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  1. Shuffla

    AP's training tip # 4

    Sorry, my post wasn’t directed at you Emski. I agree with your approach - have a family and then focus on sport later. I love having my kids involved with my events.
  2. Shuffla

    AP's training tip # 4

    If you are making family planning decisions around Ironman or KQ then that is a bit sad.
  3. 43km Run. Crescent Head to Port Macquarie Lighthouse. Just under 5 hours Something I’ve always wanted to do. Pretty sure I won’t do it again, certainly not on a hot day.
  4. Similar to rory-dognz. 10-12 hours for the 12-14 week prep. 4 IMs self coached 10:48-11:21. Plus 1 IM as a guide probably averaged 8 hours a week and we went 13:15. Just double checked my last IM in 2014 I did 174 hours from 1 Jan to 30 April. That’s 10.2 hours a week and I did my PB of 10:48 The missus does about 14-20 hours a week. 10 IMs between 9:45-11:30ish.
  5. Adult leukaemia is different to childhood leukaemia. Childhood leukaemia is curable (thankfully) but adult leukaemia is managed through ongoing treatment ie daily pills. You can sit around waiting for it to “get you” or get on with enjoying life in whatever way gives you satisfaction.
  6. Shuffla

    Tour de Cure

    Well done Flanman. Mrs Shuffla is half way home on the drive back to Port. Said she really enjoyed the ride.
  7. Mini yo-yo the past two weeks. Back down below 78kg at 77.7kg now. I was shooting for 75kg by the end of Feb, but will keep focussed on it and see what March brings with same diet and an increase in training
  8. Shuffla

    Trannies Glossary

    Pinning on a number
  9. UTA? Yeah they have a great wait list/transfer arrangement. I picked up a below cost entry late in the piece a few years back. And I think the transfer fee was only $30 then.
  10. Mate, you probably got off the bike close to Mrs Shuffla in her debut IM. She was 1 IV bag down by the time you finished 😂 She is still upset at me that I suggested she push for the age group course record when she was about 30km into the run. Ended with a 10.01 and missed the record by 2 minutes. Was lucky to finish at all. Creaking bike all week and we couldn’t figure it out. Safely finished the race and when we collected the bike at the end of the race the seat post snapped off as soon as I picked up the bike.
  11. Yeah pretty sure I was at 90,000m before I got it. On the plus side I well and truely crossed Italy 😂
  12. 77.7kg this morning. Chipping away each week which has been encouraging. At (or just below) my 2014 IM weight. Still 4-5kg off my ideal weight.
  13. ... and visit the dentist
  14. 78.4kg this morning. Down about 6kg over the past 4 months or so Was 76kg after my long run on Saturday (dropped 3kg) during the run 😰
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