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  1. Bunch rides canberra and etiquitte

    One has a T in it and the other has a P amart from that I can't help you LOL
  2. Training volume when not signed up to anything

    Two rides two runs two swims all done at easy pace if you want to stay in this sport for a long time and get the fantastic health and life style benefits then u should be in shape that u can at anytime swim 2k ride 100k run 20k
  3. ATEC Expo Cancelled

    Come on Roxii you could buy speedos in Syd anywhere , and Allan's lollies 🍭 at the milk bar what more did u need !!!! Lol
  4. Ironman Hamburg 2017 Lachie a 9:02

    He borrowed Macca's bike
  5. Ironman in Victoria

    So are you know as skinnyOz on the Uk tri forums then?
  6. Ironman in Victoria

    Not many Aussie would be races in the U.K also then
  7. Help me pick a multi-tool

    You can do anything with a multi tool

  9. Help me pick a multi-tool

    Your nuts , that never happens here
  10. Help me pick a multi-tool

    I thought the princess's entourage followed you around all day , hence no need for a multitool or even a spare tube
  11. Help me pick a multi-tool

    You have done a tricathalon , which makes u a tricathalete , which makes u a tool the question is , are u a multi tool if your done more than one tri
  12. It's about time Ironman