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  1. bulldog

    2017 Hawaii Ironman on course Nutrition

    they have sent a email to say it will be Gatorade and cliff bar, just had the feeling WTC were holding out to the highest bidder and might have come short as it took this long.
  2. was curoius to see what was on course this year with only 45 days to go. Here is WTC reply. sounds to me they haven't found a company to pay the bucks to be on the course....... Thank you for your patience, we haven't received the final confirmation from the 2017 IRONMAN World Championship partners regarding the specifics on nutrition. We expect to have this available this week. You can expect to see this also available in the 2017 IRONMAN World Championship athlete guide as we get these details set in place.
  3. bulldog

    Additional Kona slots for Aus?

    Is Port Mac Ironman on next year?
  4. bulldog

    IM World Record - Tim Don

    they are saying the motorbikes are excellent for drafting off
  5. bulldog

    AUS AG doping bust

    i was tested at Busso 70.3 2 seconds after finishing. Can pee on demand normally but this one took over an hour. Would love for uni students to test at every race and when they get a positive they hand over the data to Asada to re test according to the rules of testing.
  6. bulldog

    Mavic CXR 60 Wheels-Shimano 11 speed.

    Hi Zed - see Matt Illingworth at Churchill Cycles - he has one on the floor
  7. Hi Never been ridden straight off my BMC tm01 - comes with tyres $1000.00
  8. bulldog

    Specialized Announcement Aug 3rd

    Specialized announce Cranky will be riding the New shiv in Kona
  9. bulldog

    Ironman Cairns 2016

    Arrive Wednesday and see a lot of sunshine on the weather report. Looking forward to this time next week
  10. bulldog

    Dura Ace c50 10 speed tubs

    i have a set of c50 with very good cone vittoria tubs on PM your mobile and i will flick you some pictures - aud750 delivered australia wide. BD
  11. bulldog

    Knife wielding road rager against cyclist in WA

    Boom is over in WA - $1500 for an ex FIFO is a huge fine. Seriously - so you can threaten someone with a knife and thats all you get....this is great precedent for the next bogan,
  12. bulldog

    Scott Penny RIP

    met Scott when he was living in Perth. Then later in 1995 bumped into him on a beach in Mexico with a full eskie - he just arrived at the beach Great guy RIP. Bulldog.
  13. bulldog

    PRO Race Results IM AUS, IM WA 70.3

    I love the term paceline. . I witnessed this paceline when Matt Burton came pass watching the scrabble to keep up with him and a TO just clearing the way. Run times would be big time affected if they really policed them.
  14. bulldog

    Crowie (new bike)

    Lava Magazine - is that official?
  15. bulldog

    Crowie (new bike)

    Is Crowe splitting from specialized?