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  1. Hi mate

    any chance u can send that wheel bag back 

    thanks Trout 

  2. ironpo

    Ultraman WC

    I’m missing my noahboy
  3. ironpo

    Ultraman WC

    All the idiots are at the front lol
  4. ironpo

    Race puncture repair

    Yep or not getting a flat :-)
  5. Totally disagree if it was a case of have to , eg your life threatened or someone u love anyone could do an IM if you HAD too its not that hard everyone bags AP about his 90% mental comments but he is right , if someone had to do an IM to save a loved one then I’m pretty sure u guys could get it done it’s not like you are going into the trenches in World War One like some like to make out on social media and at dinner party conversations
  6. ironpo

    Ultraman WC

    Haha UM do the info stuff , there is noway I’d mention I’d been to SMelbourne in a bio not sure what other if amyother stuff they got right lol very thankful to the crew (and my dogsitters)(and employees) that’s about to help me out in a true team effort on this amazing journey around a magical island feeling blessed
  7. ironpo

    Race puncture repair

    Pitstop doesn’t work well or at all on clinchers with the gps u should be ok , just make sure u have nice new tyres enjoy 😊
  8. Spot on i always tell anyone that goes WOW u have done IM its not hard , and certainly not the massive physical achievement that most would like to think ( or tell anyone who will listen) it is I just tell em pretty well anyone can do an IM in the cut off , with little to NO training if they actually want to ( or had to if thier kid was being held ransom or something) Ironman is NOT hard , running around Australia in 80 dAys is hard wlaking around OZ in 2 years is not hard doing it fast (for thier ability) is what’s hard
  9. ironpo

    Run Coach Advice / Recommendations

    She wants it’s cheap though
  10. You’ll be right to do one of the US IM that B@W does they are all on short , down hill draft feasts more like a half ironman than a full
  11. Thanks PE rezlly appreciate your input yes going for a great scenic course not too far from home (at this stage is one option) i have also been thinking that the “event “ should be enough to draw the right athletes ,from all around , even if it’s not at a latte slipping town also are looking at as many point to point options also I personally love point to point and it creates a real difference to a race
  12. I’d love to give you more info paul , but at this point I’m just doing the ground work for some other interested parties keen to put on a new event in OZ so I’m not in a postion to say anything official Things are possibly looking like this though It will be longer than IM It will be branded the brand has lots of history it will be held in 2019 im trying to find a good fast flat swim near a suitable town the Bike will be not be flat , but needs to be held in quiet open roads and be as safe as possible it does have a cap on numbers and those numbers Are very low
  13. I get where u are coming from but you are pretty much eliminating every race , most use active (or some Buisness like active), some don’t tell you and it’s just included in the entry with all the other costs (not sure why IM doesn’t do this and then now one would be complaining about it ,eg if the entry is $900 and active is 90 then just charge $990)
  14. This event will be hard ( but still achievable by most) but I think u are right it needs to be different from “others” to make it more attractive one thing would be branding , another a pretty much garrentee flat , down stream (to a point ) swim 🏊‍♂️ and a pretty spectacular and possibly fast course