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  1. Yep distance is the same, starting time the same and the bizarre thing is there is no issue cycling or swimming - only running. And Willie would love to upgrade but for kids in private schools!!!! But thanks for the input
  2. For the tech heads out there have sync'd my movescount account with strava. It works fine with cycling and swimming but with running the times are all out - ie sometimes over a minute per km. Now I assume this has something to do with my run settings on movescount. Anyone got any suggestions?
  3. A few of you blokes need to just go back on the other discussion and just keep telling everyone what training you have done in the last day and what time you got up. If you actually read what AP is saying he is spot on. Tiger Woods said at his peak that there were 5000 players in the world with the same golfing talent. He was just mentally stronger. Good post AP.
  4. The Honey Badger has actually a great story - one which a few on here should read. He has 7 brothers and sisters who have been raised essentially by his father (his mother walked out on the family). He quite Australian rugby I think in 2014 to travel to Japan for more $$ which he has used to support his dad and siblings. Sacrificed playing for his country to help out his family.
  5. .... 5 years after the fact.
  6. Thanks Al. 2.5 weeks to go. Strangly looking forward to it after 5 years. HOW and Port Mac await next year.
  7. Kieran Have to remember there was 4 months prior to that as well of building. During that time I did basically no threshold work at all. So I don't think you could say it has been that short a timeframe. I would more rightly say that it has been 6 months to see the results.
  8. Real life example. Haven't raced since 2012 and early this year signed up for Brisbane Mara in 3 weeks. Hadn't done a lot of running during the past 5 years due to injury. For the past 6 months have been slowly building volume with 80-90% 'easy' low heart rate running. I regularly do an 11 k loop so comparison is easy. 6 weeks ago at an average HR of 145bpm I averaged around the 5.45 min per k. Yesterday with an average HR of 143bpm did the same loop averaging 5.20bpm. Similarly on my long run. 4 weeks ago did a 32k loop with an average HR of 150 at around the 5.50 min/k. Last Sunday same loop HR 148bpm ave 5.30 min/k. Currently running around 75-80k per week with only 2 sessions (out of 6) where I do any speed or threshold stuff. The biggest advantage for a fat old bloke like me is that ability to back up and run the next day. Next thing will be giving Al Pitman a call and signing up for another IM!!!!!
  9. Family has now reported him missing. Must have checked himself out of the hospital and done a runner.
  10. What about enduring 6 weeks of hell when an employee made a false harassment claim to cover up a $6000 fraud. She thought that if she made an broad allegation everyone would be some wrapped up in that matter that the fraud would go undetected. No formal complaint was made or details provided but HR started a formal investigation. I refused to particpate until a written complaint was made. 6 weeks later I received a call from a supplier alerting me to the fraud. Said employee was gone within 30 minutes. Did I get an apology from HR - not one indication that they had f**ked up, no apology and months to recover respect from my staff because they had interviewed every one of them and told them about the alleged harassment (although no formal complaint was ever made).
  11. Capt Underpants

    Rio 2016

    How is the Russian female breaststroker allowed to swim?? She has served 2 suspensions for doping violations. She is now the 2nd fastest qualifier for the final!!
  12. If it is unencumbered then it shouldn't be an issue and given the fact it is with your sister I assume this is the case. I would engage another solicitor to send a formal request seeking the transfer of the file + title deed. The question is however whether your sister has any proprietary interest in the property. If that is the case it may be more problematic.
  13. Watson dropped - Smith to bat 3 with Faulkner at 7.
  14. Saw some bird riding down the middle of the middle lane down along beaches holding up a whole lot of tradies!!
  15. Avoid the great white that hangs around the end of the jetty.
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