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  1. Meat and Water Diet Study

    So true and still too much per person
  2. Meat and Water Diet Study

  3. Crank length for a 29er

    Nor sure why but most mtb seem to come with 175s maybe it's because of the easier and more wide spread ratios i have several mtb and fat bikes all 175s
  4. Meat and Water Diet Study

    Well the last few posts have been the most entertaining in this thread so far
  5. Aero Helmet

    Great pic i love magpies
  6. Kane Cornes 2.35 Marathon

    I think the link is wrong it's about some women called Tracey but anyways , it's a handy time by mr Cornes but as he has been a professional athlete for most of his life so I wouldn't call it that fast for someone of his background the only stand along Mara I have run was a high 2hr 38 on a hilly course that was only done on IM training (3 weeks after an IM) and I'm not that special
  7. What is a person who eats all 3 major foods called

    You'll have a shirt with it written on
  8. New Bike :)

    He will need em at next years IM wales lol
  9. Triathlete vs Dog

    You are a very lucky man great family and great dog (pity about your tricathalaon skills)
  10. Triathlete vs Dog

    That's arwsome mate best you find another rescue, they are are all fantastic dogs just some need. Little more work than others
  11. No dnf for this lady

    This is what it take so some time to get to the end of an Ironman beryl wilson from port Mac 69 yrs old was the last finisher at Kona last week , she fell several times including in the lab and also in the finish Shute no dnf for her , maybe some pros should be out of bed so they can see agers efforts like this these are pics of her on the plane on the way home today I believe a broken leg of some discription and lots of cuts and bruises
  12. New Bike :)

    Love it , looks arwsome so glad u have finally seen the light and got on the shimano bandwagon :-) good move not going the crackendale
  13. Cam Wurf Kona write up

    He got up at 3-30am and looked what happened maybe u are onto something
  14. Tubular tyres

    Yes they have us sorted i hope u fed them , there is magpie food in the fridge they have lots of babies right now
  15. Tubular tyres

    I love dogs and magpies so I never get chased or swooped :-)
  16. Aero Helmet

    Look what happened to him ?
  17. Proof CEO of Ironman is a fraud. ;) messick

    I'm up at 3-30 am now and I'm in Kona which means 12-30 am tomorrow in oz . So looks like I'm on my way to the top step
  18. No dnf for this lady

    Yep sure shows the pros a thing or two about finishing if things get a little tough
  19. Tubular tyres

    Worst time for a flat !!!!
  20. Triathlete vs Dog

    I've watch this vid several times and I still can't see rog
  21. Triathlete vs Dog

    Good on you mate for taking on a rescue dog , give him time , love and plenty of cuddles he will come good
  22. is training sterile for the IM these days

    Coffee shop ?????? surely not Al