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  1. ironpo

    Its time to free Lance to Kona

    That’s just BS Once possibly, no diffent to fromey and his puffer
  2. ironpo

    P3 Classic upgrade

    Looks great and wouldn’t be much slower than the “super bikes “of today pity it wasn’t the original red and black P3C , that is a cool looking bike , I’m always on the lookout for a 51 cm in that coulour to buy if anyone has one how did you do the holes through the top tube ? did you do it ? did u strengthen them at all ? If so how?
  3. ironpo

    Kona bike and wheels count. Cervelo won

    No Rudy give away these days
  4. ironpo

    Its time to free Lance to Kona

    None of that is illegal or against the WADA code if every arsehole got banned for life from sport then there wouldn’t be many folks doing much racing or playing football etc
  5. ironpo

    Its time to free Lance to Kona

    Totally agree either give everyone a lifetime ban that test positive or reduce lances life time ban to 5 years and let him come and smash em at Kona
  6. ironpo

    Kona Race Day Discussion

    The top one is out after the airport so a super fast bit of Queen k the ones I posted are going up hawi
  7. ironpo

    Kona Race Day Discussion

    Yep that’s what it’s like and stays like that pretty much for the whole ride
  8. ironpo

    Kona Race Day Discussion

    Or the age groupers it was like this for an hr 85 k into the “race”
  9. ironpo

    Kona Race Day Discussion

    There Was only 3 TOS for the first 5 groups of male pros and first two groups of females (hence why Lucy managed to suck male pro wheel for most of the. CLimb to hawi) do the maths
  10. ironpo

    Data says wurf wasn’t even trying on the bike

    Correct i was actually there and watch from multiple positions on the course as they all went up hawi as I was working on the course lucy was sitting on 3 male pros arse the whole way up ryf was off the front the whole time with two girls and a. Couple of blokes trying to hang on her wheel , the whole way up Lucy solo on the way down DR solo on the way down , but from the time I first saw them the gap went from 9.5 mins to 6 mins even though Lucy was sitting WAY to close to the male pros in front of her but hay , this is transitions , don’t let any facts get in the way of good story
  11. ironpo

    Lange is a cheat says seb and frodo

    has a nice bike to look at while in the penalty box
  12. ironpo

    New Specialized Shiv

    Yes its a great idea , seems to work fine . Lots of room , u could even get a tubbie in there I’ll try and get some pics
  13. ironpo

    New Specialized Shiv

    It actually doesn’t look that bad in the flesh , even with that big thing on the back the front end is uber cool , the colour is great if you tAke off the rear thing it’s a nice bike , way better looking than most out there these days and way better than the previous shiv tri , but hay that ain’t saying much pity about the price , but I’m sure we will see this model come out in lesser spec for lesser $$$$.