 Bike Box it's the only one that displays. Located in Melbourne. I can source freight costs if interstaters are interested however I've already had a few tire kickers give me the run around after going to the effort of getting postage quotes / removing off ebay so don't be that guy please! Thanks.
  2. I have a used Torpedo7 bike box I'd like to sell as I don't really race anymore nor do I see myself travelling interstate to race. I have pics I can email, however description of the box is here - http://m.torpedo7.com.au/products/T7BCCNN00/title/torpedo7-bike-case?sitePreference=mobile The box does have a broken wheel and one latch thanks to the person who last borrowed it from me and passed the blame off to virgin airlines without fixing it for me however is completely functional still and can roll on the two larger wheels. Asking $100ono retails at $249.95. Located in Narre Warren Sth for pick up only. Combination lock still works fine. Please email damien.rankin@gmail.com if interested as I don't login to here much.
  3. Is it going to cost me money to take a turd in the portaloos race morning? toolish, the shuttle costs athletes also. I see nothing free?
  4. I have a truck licence course beginning on the Monday at 7-12 so can't make the Monday pick up which would have been ideal... And lucky, it's been a few years since I last entered an event and by memory your fees were finalised and sorted at the time. so any special licences were included at initial entry, not emailed to you 10 months after you entered telling you that you have additional things to purchase or you can't race.
  5. quick rant and a question... anyway you pay almost 900 clams to enter and then 2 weeks out get told you need to buy a 25 buck licence for the day or can't compete and then they are stinging you for bike transport with rediculous times that I personally can't go with. the time open for nominated ppl to collect the bikes falls close to when I'd hope to be finishing, do I send my loved ones off to get my bike so they don't see me finish or do I just surrender it to the race organisers because I can't otherwise meet the stupid times they have available for collection?! I see also if you want a bus shuttle you have to pay extra for that also.... wtf did my 900 even pay for?! would have thought all the above should be included!
  6. damien613

    Geelong 70.3

    sorry to hear about your stack but a pro wouldn't undertake you if you were keeping left as you should be as there wouldn't have been enough room (I have raced geelong a few times and know that if you're keeping left the only passing option is on the right side) did they atleast yell keep left as they were approaching? anyway I guess in future you should make an effort to stay left knowing there are others racing out there for a purpose of earning some $$$ not just a finishers medal.
  7. crap interview.. basically asking why he bothers with kona and why people sponsor him?! (amongst other degrading questions) lucky Petr is a decent bloke with some of those disgraceful questions...
  8. vas = worst suggestion. do not use vas, use bodyglide / runguard or an anti chafe that doesn't incorporate petroleum based ingredients.
  9. hearing you there mrando - also using the ism adamo and feel really uncomfortable on it. rode for the first time in ages 2 weeks ago spent the whole week recovering sit bones felt so bruised / tender. might try that cable tie suggestion and getting cyclespeed to fit me proeprly if I get time.
  10. to add another in the mix, we dont have a huge range in stock currently but have this kabuto aero lid currently on clear out which you can view online first if you like: http://shop.onlinesportstore.com.au/estore/style/kb7743301.aspx
  11. $50 for both + postage if sold / paid today only
  12. garmin constantly updates the firmware on it's watches so I probably would be updating that if I were you... usually if anything seems abnormal with a garmin updating the firmware is always the first thing you should do before calling garmin - 90% of the time it seems to fix it. haven't heard if 910xt software would work or not, I guess if it starts playing up just update to current 310xt firmware. being such similar watches apart from cosmetics it'll probably be fine
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