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  1. Take the ferry across the river and drive and or ride on the beach , it’s arwsome and goes for mikes go to wauhope and timbertown koala hospital , is great and gives money to the hospital
  2. I’ve had my KK rock n roll for 9 years 15-20 hrs a week , so let’s go on low side so say 15hr x52 =780 780x9 7020 hrs 7020 x 30k = 210,600k mines still going fine , so if you need to replace it get a kirt kinetic
  3. Yep dogs are the best people
  4. Can’t speak for AP or FB , but yes not only in my first but also in my 10th 20th and 30th IM its a lifestyle choice , not saying you have to be ripped but gee plenty in our world need to have a good look at thier eating habits (as well as many other things ) its still astonishing how many folk can supposedly have done the training for an IM and still be so flipping fat 😬 not sure how they find the time to eat that much 🤔
  5. The only way you’d get me to do 11 sprint races is if they where all held on the same day
  6. What peter said but I’d just swim in speedos or what ever u normally swim in the pool and get changed if u think I might go for a swim skinnthen just wait till u get there plenty of bargains at the expo , you’ll pick up a no name brand for $100 just make sure it’s a good fit
  7. That’s not a bad field considering the prize purse etc great to see wurf raceing here
  8. Haha its here too mate espually when those syd and Melb folk are here chocking up the town on long weekends and holidays I was running with mrs IP yesterday along the rail trail and we where run into by a women and here 3 yr old on a bike as she was totally unaware of her situation while she stareing at her ph lucky she did run into us as there was a major Rd just 10 m ahead of her so she would have just let the kid ride straight into the busy road and who knows what would have happened
  9. By the way the situation I’ve posted doesn’t particularly bother me ,just useing it as an example , I don’t ride on the rode so I don’t get the hate from drivers ,that is being cause by arrogant cyclists,generally don’t get held up by the said groups , and I’m not complaining to the local paper , posting on community FB page or making it an issue at the local council meetings like many locals are As a person who have lived here for 40 years and like most gets employment from the visitors and growth of the town you would think I now what your saying , it’s fairly obvious you also obviously hAvnt been here for a while , EVERY weekend is mayhem these days but that’s mostly due to the massive growth of MTB riders , built on the back of the hero trail , these folks don’t ride on the road apart from to and from the trail head or shuttles
  10. ironpo

    AP's training tip # 4

    Or do it when family is grown up and moved out you will have plenty of supporters on race day , plus you might be in one of those easy older age groups just gotta beat Kevin Ferguson or AP 🤔
  11. ironpo

    AP's training tip # 4

    Pretty much nailed it right there 👍
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