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  1. Shuffla

    Smart turbo/ Zwift and the clueless

    They generally last longer than you want them to 😂
  2. Shuffla

    Wahoo Element

    Yep, just quick press the on/off button to enter the menu. Then pair to new phone. Simples.
  3. Shuffla

    Crossfit Games - Event 1 - is a CRIT RACE

    So pretty much like most triathletes?
  4. Shuffla

    No More Soft Bike Cases On Hawiian Airlines

    It’s $150 to get to your destination. Doesn’t matter if there are multiple legs.
  5. Shuffla

    Smart turbo/ Zwift and the clueless

    I did the first 5 stages and missed the final two due to travel. So caught up stages 6 and 7 the last two nights. Not the easiest back-to-back stages. Plenty of climbing!
  6. Shuffla

    Smart turbo/ Zwift and the clueless

    I’ve got my Tron bike 😌 Something wrong with it though. Seems to be a bit slow.
  7. Shuffla

    $50 shoes

    Hey @willie do you still have the US9 New Balance 860 v8 NY? Cheers shuffla
  8. Shuffla

    Run Hundred

    One of the local guys had his run streak up to 112 days. Has dropped his 5km run time by at least a minute to around 21:30. He is probably 45-50 years of age. Seems to be working for him.
  9. Shuffla

    Hervey Bay Ultra355

    They still plan to run Ultraman distance race next year. I don’t know about the branding though.
  10. Shuffla

    Ironman Aus 2018 - The good, the bad and the ugly

    I remember having to beg for a spot because my 5:22 on the Gold Coast and 5:30 in Devonport wasn’t good enough. Qualification ended the next year which is good because I’ve never gone much faster in a half.
  11. Shuffla

    UTA acquired by Ironman

    Field size is too big now. Too many bottlenecks early in the course. Will only get worse I think.
  12. Shuffla

    Ultraman 2018. Right here, right now.

    New Ultra World Series announced today. Locations are Australia, Mexico, Canada and Argentina. Day 1: 5km swim / 100km ride Day 2: 200km ride Day 3: 50km run 8 hour daily cut off. No support crews.
  13. Shuffla

    Ultraman 2018. Right here, right now.

    AP only wants events with big tents and award stages.
  14. Shuffla

    Ultraman 2018. Right here, right now.

    That GPS data was from the paddler so should be more accurate that the swimmer.
  15. Shuffla

    Ultraman 2018. Right here, right now.

    How do you get my wife’s Strava? 😂 9km might explain the 2:11 for the fastest swim of the day.