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  1. The builder will just add $25k to the price
  2. I went from A BMC TM01 to a P3 - that was an expensive mistake as i wish i got a P3 in the 1st place,
  3. the 2xu jackets are very good.
  4. def like the big climbs and shorter flat stages so its just not a gorilla finish. The other thing is more data coming back to the viewer i.e. HR and Power - the 2 things that can tell if you are cheating on virtual racing and then the average rider can compare numbers these guys are putting out - if they are too good then the red flags go up etc. Who cares if the other teams know if you are tired and they attack - just take the radios away and then its all kept within the peloton
  5. are they running 2 Kona's next year? March & October?
  6. i know of a situation where they are still living under the same roof due to not being able to find alternative living arrangements ATM - is the spike for you due to finianial hardships out there and so more arguing??
  7. Some businesses are going gang busters during this pandemic - generally medical related. Bike shops are very happy with people choosing to buy new bikes or repairs on the indi500 - Is anyone seeing this in their place of work or will the bubble burst in a couple of weeks when these people start getting the credit card bills to pay for their spending in the last couple of weeks.
  8. bulldog


    a lot of these flights have no passengers - just cargo at inflated rates
  9. anyone know what sort of mark up there is on new cars?
  10. maybe it will be the just the car industry that will be affected the most out of this -
  11. What will happen to all the Athletes that TA has been supporting for ITU etc for next year - will the government still be handing over cash due to it being an Olympic year? or will the pot be empty from all the keeper payments?
  12. Not sure about that - more Australian will holiday at home i think until the world cleans up which will take longer than us
  13. Trying to work out what is normal again.
  14. anyone updating in this covid world? are you seeing any deals too hard to walk away from?
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