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  1. ironpo

    Jetstar Bike changes

    Still the best policy around , as long as you keep under the 40kg limit then they hit you you can’t buy any more than 40 kegs
  2. ironpo

    There are some sick people out there:

    Totally agree paul and the ones usually making the most noise about , ffnnn drivers and the dangers of cycling are the ones in complete black out fits with no rear or front lights , riding two abreast holding up traffic just not doing themselves or anyone else who is still mad enough to ride on Australian roads no favours what so ever if you want drivers attitudes to change for the better cyclist behaviour needs to change for the better and even more importantly be seen to actually making an effort to make things better and safer for all users EG , bright clothing bright lights , be seen ride single file when blocking traffic wave people on , and give them a friendly guesture if they do the right thing no more then 6 (or even 4) in a bunch that way u can go single file without any problems claimed in this thread , and also the bigger the bunch the bigger the arrogance , so the more cyclist hate it breeds black while cycling on the road should be banned and quality bright rear lights made mandatory
  3. ironpo

    Noosa 2019

    No the swell was huge and it was also the hottest day that has ever been in Australia must be global warming
  4. ironpo

    Coach or not

    And then won Kona
  5. ironpo

    Ironman pacing strategy

    Everyone who “ races “ overbikes to some point all depends how much and also how well you can actually run off the bike if your nailed your nutrition and have plenty of mongral, then good racers will get away with it easily and carry the advantage of the extra time gained on the bike into a good solid fast run , hence a great race
  6. ironpo

    Kona bike and wheels count. Cervelo won

    So which tube did u end up buying?.?
  7. ironpo

    Congratulations to the Prince

  8. ironpo

    Congratulations to the Prince

    Or out of the console of the 747 after he parked it at Kona airport
  9. ironpo

    Congratulations to the Prince

    It was announced as he got on the stage that he won the ceo division because he raised $43k no mention of his time for race day makes you wonder why or how he raised $43k when he probably makes that every second of everyday just on the interest his bank accounts earn
  10. ironpo

    what the one event in the world you would like to do

    That’s because it’s class a tricathalon
  11. ironpo

    Getting Old

    What do you class as old ?
  12. ironpo


    That’s exactly what he told me
  13. ironpo


    Plenty of spokes missing if you look closer all on the drive side
  14. ironpo


    The issue was from the ceramic speed oversized jocky wheels , going into the spokes and ripping thederailer hanger off we came across two of these cases on the course , both used the oversized jockey wheels I was going to go down this route for mrs IP bike but was warned against it by someone smarter than me and we just went normal size ceramic jockey wheels