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  1. Femoroacetabular Impingement (my hip is stuffed)

    Well that is shit news. Hopefully you can find ways to keep active and be passionate about.
  2. What exercise did you do today

    Dropped the car off for a service and walked 20 mins to work. Will walk back this arvo. Then I’ll do the Hump Day Ride on Zwift. It’s only pretend bike riding so must be exercise.
  3. Who's hi-jacked Bored@'s Account?

    It’s not about the result. It is about having the courage to start.
  4. IM Port Macquarie 2019 entry auction

    Thanks to those that showed interest. The IM entry went for $1050. $50 less than a signed 2018 Parramatta Eels jersey 😳 About $20,000 raised on the night which was fantastic.
  5. IM Port Macquarie 2019 entry auction

    Not long left to get your 2019 IMOz entry locked in, but more importantly support a great cause. Message me me with your best offer!
  6. Hi everyone My wife, Mel, is riding the Tour de Cure Signature Tour this year and is fundraising towards the target of $12,000 per rider. The Tour is a 9 day ride covering 1,100km and includes a lot of education and fundraising along the route. Funding from past tours has contributed directly to many cancer treatment breakthroughs. The idea to do the tour is two-fold: firstly, our daughter, Alani, was diagnosed with Leukaemia when she was 4 (that’s her in my avatar). Thankfully, due to breakthroughs in treatment over the decades she is now a super fit 14 year old that just loves life. We want to keep those research breakthroughs coming. Secondly, we have a mate, Bennett Powell, that we help train for IM and similar challenges. He has Cerebral Palsy. He would love to do the Tour so that means we are know fundraising $24,000! IM have been kind enough to offer an entry in the Port Macquarie IM for 2019 to auction. The auction is silent and bids must be in by 6:00pm this Saturday (17th). You can bid by private message to me. On Saturday night we are having a fundraiser black tie ball and will continue the silent auction there and announce the winner later that night. So be the first to lock in 2019 IM entry and contribute towards a great cause. * I’m unsure at this stage if Active fees will apply, and assume the normal one-day TA licence will be required if you are not a member Thanks Todd
  7. Wetsuit life

    I think you are paying too much for your Hot Dots 😂
  8. Femoroacetabular Impingement (my hip is stuffed)

    I had the surgery 2 and a half years ago. Recovery was awesome. Has not been an issue since. Message me for more details.
  9. Test dummies required...

    Hey mate that would be tops. Size 8 should be spot on. She will be pumped. Drop me a line when you are heading up. Probably need to buy some new shoes around then as well.
  10. Test dummies required...

    Hey Willie if you want a young persons feedback on your gear, my 14 year old Daughter will give it a thorough testing. Cheers Todd
  11. Who's trying to qualify for itu worlds?

    Yeah but do you have to sleep in your swim skin?
  12. Dunc Gray Racing - 20 Jan

    My daughter is entered in the junior session in the arvo. I’m looking forward to coming down for a look.
  13. Smart turbo/ Zwift and the clueless

    Got this as a family present for Christmas 😂 So much better than my laptop. Smooth graphics and much quicker to log in and start riding. Will get another one soon enough as we often ride as a family.
  14. 2017 Totals - training / racing / stuffing around

    I did IMOz in about 13:15 as pacer for a bloke with Cerebral Palsy.
  15. 2017 Totals - training / racing / stuffing around

    Swim 53km - should swim more Bike 3,050km - most of that up to IMOz and a bit more in the past month Run 2,573km - was heading for 2750km+ but injury for past 6 weeks 🤕